I HEAR YOU – WORD OF THE DAY | Uncle Jack | We Happy Few

I HEAR YOU – WORD OF THE DAY | Uncle Jack | We Happy Few

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And now it’s time to read some of the letters our audience writes to Jack Worthing — that’s me, Uncle Jack! First we have Mrs. H.K. Chesterfield, of Purlewent Drive, Maidenholm, and she writes, “Sometimes when I look out my window at the Garden District at night, I think I see fires. I assumed it was the bobbies keeping themselves warm, but once I saw a whole lot of fires out on Wednesday’s Hill. They’re not having some sort of police convention, are they? And I swear I could hear chanting!” Well, Mrs. Chesterfield, I shouldn’t worry. Sometimes, you know, the moon reflects in the windows, and if there’s wind knocking against the window, it can create a sort of flicker effect. Now, my guess is that your curtain rod’s fallen down. If you’ll just fix up your curtain rod and draw the blinds closed at night, you’ll find you’re no longer worrying about fires in the Garden District. Instead you’ll think about how cozy we all are in our houses at night. And now, Mr. Nigel Hickinbotham, of Bellotts Road, St. George, and he writes, “How long can this go on?” Odd. That’s all, isn’t it? That’s all he wrote. No, there’s another side. It continues: “How long has this been going on?” Well, it’s rather strange, isn’t it? Do you know? I think it must be some sort of riddle. Yes, and if it is a riddle, and one of you clever clogs has a clever answer, please drop a note to Jack Worthing, that’s me, at the Broadcast Tower, and I’ll be sure to let everybody else know it. Oh, and I almost forgot. It’s time for the Secret Word of the Day. I’m going to say a word, and ladies, if you can get a bobby to say that word, you’re allowed to kiss them! But you’re not allowed to say that word to them because that would be cheating! All right? The secret word of the day is “epistemology.” Now, it’ll help you to know that “epistemology” is the study of how we know things! Well, good luck, ladies, and remember, no telling them the word first! I’m afraid we’ve come to the end of our time! Tune in later for more Uncle Jack!

One thought on “I HEAR YOU – WORD OF THE DAY | Uncle Jack | We Happy Few

  • Mr infinity Post author

    dear uncle jack: i know the answer to the riddle. it's since the took the children and until the food runs out so not long.

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