Howie Mandel Feels Like a ‘Foster Judge’ on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Howie Mandel Feels Like a ‘Foster Judge’ on ‘America’s Got Talent’

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This is the 10th season. No, this is my 10th season. This is the 14th season of
the show, my 10th anniversary on the show. [CHEERING] It’s season 14? So this is season number 14, but
I’ve been there for 10 years. I am the senior in the show. Well, in so many different ways. I’ve been there longer. I’m probably the oldest. I am the oldest. Wait, I feel like you were
there from the beginning. Who was there before you? Well, when you’re
having fun, time flies. I wasn’t there
from the beginning. It was– people mix me up with
Brandy or David Hasselhoff. [LAUGHTER] That’s what I–
that’s what it is. It was Brandy, David
Hasselhoff, and Piers Morgan at the beginning. Wow. See, I don’t remember
anyone but you doing it. Regis was the host, and
then it was Jerry Springer, and then it was Nick Cannon. No, it was not. Yes, it was. No. Yes, it was. The very first host was Regis,
and then it was Jerry Springer, and then it was– I’m right. Do y’all remember this? Why are you saying I’m wrong? It’s not a quiz. I’m on the show. I just don’t– I
don’t remember it. Wow. [CLAPPING] Well, people don’t remember
the show until I got there. That’s what I’m saying. Yes. [LAUGHTER] And now two more
people are leaving. I think Heidi is
leaving, and Mel B? Well, they left. They did. They’re very busy. Heidi has an amazing
show she’s going to be doing on
Amazon in fashion, and all her other world events. And Mel B is Scary Spice
once again, and on tour. So the two new young ladies are
Gabrielle Union and Julianna Hough, who are amazing– [CHEERING] Oh, great. –beautiful– That’s right. –smart, funny, witty. I feel like I keep adopting– no, what is it called when
you just take a child, but you don’t adopt
them, and then you– Foster? Foster! I feel like a foster judge. Uh-huh. I am a foster judge, where
I bring in other judges, raise them, make
them good people, and send them on their way. Wow. That’s what I do. You’re a wonderful foster judge. I am, I am. You are. I love people. Almost as much as my
wife loves animals. You’re an animal lover too? I am an animal lover. My wife rescues. Yes. Not really. She takes. [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHS] What’s the recent
thing she’s rescued? She doesn’t rescue, she takes. I tell her– like, if
we’re out on the street and a puppy walks–
she picks up the puppy and she brings it home. That’s not rescuing. You know who rescues the puppy? The person that shows up
a half hour later saying, did you take my puppy? [LAUGHTER] That’s the person. Yeah. But the latest
thing– and I also talked about this in
my comedy special. I had not– thank god
things happen during the day I can talk about at night. But she rescued a cat. It was a real– it
was a stray cat. It was a stray cat, and it
bit her, and there was blood. And I took her to the urgent
care, and they sewed her up. And this is not– they have to give her
a shot in her stomach every two weeks because
she might have rabies. Ooh. I know. How unlucky am I, huh? [LAUGHTER] No, no, but seriously,
think about this. Me. Me. The biggest germophobe
in the world. A guy who won’t shake hands,
who won’t touch anything, who’s freaked out by
everything, sleeps with a woman that might have rabies! [LAUGHTER] Yeah. That’s hilarious. So the Showtime special is– Howie Mandel– after 20 years– Yes. –it’s called Howie
Mandel Presents Howie Mandel from the Howie
Mandel Comedy Club. You can’t miss it. You can find it easily. America’s Got Talent airs
Tuesday nights at 8:00 on NBC. We’ll be right back. Howie Mandel! [APPLAUSE]

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