Howard George Stirrup and his flat Earth Banner of Nonsense

Howard George Stirrup and his flat Earth Banner of Nonsense

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this guy is not the owner of the channel I am actually addressing  here turns out he’s merely a guest on this channel being interviewed and he had look at our channel it self and it’s mostly just being a very online flash to the street talking about the sport shit signs basic rose in hand and if so interview was thus entertaining the causes and tricks important make my job buddy here if the alarm coming out entire introduction of the pico video’s There is a tendency in Turkish or very old music and two urchins nothing really hot pants uh as people working around in films and he also hide the toilets banner banner Forced lets you gave him Introducing man himself will tell you take us agree and the reed holder George back in case you are printable to catch me want to know I have this music to do you That infringement johns me when Nikolai jeans and really is a t-rex puzzle the pocket square yards pinned from web thin 245 eso god ajax therefore believe the grove or the songs you would hear shit like god and off the conspiracy service my CD will first of all they lure so late fancy you almost have mind you a photoshop dit into this watch a photo shop campus sits as its action a banner icare reeds and in Entirety star view penning years and typing dwellings fit as Mr. Collins with satellites straw guy or flat talking points SBO is expensive ludo ludo dear husband and paul glamor and when we find young impression which runs to the bunch for a Critical thinking skills are developed and of course i had to paint dat doomsday scenario thank you on feet from flat back to f somehow so imac jumping grab a hefty quintus banner and has already heard shit would like a bedstead also my busy you her to edit this video audio almost irish plains of can or music in the Add sauce pensions work such copy right stuff freddy’s see about copyright sanches claim videos that hammock channel there he this stuff is not gonna save you from the likes of major free movie music an air show voiceover for mozart with men your music was basically double or individual something so and try people or Evolis link to this knaapjes think of it like a note schoolradio cried and built from east to west and at foundation wall in the making list or how beautiful the monitor the Vloesberg DBMS of ring holder of k gets a drumming hierzo bore to listen to by men cars as cult themself other hoor shit all of which he will give you that and most of their marx let oubliettes or previews of Sardis rather go to a doctor to 100 and floor flyer love that makes possible you can find the science update us drilling Piet band verifier globe exactly lee and TV should you taste that fishing atmosphere is man track repeatable viable in glass this is very telling that the flatearth possible to think Heslov They do not have Monopoly in Piet tire fire fire adams that show you guys my county falsified account stemming models so the gravity attitude solid Oceans flow and there’s a ball has never been proven al water has to be contained je living expert in your living my door and that is er is content by gravity and chicken while you want a gravity is at your dc raises the test cycle to the factory or lead to have acceleration of object stores plan or my planet meters a second square and beverage am basically thumbs up your research if you think of the cask 5, or death star eddy test that he ovens flap armor to being right off got some news for barbie at mit and then prefer in the air for you to figure out how he close your long external online gaming video is quite would very soon start but complete lack of understanding pure ignorance some time sivan cause a lot of economy you want to believe and then serviced Now if its ratio of his family hotel be aware that workout and rituals go so well is your shit and fobieën stop being a few would be read you know which i gotta get those victim Points and enthusiasm for French and family we just looking out for your bath Hell is how my doctorate there all my ex porn or that Samsen build up your understanding of how science works between val di e bucks per square mile the job and the parabola mini it will only work on en locals keel and sec and commanded why why would you as for haaften uit dat did not makes sense likers said later on to anything Johan mood or wood science words you see under each eye palette with them the woman you as often as we do not will include there is back and convenience and laurel and strict and I have more paper and stamping just more and conte sting laughed and so is a firewall wet heard looking for big as claustrophobia and fire million feet or have a genius on march ups and views for which it is standing right now you channel hersen run for the six cave use turk sex under a person’s ups and my five videos not to mention huis in plenty of comments on your videos long dress torah home and village and thous’n dollars’ hdh tests yo or ie curving which is you just take no time sorting so there sometimes Albir sligo in Arnhem and no the clever the lack of a dance On Their part modern colors hoax yes cents a jacket finnish is navi after the test was, and the housing never pen trials mf the Moulijn was in high waved the russian skull hammer under cold as cold hear shit godmother plan Letterie the first