Hypocrisy? Torture Memo Creator: Obama Violated Constitution

Hypocrisy? Torture Memo Creator: Obama Violated Constitution

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now we get to the worst korean-american in history uh… that will be john you john you is um… the lawyer heat
cartier is a professor of law at u_c_ berkeley’s at school of law uh… and he was the prepared professor john ericasent and it is one
of them uh… balch hall uh… as one of the best uh… lost within the country
very procedures and uh… young therapy wrong about everything you know your
ideas are backwards and you undermine the constitution at the highest levels hampered in oxford lena on it sowjanya he was uh… george bush is
uh… justice department lawyers and he is famous for on pending the so-called
courtroom but raising talk about how iraq will
prob is in violation of the constitution because of barack obama’s deferred
action policy but look let’s tell people what the torture memos are first to tell
people with the actually the the algata after we’re looking at unless tel aviv what is so long with uh… obama’s deferred action policy okay so what that the deferred action
policies remember a couple of uh… months ago he said that he’s not gonna
deport people who came there as children illegally for two years is going to put a is
getting so he’d that the president doesn’t uh… he doesn’t make ekkuva
racial policy but he can set some priorities and how
we enforce it so he’s saying we’re not connected port
people who out came a risk children illegally we give you two years alaikkum reprieve right-to-lifers
happened in schedule rats called a deferred deferred
action suffered actually deferring the action of deporting them and then john
woo comes back and says that that’s wrong the john you are like the one you
enjoyable with uh… is the director of a action aria i think uh… is a john
you know uh… he’s a batman uh… fifty-fifty you gotta john you says that bronco
bombs actions are unconstitutional and that he’s doing for partisan
politics and he is greatly concerned about the u_s_ now
everybody concerned about partisan politics it’s someone from the bush
administration sowjanya let me tell you what he is he
is the filthy lying stone bag political hack no principles whatsoever and this is a saying we’ve got a great
is their integrity is no integrity and no principles on the just just nothing there uh… this is the same guy who who hand
that the torture memos where he said that uh… in our war on terror as long as you label these people enemy
combatants they are not uh… entitled to a new
pressures on their argentina conventions so are he he was head of our place is a
war so war on terror however they’re not prisoners of war
their enemy combatants therefore not alittle for any of the rights of
protections does the same guy who said that uh… surveillance and spying on
americans by the government is ok during a time of
war as long as done by the military uh… so is he’s also the guy was that
porter was ok because because those laws are hard tortured discordant hands interrogation um… which sounds nice when they say
like that enhanced write something to put out some track
lighting balloon music told really happens they hope your balls
up to a car battery legs around you yes so as not so they’re not really
enhanced bailey why i want are one of kind of i’ll go to the extremes of of
what this guy said and uh… for example which he has said in his on
his reports to the president that quote presidents war-making
authority was so prob that he had a constitutional power to order banning tired billions to be massacre this is what this meant instances when
the advocated for uh… in a in a debate with uh… but awareness is that’s gotta be rate that’s gotta be in
the constitution somewhere raising that article six the president can massacre village i’m pretty sure lesson that yeah also
object in the debate uh… dot the other personal commitments
that then if you think forgeries ok toward
legs uh… would it be ok if the president
thought that he did torturer person by taking the person’s child and
crushing his testicles would that be ok uh… isn’t any law that would prevent
that disaster was weathers notary developers progress no and when was asked about attorney barry people allot and tortured in that way again because of his attitude is there’s
nothing preventing it so here’s four unlimited so there’s a there’s a power
as long as the president is a republican i want to do these horrible right hand against humanity committed
very someone alive you just can’t not deport someone the head that’s when he gets his bushes not
batsman however he was very upset by the clinton this administrations law awards
aren’t done bosnia um… where we had zero casualties and
successful uh… uh… war to stop the genocide because
it was unconstitutional for the president’s award is a fact john you
wrote a book called the imperial presidency where he wrote quote president clinton clinton has accelerated the disturbing trends in
foreign policy that undermines notions of democratic accountability and respect
for the rule of log okay because they’re all about the respect for rule alive
until they’re in charge of the law criminal division about the respect the
law this care about including those policies so again so what we have here is again
to be double standards so and i think that’s what separates
elite for me that’s what separates per unit do it this way left from right is that the left has one standard bright
