How to Use Visualization to MANIFEST ANYTHING! POWERFUL Tool! (Law of Attraction) Neville Exercise

How to Use Visualization to MANIFEST ANYTHING! POWERFUL Tool! (Law of Attraction) Neville Exercise

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how to manifest anything! -very powerful tool! (law of attraction) Neville goddard exercise Neville Goddard was a profoundly
influential teacher and author he taught others how to create their reality
through concentrated emotion and imagination he was known for his
in-depth translations of biblical teachings and instructing individuals on
how to live with the end feeling of having what they want in private
teachings the following exercise was given to his students to prove to them
that we each manifest our physical existence he stated that if the
experiment failed for his students it would prove to them that he was a fraud
try the process for yourself and see how it works for 3 nights in a row choose a
position that you don’t normally sleep in for example if you favor sleeping on
your right side choose your left side for this process as you are going to
sleep close your eyes and vividly picture a ladder in front of you imagine
taking your left hand reaching out and taking hold of the left side of the
ladder now imagine taking your right how to manifest anything very powerful tool law of attraction Neville goddard exercise hand and grabbing the other side of the
ladder in your imagination see and feel yourself lifting your left foot and
placing it on the bottom rung of the ladder now pull yourself up and imagine
using all of your limbs to climb the ladder feel the sides of the ladder in
your hands your feet moving up each rung of the ladder one at a time and feel
yourself moving higher and higher to the top of the ladder
when you reach the top of the ladder climb back down then climb back to the
top and down again for three nights climb this ladder to sleep in other
words use all of your senses to climb up and down this ladder until you have
drifted off the second part of Neville’s process was equally important write
several notes that say I will not climb a ladder and place them in many
different places that you will see them throughout the day for instance in your
wallet as a phone or computer screen saver on your bathroom mirror and
bedside table and on your refrigerator each time you see these notes tell
yourself that you really will not climb a ladder and convince yourself that this
is true after three days of using this visualization let it go many people
report that they find themselves being presented with random opportunities to
climb a ladder such as being asked to pull something down from a top shelf for
someone you might climb the ladder within the week or it might take you
longer but let the opportunity present how to manifest anything very powerful tool law of attraction Neville goddard exercise itself to you rather than making it
happen if you do not climb a ladder you can repeat the exercise for another
three nights or night after night until you do climb the ladder according to one
of Neville’s students mister yo Locker at the end of the week of this
experiment if his students climbed the ladder in some random way they were
welcome back to nevels next lecture which ended up being a much smaller
group Neville told those who came back the following week now you all climb the
ladder and you could have just as easily made a million bucks in cash as you did
in climbing the ladder I’m going to teach you how to be healthy wealthy and
wise this process is a true indicator of the
power of the subconscious mind and how easily it can be influenced especially
in the right state the intention behind it was to prove to neville students how
the power of imagining into sleep could succeed in changing a whole day of
thinking something that was the opposite the students were told to repeat to
themselves many times that they would not climb a ladder but to imagine as
they drifted off that they did because the idea of climbing a ladder is so
general most people won’t ask themselves endless questions about the details of
how the ladder got there where it came from and so on this keeps any resistance
from being in the way of creating the outcome once you succeed in climbing a
ladder through this exercise you can try the same process with anything you wish
to manifest for instance the ladder of success the ladder of love the ladder of
wisdom the ladder that leads to the car you desire or whatever it is that you
want by using this process your attempts at what you want have less resistance
attached to them because very few are how to manifest anything! -very powerful tool! (law of attraction) Neville goddard exercise attached to climbing a ladder mr. Locher
who has given his personal testimony of this process not only climbed the ladder
but also climbed the ladder of success in his life he went from having very
little money to becoming a multi-millionaire he also stated quite
vividly that he thought Neville was crazy but after following his
instructions and becoming a student of his for some time he realized the power
he had to create his reality in his own words he says I have no worries I have
nothing to worry about because I know if I get into any kind of trouble that I
can imagine my way out of it because the thing that runs your life
and everybody’s life is what you’re thinking when you go to sleep
that’s what runs your life completely if you take my advice you will never go to
sleep depressed you will never go to sleep unhappy if you’re unhappy then
think about whatever will make you feel happy and grateful in regards to his
financial success he stated I have absolutely no doubt I could get a
hundred-dollar bill from somebody and I could study it day and night it’s with
me and I would start counting them and I’d start smelling it and I’d feel it
I’d work with it and I’d count it I’d count it I count it pretty soon I could
count 100 thousand dollars no problem I do it every night going into sleep and
then the money would come to me I don’t do anything I just imagine into sleep try the latter process given for three
nights and see if you are presented with an opportunity to climb a ladder in some
unusual way and if you are you will be able to prove to yourself that the law
of attraction really does work and you can use this visualization to climb a
ladder to whatever you desire how to manifest anything! very powerful tool law of attraction Neville goddard exercise

