If You Want to CHANGE Your LIFE, DO THIS! | Law Of Attraction POWERFUL Technique! (The Secret)

If You Want to CHANGE Your LIFE, DO THIS! | Law Of Attraction POWERFUL Technique! (The Secret)

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If You Want to CHANGE Your LIFE, DO THIS! Law Of Attraction Powerful Technique Manifesting Secrets The Secret we each have a story we tell ourselves
about our lives as we move along through our experiences we begin to identify
with those experiences as being a part of us the subconscious mind then
endeavors to keep us consistent with the definitions we’ve created and it does
that by repeating the same story over and over again within us sometimes we
hear this story within our internal mental chatter and sometimes it just
runs unnoticed in the background and we often tell our story to others keeping
them rooted as a part of our reality these stories express what we believe
about ourselves and life’s inner workings we stick to them because they
are always running in our mental programs which in turn continuously
creates our same patterns emotional responses and the same results
everything we do have achieve or don’t achieve is in response to the story we
tell ourselves the way we think feel and act always aligns with our personal
story and sometimes our stories robbed us of our ability to move towards our
goals if you want your life to change it’s imperative that you create a new
story you do this by beginning to tell the story of how you want your life to
be and then continuously repeat it to yourself over and over again until you
begin to believe is true this is what creates a shift in our thinking emotions
and behaviors even if it feels like you’re lying to yourself at first it’s
important to realize that all of those parts of you that have been rehearsing
the old story only need a little more time to adjust to the new one as you
repeat this story to yourself you will begin to see how it starts to shift your
automatic thinking and behaviors and move you towards new success
for a powerful way to create a new story and a pressure subconscious mind with it
following is a process you can use a few times per week until you begin to
realize that you are fully embodying that story without much conscious effort
at all allow yourself to get into a relaxed position take a few deep breaths
and then begin to imagine you are in a beautiful outdoor scene make this scene
something you love it can be any place you choose real or made-up it might be a
beach or somewhere in the mountains or a wooded area with a waterfall it’s
completely your choice choose whatever If You Want to CHANGE Your LIFE, “DO THIS”! “Law Of Attraction Powerful Technique” Manifesting Secrets “The Secret” form of nature makes you feel calm and
relaxed keep visualizing this place and noticing
all of the details of it until you feel peaceful and centered once you have achieved this feeling I
want you to notice that there are two chairs just slightly off in the distance these chairs are facing each other and
in one of them you can see another person sitting the other chair is empty in your mind begin to walk over to these
chairs in your peaceful scene and as you do notice how the person who is already
sitting is beginning to come into focus this person seems familiar you can
recognize the shape of their face and many of their mannerisms and as you get
within just a few feet of the chairs you can see that the person sitting in the
chair is you but not exactly the you that you are today this shoe is just a
year or two older and he or she is the ideal version of you that you are
working on becoming you can see all of the qualities in the shoe that match
what you look like when you imagine having your perfect life and you can see
how happy and confident this shoe is because of that mentally walk over to
the empty chair and have a seat in it facing this version of yourself and then
spend a few moments asking him or her questions about their story ask for any
wisdom or knowledge they might be able to share with you ask how they overcame any challenges you
might be currently facing and which If You Want to CHANGE Your LIFE, DO THIS! “Law Of Attraction” “Powerful Technique” Manifesting Secrets “The Secret” outdated beliefs they let go of in order
to reach this point in life what makes them feel proud and rewarded what types of new habits has this you
developed what is it about their story that excites you when going through this
part of the process you can take as long as you need to have all of your
questions answered and after you’ve had this conversation with this version of
you just envision him or her kindly telling you goodbye and walking away next move into the seat that this year
was occupying while you were sitting in this seat notice that someone is walking
towards you as this person gets closer you begin to focus on them and realize
that this is a version of you from the past from just a few years ago
and as they sit in the chair you were in before take a look at this past self and
begin to examine their story what was your life like then what is this you experiencing what
challenges have you overcome since being this version of yourself what questions
does this you have about changing your life to match the one you currently have is there anything from this time that
might have seemed as though you would never move past it and are you able to
see now how you changed your story and the course of your life and maybe even
how it was easier to move past things you thought you would never move past
then you originally thought take a few moments to reassure this you
that these challenges that you have now overcome will work out for them and talk
with the Shu about what you’ve just learned from your future self so they
can progress much more quickly during this part of the process take as
long as you need to have this conversation in full and then as you are
in this state gazing at the past version of yourself I want you to fast-forward
time in your mind so that you are the future version of yourself that you were
previously speaking with and that the person sitting across from you is
today’s version of you imagine the clock of time speeding up and sending you into
the embodiment of that future you you are now living the life you choose and
viewing the other you from a position where you have already overcome any old
stories you once told yourself that didn’t line up with that life you’ve
already solved all of those challenges the you in the other chair is asking all
of the questions that you previously asked the future version of yourself
except this time you have the answers to “If You Want to CHANGE Your LIFE”, DO “THIS”! “Law Of Attraction Powerful Technique” Manifesting Secrets “The Secret” those questions and can give them freely
with absolute truth and confidence you already solved any challenges the other
you is facing and can give them the story and answers of how to do that
easily during this part of the process take as long as you need to establish
the fact that you have fast forwarded time and that you are in this position and once you have given this version of
yourself all of the knowledge and wisdom they need I want you to visualize that
both of your chairs and bodies are becoming semi-transparent as if someone
has turned down the dial in the color and you can almost see through yourself
and through them take a few moments to get this in mind and once you have this image in mind
visualize the two chairs and bodies moving together and becoming one as you do this
feel yourself merging with the other version of you and in doing so see and
feel the color becoming restored to full capacity as this color is restored and becoming
brighter and brighter you can actually feel those colors within you it’s a more
excited happy confident and successful feeling and just sit with these feelings
for as long as you wish and this way you are removing time and merging the two
years into one integrated you who has all of the answers to the new story
you’re going to create from this moment forward take as long as you need to do
this once you have completed this
visualization grab a pen and paper or a notebook and write down all of the
wisdom and knowledge you have learned through this process put on paper what
was meaningful to you about this experience as you fully associated with
the future version of yourself who has all of the answers from those answers
write down the new story that you are going to begin telling yourself using as
much detail as possible you may also realize that you remember
more parts of this story throughout the following days and as you do add them to
your new script you are going to write for your life and then read that script
to yourself daily out loud once in the morning and once in the evening just
before bed you may also choose to do it other times during the day you can also
go through this process as many times as you choose to get more answers so that
you can perfect your story even further life is a perception a mental journey
and our stories can either in cages or free us when we explore the inner
workings of our storyline rewriting a new story becomes much more effortless
and we can consciously begin to design our next chapter and all of the ones
that follow you If You Want to CHANGE Your LIFE, DO THIS! Law Of Attraction Powerful Technique Manifesting Secrets The Secret

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