weekly we hold our own leaders to the same standard we hold the opposition to
right that’s why i think makes a lefty lefty and that but what makes people
like john u john you know different from someone
with integrity is that they completely changed the rules uh… when it’s their
turn and what is third time in power there they don’t have a any consistency
so what the things they have criticized bill clinton for they’ll do ten times
worse but don’t justify and that’s why i’m so that’s why you
don’t you can have been a respect for guys like that and that’s what that’s
why they’re known as political act i have to someone who can tell the truth
enlisted furthers their own political agenda so i want to go further about
this guy john you uh… in two thousand nine the office of
professional responsibility in the department justice celtic two hundred sixty one page report that said that you committed quote
intentional professional misconduct and that he knowingly failed to provide a thorough objective intended
interpretation of the law hutu and said this this is the office of
professional responsibility in the department justice and that he was recommended uh… for display a action anti barred
from the from from being part of canceling a bar uh… however um… another lawyer
within the department kinda kill it so he didn’t get any of these sanctions uh… but you can always a professor at
stanford uh… berkeley roberta and he he is also accused of multiple
war crimes and he can’t travel to spain because in
spain and initiate trial uh… up against and changed few others
for crimes against humanity work on the issue right so this is a guy who’s now
lecturing all bob on being a unconstitutional partisan for
not supporting children who were pride here from another country illegally uh… you know right away so let me get
their their double standards um… that they have no chain give us a lot of
people who’d just like using different words they think argues that the serbians says their client or tree click and
hence interrogation instead of calling it um… um… uh…
prisoners of war he caught them enemy combatants and you can do whatever you want with
these new definitions did they put the word clean and further work warning etc
william colby s and now that’s okay and and you know they take upon all law that violates everyone
disappeared or whatever major bill of rights for the cockpit
patriot act so that makes it ok from coming this is
what they did they think the wording so these are the people orwell warn us
about back that’s what’s happening right there
mingling of the language calling people calling uh… soldiers
animee combatants in it’s not tortures enhanced interrogation endless war means
endless piece right so this is this is all well come to fruition and it’s happening right in front of our
face and the way they did it we talked about in
the last segment is the watchdogs are now got they got bought by the criminals
right so when you see tom brokaw getting and
award from a military institution that’s the equivalent of of uh… edge
tony soprano giving out an award to an f_b_i_ dot right so that that’s what’s that that that’s
what’s wrong with that were we have a sickness from within because we can’t get accurate
information so how we are going to come to solutions or
agreement on solutions if we can agree on the facts that we’re
dealing with in the first place and that’s the corrosive nature of the right
wing media echo chamber right because they set up this parallel universe were
joe biden is obnoxious instead of accurate uh… we’re about paul ryan
disrespectful instead of a liar base that i carry is a a equity account were empowered instead of a war
hero who volunteered index dot three times the extra yes because you haven’t yet he was running
away from being shot in the jungle akin to repair he could only doing its job
base that’s really at all imax the lady who lost although holders lynn’s
yesterday he he is a soft on the fence and soft on terror yes static and with the top right i mean it’s on the lead to enjoy having
duckworth when george bush didn’t serve in vietnam he didn’t do that facing
forward right he couldn’t see anything even
backed out of that somebody’s face of for so that so i think that’s the bigger the bigger problem here is that there is
this true possessed parallel universe where john
you you’ve promised john you is that if you know he is uh… you know the harbor underground
yellow school there to see the city you close is garbage with these fancy words uh… and people can seriously we gotta start doing that matter decisions facing degree in these
fancy words don’t make your idiotic ideas anymore valid and we have the
climate john use a traitor to america he is a traitor you here he says you know
how to do is destroying debate essence of what makes us america yes i i said
this before but america is not a place it is not a place for america’s an idea
is an idea that we have a rule of law and the people of basic human rights and
that just because you know uh… you are in power you know the trams on those
right to do whatever it is that you want to do because this could be free at that
time and he here’s he said that he is a
complete the trail of abductor support that idea and he’s a horrible american he is the worst creator and of all time

100 thoughts on “Hypocrisy? Torture Memo Creator: Obama Violated Constitution

  • Rune Munch Pedersen Post author

    Wouldn't it be nice if Jimmy didn't interrupt every 3 seconds?