in line to do not realize i buy batman lets call or other like i said your mouse in a mobile web him and thinking people and this is of course all fine and than that The oil problem here is that yuccas target research and then by polio times the evidence why you want to go bitches There flat pancake and the soon as you encounter any any form of counter evidence to your claims en dus instantly So crime or to your god cherry pick cherry pick the evidence ambarawa here’s a fun fact appcake is actually flat les than airflow coli even in mountain stream dat Because it is mostly the mounted and south tiny compare to the earth images or surf to other photoshop or is zo de chablis kat thats it has to be i’m getting sick a tie or this one by the way I campus south is What a hoax it’s just emmertjes stitched together the stick away his panorama stop using this step using this really the oil spill gracefully stupid things carnal sidewalks women as well throne address oh hai just photoshop yeah beans third that your nearly effect would using your own I Radj very happy and respite chihauhau sidewalks that’s how I took some back to basics fleur from personal experience that’s action a new barnet person or chili observations using your own naturals en sister instead of former liberal in ghana crazy Your label my arm interaction reason why use your filter for some more to see the shape of de some good luck with your natural central seat time fatal to to be flat earth is becoming the city Igor growing 1010 face to face via wi-fi and bert has my ideal team marinus inside mst never two the wind and peace is different that of politics it is what is here a ladder this as the new Sex When You thinks size of a group XLII home and email using, instead of accepting Johan blind tasting long time and time again you just take down and try to hide behind sim card or claustrophobia I morph alien to mentality could share neil armstrong percent fx move up to the dutch government which is in fact oh well known fact as far as the conspiracy american government has acknowledged is and if hatred for narrower Gise sample moos challenging part of street activism arno and Oranjeweg per half hour to try guys from ghent yes pretty victim mentality Dr. 20th century of our details and your com1 fucking om de street right not talking about your horses at dimension it’s been recorded and sent to the two amber check the video right now downloading it Deuce century or so were duo actie belief that someone who is this agreeing with us something you en snap germany haus central body works Machine learning how to have the little points here if your points from the monster agency snap 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apply them and one you apply them your also able to understand aan just because you don’t understand these questions and with the claim of ignorance and then maxie try to reply evidence being research by people who have my deer is talking about is such finger things abbot of archer my fingers uiting up in your head the cause you there they don’t understand and you could tell me what you hire a Charlie’s gonna bitch artificial carp butcher your engine and how did you manage to add another victim pointing there is the PC to all your radboud as stupor is as sidewalks you get your fingers can we have the next couple of years is the subject matter when a linguïst the old and new one celebrity Mitel resellers and storify spread de or any order accounting the called and gangsters online and offline to raise awareness The new reading once a can in the race now all the tight Jewish country restrainer usefull in fighting the insane the flat dares the new tieback fair trial Their various groups 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to gut it we’d wear clockwise beringen la watcher my focus lammie that pset3 [Music] [Music] de oligarchs the heft wordpress hair is you will never be satisfied meaning you also got them close meindert you will never eksept durft being close and that staffing You FLIR’s r to set out with you flatwoning fact it’s not every time you have been presented with proper evidence on the future evidence to be exact youtube blue Delff after being live show requires loop line and those countries we note from you holy hell bunny here rather continued to Toncar on fire this time and budget there Hauwert Johan sticker ah fuck you do you have before i know if you were not a power to oil believe you take experienced moments something the moment the test drive baptism tasting me and if Allah you fuck your own is the Helders there as it tielt billy concerns sank and front for machine talk about science fiction soya corn to make the garden to which greenhouses Sutter hear this shit step blekinge full of himself first step you forefoot beat city number one size does not seem to them fitting hello hi george Hauwert trip broadcasting and sure to be there just in the order to save almost sally’s video by is for use with a Mini you for this phone into the video which is what the tical Call SMS and surf rider bier love me more to know what you think and of course check out all the links in the description and it was here in the neck form of paris ono WRC am with the reaction houses poly appropriate point thick blood stringed front door

92 thoughts on “Howard George Stirrup and his flat Earth Banner of Nonsense

  • Rider of Dinosaurs Post author

    first! YAYYYYYYYYY Spiffy!

