Hungary First? Resisting Orban’s Slave Law

Hungary First? Resisting Orban’s Slave Law

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What we get a lot is that we’re paid by Soros and Soros agents. Do you have any hard evidence of this? The hard evidence on the street is the faces, the persons, the slogans, the messages. The money hasn’t come through yet. The homeland before all else, to borrow a phrase from the Americans: ‘Hungary First’. Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban wants to put Hungarians first, but his latest attack on labour rights has upset ordinary workers, leading to protests and clashes, and critics say it is only for the benefit of foreign multinationals. “We’ve come to do overtime”. That has been one of the main slogans of a surprising new protest movement in Hungary. Surprising because the ruling coalition has the support of the majority of the people, based on the results of the last three elections, and Orban hasn’t had to contend with many protests during the last nine years of his self described ‘illiberal democracy’. To find out if these protesters are more than pro EU, metropolitan liberals, as the government claims. We’ve come to meet students, workers and ordinary people protesting Orban’s ‘slave law’. It has nothing to do with EU. It has nothing to do with being liberal or not. What we get a lot is that we are Soros, paid by Soros and Soros agents and stuff like that. Which is is very funny, we are not, we are very poor students. We are pushing the trade unions to organise themselves and get the strike. The other one is to push people to organise themselves. If the slavery law would be taken back that would be amazing as well. What’s been dubbed ‘slave law’ is officially known as the Overtime Act. It passed through parliament last month, alongside new powers for Orban to make changes to public universities and the judiciary. It gives employers the right to demand up to 400 hours overtime a year from workers, that’s an extra day per week. Payment for overtime can be delayed for three years under the law. In recent years, Hungarians have been leaving the country in large numbers, with around 650,000 now living abroad. This means that multinationals, like German car manufacturers, who Orban has rolled out the red carpet for in recent years, are now missing out on the cheap labour they were promised by him. Is this the real reason for the law? This law is about helping the employees and the employers as well. Very obviously there’s nothing like this new ‘slave law’ that is being introduced here. That’s nonsense and that’s stupidity. So the opposition politicians from an alliance of the liberal parties and the far right Jobbik Party have sort of tried to wrest control of the protests, so the students have tried to draw in a more leftist crowd to this meeting point here before joining the main procession and heading back here together. Even though it was a leftist meeting, we were surprised to see red flags in the crowd, in a country where public discourse has long been hostile to communism. We’ve seen such flags in the former Yugoslavia and other places. But in Hungary, which has been for a long time a very conservative country, strongly anti-communist. It hasn’t been rejected by the trade unions, by the workers, by the demonstrators. The protests that are outside of Budapest, what is the significance of that? This is a new thing, and also this is organized by the workers, all these closures of motorways and suchlike. And for the first time since Mr. Orban is in power, the government seems to be hesitating. The students marched to a cross roads called the Oktogon, to meet the main demonstration. The anger seen in the spontaneous protests of December seemed to have disappeared, replaced by what looked like a sadness at the state of affairs. But despite this, the snow and subzero temperatures, the turnout seemed pretty big… So the main body of the protest, the different political parties and the unions have just joined the student block and together they’re marching to Parliament Square. Nora, how do you feel about the turnout so far? As I look back I think it’s pretty good. I’m really happy that so many people came, I also know that people from the countryside joined us as well. They came up with buses, and prepared for this whole thing early in the morning already, to be here. I don’t think the government can allow themselves not to listen to this at all. Invalidate the election results! So we’re here at Parliament Square, highest estimates predict there are about 15,000 people here. Either way, it is the biggest protest on this issue since it’s begun. On Thursday, unions announced their four key demands, which included the repealing of the Overtime Law. They also said that should the government not respond to their demands they will be preparing for a general strike. Let me start with a quote… “We’re building a country, where the people are not working for the profit of foreigners, where no one can force the interests of others onto the Hungarian people.” This is what Viktor Orban said, nearly six years ago. Since then the government and capital have squeezed the workers into a corner. But we didn’t ask for it! We’re not going to be slaves! Who are the real winners and losers of the new overtime law? The losers? Most likely workers from smaller towns and cities with fewer job prospects, and with little choice but to accept more work hours should their bosses demand it. The winners? Multi-national corporations from richer EU countries like Germany, like Continental right here behind me, who will be able