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(Siren noise) Look I drew a half chicken half goblin man. Also the Don’t Judge Me Challenge is the stupidest fucking thing ever. I guess you’re gonna try to tell me that I’m extremely late to this whole thing and that I probably shouldn’t talk about it but I don’t care and fuck you. Because to be up to date on shit like this would require me to actually use Vine and Instagram and I’d rather pour acid into my own eyes over using either of those loathsome websites. So the Don’t Judge Me Challenge is the latest in a series of abhorrent social media diseases. Where, if I understand this correctly, you purposefully make yourself look like an “Ugly” person then put your hand to the camera, pull it away and oh my god it’s the most attractive person ever, man I’m glad I didn’t judge them based off their initial “ugliness” because in real life, luckily, they’re actually fucking ridiculously hot, oh my god what a relief. First off, fuck you if you’ve done this. Fuck you if you’ve even thought about doing it. And that’s not even a joke. Seriously, fuck you. I can withstand moronic trends like this when it’s not claiming to be some kind of social movement because stupid people will always be stupid especially on the internet. To me, when the phrase “Don’t judge me based on how I look” is thrown around, how the person in question physically looks is the exact opposite of what the point is, meaning we shouldn’t be body shaming people based on things that they can’t control. Like having a huge fucking nose like this freakish bird’s beak (Bird Screeching) Or like having ears so huge that you look like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. But if this is the case, why is the challenge based around body shaming people who have acne, unibrows and glasses? It’s a huge contradiction, in fact, they should rename it the “Judge Me” challenge. Let’s all judge these ignorant, vain and superficial assholes by mentally ranking them in order of how stupid you think they are. Seriously, I bet you these people are the most boring humans in existence, only fuelled by their own short sighted narrow minded, narcissistic goals. Perhaps this entire thing was spawned from a noble place, highlighting something that is a problem, the weird, fucked up level of beauty we all strive for is certainly extremely destructive in just about every way. Especially for all you women out there I mean Christ, it’s easy for me to get away with being a dirty,scruffy,farty,burpy bloke but it’s in another ball park entirely for you. I think the worst part of this is that anyone who is really that self conscious about themselves would never go near a camera in the first place to take a video because they are self conscious and scared that people are going to judge them for how they look. So who do these people think they’re serving? I saw that this “Challenge” was trending and thought “yeah, it’s really difficult for us perfect, fucking supermodels, I’m gonna do it too and help the cause.” Especially when people on twitter are saying things like (Eagle sound effect follow by punch noise) (Bad pronunciation of forgein tweet) I don’t actually speak Malaysian so I have no idea what this even says. This challenge in particular is pretty offensive to me and not because I have red spots all over my face, a unibrow, and glasses or just kinda look like a clown. But more because this is the pinnacle of people taking something potentially serious and important and turning it into a cartoonish caricature that is more of a dumb internet game where getting likes and favourites is more meaningful to these people than actually highlighting an issue is. A challenge by definition is “a call to prove or justify something.” All that this proves is that sexy people are clueless,stupid assholes. And all that it justifies, is me making a video about Vine, because Vine is a cesspool of sloppy, terrible shit that needs to be punished for it’s crimes. Blurry characters: Guess who’s back? IHE: Oh no, I was actually getting used to you (bleeps) not being around. It was glorious. (Sliding noise) (Roar) Please, do us all a favour and kill yourselves. Promptly. So those are my thoughts on the Fuck You challenge. I know it’s probably not that relevant anymore but oh well,I don’t care. So what do you think about this business? Do you support or hate these fucking challenges? Tell me what you think in the comments below. And as always, thanks for watching, all comments and ratings are very much appreciated. Make sure you check out some of my other videos, Reddit page and various other social media for more, it’s all in the description. I’ll see you next time, bye.


  • Elin's Stories Post author

    Why I hate this challenge:
    1. I hate people that think glasses are ugly, I guess seeing everything blurry(or something else) is prettier -_-
    Really glasses are like a clitche(hope I said it right) used in movies, kids shows ect. To show they're nerdy. Glasses are helpfull. Stop abusing the glasses wearers like me. We all deserve love
    2. It's sad for people that have acne, all the other stuff.. They wish they were "better people" You shouldn't. You're beautiful.
    3. I feel like this would make a poor person sad. The challengers just dress up with dirty clothes (maybe) and all other stuff, then they reveal as they think is "pretty"
    4. How in the thumbnail, the first pic is makeup. It's not real. It assumes the beginners of make up. I'm a begginer and I even needed help with eye shadow.