  • Lady D Post author

    Second but only bc that spiffy guy beat me too it

  • Lady D Post author

    Eek! I've known chicks with hair like that…it didn't work out. #YesIDid lol

  • mjrvasilij Post author

    its funny that he get even flat earth "proofs" wrong 😀 😀 😀 and btw why so many flattards like to have funny beards 😀 😀

  • Arctic Haze Post author

    A nice one. Thanks!

  • Melanie Taylor Post author

    We love Ragicow!

  • Travis Harrison Post author

    Someone get that guy a beard trimmer, or at least some scissors! 🤣

  • Lord Of The Hornets Post author

    Yeah, Beard of Pubes

  • Big Keg Post author

    This dude is one of the worse……. Boring dipshittery 😎😎😎

  • Martin James Post author

    Since he's in Edinburgh it would be easy for him to go to Traprain Law and repeat Miles Davis's "impossible on a flat earth" observation. Or pick holes in it, which he couldn't, but we'd have a laugh at his attempt. But, nah, he'll "sit him doon on man's chief end" (Scots history joke there) and watch more vids, won't he?

  • DeadpoolADZ Post author

    Fuck, I'm from Edinburgh, hope I don't run into this twat.

  • Luke Filewalker Post author

    is it just me or get the audio of this fler interview worse with every question oO – how do you accomplish this bad audio oO? and how can some seriouly think "this is fine" oO?

  • Hermes McFoodPoisoning Post author

    People like this is a result of kids being given awards just for showing up, instead of receiving awards because they actually achieved anything. It gives them a false sense of importance regardless of how useless they actually are.

  • Stephen Clementson Post author

    As seems normal for conspiritards, he starts off by demanding that the globe model is a deliberate falsehood. He then goes on to insist that he is being ridiculed by people who have been brainwashed into believing that the globe model is factual. Any evidence that contradicts his assertion must be a falsehood, thus no contradictory evidence provided can possibly be factual. All pictures of the spherical Earth must be fake, because there can be no legitimate contradictory evidence. Naturally, he will be unable to explain why he can observe the sun to fully disappear behind the horizon in one location, whilst it's well above the horizon in another. He will be unable to explain the atmospheric pressure gradient, and will undoubtedly deny it. He will undoubtedly accept spirit level evidence, even though spirit levels only work in a gravity field

  • Pete Berube Post author

    Howard. You’re giving us fellow beard owners a bad name. Do something with mess on your face bro. Or is trimming your beard part of the indoctrination? 🤷‍♂️Flerfs 🤦‍♂️

  • Rangerman9404 Post author

    Nothing new, same flerf bullshit arguments. PS It may be "horseshit" where you come from, but in the US it's bullshit

  • Ragical the Unhallowed Knight Post author

    Mind you his voiceover was modified by me, they had music running in the background and copyright claims on their own video. So I just tried to remove the music as best I could. I thought it was still quite audible, but also at the same time bad quality. Don't blame the flerf for the audio, blame them for trying to hide behind the music😁🍻

  • Tommy Grønvold Post author

    Can someone tell me what happened…? I was just to fixated on the pubes attacking that guys face!

  • Sleeping Insomiac Post author

    Flat earthers are the actual proof that Zak McKracken's Alien Mindbenders are not only real, but also on the verge of success!

    Go to

  • Flemming Ryland Post author

    If you’ve been sucked in by anything Eric Dubay says, it goes to show how utterly gullible and massively stupid you are. Dubay is a conman and false prophet, fleecing money out of people spewing out lies via video content or books.

