INSANELY Low Lawyer Salary – Applications Flood In

INSANELY Low Lawyer Salary – Applications Flood In

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just to show you how desperate students
are getting these days with finding a job there’s a lot from in boston that is
offering a an opening position for a lawyer and uh… salary is ten thousand dollars so you would assume ten thousand dollars
is so insulting no one would be crazy enough to apply for this job especially if you would want to law
school and took out nearly a hundred fifty thousand dollars is still on that well it turns out that they’ve already
received thirty two africans to the position and people are desperate on gentile my nephew who in the law
school he said well you know it’s a way to get over them like wouldn’t you
wouldn’t know what ten thousand bucks my good friend go sort of small businesses come and do
something productive in your life that number one it’s not the old days
when all you graduates or a lawyer or a respectable any room a lot of money et
cetera some people do a lot of people don’t and say well whether it’s productive as
an open question uh… so my best friends are lawyers which
they are i was trained as a lawyer and i have you
know i’m passed the bar et cetera but a lot of that is on the silly productive
work and that’s for the reason that i left i remember are you with the rule tell who lives in
alaska vs p a_t_t_ resents eac i do remember worse i was out uh… safety hoey leg if i’d i’d and that was my main
accomplishment but i want for a_t_t_ rule telephones nobody cares people who
will ask you don’t get right so go do something with your life or to
any that’s my speech my uh… nephew and it’s not working so far this might work better is that what ten thousand a year in
keating missile delhi one ten thousand a year are you going to the same for a
lawyer and it’s not a minute by talking about
for example is is a good technique but housing prices are all the prices
are incredibly low in kentucky right makes us who’s in boston i know so you’re a lawyer in boston now
i want to be a little fair to this law firm who is only a little ok caliber and
o’brien alle pete so even though they’re offering a ten
thousand salary they promises that you’re the lawyer will make more still left here if you need to fifteen
days it’s it’s super insulting but how desperate people are these days and
also a law firm offers a health insurance malpractice insurance an employer plate that paid clothing
allowance so there’s some benefits that come along
with it and there’s potential to make someone might be later so i guess you
can try to see this as an internship uh… at the beginning but nonetheless
and you just kind of gives you a sense of how desperate students are these days
and how desperate la grandson but it’s not just that it’s the health care yeah the
health-care system is so broken decided to do any good people so desperate for
health care built the age of that house health care
and i don’t really believe the law firm billing hey look we got third you
applicants are apparently that’s the right price why would i pay more if i
get very doable use for giving ten thousand-plus healthcare some other
benefits so that’s the scoop it’s not lead is a bad case for the for
the begins the company a guess law firm
statement it said bad case for our society like you know that it’s chose
was wrong with our society and by the losing gilbert and what or
brian really their boss more for activism o’brien with every week from boston

100 thoughts on “INSANELY Low Lawyer Salary – Applications Flood In

  • Papa Kenn Media LLC Post author

    If he has any kind of allergies, he probably got sick in KY due to all the pollen and junk in the air down there. I have to pound allergy pills or else I can barely breathe down there. It's horribly annoying.

  • Nick Terrance Post author

    Public Defenders suck bbbballs.

  • helleland Post author

    If you want to do something productive, creative and awesome there are two obvious options; science & engineering!

  • Snowman0147 Post author

    No debt and more money than a desperate lawyer… That is fuck up. This country is fuck up. Though your job sounds sweet.

  • Eddie Subarashi Post author

    i heard it was 35 hopefully some people mita been like fuck it nvm

  • Eddie Subarashi Post author

    is this part time full time lke wht are the hrs i got a feeling i could be possible to live off this cousres i dunno the housing in boston compared to wa

  • SpenceMisfitOliver Post author

    My cousin just graduated with his J.D. and has 100K in loans. He has no real prospects for a job.

  • NeccoWecco Post author

    Do you work at tyt or are you a mall cop?

  • Carlos Sismeiro Post author

    The same problem is global.
    People want to work, they have idle hands and when we all complain the answer from the "job creators" is shouting back "get a job you effin slob".
    But countries with less expensive health care and education have more flexibility to respond as soon as the global economy starts picking up.
    But I don't see that happening any time soon…

    Good luck to your cousin, that situation sucks.

