Hyde Amendment 101

Hyde Amendment 101

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It’s 1973. Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in the United States.
So, we’re done here, right? Nope. We only made it to 1976 Before Congressman Henry Hyde proposed the Hyde Amendment, banning the use of federal Medicaid money to fund abortion. Hyde knew he couldn’t overturn Roe, so instead he made abortion inaccessible to the most vulnerable. He literally said: I would certainly like to prevent, if I could legally, anybody having an abortion: a rich woman, a middle class woman, a poor woman. Unfortunately, the only vehicle available is the Medicaid Bill. Ugh, you really said that.
Yup. Well, the Hyde Amendment passed, and poor women struggled to find access to abortion. I’m so glad the 70s are over. It has to get better in the 80s, right? Nope! Hyde is still in place, and poor women are struggling even more. Now, I can hear some of you saying: Good. I don’t want my tax dollars paying for your abortion. Okay, first off, shut up about your tax dollars, as my tax dollars are paying for that cigarette. And second off, all of our tax dollars are in the hands of Ronald Reagan. He’s destroying housing subsidies, jobs programs, public transit, and food assistance. As a mom with two kids, if I wanted another one, I can’t get help. And if I don’t want another one, thanks to the Hyde Amendment, I can’t get help either! Then stop having sex! Why don’t you stop having sex with your wife.
And your mistress. What?
Bye, Felicia. The 90s solved everything, right? Hypocrite Hyde and his hypocrite amendment just disappeared! Psyche! Now thanks to these guys, the hypocrite amendment is also punishing federal employees, Native Americans, Peace Corps volunteers, and everyone living in Washington, D.C. But the good news is, we’re closing out the decade with a Destiny’s Child explosion. So i’ts gonna be better! (singing) Can you pay your bills? Can you pay your telephone bills? Can you pay your abortion bills? No? Then maybe it’s time we end Hyde. For real, Hyde is still around. And if you thought your tax dollars were being wasted before? Damn. I mean, for an administration called Bush?
They really don’t get it. So in this decade these dudes of “Oh, we won’t help you pay for your abortion or your existing family” will spend over a billion dollars on abstinence-only programs that teach inaccurate information about sex ed 80% of the time. We punish poor women who wind up getting pregnant because these guys funded sex ed programs that didn’t teach actual sex ed! So we’re all gonna say, (singing) It’s all a lie, baby bye bye Hyde. Hold up. Hyde is still around. In fact, in order to pass the Affordable Care Act, Obama had to promise anti-abortion Democrats that Hyde would remain intact. Let’s not go another decade with Hyde around. The Hyde Amendment is a major roadblock that prevents full access to opportunity. We claim we want full equality for women. And that starts with full access to reproductive health care. So let’s be the generation to be bold and end Hyde. Ready to end the Hyde Amendment? Go to AllAboveAll.org for more information. Join the Lady Parts Justice League. Exposing sexist shitheads has never been more rewarding!

7 thoughts on “Hyde Amendment 101

  • Benjamin Muradyan Post author

    Why not use contraceptives more responsibly and make it more readily available? Let's fight for this so that poor people don't have to entertain if they are ready for a baby when they are already pregnant.

    I don't want my taxes paying for irresponsible death of babies.

  • John Doe Post author

    Sounds like common sense legislation. Pay for your baby murder yourself.

  • Mark Brown Post author


  • Angus Adolphus Post author

    I don't want my tax dollars to go towards "prayer breakfasts" and visits by the pope. I don't want my taxes to be increased to cover shortfalls because religious nonprofits don't have to pay taxes. No representation without taxation. Christians are the worst.

  • majin_mike21 Post author

    I'm sorry but once the Hyde amendment is repealed. The middle class is going to get fucked over. Not that we're already not screwed as is. Abortion is very very expensive.

  • Blue Post author

    ahahaha suck it

  • J DMG Post author

    This video made me see how important the Hyde amendment is thank you

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