  • Mikey Cage Post author

    This guy is a joke.

  • TCLucas Post author

    And his family promptly disowned him.

  • TCLucas Post author

    I have told these idiots that 1000mph/1600kph at the equator, considering the size of our planet, spins half the speed of the hour hand of your clock. I have yet to get a sensible reply.

  • Buckwild 72 Post author

    Hoes it feel know your dog has more comon sense & uses more logic than you do 🤔

  • Alain Martel Post author

    So, the indoctrinated flat cultist is calling normal peoples indoctrinated… Can you say «Projection syndrome» ? Yes, I knew you can.
    «flat earth, is it becoming static or is it growing?» Neither. It's dead and rotting. Flerfs are just blind to ALL the facts and don't have any functional sense of smell.
    The flat earth community is like a crowd of retarded parrots in an echo chamber.

  • grahvis Post author

    When someone claims to have been flat earther after reading Dubay's first five pieces of nonsense, you know they have no ability to think critically.
    You also know they are a hypocrite when they tell others to do their own experiments but accept Dubay's supposed proof number 2, which can and been shown as a lie many times with ease.
    The horizon does not rise to eye level.

  • ZombieRobot Sheep Post author

    His beard is attempting to eject from his dumb fucking skull.

  • Shaun137 Post author

    Also they are getting better at stemming there ridicule at you lol. Look at my eyes flerfer they are laughing at you. Learn from other people (teacher) bit of hypocrisy there me thinks.

  • Bo Holbo Rasmussen Post author

    I think his beard is trying to escape!

  • Dark Knighte Apologeticz Post author

    Aaaahhbabachewieee!! Sorry, excuse my sneeze. I'm allergic to stupid. Flerfers sure are stupid. I sneezed like nearly as many times as there were facepalms. I'll leave the flerfers to do the math on that. I expect I'll be sneezing a lot after seeing the math.

  • escutus Post author

    For some reason my closed caption only has the Dutch option.

  • You Wished Post author

    We need more Ragicow

  • William Signs Post author

    5:10 He can't even get the parabola equation right.

  • William Signs Post author

    And, these people wondered why the English mopped the floor with them during the Forty-Five.

  • William Signs Post author

    5:39 It really went well. He got the bullet for making his employers look bad on telly.

  • William Signs Post author

    6:00 "No one's been able to send me the evidence."= "Everyone's sent me evidence, but I choose to reject it for reasons."

  • William Signs Post author

    7:49 PhotoShop cannot create images. It can only manipulate existing images.

  • William Signs Post author

    10:52 Yes, because it's always the globe earthers who are filing false DMCA claims against those opposing them. Oh, wait, shit, that's right….

  • William Signs Post author

    And, the more research he does…he means the more he tells the big lie, the greater his income stream.

  • William Signs Post author

    11:25 "It's great seeing more people roped into spreading the anti-science agenda of the real elites, the ones paying for me to even have a platform. Thanks, Charles and David Koch, for all that you've done for me."

  • dropgold Post author

    I gave up and stopped at half way! I think I deserve an award for getting that far!
    These people will die out earlier than anyone else is my consolation.

  • Quikee Post author

    Ah.. I get it now. His head is inverted – his beard is actually his hair.

  • addamsparks Post author

    I love your videos SO much Sir Sic!!!

    Just kidding, but youre both in my top 10 😉

  • Motzer Alles Mist Post author

    Great show ! This douchbag bushwanker has no money but he offers 1000.- for a competition with no Jury, what a braindead idiot ! Ding !

  • Leisa Irwin Post author

    O, he was silly, so very , very silly! 200 lies by Eric. Dubay is only about the incredulity Eric himself feels. Don't fall for it!
    Photographs of earth are proof absolute to me.
    I don't need all da maths to prove it to myself. I've seen ships go over the horizon into the sea , cars go over the horizon on a hughway, and flown in a plane at 40,000 ft. You can't see but barely a hint of the side to side curvature because the field of view out an airplane window is too narrow! SCALE matters immensely!