  • Melpheos1er Post author

    i would accept that… 10k/year but i would work one month

  • P1ranh4 Post author

    it's even bad as an internship…

  • Carlos Sismeiro Post author

    Used to be like that, but those areas are also getting screwed too.
    Wait while big thins are finished and no new engineering work is started or when current investigation finished and new grants to further develop are retained or denied.

    Decisions are being made by people that miss the good old days of the Dark Ages and the Inquisition, and until they are removed things will only get worse,

  • Just_Bri Post author

    This is depressing

  • sabrinacoolest Post author

    cenk looks quite old aww lol

  • Sanskar Wagley Post author

    Yeah I'm just going to become a paralegal

  • LordoftheJamesClan Post author

    Ppl use to think teachers didnt make alot of money, lol teachers make what 4 times more than a lawyer LOL

  • 69NAWAR69 Post author

    Is studying law in Canada a bad idea too?

  • GunsOfThePhoenix Post author

    Good, because Lawyers sole purpose is to kill business.

  • account user Post author

    I'm considering changing my major from pre-law to astrophysics. This news is certainly a good push in the direction of the stars.

  • Outermainstream Post author

    Why is Cenk working? He needs sleep and vitamin C. Spicy food and Orange Juice helps me get through a cold.

  • jbcomics Post author

    yeah might as well go stock shelves if your applying to a law position that offers 10k what a joke. Who the hell can live on 10k?

  • jbcomics Post author


  • jbcomics Post author

    wtf if they want to hire interns, then hire interns, dont call it a job and pay them what you would pay a paid intern. actually scratch that, most interns dont even get paid. Im so thankful every day I wake up and thank the world I have a job that allows me to support myself. My heart goes out to the unemployed, most of them are really qualified good hard working people. Being out of work for months myself before my current job I can relate to the struggle faced by recent grads, just gotta stay

  • jbcomics Post author

    positive, and not give up, and if that means taking whatevs in the meantime you do that and keep your head up, and look in the mirror with pride…

  • WGProductions Post author

    Wish you guys would have included more facts for us to compare… like the average salary of lawyers

  • RequiemFear Post author

    That's a cool anecdote, bro. I know about a dozen lawyers, and they are some the nicest, kind hearted people I have ever met. See, I can give anecdotes as well.

  • someguy1228 Post author

    There was a good blog on this — not sure if it's still around — by the name of "big debt small law." This is largely people's fault for not doing their research before taking out a fortune in loans for a degree that's not in demand but it's also the fault of Law schools for flat out lying about the job prospects to potential applicants. There should be a body that keeps statistics on the job prospects from all these schools.

  • TheIthaca1 Post author

    I have reviewed many an application for a law firm that brings many cases before the SCOTUS. In reviewing applications for unpaid internships my boss gave me two criteria for consideration. Applicants must have 1) attended law school at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, or Berkeley 2) or have attended a top 15 law school with an advanced specialization (ie Phd in comp sci). The applications flood in an we top out 95%.

  • TheIthaca1 Post author

    *toss out 95%

  • Dorothy Post author

    Cenk, you were here and didn't drop in?

  • Dorothy Post author

    And you can't live on $10K/yr here in the jelly state of KY either.

  • fuck google+ Post author

    and the best part: Law school graduates are usually stuck living in the USA because no one outside the US cares about their specialized skills. Scientists, engineers and nearly any other graduate can work abroad.

  • RequiemFear Post author

    Actually, no. I'm in university for engineering.

  • Silvio Silva Post author

    Here, in Portugal, the minimum is €6790/year and the median is about €7000/year!
    And that's only because we all get, by law, since 1974/75, the 12 months salary plus a holiday (summer) allowance and christmas allowance!
    And we all make do… and did even before this crisis began. So, no, we're not living on the IMF hand-outs!
    Yes! I know! The cost of life here is much cheaper… but maybe that's the key, right?