to maximise their profits by shifting more of their production into Hungary. In recent years, large amounts of Hungarian public money has gone to securing foreign investment from the country’s largest trading partner, Germany. As can be seen from this glossy government-produced brochure which boasts of incentives like: – “cash subsidies and land available for reduced price or free”, – cheap workers “60% lower than EU average”, – and a “competitive and enterprise friendly tax system”. Despite Hungary having the lowest corporation tax in the EU at just nine per cent, some multi-nationals, like German car manufacturers, have used their leverage to pay as little as three point six per cent. And now, Orban is introducing legislation that allows them to demand yet more overtime from badly paid and overworked Hungarians. So much for ‘Hungary First’. We wanted to find out how the Overtime Law would affect workers of German car factories, where demand for overtime is high, so we travelled to two smaller cities, both around an hour and a half drive from Budapest. The first stop was Veszprem, where we met Continental factory worker Gabor at his home. Thank you. We’ll make a tea then. How do you think working conditions for Hungarian workers in, let’s say specificly German automobile companies, compares to workers in Germany? In Germany? I don’t even know the right word…incomparable. This is what’s totally different to the West: there, you can live and order your life, with better salaries. In Hungary, our ability to do this has been damaged. It’s common that you can’t pay some bills, you have to chose between water or electricity. And because some bill isn’t paid, in the next month you might take some overtime to get the additional income. In the central city of Kecskemet, Mercedes workers Zoltan and Ishtvan were also keen to highlight how conditions in German car factories were worse in Hungary than Germany. Everything has a cause and effect. There were consequences of too much overtime before. A worker had an accident and died, because he fell asleep while driving home. You have to go to a car factory in Germany, spend a few months there and you can see that it’s also possible to work like they do. It’s organised and workers are not exhausted. What sort of issues do people on minimum wage face in Kecskemet? We can say that salaries are below the EU average here. The property prices have skyrocketed. And besides this, the price of goods has gone up, so it’s not easy here. Despite this, these car factory workers aren’t just silent victims in this process, they’re speaking out and have all taken part in protests and roadblocks outside of Budapest in recent weeks. You had said that last month’s protesters were in the pay of the foreign trained activists of the Soros network. Do you have any hard evidence of this? Yes the hard evidence was what you’ve seen on the streets. We’ve seen the activists who’ve been active and engaged in all those protests for the past couple of years. OK but let’s say actual hard evidence, I mean if what you’re saying is true then… Again, the hard evidence on the street is the faces, the persons, the slogans, the messages. So that’s the evidence? Sure, I mean… there is no need, there’s no need for anything like that. So we spoke to Zoltan Kovacs, who says that the protesters are paid by the Soros network. Are you paid by them? The money hasn’t come through yet. It’s funny though, this statement from the government, that Soros funds us, because we didn’t receive anything. But maybe it’s just on the way, I don’t know. I think that for us workers, this law is increasing our dependency. Companies are able to tailor the amount you work according to production and demand: how soon, how fast, how much should be produced. And this is the danger of this policy, that we’ll be left vulnerable by this fluctuation. What would you say to the Continental factory worker we spoke to yesterday who said that his wage will go up and down according to the production demand. Should he… That’s called capitalism… this is a market economy. And that’s what happens in a market economy. Go to the United States and talk to workers in factories. Before we left, we met up with Nora again to ask about the future of the broad movement against Orban, with all its divergent political views and interests. Do you think that it’s enough if, let’s say, Orban was removed? We are all basically working for that in a way. We’re really hoping for that. But then the next question would be: who comes next? I can’t see anyone, any party, any coalition really, which I would trust or be happy for. I don’t really see a real political discussion in terms of values and in terms of policies. At all. Genuinely not at all. And I think that’s very concerning. And it keeps us, as a society, stuck as well. So, we’ve been in Hungary for about five days now, and although Saturday’s protest was important, the story behind the Overtime Act was most clearly explained to us by student activists like Nora and workers like Zoltan, Istvan and Gabor. For the workers, it’s clear that the government is not on their side, contrary to the claims of the government spokesperson. This law was designed to benefit multinational companies and erode labour rights. But it also exposes one of the big lies of right wing nationalists like Orban, who denounce globalisation in the same breath as introducing policies that encourage it. And for the students, it’s clear that unless the opposition parties come up with a serious, economic and societal alternative, Orban’s ‘illiberal democracy’ will not be defeated any time soon.

