I Wanna Be a Lawyer · A Day In The Life Of A Lawyer

I Wanna Be a Lawyer · A Day In The Life Of A Lawyer

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Hi I’m Emma and today thanks to Student
Edge i’m here at the Supreme Court Gardens to
find out exactly what it’s like to be a lawyer. Now we’ve all seen them on TV on
CSI, Law and Order and I’m guessing you’re probably thinking it’s a pretty
glamorous job bringing hardened criminals to justice saving the world one case at a time. But
i’m going to guess that being a lawyer involveds a little more than what we see
on TV and today I’m catching up with a real-life lawyer Matthew to find out
what it’s all about so come on, let’s go meet him. The image of the legal profession
created by TV shows is certainly heroic and while element of this can be true the on-screen stories represent the
smallest tip of the iceberg in terms of the real work done by actual lawyers.
Emma, Matthew. Pleasure to meet you. I’ve got some
questions I’d love to ask you about being a lawyer. Excellent well why don’t we come over
here we’ll have a chat about it So, Emma what would you like to know?
Matthew I’m here today because i’d love to know what it’s really like being a
lawyer I’m guessing it’s probably not quite the same as what we
see on TV. No it’s not just the highlight reel all the intrigue. The majority of the
work of a lawyer is actually spent in the office, sometimes long hours and it’s
researching, it’s writing, it’s meeting with clients and talking to other lawyers
about how to find the best way forward for a client, so it’s not the everything
you see on TV. Not quite those intense court battles, huh? Look they come up from time to time but
they’re definitely not the majority of what you see going on at all. What was it that made you decide that
you wanted to be a lawyer? I decided I wanted to be a lawyer because I wanted
to help people and law fundamentally is about helping people. Alright Matt it’s now time for you
to give us the edge, I’ve got three questions the first question is what qualities or characteristics make
somebody a good fit to be a lawyer? I think attention to detail, a passion
for the law and being a people person. Would you say that it’s possible for
somebody to actually do some work experience with a lawyer before they
decide to become one? A lot of films will allow high school
students to come in for a day or even a week to do work experience through the
high school programs so they can experience and see what it’s like in the
legal office and how it works. Quite often you have to set that up through a
contact or someone you know or you can go through the law society they can quite
often put teachers and students in contact with a lawyer that can take a
work experience person because it is really important to get to see what it
would be like before you go into it. The other thing is there are so many different
practices of law and specialities that each of them is quite different and just
because you find that one doesn’t work for you another one might be something that
you’re really interested in. And finally, if you could change one thing
but still end up where you are today what would you have done differently?
I think the one thing I would have done differently is find out more about the
job and more about how to get into those roles in the legal profession earlier. I’m really happy with where I got to and
the work that I do, but what I have found is I probably could
have got there maybe quicker or without with bit less effort if I found
out more about it earlier. Well thanks for your time today I really appreciate it. Just one last thing um, I got this
parking ticket… Well I’m a lawyer and City of Perth is right
there i’m sure we can sort it out it’ll be fine. As you may have suspected being a lawyer
involves far more than what you see on TV. The biggest part of your job is to make
sure you provide your clients with expert legal advice and assistance
through what can often be stressful and traumatic situations. And remember what
Matt said to be a successful lawyer you’ve got to have excellent
communication skills so, to get involved log on to studentedge.com.au and
follow the links

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