  • David Opinko Post author

    Really??? Ten thousand a year!? I'm making more than that at a minimum wage job in Canada!

  • yes4me Post author

    10k? Does it include a hand love and blow job?

  • yes4me Post author

    Some jobs in the US are jokes. You know the taxes we have to do every year? Why? Seriously WHY? The IRS knows how much you make. Why don't they run their comps and send you the statement how much you own them? Save you time. Yesterday, some guy told me this is a good way to create jobs. No, it is not. It is FAKE jobs. Engineer jobs are real jobs, because they build something. Tax preparers do nothing but redo what the IRS already know and charge you extra if you make a mistake.

  • tipofmytongue1024 Post author

    A lot of this is sensationalized just fyi. It's not completely awful. The way to a good job is networking and learning skills that apply to this new economy. It will get better eventually 20 years down the road the world will be very different.

  • d k Post author

    $10,000 is a joke plumbers make more than that….

  • Marcara081 Post author

    I've always disliked that our system uses a jury to determine guilt. Why? No really, why?

    I have no qualms about having the elected judge determine the outcome of court cases

    Ppl who have no proper knowledge of law shouldn't be involved

    Hell, why do we even allow private lawyers? Gov't appointed lawyers that are paid by the gov't makes more sense to me and removes the burden on people who could never afford them

    In this way the gov't can regulate proper and lawful representation. Am I wrong?

  • mrman26 Post author

    Too many problems with your comment, so I will keep this short: Yes, you are wrong.

  • daddyleon Post author

    i'm not good with numbers but…
    ever seen China Blue? how much money do those people make, less right?
    this is apparently the system we like. if we don't you got the chance to change your country. like it or not, the usa is in a way the most important country – leading, setting examples.

  • JH050 Post author

    This better be some sort of fucking joke.

  • Flowing Freely Post author

    If I spent 4 or more years in Law school, when I come out I wouldn't want a $10,000 salary. Who cares about the benefits, $10,000 a year for those qualifications is a joke. If I did Law, the minimum I'd settle for coming out is $40-50,000… minimum.

  • Timothy Wilson Post author

    Better then an internship.

  • foreal1992 Post author

    Plumbers make a lot more than that.

  • Woolgathering Girl Post author

    What about studying 9-10 years to become a medical doctor and getting 150-200 $ per month?

  • CherryIce1114 Post author

    I was considering going to law school, Im gonna be a paralegal instead, many lawyers are working as paralegals now

  • YawnGod Post author

    Be a fucking scientist.

    Wait, don't be a scientist. I'll be the scientist.

  • Belloran24 Post author

    It sounds really low, but this is great for a young person straight out of college given the economy. It sucks, but it's something and a lot of people don't have anything right now.

  • Mufcuw Post author

    Wow we get 20,000 (before tax) minimum wage here in canada.

  • prism Post author

    $10,000 is less than you make as a graduate assistant

  • acrophobe Post author

    i graduated with a bachelor's degree. for about 3 months after graduation, i felt my resume was good enough for me to avoid more volunteer work. 2 years later, i remain unemployed. not only is a career in my desired field now completely out of the question, but i've been laughed out of every interview even for unpaid and below minimum wage positions. even TYT ignored my query. of about 75 offers to be a full time volunteer copy editor, i've received only 3 replies. all politely declining. uy.

  • acrophobe Post author

    after working for so long just trying to find volunteer work to keep me busy, and failing completely even at finding unpaid work, i've given up most of my principles. after being worn down this much, i'd love to see the minimum wage disappear if it meant even the smallest chance at earning a whopping dollar an hour. this job market has left me without any hope, dignity, or opportunity. i didn't know i even had it in me to sink this low.

  • acrophobe Post author

    no, but i'm sure english majors would be delighted to see you throw them under the bus. english and many related degrees teach many marketable skills, but i suppose there's just no work in today's market for them. colleges should just disappear and be replaced with for-profit technical schools for burger-flipping and shelf-stacking, the only things that american business wants these days.