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    MAKE Magyar Népköztársaság GREAT AGAIN!

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    I hope Hungary doesn’t think communism is a fix.

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    holy fucking shit that government guy is a cunt fluctuating wages according to production how can a government allow its workers to be abused like this

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    Hungary will be socialist again!

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    At least Hungary doesn't have Islamic terrorism or muslim rape gangs.

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    Fascinating. Hungary can't use the billionaire George Soros as a scapegoat to say the left is paid, like the US far-right does, so it makes up its own conspiracy.

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  • Phil Ochs Post author

    It seems Hungarian nationalists have a habit of prostituting Hungary for the Germans.

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    If these protests were in Venezuela, Nicaragua, or Iran Trump, Bolton, and Rubio would be calling for regime change.

  • Vito Marcantonio Fan Post author

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    These protesters are obviously soros sell out! EU are trying to smear campaign the prime minister because hes putting his own people first before eu's destructive immigration agenda!

  • Tom De sanctis Post author

    It's not that all the protestors are paid by Europe's destroyer soros. That would be too obvious. It's the socialist organizations setting up those protest and bludgeoning the people into senseless rebellion. And for attracting foreign businesses to Hungary, it's an agenda that will make Hungary flourish in the middle-long term, while giving the manufacturers an economical edge in the short-term. The extra hours most likely won't be taxated, which would enrich the worker in the short term, if prepared to do overtime ofc.

  • Zolee Little Post author

    Servants & soldiers of George SOROS in EU politics= paid TRAITORS against EU :
    Angela MERKEL,  Emmanuel MACRON, Jean-Claude JUNCKER, Alexis TSIPRAS, Cecilia WIKSTRÖM, Dimitris AVRAMOPOULOS,  Guy VERHOFSTADT, Donald TUSK, Martin SCHULZ, Frans TIMMERMANS,  Jean ASSELBORN, Ana GOMES,  Mark RUTTE,  Federica MOGHERINI, Sophia in 't VELD, Ska KELLER,  Gianni PITELLA, Matteo RENZI, Charles MICHEL, Nils MUIZNIEKS, Lopez AGULIAR, Judith SARGENTINI, Claude MORAES, Peter NIEDERMÜLLER,  Antonio GUTERRES, Viviane REDING, Pedro SÁNCHEZ, Antonio TAJANI, Alexander STUBB, Sebastian KURZ, Manfred WEBER,

  • ts1603 Post author

    I have read some of the comments in here and here is my humble take on this. On the one hand everyone that are just at the least educated and honest have to admit that Georges Soros has been destabilizing country after country for his own benefit. The son of a bitch did it everywhere, Europe, Asia etc. Oh and btw for all of you anti-semites stop conflating the appaling acts of Soros with all jews. The guy is hated in Israel too. On the other hand the video here is not about cry babies liberals or commies trying to push for regime change. It is about a government pushing for a law that would FORCE workers to work extra time and being paid for it only three years later. (I know it said up to three years but in our capitalist world, I assume that those fucking corporations will wait at the very end). Whether you are capitalist, fascist, communist, a worker should never be forced to work extra time if he doesn’t want to.

  • Leigh Parker Post author

    Nice. Thank you for sharing. <3

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    Fantastic piece!

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  • Hildegard von Hessen am Rhein Post author

    Have a look at what we do in France ! The Yellow Wests will go on until Macron is down. But we admire your President Orban, we want Russia to be part of Europe and we want to quit NATO under US dominance. Se want our freedom back. Nationalism is not Imperialism. Nationalism doesn't lead to totalitarianism, but Imperialism does ! We should construct a Europe of the Nations, throw out Islam urgently. You, Hungarian have had experience during the Ottoman occupation. STOP. Orban is right. Perhaps he is not as good on domestic affairs, but you will make him understand, you the people. And to end, you the Hungarians, stand with Orban against Soros and Islam ! We in the West are counting on you ! Our Yellow Wests are now also protesting against immigration and Islam.

