How to Speak like a Veteran Lawyer in 11 minutes

How to Speak like a Veteran Lawyer in 11 minutes

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Why do you think that some attorneys are
begging for clients at a $125
dollars an hour when others are charging thousands or whatever
they want, because they know that regardless of what they cost, their schedules
are gonna be booked. Well its the same reason that there’s a
large variance in price in any product in the free market…
because there’s a huge variance in quality! As an attorney your duties are to research and present the case to the jury and the
courtroom. In this video I wanna talk to you about
some best practices on how to optimize your presentation to give you
the best chance for success. I’m Barron Cruz and this is the charisma
matrix. Swoooosh (Sound) The courtroom is a stage, and a principle that I what you have in
the back in your mind the entirity of your time spent there is the “TLH triangle,” and what that is its three adjectives that describe how
you always want to be being perceived by the jury and everyone else the courtroom. And that’s as trustworthy as a likable and as high status. And in that
trustworthiness component comes an element of intelligence, because oftentimes those
things are seen kinda hand in hand. So how do we do that well some other
basics our body language we want to be be a recombinant cool
deliberately in our body language we were already in
tation typically to be the jury some time the judge but also early in a court case we wanna
show that were competent or any ever when the courtroom work of a
person we’re not afraid of anything so we’re going to take a short
amount of time already all around the courtroom just for making you know quick phrases
just begun to show that note so consciously your veterinary better before you’re not
afraid not intimidated now when it comes to orienting to the
jury you do you want to spend a lot of your
time or unit 2 a.m. but this leads me to the next point in
that I contact what you wanna be making consistent eye
contact with the jury you don’t wanna make anyone feel
discomfort I’m comparable with your presence and by
focusing on one person for too long staring at them in the jury that’s going to create that so be sure
that when you or addressing the jury in your body language is very oriented
to them don’t be too intense don’t be too intimidated by staring at one person
for too long now you’re torn out he wants to be if or components the majority the time and the balkan those components is a
competent commanding tone hourly you got everything figured out you know
exactly what happened in your gonna explain it to them but some other little plotters of
tonality that you want to work in is interested surprise did and empathetic and I’m gonna get more GM
perfect peace and the surprise peace as we continue
the way you express your emotions the courtroom is hugely impact the in
swaying to the jury everyone else in it we want to use our emotions to our
favor to magnify the attention which is good
for ourselves and for our case and to dissipate in quickly remove
attention when it’s not so let’s use an example the Seattle I’m
questioning he say in your opinion did your passenger know
the narcotics run the truck aces no I don’t think he did your
responses in your opinion did your passenger okay right on to the next one Knoll reaction
almost as if he didn’t answer the question always it never happened because we want
to dissipate that right to answer was not to our best shot let’s say you say in your opinion did your passion you
know there are cars in the truck he says yeah I think he did really so he knowingly got into your car knowing that our culture in the truck
okay so what you’re doing by expressing all
this emotion when you get a response that you want assuming you the prosecution you are do two things number one people just to
me and with emotion levels are high just natural breast zone and we’re creatures
a deletion so we see something out of place a high
emotion we zone it we want the jury want to judge what ever want to hone in on
that but number two were taking advantage up mirror neurons sought nearly runs do in
the jury and everyone else’s human beings is they
help us relate to other people by creating the same emotion in ass is
what we see other people experiencing so when I hear that his passenger new
their cocks restaurant where he got in I’m should huge surprise actually why
would he get it he the passenger new by doing that
you’re going to create the same emotions in the jury as you’re experiencing by
doing at a very powerful piece thanks to all the different ways that you can use
that the courtroom by transfer in your state by transfer
your emotional feelings to the jury this is what you want
because we all know the people make the ball the decision swayed on emotions
ok a little tip here and this is actually very powerful in a
week or a brother situations but specifically the courtroom it’s that the case begins the minute you
walk into that courtroom he may say to be what just the bailiff a
court reporter the judge jury and even in their at does it matter because the minute
people start performing the many people start forming
impressions at you in their head say it is just the bailout the court reporter they see you walk in you look like a
clown versus someone who looks really sharp was use the latter you really sharp get things together
your you’re creating a very strong impression their head the minute they see that those ’em the
pressures being formed by these adjectives they begin assigning to you