    I would do this challenge, but differently 🙂 I would keep the 'ugly' face they do with the makeup and show that EVERYONE is beautiful.

    I'm sorry if I said something wrong, I'm bad at english.

  • softbih Post author

    Don't blame me that I did it 😔 I was 13…😭

  • Ida Games Post author

    Omg literally thought the same thing about that challenge, you know it's really sad to see how society from today is so based on the looks of people,when you're "ugly",then you're the unpopular kid in school, most people don't even really look at the character of somebody anymore,just on their looks and their clothes and fortune,I mean I have acne myself and you guys don't know how fucking hard it is to be self confident and think about yourself as pretty in this world….I mean I also had some phases when I was really depressed and hated myself and sadly it's really like my pimples are controlling my life….at a time,when my acne isn't that bad I'm very happy,but then just some stupid person has to go towards me and say something like "Oh pimple face.." or something,it doesn't even has to be so mean,just a disgusted gaze is sometimes enough to break your whole self confidence down….and then you have to start with the whole process again…

  • OwOKnight Post author

    YouTube recommendations are high again..

  • Seaggy Besh Post author

    Oh my gosh ur right I didn't even know that thing existed

    I am offended… I have a large nose, glasses, and very ugly eyebrows. Like wow

  • CJ R Post author

    I hate this goddamn challenge, it's so goddamn stupid!

  • 567 567 Post author

    watches the don’t judge challenge
    cries in pimple-face

  • Catarina Azevedo Post author

    Hater alert lmao

  • Raquel Post author

    I wear glasses
    and holy shit, I am B E A U T I F U L !!! 🙂
    So is everyone else.

  • TheRealEmeraldSword /TES Post author

    Wow, a relatable video that also relates with my relatable looks!

  • Humanoid Disaster Post author

    Many of the traits these people claim to be "ugly" aren't actually "ugly"

  • Matthew Ford Post author

    Wait I didn't realise my glasses made me unattractive, guess ill just squint very heavily at everything

  • Ben Padgett Post author

    You can't just put glasses on and call yourself ugly lmfao they help you see

  • Tox1c_ RootBeer Post author

    The 1k dislikes are people who did this challenge

  • Temmie164 Post author

    That's why the karma is a b*tch challange M U C H better

  • kacknoobdeluxe Post author

    i hate challenges! and i hate those people too. why? it's my hobby 😀

  • Cear Rose Post author

    Tbh I hate it too

  • Ban Y E E T os Post author

    Ik this is kinda weird to say but people with glasses sometimes get too self conscious about them and you can trigger them easily, and when it does happen I feel very guilty but they keep accusing me for judging how they look and it's just really annoying ok I'll go now

  • Dr.WhipperSnapper Post author

    0:39 he still look ugly

  • BillieAnimatesAOS ;-; Post author

    n o

  • BillieAnimatesAOS ;-; Post author


  • Jak explores Post author

    The don't judge challenge but I just show my normal self put my hand on the camera remove it and nothing happens cause I'll be ugly no matter what 😂

  • Blue Cloud Post author

    The don't judge me challenge is weirdly reverse because people are dressing up to what they think is "ugly" so they are judging themselves because the people doing the challenge think they are not what they think is to be considered ugly in their option.

    its big brain time

  • YanskiPlays Gaming Post author

    I actually like people with glasses. I don't wear glasses, so I'm really jealous for the people that does wear them because it's like a classic, simple accessory that you can wear and no one will say "oh she/he is just acting cute those are fake" and you won't feel conscious because you need those glasses and that's a good enough excuse to not be called a "wannabe"

  • Alfie Mitchell Post author

    I sent a video of me doing this to my friend. I shows her my face all ugly and shit then went bye sissy put my hand on the screen wait 2 secs took it off and went I'm back (nothing changed)

  • Fire Deity Post author

    Only some parodies are actually funny

  • 长萱Jane Post author

    It means handsome that this boy is making this video
    But I am not Malay, I showed it to my friend and she told me :-:

  • よしの Post author

    I've still never taken a selfie before so suck it ignorant hott people.