100 thoughts on “How to Use Visualization to MANIFEST ANYTHING! POWERFUL Tool! (Law of Attraction) Neville Exercise

  • Your Youniverse Post author

    Recommended Video: Why You’re Not ATTRACTING MONEY (And HOW TO FIX IT!)

  • Mihir Alate Post author

    I have a doubt…..We are going to imagine that we are going to climb a ladder. But when we say affirmations it is generally adviced not to use words like No, Not, Never, Nothing etc. But when we use this affirmation like I will not climb the ladder, will it cross the process of imagination?? If not then what is the reason?
    Doubt number 2:- If the ladder stuff works and we move on to imagine our desires, for example I am visualizing that I have earned 1 million dollars, then should I say that I will not earn 1 million dollars??? Please explain.
    my mail id if you need…[email protected]

  • Rob K Post author

    What is the name of the song played in the background? I've heard it several times

  • April Smith Post author

    The check is in the mail

  • S.A A.S Post author

    Hi great video 👍👍👍thank you!! but i have a question how can i apply the ladder technique to attract an ex back or a specific sm1 can you please explain. ❤

  • Cerbellum Vibrations Post author

    If you really want to party with me, go to sleep with the thought of me. put your desires where my inner eye can see, Straight manifesting with the god in thee.
    " Said the subconscious to the waking mind "

  • CanCanElf16 Post author

    Awesome tip! Thank you (and Mr. Goddard). 😊

  • Andrew Dj Post author

    This worked

  • Andrew Dj Post author

    This worked for me within one day..

  • Jonathan S Post author

    How do you apply this for money
    For example if I wanted to manifest $500 in 3 days do I say I don't want $500 and visualize $500 for the 3 nights

  • Tawny C. Post author

    I cannot climb a ladder, I have a fear of heights. Even two feet off the ground, I feel like I'm going to fall.

  • Maheen Khalid Post author

    I did this last night and guess what today's morning my sister ask me to climb a ladder for some reason .. It works … Gratitude n love <3

  • 1premek Post author

    In fact there is NO difference between the sentences "I will climb the ladder" and "I will NOT climb the ladder" for our imagination and subconsciousness. In both cases there is the process of climbing. The negative approach does not change the affect. Therefore it is always better to imagine something good happening to you, rather than something bad NOT happening to you.. For example:
    it is better to say: I am healthy and feeling great
    it is not very wise to say: I m not ill and depressed…

  • BOSScula Post author

    It's been a year, I'm just gonna go buy a ladder

  • Anthony De La Pena Post author

    I watched this video on 10/01/2017, started this exercise on Monday 10/2, and on Tuesday 10/03 mid-morning I was asked to walk up a latter. After this task I was walking away, and than it hit me : I realized I just climbed a latter, and I laughed and laughed, to the point of watery eyes, I was soooooooo happy what I had done. Like; I DID IT 😮 Just outstanding 😮 Thank you Your Youniverse 😮


  • Barsha Chettri Post author

    i don't get it!!! is the ladder supposed to be real?  like i don't climb ladders in real life everyday. or am i supposed to not climb the ladder wen i see the letter " i will not climb the ladder"?

  • Immortal Serito Post author

    It worked! I stepped off the ladder after trimming the top of a holly tree at a friend's home, I yelled a woo hoo, sharing the technique with my friend.