  • leobarnat1 Post author

    I'm actually offended about this video. I too work at an international big corporation and actually this law allows me to make more money, but nobody asked my opinion about this law. Soros pays the organizers and not every people in particular. did you went to a factory in Western Europe to ask how do they work? I'm pretty sure that in the normal 8 hour label thy can provide for every day life and you start to raise money when you do ovetime.

  • teknokol Post author

    Oh i've just realized that redfish is an RT related project. The report is still good but it would be nice to see on that map near 7:05 the new power plant gigaproject in Paks buildt by russan ROSATOM, and financed by the government from an incredibly unreasonable mega-loan from the russian government. Yeah, so fuck Putin too

  • Niccolò Orsi Bandini Post author

    I swear, I thought the protests in Hungary were dead, how come the media just remember to report on them after nearly a month it all seemed buried in the sand??? I would like to know how many people in Hungary are really backing them up, it's difficult to understand if they are legitimate protests of just EU backed attempts to subvert a government that is held by most as a bulwark against EU dominion!!!

  • S S A Post author

    Hungary needs to be socialist again.

  • Johnny DiPP Post author

    There are so many sell-out, socialist, assholes in this comment section, it's depressing. And Redfish are nothing more than delusional, far-left ideologues, anyway.

    I mean how convenient that just as the globalist nations are in shambles, this just happens to pop up…. YEAH RIGHT.
    Anything for a chance to make propaganda to demonize that darn "right-wing" huh…. Because everywhere the far-left is in charge is working out amazingly right? Haha.

    You should be ashamed, taking these lowly globalist tactic.
    None of you think for yourselves. You're taught what to think.
    All you people do is work to slander the right-wing. And why? Because there's a problem (in the real world). No, how is that possible?! Lol.
    This is extremely minor & easily fixed. Lefties just look for reasons to cause trouble, that's it.

    And to compare an economic situation like Hungary's to to that of Germany's is intentional, misleading, ignorance!
    You sound like such assholes! Hungary under Orban has done A LOT for the country & the people! It's a lot better than it could be, and nothing's perfect. You can't always get your way. There are numerous reasons & factors that went into this, I'm sure. Not just because he wanted to be mean.

    He actually loves his country & his people. Can't say that for Germany. Money is not worth near as much as a clean, safe country with strong shared values. Rather join in being invaded and attacked and replaced?

    Also, of course these people are NOT gonna admit who they really are! But I can almost guarantee they were sent by some Globalists, even if it wasn't Soros. Because of what they want. They want him gone because of a little dispute or growing pains while things get sorted? Wow. Some loyal people there. I can see why anyone would want them on their team. Lol.

    These are the type of people that look for any little thing to cause chaos, and say "see, this ONE THING is as bad as ALL the many horrible things that the far-left, Communist, Globalists do constantly!" It's hilarious.

    Nothing is perfect, and there are always compromises. He has to make some hard decisions that will inevitably be negative, even temporarily. THAT'S LIFE!
    The problem is this era of people are such whiny, entitled little brats. They want everything their way and perfect, now. Because that's how the real world works, right. Smh. They look for any reason to bitch, even though they have it way better under him than they would under globalist EU! You'd rather someone like Merkel or Macron? If so, you need your heads checked.

    It's a give & take in the real world. You have to take the good with the bad sometimes, for the benefit of more important things and the long run!

    These people need to wake up. (Unless they are just left-wing agitators that are being coaxed into this by their EU masters.)
    These kind of assholes just want Socialism/ Communism and will ruin anything & everything to get it. Ungrateful. They would be very sorry in the long run though, without him.

    Grow up and act like adults…. Or just leave and go to Sweden or Germany or the UK. Because things are going amazingly there! 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Nautinius Post author

    The Jew has taken with coin what the Ottoman could not take with his sword. This must be uncomfortable for the Hungarians, not to mention the Turks.