  • REAPER'S TOMB Post author

    Oh glasses make me ugly i rather be handsome than be able to see

  • Michelle Maier Post author

    4 years ago woahhh…

  • Cadenzzz Post author

    2:59 I think he/she says that the handsome guy made the video
    Any Malaysians if I'm wrong please correct me

  • apprentie fitgirl Post author

    XD I have the same opinion and that was hilarious. Just subscribed ^ ^

  • Νικολας Κοτζακ Post author

    "Stupid people will always be stupid" couldn't agree more man… couldn't agree more

  • LittleQueen_ 43526 Post author

    Fuck. I did this 😭

  • Giulia_ Boi Post author

    What if you see an actually ugly man and then he tries to do this but finds out he is allergic to stupidness

  • יהונתן סבוב Post author

    Thank you, YT algorithm

  • Dayter Potater Post author

    The second the person looks like lil xan

  • Poorgunz Post author

    So why exactly are glasses portrayed as ugly? I wear glasses (because of my bad eyesight) but I also like them very much aesthetically. Without glasses I look like a fucking degenerate ape.
    On another note, I find that girls with glasses are generally very pretty. At the very least it looks way better than literally SMEARING your face with make-up.

  • Almendra Miku Post author

    YES YES AND YES!! Completely agree with you

  • Ap Firdaus Post author

    2:50 literally means "that dude making that video is so handsome"

  • HeavenCard Post author

    I'm the person whoes too scared to show my face

  • Derek the half a bee Post author

    I think this video gets it wrong, it is actually a magic trick. When they pull it away, abracadabra, the ugliness is now on the inside.

  • jasmine rose Post author


  • 전 국Mūlt¡fåndøm Post author

    I fucking hate this “challenge”

  • gabriela sofia Post author

    before the hand: 🤡
    after the hand: 🤡

  • Nana Post author

    I think people should do a "removing the make up and filter challeng"

  • Göatman Post author

    Oh man

  • moostage Post author

    This is why tiktok is seriosly vine2.0

  • Gummybear Stopmotion Post author

    When I was like 13 one of my dads friends wife told me I should start wearing makeup… I can't wear makeup it makes my skin puff up and burn

  • Romosha romosha Post author

    I'm Malaysian 😂😂😂

  • Kalisha Tusky Post author

    Oh hello recommendations what you got now?

  • Amanda Hauer Post author

    Tries to say, “Don’t judge people based on their looks because it makes people feel awful about themselves for no good reason.”

    Instead says, “Don’t judge ugly people because they may be hot instead of ugly and thus have value.”

  • Βασιλική Κραψη Post author

    Me:*reads title*
    Me:*reads the name of the channel*

  • nitronica Post author

    I remember wearing terrible and ugly makeup because I felt pressured to do so by some toxic girl. She recommended wearing lipstick too to 'disguise' my buck teeth.
    I cant get jaw surgery until I'm 18 and I cant get them straightened (they're fucked up due to adult teeth growing in and pushing the others) because I've got buck teeth. I'm pretty much fucked until I'm 18. Lipstick wouldn't do shit all. (Just to clarify yes they're fucked but I do brush them. I dont walk around with rotting or yellow teeth.)

    I've been bullied, mocked, stared at and more and I feel pretty depressed. I'm scared over getting a job and I feel I'd probably have killed myself before I'm 18. I have pretty bad anxiety and 0 friends since I left school.
    I'm constantly told to shave despite not liking it and because of that I'm pretty much body shamed by my own family.

    They tell me to get out of bed and go places, make some friends of get a job but how can I? I'm trapped in bed with no confidence whatsoever and the occasional suicidal thought passes my mind.

    These people can all have their heads smashed against the ground for mocking 'ugly people'.

  • No No Post author

    Ah youtube recommended.

  • Annica Moore Post author

    Then there’s me…who actually has acne, glasses, and cursed eyebrows. 🤪

  • Butters Stotch Post author

    If God was a real thing, those people would die horribly.

  • fonfon154 Post author


  • MDZS101 Post author

    None of the people doing this challenge can be defined as beautiful themselves. Their 'beauty' can be wiped off with a single Kleenex

  • superpea 98 Post author

    This challenge really boosts my confidence. I love how it shows that my acne is really ugly!

  • Aldy Habibie Post author

    At 2:51, That malaysian said "The man who made the video is handsome"

    I'm a Malay guy (or "Melayu" people we called ourselves) from west Borneo, Our languange to the malaysian malay is pretty similar so i can easily understand she said.
    Also.. Fuck the #Dontjudgechallange, Its stupid as hell.

  • adventures and fun with you Mnanyo Post author


  • Crystal Kanashii Post author

    Are… you suggesting I can control my acne or unibrow? I… feel like a unibrow is genetic and, acne is a bit like being overweight. SOME people are overweight because they eat ungodly amounts of food, but there's also a surprising number of medical/genetic conditions that can cause you to became overweight (e.g. "fat') without your control. Same for acne. My older bro had it so bad our doctor had to give him prescription level acne medicine because his back was constantly bleeding from it.