  • Brendan Dean Visual Art Post author

    Fabulous! Thank you…I love these videos you make & post….so inspiring & uplifting!

  • Ariana Jaden Post author

    I actually tried this experience for 1 night. I imagined to sleep of climbing the ladder and put up the post it notes. I know with out a doubt that the LOA is a real force and it influences our life. My point is that I only tried it for one night, forgot about it completly then yesterday I was presented with an opportunity to climb a ladder. I was in a clothing store and needed to get a picture down for my gmom. What does that many? Any thoughts? Thanks

  • VINESH KARGUTKAR Post author

    Thanks for video can you explain why should we write that note

  • Alan George Mehmet Post author

    "Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.” 
    ― Neville Goddard, Your Faith is Your Fortune

  • Mithai Dhaba Post author

    So how I do this if I want money? Do i say “I will not climb the ladder that will take me to more money”?

  • Smile Factory Post author

    i will not climb a ladder

  • Smile Factory Post author

    what if i cant say that i wont climb a ladder

  • Smile Factory Post author

    what if i go myself after a ladder

  • ChinJA1979 Post author

    I tried this and it worked. I was touring houses and I randomly saw a ladder in the kitchen of a house. I told myself that doesn't count … the next day, the light went out in my closet and the only way I could change the bulb was by using a small ladder.

  • J C Post author

    Tried this and sure enough I climbed up a ladder a few days later! I also listened to J. Earl Shoaff's "How to Become a Millionaire" recording and he kept on mentioning a red Cadillac with red and white leather interior. Sure enough, I saw that very same car in person a few weeks later. Tried this on manifesting my dream apartment and I got my dream apartment, no joke! I am confident this works. I think it's really more of the feeling of having whatever you want to manifest and trust that it's on its way.

  • Latasha Dooley Post author

    I haven't even did it yet…I can feel it working 😂😌😄 Yes!!!!!! Thank u

  • Sara Seyf Post author

    What about stairs instead of ladder?

  • Steve Derkacz Post author

    Hello Everyone, I followed the instructions including releasing it/letting it go and carrying on with my life. 
    A week later ( not thyinking about it ) I stopped into local my barbshop after work today ( 2017/10/12 ) and there was aluminum step ladder in the hallway at the barbershop.
    Now I have been going to that shop for many years and all this time,  there never once was a step ladder exposed in the open for people to see.  It was resting outside on it's side by the main window. The head barber wanted to clean the lights above. He brought the step ladder in and started his job.
    Now I may have not stepped on the ladder to do work my won work BUT the ladder did present it's self to me. 
    I don't see it as a coincidence , I view this exercise as the real deal            Steve Ottawa Canada

  • Steve Derkacz Post author

    Resending this message – Hello Everyone, I followed the instructions including releasing it/letting it go and carrying on with my life. A week later ( not thyinking about it ) I stopped into local my barbshop after work ( 2017/10/12 ) and to my surprise there was an aluminum step ladder in the hallway at the barbershop. Now I have been going to that shop for many years and all this time, there never once was a step ladder exposed in the open for people to see. It was resting outside on it's side by the main window. The head barber wanted to clean the ceiling lights. He brought the step ladder in and started his job. Now I may have not stepped on the ladder to do my own work BUT the ladder did present it's self to me. I don't see it as a coincidence  I view this exercise as the real deal Steve Ottawa Canada

  • Ndey Saidy Pepe Post author

    Thanks 🙏 you so much thanks 🙏

  • Sarah Barker Post author

    I really like this and I get the 3 nights of climbing a ladder but why the notes not to? What are they meant to do? Thanks

  • Adele Exe Post author

    11:11 🙂

  • Peipei Chen Post author

    What if I tried one day or two days I climbed one stairs in a ladder does that count

  • Happy Thoughts Post author

    Why do you repeat “I will not climb the ladder during the day?” Wouldnt that slow down the process?

