I am an environmental lawyer fighting back against Trump

I am an environmental lawyer fighting back against Trump

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Hi. I’m Marisa Ordonia. I’m an attorney
at Earthjustice, and I’m working to stop the Trump administration from continuing
to allow a toxic pesticide to be used in your food. Trump’s EPA ignored its own scientists and illegally left this pesticide on the
market. So we sued him, and we won. But EPA is continuing to delay while this poison remains on our food. We’re back in court to make sure that they follow the law and that people are protected from this pesticide. My case is just one of 115
open legal matters that we have challenging this administration. The attacks with this administration are intense, but we’re not backing down. Please donate now to help us continue this battle.

2 thoughts on “I am an environmental lawyer fighting back against Trump

  • djsi38t Post author

    You should be ashamed of yourself not supporting your president.yes the environment is important but you must compromise we have to use the resources we have there is no choice so figure it out and realize that mineral oil and all resources have to be extracted.the computers and phones we all buy rely on it.our economy needs it.america is falling far behind because of environmentalists who think we should stay out of wild lands and be confined to the cities.wildlands must be developed a compromise must be reached stop being one sided it's hurting all of us.

  • tata fan page Post author

    I think what you’re doing is great, and aspire to follow in your organizations ways when I join the workforce.

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