How to SYNCHRONIZE Your VIBRATION & ATTRACT What You WANT! (Law of Attraction)

How to SYNCHRONIZE Your VIBRATION & ATTRACT What You WANT! (Law of Attraction)

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how to use brainwave entrainment to synchronize your vibration and attract what you want (loa) law of attraction entrainment is a term used in physics
that means the tendency of two vibrating things to sync with one another and
rhythm and begin vibrating in harmony a prime example of this is when one tuning
fork is struck and placed next to another tuning fork the second one will
begin to vibrate at the same rate as the first this is the law of resonance which
outlines the synchronous vibration of two neighboring objects the same
occurrence can also be applied to training the brain to lock into the
vibrations of outside circumstances and resonate with that and scientific
studies have shown that this is possible because we are beings composed of
vibrations our focus affects us in many ways the reality we experience is woven
with the way in which we focus and the environments we place ourselves in
what we train our minds to be aware of becomes our reality the experiences and
people we encounter are a direct reflection of such and for many what
could be a choice is actually a default experience because it becomes such an
automatic process to unconsciously attract we can choose what things we
would like to have a synchronous vibration with or vibrate at a rate
determined by outside circumstance our responses to life are actually
electrical charges that travel through how to use brainwave entrainment to synchronize your vibration and attract what you want (loa) “law of attraction” the brain as a wave or what is known as
a brain wave this is a neurological process all of our thoughts beliefs
feelings and behaviors are communicated with neurons our brains produce
electrical charges and these charges create rhythms known as brainwave
patterns which can be measured with certain tests the brain responds
instantly to repeated and rhythmic sensory stimulation
therefore the brains activity or brainwave frequency changes based on
what vibratory pattern is being introduced through outside stimulus
this is known as the frequency following responds once again it is when two
vibrational cycles naturally synchronize with one another
because each of the millions of neurological synapses in our brain
operate on electrical impulses which creates an overall frequency the
frequency or wavelength can be fast or slow peaceful or disagreeing depending
on what is happening externally and this affects our consciousness vibration and
the reality we experience when the brain follows and mimics a
sensory stimulus it is called entrainment and this is a natural
occurrence within us that happens throughout our routines and activities
we entrained to music lighting the moods of other people the environment we’re in
a television show we’re watching and many many other things your brainwaves
and states alter depending on a number of outside variables think of how a song
can lift you up and energize you or make you feel sad this is because your
brainwaves adjust to the vibration that how to use brainwave entrainment to synchronize your vibration and “attract what you want” (loa) law of attraction learn this is being interpreted and we can use this
process to deliberately produce frequencies that can alter brainwaves in
our state of consciousness entrainment combined with intention can dramatically
alter experience this process can help an individual reach the magical field of
manifestation much faster than study or affirmations in order to know what
something feels like the brain must synchronize to the vibration of that
thing just as in the example of the song
and when the feeling is achieved action corresponds that lines up with that if
you want to change the way you perceive reality placing yourself in the proper
environment with the proper stimulus is one of the best ways to do this and the
more this is practiced the more you begin to embody a vibration that matches
what you intend to create pretend that you have an unlimited amount of
resources and that you’re merely shopping around for the things that you
want take yourself to the car lot and look at the vehicle you want to drive
imagine yourself in it and feel what it feels like or ask to take it for a test
drive and feel how the steering wheel feels in your hands and how the pedals
feel under your feet go to the expensive clothing store that you sometimes
dismiss try on the clothes and feel them against your skin you can tell any
salesman that you’re just weighing your options for the time being go to an
upscale hotel and just sit and have a coffee study the people around you the
paintings on the wall are the beautiful furniture you see surround yourself with
people to have the things you want and talk with them about those things hear
how they successfully manifested these how to use brainwave entrainment to synchronize your vibration and attract what you want (loa) law of attraction manifest what you want things in their life and pretend that it
is you that has done so if you’re not able to place yourself in the
environment that you want to experience get online and watch videos about the
thing you want we are very fortunate that we have the Internet to bring
experiences to us and this is a great tool to use to change the state of your
brainwaves for instance take a virtual tour of the
type of home that you want to live in and imagine you’re actually walking
through this house our watch videos about the place you want to visit on
vacation so you can experience how it would feel to really be there commit
yourself to in training your brain to this type of stimulus several minutes
per day several times per day regarding the things that you want to manifest the
more you do this the more you begin to train your mind to easily align with the
state that you were aiming to achieve and the more this happens the more you
will carry that vibration our reality is an expression of ourselves reflecting
back to us and we have the opportunity to find the parts of that reflection to
represent what we truly want we know it’s already in our reality it simply
sometimes that we just need to move a little closer to it we must experience
it and feel it to line up with it and once we do this our inner tuning forks
will begin to synchronize with those things we begin to vibrate at that
frequency and manifest more of what we want into our lives how to use brainwave entrainment to synchronize your vibration and attract what you want (loa) law of attraction

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