  • Tyree Marshall Post author

    I climb the latter so lets get to this money

  • adenosine Post author

    Well this is actually very true. Everything that's in our my mind and we put an effort into it is becoming our reality. For example,yesterday I was in the capital city of my country,and while I was walking in the city I was also thinking about our prime minister (is he even doing his job properly). At the end of a day,I decided to go somewhere so I could drink a coffee and eat a cake. And when I came to the restaurant our prime minister was sitting there and talking with people. Than I realized that we're all really connected and everything we think about is returning to us in material way!!!

  • Wanda D'Orta Post author

    My job requires me to use a ladder.

  • Golden 1984 Post author

    If you care to see a real life example of the Law of attraction then just watch this Video. It should be an eye opener… Made two years before it was uploaded this guy achieved (and a lot more) what he said he wanted in life.

  • HoodRich Papi Post author

    So if I want money I dream about it every night for 3 days then write I will not get money then I’ll have it?

  • redhot Post author

    I'm confused you climb up and down the ladder until you fall asleep then during the day you tell yourself not to climb the ladder ? Sounds conflicting and stressful. Because then you go to sleep the next night doing something you told yourself all day not to do .I don't get it

  • Fatima Smith Post author

    They will knock on my door!!!

  • Steve Derkacz Post author

    Your Universe,  You are correct about your theory about the mind having a difficult time processing with the word " Not ".     Actually, there are 2 more words that the mind does not recognise " Don't and No " so there are 3 key words – " Don't, Not & No "   Please see this link for reference      Steve Ottawa Canada

  • Fanny's LoA Post author

    Funny. As a wheelchair user, I'll definately try this and see if I even come across a ladder 😉

  • Nick 11 Post author

    I did this about a year ago, and after I fell asleep, the building maintenance guy knocked on my door 7 hours later because water was leaking from the upstairs apartment into mine. When I let him in, he had his ladder leaning against the wall in the hall, so I climbed up the first step in my underwear, half asleep.

  • Della Monk Post author

    Can you suggest an alternative exercise? I actually cannot physically climb a ladder at the moment, so it's hard to believe.

  • BigGirl875 Post author

    Why you need to write "I will NOT" and not "I will"?….so in my case I must think of
    not getting the thing I manifest? I don't understand this realy….

  • Steph Struble Post author

    I played this several times and still a little confused. So when the next 3 days come where u put notes everywhere that I will not climb a latter……..if a ladder presents itself do I want to climb it?

  • A Wos Post author

    Tips please.. I find it hard to stay focused , where do you visualize the ladder being? Do you just go up and down it continuously ?

  • The pranks of A & S Post author

    Please join my channel ! Hope you like it ✨👍🏻

  • M Shahjahan Post author

    I did not understood when he said you can use the this visualization ( of climbing the ladder) to get what ever you desire Like I want a car so what do I need to imagine before sleep.

  • John Friend Post author

    Evangelicalism is the most corrosive effect

  • Trey6400 Post author

    Can you just skip the climbing ladder process and go straight into the money counting process?

  • BroVlogs Post author

    I’m a D1 Football Player who makes insanely lit Vlogs, Reactions, and Freestyles🔥 It would be insane if I was able to make this YouTube dream a reality, because I have some dope content🙏 Please show some love people!!!

  • K Michael Post author

    I think this kind of bullshit, I have a scar on my face that I hate, and as much as I "Imagine" it not being there because it makes me depressed and mad at a life I know for a fact that scar isn't going anywhere cause scars don't go away, they are with you forever

  • iadorebookstoo Post author

    I’m confused, if I see money at the top of the ladder, I climb, count it, then do I pocket the money or leave it on top of the ladder before going down again?

  • Javid Safa Post author

    What if someone claim ladder everyday for work?

  • 1fas1984z28 Post author

    Why would you say I will not climb a ladder? What kind of sense does that make

  • HariKrishna Post author

    After a month I climb a ladder it's really manifested even I didn't visualize that much also… Thanks a lot to show wisdom..

  • Miss Cutie Post author

    amazing!!! before sleeping i visualized the ladder and the next day itself i had to climb a ladder. thank u so much!!!