  • abrantino Post author

    i didnt get if you were joking or you believe the astronauts gave a fake moon rock to the duch ragi ?!

  • Accumulated Sense Post author

    Oh look, another bat shit crazy moron regurgitiating the same moronically inept rhetoric that all other flerfers vomit.

  • Janey Post author

    Dubay's 200 proofs is deliberately slow as it is done to be hypnotic for those who are susceptible & gullible to hypnotic suggestions. For most it just sounds so boring, but those susceptible its making more and more sense as their lack of education and lack of critical thinking allows them to be easily convinced.

  • Keith Pugh Post author

    Neil Armstrong did not give the Dutch government the petrified wood. It was given by an ambassador

  • MrUnite4thechildren Post author

    2:34 Not to be racist against frizziness, I see a lot of frizz here (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    Can anyone tell me w. t. F. he is thinking with that "beard"????????

    Is it possible to have a comb-over "beard"? Yes, it is. And we're witnessing it together, right now.

  • Cuross Post author

    Oh! He's an evangelist. That answers his homeless appearance…

  • Chuck Oneill Post author

    Once upon a time, The Flat Earth Society was a debating club. They knew damn well the Earth is spherical, they just had fun arguing. Then, whoosh, some idiot took it seriously. It’s not too unlike how priests (of any religion) knew they were peddling horse shit — Something to keep the peasants in line. Look where that lead!! Hey, belief in this nonsense comes about BECAUSE children learn faith is more important than truth IN CHURCH.

  • Bullwinkle Post author

    All of the goodwill moon rock given out were in the form of fragments encased in plastic spheres. The Apollo 11 set was four fragments amounting to 0,05 grams. the Apollo 17 gift was a single fragments of about 1 gram, along with a small flag that had flown to the moon. 134 countries got those gifts.

    Netherlands Apollo 11 display

    Museum Boerhaave Leiden

    The fossilized tree fragment was comparatively much larger at 89 grams. No moon rock that size was ever given out as a gift.

    The tree fossil was a gift from the American ambassador to the dutch prime minister Willem Drees, that happened at the same time as the Apollo 11 astronauts were on a goodwill tour to the Netherlands. A likely explanation is that someone got their wires crossed

  • Ian Stanley Post author

    What makes him even funnier is the inclusion of a comedy beard.

  • ReneeNme Post author

    Wow, talk about a weak beard on that one.

  • fatal gravity Post author

    Is there a flerf anywhere with an IQ that's not in the negative?

  • Casey Stotz Post author

    Im still waiting on the proof that flat planets exist

  • Max Mac Post author

    This is the same guy that think the phases of the moon are caused by the earths shadow.

  • The Creaky Blinder Post author

    oh please, someone buy this man a comb, I'm sure at 4.56 I saw a sparrow peak out

  • Richard Powell Post author

    Sir Sic^W^W Ragical said he had to fudge the sound, but at times HGS sounds like Spurskimo.

  • Den man Joerg nennt Post author

    YT has put a subtitle under the vid, but it seems, it didn´t really catch your accent. It´s soooo much fun to read.

  • Kevin D Post author

    In the UK we have a mental health policy called Care in the Community. In essence, lunatic asylums were abandoned in favour of the mentally ill being treated in the community and not in secure medical facilities. Before the introduction of that policy, this guy would have been safely locked up. He is mentally ill (like all flattards) and we need to bear that in mind as we laugh at him.

  • Frik Na luzie Post author

    His flerfism aside… if you'll ever need an argument to NEVER grow a beard, look no further than this guy.

  • Baz Pearce Post author

    How is it that this guy can get a haircut. But never trim that field of marsh grass on his face?

  • Allus Running Post author

    Flerfism is just a recent manifestation of anarchism.

  • Wint James Post author

    Another loser who can't figure out water only settles flat and level. LOL comedy gold!