  • Jack194343 Post author

    If a person is as "Right as Romney," he is not wrong. You must understand that. "Wrong" suggest a mistake. There is no mistake here. If a person is "Right as Romney," he's a fucking LIAR.

  • MBP6705 Post author

    How does this guy teach at Berkley? His students must HATE him.

  • QuanitoVidz Post author

    its funny coz hes an immigramnt,asian and republican at the same time

  • Jack194343 Post author

    I agree, torture is evil. Read my statement again. Look for scarcasim.

  • BJrok Post author

    You guys should do strip downs like this with respect to world politicians. Since Steve's Korean why not start with the current dip shit president of South Korea Lee "the Rat" Myung-Bak.

  • IIHOGZBREATHII Post author

    Oh shit!!…Dore is funny; track lighting…mood music…[hook your balls to a car batt]…ha ha ha, lol!

  • Oldenvye6432 Post author

    Et tu, Brute?

  • Floling Post author

    "Smug, greedy well-fed white people have invented a language to conceal their sins. It's as simple as that." – George Carlin

  • Ungoogleable o_O Post author

    What, me John?!

  • theogore Post author

    @p3st0lino perfect quote. Lately Carlin is being cited. And for good reason.

  • steppingrazor79 Post author

    This guy's at Berkeley and hasn't been run off that campus yet? Getting soft over there guys?

  • Jex134 Post author

    What we? As a planet? Speak yourselves. No, humans aren't inherently accepting of this, primitives are inherently accepting of this—and as America demonstrates on a daily basis, you can live in a modernized nation, and still be very primitive.
    If most other nations had to tolerate half as much as America does, their citizens would be screaming revolution in the streets. This isn't an affect of humanity, its an affect of base primitive people.

  • Bruce Dackler Post author

    Can anyone else remember when the Democrats were opposed to these things?

    It gets harder and harder every day for me.

  • BigusGeekus Post author

    Like others pointed out, you ran headlong into Poe's Law. Sorry about the confusion, but you have to remember that folks actually believe crap like that.

  • Jex134 Post author

    Its common knowledge that the U.N is as one-sided as the U.S government. They condone terrorism when its to / from the right people, and condemn mundane and benevolent actions when its to / from the wrong people. And lets not forget its Nazi origins.
    The U.N is blatantly corrupt.

  • Jesse Haffner Post author

    Obama has been such a dispicable president, almost as horrific as clinton, the only reason i will vote for him is cuz Bush was way worse and Romney would be even wors than Bush. So we have a choise between a right wing pres in bill clinton, and a right of center pres in obama, but of course Romney would be so far to the right, so obscenely regressionist, of course we have no choise but to vote for the week-legged obama

  • Jesse Haffner Post author

    it just disgusts me, that we have clinton advising obama and we all reffer to clinton as if he is some political god of some sort tho under his pres they over-turned Glass-stiegle, destroyed what Welfare should be and what it was by passing "Welfare work", and he also presided over dont ask dont tell. sure he didnt push for any of it, but he didnt fight it either, and now he's advising obama who has been jus as week as he was. i cant stand how dems talk of fondness of clinton's pres. its jus sad

  • eyedyllist Post author

    No- aids is so the 80's.

    But if I am not mistaken don't you gargle with Santorum Juice to keep those pearly whites on that dumb lib-turded face you have, Bitch?

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    i agree. FUCK Yoo!

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    Also change the top 1 percent the consumes entire nations wealth to "job creators" lol republicans can be pathetic

  • PaddyCollector Post author

    When am I going to hear a republican call rape "enhanced sex"? I bet it's coming.

  • glassmakerx Post author

    I'm with you all the way on this Steve Oh.

    Now picture this:
    In the middle of the night John Yoo has a bag thrown over his head, is handcuffed, drugged, and thrown into a plane headed for Spain where he faces trial for crimes against humanity. "Extraordinary rendition" used on one of its chief enablers. THAT would be awesome…

    Then toss in some waterboarding and other torture – oops, I mean "enhanced interrogation"- for good measure. Couldn't happen to a better guy (except maybe Cheney).