    "The day will come when all nations amidst which the Jews are dwelling will have to raise the question of their wholesale expulsion, a question which will be one of life or death, good health or chronic disease, peaceful existence or perpetual social fever." — Franz Liszt
    . Hungarian Nationalist.

    Maria Theresa, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia (1771 – 1789): “Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”

    “There is a new anti-Semitism expressed in anti-Zionism,” Netanyahu said. “That is delegitimizing the one and only Jewish state. In many ways Hungary is at the forefront of the states that are opposed to this anti-Jewish policy and I welcome it and express the appreciation of my government.”

    The Hungarian government have zero toleranse against anti-semitism – Viktor Orban

  • Theodor norden Post author

    EU-regime go to hell!
    ORBAN is okay!
    Jobbik is the best and only future regime that needs to rule! LONG LIVE NATIONALISM! LONG LIVE EUROPE OF WHITE EUROPEAN NATIONS!

  • Theodor norden Post author

    open university is paid for by Soros. People who cant see that obvious link are retarded and traitors working for the jews.

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    Viktor Orban is a great leader. Please listen to him. He will do the best he can for you, your family and your future, but give him some help and some love.

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  • CamberwellCarrot Post author

    Financial Times says Orban's party is gaining popularity in a Dec. 20 article. I don't think he needs to listen to Soros' shills.

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  • Mark S Post author

    First you must stand up to the globalists. Then if you are successful at that, only then can you do something about the parasites within your own country.

  • White Wolf Post author

    Your leaders decieve you like Duterte decieve Filipinos…he say he stand against oligarchy but in reality he is a oligarch supporter….many country already been decieve again by their leaders like what happen to France….the World must wake up against this unhuman agenda of the few….

  • Mark S Post author

    Orban could be communist as far as I am concerned. As long as he keep Hungary for the Hungarians, keeps the muslims out, and the globalists on their heels, he is the man for the job.

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    This couple of thousands of morons,they don't care the working class.

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    Orban is a Nationalist in speech not in practise.

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  • David Beaulieu Post author

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    Miert menne? Elni akar, nem csak dolgozni akar.

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    the protesters are not even hungarians… and its not paid after 3 years. it is paid each month. and the employers can not demand anything. the empolyees can accept more work if they want it. the entire video is bullshit. "huge numbers of people leaving the country." yeah. less than the average in europe…

  • Tiemen Weistra Post author

    Bullshit ! George Soros is behind it

  • Ante Šimunović Post author

    The new law just states that workers can accept, if they want, to work extra 100 overtime hours per year.

  • Bijan Mir Post author

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  • Capn Birdseye Post author

    Looks like Sorros funded protesters

  • J N Morgan Post author

    Screw off, leftists. The Hungarians are too sensible for you. Love from Canada, stay strong, don't get cucked like we did with Trudeau. He will be out by the end of the year; over and over I hear from fellow Canadians, even left-wingers, that they can't see Trudeau winning. I think my fellow Canadians are waking up.

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  • Stan Smith Post author

    EU slave masters are working their hardest to find a reason to make us hate Hungary and Poland: they just won’t ever give up control over the European People.

    EU is a dictatorship in disguise as a tolerant and caring elected government and needs to be destroyed!

  • mikky Bozzy Post author

    Its either orban or be run over by muslim and african imigration. Pick one. I know what il be picking.

  • Skankhunt 42 Post author

    The fact that employers cannot force employees to work overtime is being ignored.
    Employees can go home as soon as regular work time is over, no matter what. The law now allows people to work 400 hours overtime per year instead of 250. It was illegal to do 251 hours of overtime by law, now it is legal. I know people who have worked even more even though it was illegal. By free will. I dont get it either but it's up to them, isnt it?
    It's not like emloyers are going to fire their employees for not doing enough overtime simply due to the fact that hungary does not have such a big source of workforce (no migrants there either haha). People are not going to hungary to work like the people who go to the US, and those who are going to hungary are not let in because the majority of them is looking for welfare, not work. The companies will run out of people if they start firing everyone for doing "just 50" hours more instead of "the minimum 200". It cannot be used as a legal basis for firing an employee. So the employers really cant do anything, especially if there's unions. You just work your minimum hours and all they can do is get mad about it or try to find something else to smear you for. Welcome to capitalism.