  • Lady D Post author

    Rewatching this so my wife can see it and just realized earlier I was so distracted by his pubes that I failed to notice his tin-foil hat in the form of a shirt!

  • Trump's Tiny Hands Post author

    Any one featuring facial hair that bad along with (sorry, 'wiv') a funny speech impediment, is totally trustworthy.

  • wheels5894 Post author

    I do wonder why flerfs never bother with an education, After all, physics at university naturally teaches how things work but students also have to experiment to find these things out too. I wonder how many graduates in physics think the world is flat… I'd bet it is less than one!

  • James Coleman Post author

    The guy is a complete Loon! See here-

  • Cole Ford Post author

    Wow, that photoshop bit at the beginning was brilliant. Gonna have a lot of butthurt flerfs just from that one alone.

  • Andrew Edis Post author

    His face is being attacked by the hair from a thousand tiny trolls

  • william inabnett Post author

    Todays Ragicalism; "Flerfs gonna flerf"

  • Entangled Mindcells Post author

    Your banner is clearly CGI.. fake I say, its all fake.. proof.. there.. nasa shill /S

  • Jacollo666 Post author

    He's doing "activism" in Edin, BRUH…. where is Edin located?

  • Swedish Slacker Post author

    "Basic flerfing" LOL

  • tj hooker Post author

    You are awesome love your videos keep up keep making fun of the stupid flat earthers

  • 00x000 Post author

    Oh ffs get that loon out of my country.

  • Paul Post author

    He must be used to ridicule with that beard lol.

  • uberkosh Post author

    Victory for RagiCow

  • Lucas Tulic Post author

    Popular in South America??? I'm from Argentina and until this very minute I've never knew who the fuck you were! Never heard about you, never saw one of your videos, none of my friends (real and social media) mentioned your name, neither my family! You're a flerf you silly bearded man, nobody gives a rat's ass about you!

  • Ian Wooldridge Post author

    Hey Howard, i'm really impressed with your banner with these proofs, so original, at the cutting edge, well done !

  • Ian K Post author

    He really seems to believe he's learning. it's quite sad really.

  • markksargent Post author

    Thank you for introducing your subscribers to the Flat Earth concept. For anyone who is curious, ask yourself: How do I know it's a globe, without using a space agency? It's harder than you think. Do your own research, and never stop asking questions. Long Live Flat Earth.

  • Clive Adams Post author

    It's not that the hairy dick wad doesn't understand how the education system works. He just doesn't understand anything. Hence his attempt to make himself appear less ignorant, lazy and stupid. Of course it has exactly the opposite effect but he's too stupid to appreciate that.

  • Pha Q Post author

    All my life I've been accused of being a genius, and I never believed any of it.
    It only took flat earth believers telling me that I've been lied to all my life, that convinced me that "they" were actually telling the truth.

  • eddiebruv Post author

    Not that it’s relevant but his facial hair is truly horrendous!

  • David James Post author

    Dumber than a glass of water

  • keith norman Post author

    I swear I saw wildlife in that beard.

  • Robert Langford Post author

    Stirrup, do the world a favour, don't breed and stop stealing our oxygen.

  • WitchidWitchid Post author

    What this flerf doesn't understand that in Maths (and to an extent in science) you are taught basic axioms and properties (i.e. the fundamentals upon which things are constructed).It is hardly "indoctrination". Once you memorize (or have available for references) these key ideas everything else is an exercise in logical reasoning. For example, once I measure the basic properties of a falling body I can determine the acceleration of such a falling body and from there derive formulas for such things as average or instantaneous velocity and position of a falling body at any given time. There is no need to memorize such formulas or take them for granted as I can readily derive them. Unfortunately, in flat earther land, anything they don't understand is considered to be fake (or indoctrination) and any evidence or proof is dismissed as fake. Essentially they have locked themselves in a cocoon of ignorance.

  • Steve Rushforth Post author

    Someone should tell him the wheels fell off the FE bandwagon a long time ago.

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