  • mesterio m Post author


  • mesterio m Post author


  • Primordial Relic Post author

    That dobby…was… horrifying…

  • Rakvalen Sypher Post author

    id rather eat a salad then perform in this gæ challenge.

  • Mint Soda3000 Post author

    I have a unibrow,acne,and glasses

    Yeah totally feel better about myself

  • Lord Keaveney Post author

    I have glasses, acne and a slight unibrow. Wonderful.

  • NanUser Post author

    I wish I could travel to the past to tell him Viner shutting down would be extremely bad for us youtube people…

  • victoria Lea Post author

    You kinda hate everything…

    I do too.

  • milk Post author

    Petition to make this guy Jesus

  • Inkocea n Post author

    I hate that challenge because is CCCCCRRRRIIIINNNGGGGEEE

  • Heather Aurelia Post author

    I have acne, sometimes a uni-brow, and I wear glasses. I don't want to do videos because of my face. Thank you for making this video.

  • Pansy Parkinson Post author

    Bro I have acne and glasses and this thing highly annoys me not just because I hate basically every kind of challenge but like dude wtf I don't have control over that don't make fun of my amazing things

  • Justice for jeb_ Post author

    THIS WAS 4 YEARS AGO ?!?!? WTF??

  • TalkingToMyself Post author

    Not to be that bitch but some of these people aren’t even that hot.

  • Clark Kids Post author

    I don't watch vine or anything of the sort (Unless I'm laughing at how bad it is) but when I saw my sisters watching this, I thought it was just another stupid internet challenge

    But now you're telling me that it was a movement to fight against body shaming?! I mean, I thought people starving themselves was a stupid way to change peoples minds, but this?!

  • Ferris Becirovic Post author

    Most of these people still look ugly after the Transformation

  • Chee Buu Post author

    You should keep drawing, you are a very talented guy! It's a very good emotional outlet. Keep it up! 💕 Also, I really love your videos 😀

  • Canadian Magd Post author

    take away their makeup and they will turn into fizzy your lizard from the 3rd grade

  • Shareit_Or_Leaveit Channel Post author

    yeah. true.. they re just ugly. pretty just using freaking filters. those man who shaved their goatie are the ugliest of all.. but for girls who made vines like this, they are simply cute even has pimples on them. girls with nerdy glasses are cute though.

  • Boiling Tea-cup Post author

    Hahaa Im gonna do this why cause when i take my hand off the camera. I still have horrible acne and glasses.

  • LBthebookworm Post author

    As someone who once had a thin but noticeable unibrow, cystic acne, and wears glasses, I can confirm that this challenge is very stupid.

  • alexander lehmann Post author

    this was in my recommendation

  • Sarah Mossman Post author

    Don’t judge me is basically you being a complete asshole

  • Sayo San Post author

    I didn’t expect to end up “LOVING” this video when I clicked on it

  • BC P Post author

    The lesson to learn here is all these people are ignorant and borderline brain dead.

  • Sentirion RVIDXR Post author

    Some people think glassed and freckles are attractive.

  • Sentirion RVIDXR Post author

    How does glasses and an inhaler make you ugly? For a lot of people, it is essential to live.

  • FIREPHANTOM 115 Post author

    if I were to do that, there really wouldn't be a difference, or it would go from a 2/10 to a 4/10 on a good day. at least it would be a break in the mold compared to those videos

  • can i get a 1000 subs pls?? Post author


  • Ayy Yo Post author

    Well its kind of ironic because they still want them to judge you just in a positive way which is pathetic, nevermind the MASSIE amount of cringiness in this video. I dont use this word alot but when i do i mean it, these people are fucked.

  • WrongTime Post author

    1:02 I genuinely wanted to fucking torture this kid the moment he bit his lip

  • Souvik Mitra Post author

    This challenge: people who have unibrows and wear glasses are ugly

    Me: looks at the mirror I mean, uhh… I guess I can't disprove that!

  • Vigilante Silver Post author

    Now why would these Tik Tok fags make a challenge of from normal looking clowns to the entire ugly damn circus?

  • AnimePabu Post author

    The fact that they think they’re prettier…pretty sure it went the other way

  • Tori's Adventures VJohnson Post author

    2:52 translation (I put it into google translate)

    Hensem nya laki buat video=

    the video is for video

  • cloudtail the largest son Post author

    These dumbass thot guy/girls should get slapped with a cactus

  • Farid Adham Post author

    "Hensem nya laki tu buat video" means. "The guy that made that video is handsome". That's malay language, and I'm a malay :3 but not quite proud to be one 😀

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