  • Frankie Delano Post author

    So I only did the visualization part just one time before bed about a week ago and last night at work I was told to use a ladder to clean the top of the lockers in the men’s locker room. Mind you I’ve been working at the gym a little over a year now and have only used a ladder one time besides last night. Amazing.

  • Carei Tina Post author

    I saw the video at 9 pm.Decided to try it that night.I imagine at 10 pm me climbing a ladder for a minute,than fall asleep. Wake up at 5 am to eat something,and when return back to bed,suddenly realise that I am climbing a ladder to my bed with 2 levels 😀 !

  • Domino Da Don Post author

    so if i am presented with a ladder in person that i am supposed to climb… do i climb it?

  • Lee Longdy Post author

    I will not claim a ladder

  • andy jones Post author

    This works. The day after I was given step ladders to help a tradesmen on a job I was on

  • Mihir Alate Post author

    Is this technique meant to do for only 3 days in a row for any manifestations? Please Reply. Please.

  • Shh9319 Post author


  • Vishvesh Tadsare Post author

    That's ridiculously amazing technique!

  • the_air _goddess Post author

    So basically you are saying that you don't want to do something in order to actually do it. So basically, if I say I don't want a certain thing, I'll get it.

    So if I tell myself I don't want to meet my soulmate or make a certain amount of money, I'll meet that soulmate/ make that certain amount of money because I told myself that I don't want them.

    Is that correct?

  • Star Post author

    What does it mean when I keep seeing ladders but I'm not manifesting a situation to climb the ladder?? Everytime I visualize things will manifest but rarely the way I saw it. I'll either keep seeing what I visualized or it will pop up in an unexpected way. I'm not sure if I need to do some inner adjustments or if something is off.

  • Soul Searcher Post author

    I climb a ladder almost every day.

  • PRUTTI DI MARE Post author

    Guys.. I tried it yesterday night and guess what?? I just climbed a ladder in a place that I didn't expect 😍💪🏻 It really works!! Believe in it and it works!! Thank you for uploading this video!!!!

  • 70s Child Post author

    So you should say “I won’t get a million dollars?”

  • Tharindu Dananjaya Post author

    It's better we have English subtitles for each description.

  • Ella Ginieh Post author

    Why do you have to sleep in a different position than usual? And I wonder, isn't it contradicting if you repeat daily that 'you will not climb a ladder'? E.g. If you use affirmations you also repeat them daily and look at them as often as possible until you believe them.

  • Butch Crassidy Post author

    Weird. I do the visualization, and either the rungs disappear from beneath me, and fall, or the rungs disappear, when I try to step on them. I have a similar problem with other visualizations. I visualize riding a motorcycle, and then crash. I visualize walking along a wooden pier, and piece of broken board pops up, and stabs me in the foot.

    Update: Within about a few days after I originally made this post, my brother was using a ladder (coincidentally, the same one I visualized using, most of the time), and it collapsed; while he was using it. The collapse hurt his back, and at the time, it seemed like he might have broken something. I used the same visualization trick, to visualize him being well, mostly uninjured, and finding out that no vertebrae were broken. I'm not going to say that it had an effect, but x-rays showed that no vertebrae were broken, and he has healed up enough to return to his normal activities (after about 3 weeks).

    At this point, I'm guessing that my subconscious was probably trying to warn me about the ladder. I still don't know what to make of the other things, though.

  • Juan J Nicasio Post author

    I feel like he’s the only person that actually teaches you how to visualize

  • Akhil Lover Post author

    Then why aren't you able to manifest millions of views

  • danita powell Post author

    I hard another version of this experiment by Neville yesterday and this morning taking my grand daughter to daycare SHE points out a ladder by the front that was never there before. I laughed. I didn't climb it but it was there. I'm guessing I'll be climbing one soon.😊

  • J3m51mct Post author

    Thank you thank you thank you

  • Mrs. John Post author

    How to use this to manifest physical changes?