  • acrophobe Post author

    you clearly have a searing disdain for all the liberal arts. your argument is the same as peter schiff's, though i doubt you're a billionaire banker like he is. you see american workers as either exceptionally educated engineers, bankers, and scientists, or lowly button-pushing laborers. america does not fit your mold. there is a middle class of well-educated workers who aspire to modest success. i'm proud to be among them, despite my circumstances.

  • Bruce George Post author

    I will always be fascinated by this video. A law degree is pointless. A law degree is a dime a dozen. That is such a poor investment.

  • webbst Post author

    wow thats how bad it is in the states? most lawyers over here in asia are earning mega bucks

  • A Light Post author

    Does this mean that you can't go out with your coworkers because you're too poor?

  • Samuel Jackson Post author


  • nonchalantd Post author

    There is no minimum wage for most jobs, especially white collar jobs. There are lots of white collar jobs that could be offshored, but wages here are competitive with those in other countries when calculated on an hourly basis and adjusted for the quality of the work. For example, there are accountants making 50k/year at big CPA firms, but working an avg. 60hrs/week. Hourly wage = $16.66.

  • nonchalantd Post author

    We use juries so that people won't accuse the system of being elitist and controlled by a few old, mostly white, mostly privileged, mostly men.

  • nonchalantd Post author

    Eliminating tax preparers and accountants would only work if there were no deductions or credits. But you'd still need them for people who are self employed. Also, many business owners can't be bothered with doing the accounting themselves. In some cases the accounting can be really complex.

  • nonchalantd Post author

    Remember that the next time you need a defense attorney or a medical malpractice attorney or a personal injury attorney or a tax attorney…I could go all day.

  • nonchalantd Post author

    In Boston, 10k barely covers rent.

  • CCRider100 Post author

    Income is also relevant to the cost of living. Yes, this story was about Boston where $10,000/yr is an absolute joke, but $10,000 in rural south USA does buy you a lot more than in Canada. One example houses can still be purchased for about $100,000, compared to the average Vancouver area home that sells for $1M in the city itself and around $700,000 in the suburbs.

  • Pekka Rinne Post author

    10k a month?

  • moo101c Post author

    10k a month seems more probable..

  • Gary Christmas Post author

    Unfortunately, this trend has not yet reversed. It began at the economic downturn and it continues. Will it change anytime soon? We can hope.

  • Steinger, Greene & Feiner Post author

    Currently we are in the employment lag that follows the growth rate. The jobs will follow soon and if someone starts law school now the employment will most likely stabilize.

  • luomio Post author

    An optimistic, highly intelligent friend of mine couldn't find a job in law and settled for tax accounting. I was sure he'd make it considering he's tall, white, athletic, handsome, and from a well off connected family… It's a tough market out there.

  • Sue Chen Post author

    Yeah go Canada

  • oilman210 Post author

    I'm not lying. You're making yourself look like a complete imbecile right now. Feel free to look at the Berkeley website. Look under "College of Letters and Sciences." This is liberal arts. I majored in English and CS. You seem shocked that someone in the legal field can make 15K a month. That's nothing. The average LS graduate who makes biglaw brings in 160K + bonus for their first year. About 95% of my friends from CLS that made biglaw or landed a clerkship happen to be liberal arts majors.

  • oilman210 Post author

    "No, I respect all majors, but the truth is the world needs ditch diggers too. Who said you're better than anyone?" followed by, "If you're not smart enough to go for a science or a technical degree, then you're gonna be flipping burgers." Are you really this idiotic? You're clearly contradicting yourself. Anyone can attend ITT tech and learn to install air conditioning or become an RN. These people are far from brilliant. You try to compare science to a technical degree from ITT tech, lol!

  • oilman210 Post author

    Clearly, you're trying to justify your decision for attending a shitty tech school. A school that you're paying to learn skills from. Skills you'll be utilizing for the next 40+ years of your life. You act as though you're going to rise up in the ranks. Doubtful. Honestly, what's the ceiling for someone who installs AC? Maybe 75K if you're one of the lucky few out of the thousands of other qualified people? You seriously need a reality check.

  • oilman210 Post author

    More ad hominem attacks! Uh-oh.

