I Broke The Law To Go Viral Online

I Broke The Law To Go Viral Online

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Hi! I’m Jordan. How many times have you regretted doing something,
but for a reason you didn’t expect at all? When this story started I had a thought in
the back of my mind that this was not gonna end well… Anyway, listen up. I live in a pretty small town in Tennessee. There’s not too much going on, so growing
up my friends and I had to entertain ourselves. The town itself is a quiet, safe place, so
we had no problem exploring different parts of it after school or… instead of school. There were several spots that we particularly
liked. Like an old cemetery that seemed creepy at
first but over time turned out to be a really nice place to hang out. And among all the stuff we’ve seen, there
was one place that we never had the courage to visit. It’s a deserted mansion at the end of Lincoln
Street. That area used be a nice suburb years ago,
but then a lot of people moved out and I don’t really know why. In fact, no one knows. Now it’s the most depressing part of our
town, and there are lots of creepy stories surrounding the mansion. When I say “we” I mean the three of us:
Felix, Jason and myself. We have this inside joke that if we were horror
movie characters Felix would we the weird one, Jason – the funny one, and I’d be
the guy who dies first. So we wouldn’t even dare approach the mansion,
until we discovered this whole genre of videos, where people take a camera and break into
an abandoned house to explore it. This is pretty dangerous, so I’m not sure
what we were thinking… but we finally decided to give the Lincoln Street mansion a try. With a camera. It took us some time to prepare. Each of us had some money from savings that
we pooled so we could afford a GoPro to make the video look awesome. Four days after the idea crossed our minds,
we were standing at the end of Lincoln Street prepared for everything. Like again, the house is just huge. Four stories and probably a hundred rooms
overall. And the closer we got, the more gloomy it
looked. Like the house itself did not want to be disturbed. That feeling freaked me out a little bit,
but Felix and Jason were all pumped and excited, and I did not want to be the only one to turn
back. So I was chosen to put on the GoPro. As we approached the mansion, we saw that
all of the first floor windows had been nailed shut, so we had to use a tree to get into
a window on the second floor, some of them didn’t even have glass anymore. Another bad sign was that the tree branch
we used to get in, which seemed 100 percent reliable, started cracking when Jason climbed
on it and he managed to jump into the window at the last moment before it broke. Now we were finally inside. The rooms all turned out to be almost empty
– I guess the people who left the house took most of the furniture with them. But some was still there. We were walking slowly through the rooms with
a flashlight – with me turning my head around all the time to capture it all on camera. So when we entered another room and I turned
my head again… I screamed with fright. For a moment I saw something moving in the
corner! Of course at that very second I was sure it
was a ghost, the living dead or, I don’t know, a vampire. But it was just a mirror, and the moving figure
was me. The guys laughed so hard at this. Anyway, we kept going. As we got used to the interior a bit, we even
started to have fun, like running through these huge halls or jumping on the leftover
furniture. We were already thinking about leaving, when
we heard a noise come from somewhere downstairs. It wasn’t just me anymore, the guys got
scared as hell too. We froze for a moment and listened. Someone (or something) seemed to be coming
up the stairs! So, we rushed around looking for a room to
hide in, but it turned out that we were so frightened we ran in the wrong direction and
we found ourselves in a room with no windows! The door was open and there was no way that
we were going to run back to close it… We were praying we wouldn’t get noticed. Now the joke about me dying first in a horror
movie did not seem that funny anymore. The door in the next room opened. We heard slow quiet steps toward us. Then a figure appeared in the doorway. It was a tall old man. Only later we’d learn what he was actually
doing there, so at that moment he seemed like a zombie butler or something. He looked at us for several moments, closed
the door, and locked it from the outside! “I’m calling the police,” – he said
from the other room. “We felt stupid. That was a REAL problem. What kind of trouble were we going to get
in now? But still, when Jason suggested that we kick
down the door, I said I thought that that might make things even worse. Maybe I was the most sensible one after all. So after a while, or what literally seemed
like an eternity, the man came back with a police officer. The officer was pretty stern, while the old
man was smiling most of the time, and asking him not to be too hard on us! It turned that the mansion was not completely
abandoned. At some point this man was the only tenant
left in the whole house, so he left several rooms for himself by the back door that he
needed and that he could maintain. He showed us where he lived, and it was actually
pretty cozy. As for calling the police, the old man said
that he just wanted to teach us a lesson since abandoned houses might be really dangerous
and stuff. A ceiling could fall in on you any moment! Luckily, that mansion was not in bad shape
like that. He said that if we needed a “movie” (that’s
what he called it), we could come visit his place anytime, on just one condition. He wanted to be in the video! So, here’s the story! We started out afraid of ghosts, and the danger
we experienced was not even paranormal. Share your own stories that didn’t go as
expected in the comments and subscribe for more videos!

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