  • glassmakerx Post author

    Perhaps Steve Oh's ethnicity has escaped yoo?

  • ninearthify Post author

    the worst korean american of all time huh

  • mjvjohnson Post author

    I love when Steve Oh is on the show. He brings so much knowledge, passion, and charisma to these stories. Well done. Keep up the good work TYT. Still my number 1 political news channel. I may not always agree with some things you run with, you sometimes go too far against religion, but no big deal. I again appreciate your passion and honesty on it. Rather than feeding us bs faith and such.

  • JB8 Post author

    excellent report, Steve.

  • MrCodzombies101 Post author

    WTF dr. yu, john T is my doctor lol

  • JB8 Post author

    JD may have been less knowledgeable about this sad excuse for a law professor (What was UC Berkeley thinking?) in this report, but JD has his moments. He was on fire the other day when he responded to Tom Brokaw's view… Maybe I missed it before, but i have not seen him wield the barbs quite that way.

  • Nanocyte Post author

    Despite his flaws, you have to admit John Yoo looks like he would be quite tasty with a bottle of pinot noir if he were cured and thinly sliced. Oooh, carbonara would also be really good!

  • Nanocyte Post author

    Steve Oh is quickly becoming one of my favorite human beings.

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    Do they teach ethics to lawyers?

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    John Yoo looks like fucking "Random Task" from Austin Powers IMO. XD

  • JB8 Post author

    i have heard they try to… but it's frequently not successful

  • Malcadon Post author

    This hack gets his anti-terrorist ideas from that anime Angle Cop! (Do not watch it, it is really stupid and horrible as hell!)

  • balderdashery G Post author

    Steve Oh and Jimmy Dore, that was a great segment! You guys did good!

  • Sentinalh Post author

    I could eat his liver with some fava beans

  • Shippoyasha Post author

    That guy would be a perfect fit for North Korean military cabinet.

  • TheBarrY151 Post author

    Death to traitors! Cut off their heads! -Axewound

  • James Fraser Post author

    "The president can massacre a village" sounds like something from the bible.

  • anomitity Post author

    Left, right, doesnt matter. All puppets and in this shits gotta go.

  • Heavensmess107 Post author

    Now I am absolutely ashamed of being Asian-American. Thank you John Yoo for that! Now I will go to court and change my last name!

  • Heavensmess107 Post author

    Put him back at North Korea! He belongs there!

  • Heavensmess107 Post author


  • Jamicaman516 Post author

    please dont give them any idea's

  • EKon235 Post author

    Republicans = Fucking Natzis Reborn (period)

  • EKon235 Post author

    John Yoo = Joeseph Mengele.

  • Hoggar Krababbel Post author

    steve:"…a filthy partisan hack!"

    jimmy:"does he heave any integrity?"

    steve:"he has no integrity!"

    jimmy:"what about his penis?"

    steve:"extremely small!"

    jimmy:"…his mom?"

    steve:"what a whore!!!"

    jimmy:"favorite band?"

    steve:"nickelback of course! i told you he's a filthy…"

    jimmy:"does he suck dick?"

    steve:"he does indeed! so this guy…"

    jimmy:"any connections to the pedobear?"

    steve:"okay, now it's getting ridiculous!"

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  • quetzalel Post author

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    I don't think we know where you are coming from.

    WOW. I thought Cenk got fired up.

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    Forever may your idealism Steve underline the work at TYT.

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    instead of income tax you say slave tax

  • Dreadnaught1985 Post author

    Oh my… when Steve looks straight into camera, and gives you such a dressing down. You know you're a scumbag.

    Steve, you're a bad ass for calling this piece of shit out.