  • Rach YS Post author

    This is amazing, I saw this video yesterday and thought it was interesting but didn't really do the exercise, I just visualized a ladder as I was watching the video, then today as I was waiting to enter my class two men came with a ladder and placed it exactly in front of me to change a light bulb that was broken.
    If you can do this imagine what you can manifest just by believing it, all you have to do is have faith 💓

  • WA A Post author

    Simply….. By saying “ I will not climb the ladder” our subconscious mind understands as “ I will climb the ladder” as it doesn’t recognize the negative word ( not)… this for all other cases too.

  • Starwoman Enchantress Post author

    I love Neville 💖💕💞

  • Phone Only Post author

    So why on Earth would you leave notes saying you wouldn't climb a ladder if your goal was to climb one? I don't understand that part

  • Rodeka Mcclendon Post author

    I DID IT!!!! I’ve been following you only for weeks now maybe a little over a month. But i started this exercise 3 days ago today and it was manifested!!! I am sooo happy and excited and feeling way more powerful than I ever have before. Thank you sooo much. My whole day is made my month is made my year is made LIFE IS MADE. All on my terms. I’m so grateful for you

  • Arya Chavan Post author

    I listened to this while sleeping and visualised as per the instructions…The next day itself i had to climb the ladder for some work…Awesome video👍

  • Patricia Heath Post author

    This was an awesome experiment and it worked. Didn't even work the process that hard. Three times thinking about climbing a ladder. Yesterday, I was informed of a lightbulb was needing changed in the family room. I Climbed a ladder 3 days after the experiment. I am blown away

  • EIvan Czarnian Post author

    👋🙏Thank you a lot Your Youniverse, i wanna share that this technique it's SO amazing & powerful. I just watch this video 1 week ago, and i must say that just in the moment that i see that this was a Neville's G. technique i trust inmediatly on it. I don't have use it yet, simply because i don't have decide one especific goal to apply it. But, when i see this video for the first time, i was thinking about it a few moments ("this is a very singular and interesting technique", i think ) and just 3-4 days i need to use a ladder and i really need to put emphasis: i normally don't use them, in fact the last time i has to use one, was about 1/2 to 1 year before!!!😱. To be honest, at that time I did't realize what happen, but until today, (little more than 1 week after having seen this video for the first time) I have ti say: i already has faith in this technique "just" because it is a Neville's technique, but right now my FAITH is WAY bigger. I still amazed, cuz i just don't has aplly it, because i simply don't need to "confirm" the veracity of it. Even so; just with think about it, trusting in the thecnique, i manifest the ladder in my reallity, just amazing… I really wish you all: a quick success manifesting what you want, using this AMAZING & POWERFUL technique from the master Neville Goddard. Blessings & thank you again for share!!!🙏

  • carlindelco Post author

    The law of attraction DOES work… i had it "happen" to me way before i even knew what it was.. it freaked my out each time it happened ,, so specific were the thoughts and right on target were the results… amazing .. the problem is focusing on something.. your mind wants but not so much in your heart.. atleast for me anyway

  • LOUDEN Post author

    I work on a construction site, I climb a ladder all day everyday.

  • Juan Castillo Post author

    My homeboy wants to try this but hes crippled. Any ideas for a different scenerio?

  • Tee Cee Post author

    I have heard this before, I'm definitely a Neville fan But Question, so if you want money you climb a ladder to the money and count it?….then climb back down? And what if you fall asleep counting or fall asleep going up the ladder??…..
    Jessica/Your Youniverse, Love, Love your videos! They are classic and timeless, Thank you!

  • KombuchaLiz Post author

    Im going to try this but being honest there is fear in me that it won't work.

  • Forever Spring Post author

    I will go and write mains examination this year!!!
    4th April 2019. 😊
    This shall be the BEST EXAMINATION of my life. 😤

  • Forever Spring Post author

    I want a Great Teacher/ mentor to come into my life!!!! 😣🙏
    I really need to perform outstandingly well in my career examinations.

  • KombuchaLiz Post author

    I climbed my ladder today. Husband asked me to get those sticky things off the wall that remove easily. I think it was about 5 to 6 weeks ago i did the exercise. ❤❤❤❤❤❤🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜

  • Trey Stapleton Post author

    Yea ok😒

  • Shana Missaghi Post author

    So for anything else, do you sleep in a different position & do you write the notes too?

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