  • Vladimir Kolsov Post author

    Hungary First? More like multi-national corporations first.

  • 세종대왕 Post author

    That's Soros's revenge.

  • MrLaci0110 Post author

    The max working hours you are allowed to do in Hungary together with your overtime hours is about 47.7 hour a week on average in a year.

    It is 48hour/week in the UK.

    There are only three diferences.

    -48 hour work a week (the max in Hungary) does not count as overtime in the UK.

    -Your employer does not need you to agree to work more than 40 hours/week in the UK only lets you know that you will work 48 hours even every week of the year.

    – There is no way to work more than 47.7 hours/week on average in a year in Hungary legaly. In the UK you can be requested by your employer to give up your workers rights in writeing and if you do than your overtime hours are limited only by that you have to be away from your workplace for 6-8 hours so you can have a chance to sleep.
    Two things makes one to sign it and give up his worker's right. One is that the oter option is usually looseing the job(officially for some other reason) and the other reason is the world record property prices and rents that has to be payed.

  • paul fensome Post author

    You have to look at the Bigger Picture , remember these are Only puppets acting a part , following orders from behind the Curtain.
    The problem is much , much deeper , the Parasites that really rule us are never happy , there Pure Greed is mind Boggling.
    They want Total Control over the Sheep Worldwide.
    But there comes a point when the Lid blows and people finally revolt , when you have nothing else to lose , you lose it !!!!!!
    But Sadly we are a little to Late , by over a hundred years

  • Blind Spot Post author

    i love soros! hes so smart!
    but if there is one that smart, who is the dumber?

  • Adrian Stefan Post author

    Orbán is best president you have so far ,,without orban you never Ben where you are …look at Romanian is 30 pass from Ceausecu and we sold ower country to Europeans ,,,we don t have land,forest,gold,petrol all gone …becouse we have worst parliament and all presidents we have they sold and sold ,,,now we are game over ,,,Orban not sold Hungary like Romanians did ….

  • esperos kk Post author

    Nationalists you should shoot down all these protesters. They are a plague to society, infecting the social fabric with feminism, communism and globalism.

  • makusmati Post author

    I can understands Orban's paranoia as far as Soros is concerned, the last decade has shown that Soros can cause plenty of trouble by meddling in countries affairs.
    I also understand that he wants Hungary to have a competitive edge to attract investors however this law might be a bit harsh. Also I would like to add that there are enough poor workers struggling to get around in western European countries too, so don't have any illusions please.

  • Lilliz91 Post author

    I believe Hungary should be for Hungarians.

  • P G W Post author

    Marxists, whistlers, drummers and dirties… ghastly.

  • Ocelotl Chimalpahin Post author

    Looks like Hungary could go red again, well I can dream

  • William Singht Post author

  • lovelifekidcry Post author

    sponsored by Soros………….

  • cedric alcoseba Post author

    Hey Redfish can you try to make a video about the anonymous

  • István Papp Post author

    Viva Hungary,+Orbán Viktor.

  • 86 Dev Post author


  • Zack P Post author

    No one should trust this Jew run channel

  • Deplorable Minime Post author

    I am hungarian. The left and EU autocrats lost their mind. I do not even know anyone who want's open borders and/or who would agree with immigrant quotas. It's been voted on and overwhelmingly the results were against refugies and immigration.
    There are some students (activits) who went to a Soros university and been indoctrinated and some nostalgic communists, socialists and leftist old-timers. – if you look at the votes and support, it's not even a contest. FIDESZ amd Orban clearly a winner… by a long shot.

  • megaleadjp Post author

    In Seattle Boeing made overtime mandatory 5 years ago.

  • Candyman Post author

    Victor Orban 🇹🇯 is not a fool, he knows what he is doing. People should wake up and see the big picture and realize in the long run they are going to benefit from this in the end. Things are going to get better in time.

  • MeMeSHiT LoRd Post author

    Dont let communism take over

  • MeMeSHiT LoRd Post author

    Soros wont take back Hungary give up lefties

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