  • johntheother Post author

    Obama maintains a kill list – what are these two morons pretending that John Yoo is any different than Obama or Clinton

  • freedom of speech Post author

    John Yoo should try "enhanced interrogations" before opening his pie hole. Jerk

  • RalphyMontana Post author

    What about integrity does he have integrity? hahaha

  • bronzenrule Post author

    Yoo is guilty of hypocrisy, which is the basis of his indictment. What's good for the goose is unconstitutional for the Democrats, according to this sophist. Then you look further into where he's coming from, & when you stumble on such bedrock legal principles as unlimited torture & unlimited executive power, you realize, either the Constitution's unhinged or he is. One's apt then to think that maybe, just maybe, it ain't the Constitution. But the damage has been done; Yoo's Box has been opened

  • Steve Nash Post author

    thanks for saying what most people were too lazy to type. but actually though, I agree

  • George S. Post author

    Yoo is a bias, unconstitutional scum. Decides to use the Constitution and the Rule of Law at his convenience. He interprets law and scrambles words to attempt to convince us that breaking international law is somehow acceptable

  • nraman4ever Post author

    IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!! If a child steals a car, they still get punished in a court of law, just just get tried as a juvenile! They are still criminals, as are these illegal immigrants. BTW, just to shoot down any claims of my being racist…..I'm black, mexican, and native american. Though, yes Yo (how ever the hell it's spelled) is a fucking moron.

  • eklice Post author

    right, only the literal translation is: sharpened interrogation. calling it "enhanced" makes it sound like the audio-experience at a movie theater.

  • Henry Law Post author

    but realistically you can't give too much human rights to your enemies in the time of war, it's a different mentality that people living in peacetime need to realise. given the War on Terror is an asymmetrical war from the terrorists' perspective, torture is the only viable option when they don't disclose important secrets. I am fine with Guantanamo provided they don't kill anyone – that's my borderline. but I predict naive liberals would dislike this message all the way. (I am non-American)

  • Rockownz5150 Post author

    Impeach Obama!

  • Rockownz5150 Post author

    Torture violates international law. Torture is a criminal act. Any questions? Now, you can, of course, say "fuck international law, I do what I want" but don't be suprised then if it screws up your relations with other countries and Americans get tortured too.
    By the way, the US wouldn't have to fight a "war on terror" if it left the Middle East alone and stopped supporting Israel in its war crimes.

  • ReliableInsider Post author

    People instinctively think that a good education keeps you from being immoral. John Yoo is proof that an elite education doesn't guarantee anything. It's disturbing.

    Shame on Berkeley Law School for hiring him. He has no place there training young minds. He obviously has no reverence whatsoever for our sacred Bill of Rights.

  • wangtangkiki Post author


  • Henry Law Post author

    US did left middle-east alone before 911. invading Afghanistan and hunt down bin Laden were bipartisan goals and something that more Americans supported than invading Iraq. the most important thing is, innocent people wouldn't be captured into Guantanamo. I understand Western people live under a relatively affluent and free society, but sometimes you all are a bit too soft and weak, even compared to your grandfathers' generation. need to realise you can't treat terrorists in civilised ways.

  • Kaizoku Mugiwara Post author

    Those guys remind me of a famous… Infamous grop of people…. (What were they called again?) Oh yeah, The Nazis. Yeah, they act a lot like the Nazis.

  • Rockownz5150 Post author

    No, it very much fucking didn't leave the region alone 🙂 Clinton, for example, bombed both Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention unrelenting support for Israel. Also, invading Afghanistan was an act of terrorism – basically, Bush said "give us bin Laden or we'll continue to bomb the shit out of you, oh, and don't even expect us to give any evidence that bin Laden was behind 9/11"(no, I'm not a truther). As a result thousands of innocents died.

  • Rockownz5150 Post author

    By the way, since you seem to be a tough guy when it comes to terrorism can you tell me how you think Nicaragua should have responded to US terrorism(this is uncontroversial, there was a World Court decision)? By bombing Washington? Assassinating Reagan? Would you have supported these actions?
    Also, if you believe that bin Laden deserved to be murdered without a trial do you also think the same should be done to George W. Bush? After all, his crimes vastly exceed bin Laden's.

  • Henry Law Post author

    haha… seeing the way you self-appointed liberals articulate yourselves I can feel somewhat happy about it as a Chinese. America is finished with people like you, no I am not tough, but I don't wanna be weak when others attack me. going back to the example you used, I would rather be a far right than a far left in the Cold War era, I kinda wish Reagan and Kissinger were in the White House at the same time for 8 years.