to think I’ll discard probably knows his stuff is for
copies walking in you tolls non-durables are in place but I’m thinking that but subconsciously
they are so now the judge in a jury comes in and you already have two people who are
non-verbal expressing that you got your stuff together that the respect you whenever you talk
to looking right at you and that rubs off on other people maybe
not hugely but enough for them to begin pouring their impression based on what they see other people
doing in your presence so don’t think that the first time you
open your mouth or or address the jury is the first time a
que start no no no is the first time did anyone in the
courtroom sees you so be sure you’re on your game the
minute you walk in because that impression is beginning to be created by people there and it’s
gonna rub off on other people courtroom obviously in a minute the jury comes in
is the military really starts to snowball because
they’re seeing your nonverbal mercy you communicator see everything and there immediately for me your
precious love you yup what you begin speaking sure you have
sixty percent of what they big you figured out and it’s going to be
very hard to shake dat once you begin speaking is much more
easy to confirm the confirmation bias there goes okay sky walked in you look like a clown he was
joking around and now he’s speaking intelligently but
maybe I don’t know maybe he just got this this is the front you put on how
trustworthy guy as opposed to you before you start
speaking sharpy’s focus use carpet his totality was strong now we start
speaking any sounds intelligible and he says well but make sexy look that
way algis reaffirms that so be sure that
your where the committee when release eyes on you especially the jury your be judged that case is already
starting to be fought now another chip if you’re ever
corrected by the judge you want to never never
never never give up any indication emotion never sat never mad never angry never combative
always it different as it didn’t happen is it you expected back to be what the judge
said because anytime there’s any confrontation
between you and the judge it shows low status and that’s gonna
hurt you in a triangle that’s where the components that we want you always to have in the courtroom and the
jury’s perspective is high status beary importantly that whole I want you to take with the
jury is 10 empathy I want them to feel like
you’re a good friend of theirs that’s trying to help them make a good
decision because the minute we step into that
courtroom the buyer seller dynamic is in place unfortunately as attorneys we’re the
seller and the buyer therefore they’re gonna filter
everything we say tour a lens I love he want something for me is trying to
persuade me he’s trying to trick me he’s not on my team we want to crush all
that so we want to show signs of honest empathy to get them thinking both consciously
and subconsciously all this guy just trying to help me make a good decision he’s on my team he’s a friend of mine
Knoll combativeness much trustworthiness much likability so how do we do that almost that’s gonna
be done through non verbals so when you speak and it’s very hard to
explain and but the in nonverbal you’re gonna
use for soft friendly body language to rally eye contact much like you would if you were talking
to your mom is on the jury and your best interests for her to make
a great decision speech were way on an example language that you
could use to kinda arm give an example a bit on how do you
want to use is you know I I know this is gonna be
tough to watch but you really need to watch it okay your friend you’re helping in your
warning them it’s going to be tough you’re kinda I know I know but you’re
trying to help you need to take him there so you want to be very friendly likable unapproachable and when
you’re attorney you’re not actually coming in
not as likable and not as trustworthy because the buyer
cylinder namic it tells us not trustworthy his day want something from
us that we don’t necessarily want from them
a hand if we find out we don’t want from them then it’s gonna be completely bad that’s
not the case you wanna come across as someone days only looking into hope I a passionate about his thats only looking to help to make their
own right decision if you go into the courtroom
for 40-plus years you’ve probably figured a lot of these things out establishment your own best practices
but if you happen to know if you’re looking to still improve I would suggest you implement somebody’s
what it’s going to do is gonna greatly shorten the learning
curve because instead of blind trial in a row by you just spending time in the
courtroom in seeing different reactions you’re gonna put these best practices in
a place and CD immediate pas reaction to completely wipe out the curve and be
working from a top I would suggest you take a look at some
my other videos because commonalities between charisma influence persuasion social dynamics or universal whether you be the street at
the grocery store on a date or in a courtroom sous la commonalities that I was just
you look for and also when someone’s considering coming to you
and you consider taking someone’s case a lot of these mannerisms
trustworthiness likability high-status intelligence are actually
use that they want to see before they even decide if you’re going to take their case don’t
be one of those attorneys scraping to get by for four years be a guy that can charge we watch whose
book is all assert have some impact in the courtroom

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