  • oilman210 Post author

    UC Berkeley's website. Look under College of Letters and Sciences. This is liberal arts. A 10 year old could google liberal arts and understand that sciences and mathematics fall under liberal arts. I'm done arguing with some butt-hurt teenager who clearly goes to ITT tech. Enjoy your shitty school, life and job little kid! You can also stop messaging me you little douche-bag.

  • Steely Dan Post author

    Yes that's absolutely correct. We're horribly over-regulated here, and that simply serves to increase prices and make certain lifestyles completely unattainable by the majority of society. Through manipulation of currency values and regulations, the social elite have created a system whereby they can only benefit.

  • Steely Dan Post author

    Although I would avoid getting injured in Canada, as their medical system is socialized. If you go into an ER, you get assessed based on priority, and may have to wait until the condition worsens before being treated. But on the same token, rising medical costs due to deliberate manipulation of taxes, currency values, and regulations, makes acceptable medical treatment unaffordable for many. This does not mean socialized medicine is any better, however.

  • Steely Dan Post author

    I'm talking about the difference between the US and Canada. In the US, if you don't have medical insurance, you will simply be treated as if you're not important and kicked out the door. This means that only the wealthy of American society receive the proper treatment without question. I guess you get what you pay for, and naturally the government and social elite will create a problem, then offer a solution that sounds good, but in practice only serves to further fuck people up the ass.

  • Shawn Afshar Post author

    wow how insulting what a joke I'm really reconsidering attending Law School 

  • jondawsonNY Post author

    you have to be an idiot to e taken advantage of

  • Kenneth KCC Post author

    Is Cenk talking about Hassan?

  • mah h Post author

    thats below minimum wage at the national level, is that even legal im not a lawyer but i make way more than that and i do hvac work

  • iluke e Post author

    lol my parents both own 2 different law firms so I'm good to go.

  • Martin Shaw Post author

    This video is a joke. Hopefully it scared half of its viewers away from going to law school. More room for real competitors.

  • Michael Smith Post author

    I know several UT law grads in TX who did not even take the bar exam! They decided after law school they didn't even want to try be lawyers for a living

  • Vanessa Post author

    Many of my friends and family are Lawyers and none of them had a hard time making a living. They all are super busy with cases and make really good money.

  • gideondavid30 Post author

    It's called internship.

  • Alexander Tsang Post author

    Sick and tired of these backseat drivers… haul your ass into law school, try doing the stuff we do to be told we're gaining nothing out of it. I'll see if you'd still be do your so called rational analysis when a flicker of any job offer appears in your inbox after all these years

  • Nick L Post author

    Minimal wage is per hour. So if that position is not a 40hr/wk job, but a 26hr/wk on minimum wage (2012 MA). Basically working 9-5 for 3 days a week on minimum wage (2012).

  • Hour Places Post author

    this is insulting.

  • Cesium Bob Post author

    I work a retail job and I have no student loan debt and lots of money in the bank near $50,000 and I am better off financially than most law graduates. I thought about attending law school but I had a wonderful man who is a practicing attorney talk me out of it. He was right and I thank him for the advice because I would have had $200,000 in debt and no job prospects. I will never earn another college degree again.

  • Sasha32659 Post author

    Call center reps make more

  • hold thedoor Post author

    go do something with your life – talks to sheep on youtube for a living… okay bro.

  • ][000l][ll0l000] [lll-lll] Post author

    0:25 Turn on captions. Apparently 30 something "africans" have applied……

    No comment

  • Rahul Kemp Post author


  • ass hole Post author

    1) Be prepared to move to any state or town to get your foot in the door. 2) Become a consultant, it's super hard work and will teach general business skills. 3) Research a niche and specialize early if you can. 4) Consider learning to program at a junior level, it helps get related work that is often decently paid; many tasks can be automated and it makes you valuable.

  • Sean M Post author

    Did Cenk actually suggest his nephew become a capitalist?

  • Lawrence de Sola Post author

    This is the problem with liberal logic. Give one example of an extreme situation, and proceed to place that as the umbrella rule. Unreal

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