  • Rockownz5150 Post author

    I'm not a self-appointed liberal, neither am I an American. I'm a person who values justice and condemns hypocrisy. Sure, the US can continue being the tough guys of the world, continue to support brutal, undemocratic regimes, kill civilians and even its own citizens willy nilly but the fact that America also pretends to care about democracy, human rights and peace in the world is simply disgusting. Applying the same standards to yourself as you do to others is not a liberal-conservative thing.

  • Wan Wan Post author

    The asian dude is hot.

  • cropathfinder Post author

    WAIT A MINUTE! Did they say that the war against genocide in Bosnia was a sucess check again you idiots i only need one word to overturn that Srebrenica where UN forces aided the genocide and not to mention that they did nothing against genocide in croatia

  • Fadaourl Post author

    These are the people 50% of the voting american people want in power, so that's what you get..

  • Joe Cannabyte Post author

    That's true, Rachel Maddow's book "Drift" covered that in one and a half chapters (Big chapters), it got me curious, I looked into it more. It was truly some vile shit. The privatized forces going in there were wasting money and doing the same shit that got Blackwater to change their name. On a smaller scale, less press coverage, etc. But yeah, a fucking travesty, that Colonel, what was his name? Fuck…anyway, that guy didn't ever go down for his genocidal rampage if I remember right.

  • fabes0011 Post author

    the chasers v john yoo was good

  • Derl30 Post author

    John Woo would never destroy the constitution. He would have Chow Yun-Fat shoot it to pieces though, in stylish slow motion, with doves flying past him as he leapt through the air firing off two pistols.
    I prefer John Woo to John Yoo

  • Rio Stover Post author

    The right wing echo chamber… same as the left wing echo chamber. Both perpetuate a lie. I don't care if one is more insane than the other. They are both utterly cancerous to truth, unity and progress. They are both completely owned by corporate interests and are therefore completely loyal to corporate agendas. War. Death. Profit.

    But yeah, all of these lawyers who write opinions of laws to make them exactly the OPPOSITE of what they were supposed to be are the creepiest creepshits ever.

  • saprissa9 Post author

    Those illegal immigrants love this country more than you do John Yoo you piece of shit!!!

  • Ayesha Ahmed Post author

    Do TYT send those little Cenk "of coooouuuurrssse" heads to Britain? I really want one!

  • lxs077 Post author

    same can be said about whites

  • lxs077 Post author

    stone age??sounds more like medieval… as in european

  • TheEthanwashere Post author

    FUck fascist john yoo, but this seemed to be a a bit partisan democrat

  • CrazyDontMeanWrong Post author

    Damn I love republicans, they make life interesting.

    Frightening, short, and depressing, but interesting.

  • TheResilient5689 Post author

    Steve, you totally nailed it. It's because of extremist nutjobs like John Yoo that our nation's image has been tarnished over the past decade in the international community.

  • Talpss Post author

    I was thinking "I'm sorry….." when he was looking at the camera.

  • Mitch Post author


  • Yrsresistance Post author

    Just because the accuser abused the constitution doesn't mean that they are wrong about the accusations. Whether john woo violated it or not doesn't justify when someone else does it. This is the reason everyone gets away with it. We don't punish anyone we just say well he did it too. It's bullshit. Just because you are a hypocrite doesn't mean your wrong.

  • Louis Murphy Post author

    Clinton, Bush, and Obama: U.S. War Crimes over Three Administration – Global Research

  • yojimbe1 Post author

    War criminals are on both sides of the fence.  Break away from left/right politics and think for yourselves.  Coke or Pepsi is not a real choice.

  • yourkeydemo Post author

    Steve and Johnny have an awesome dynamic, more of them and less of Anna and Ben please.

  • Tippersnore Post author

    This "professor" is now out defending his part in the legal justification of torture here in December 2014.

  • And Another Thing, with Dave Post author

    Why dont crazy people ever kill someone like John Yoo when they go nuts ?

  • Todd Zelin Post author

    Do we need the Yes-man on the left? He can't remember facts for more than 30 seconds and he just tends to babble a lot.

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