How to Set a MASTER INTENTION That DOMINATES Your MANIFESTATIONS! (law of attraction)

How to Set a MASTER INTENTION That DOMINATES Your MANIFESTATIONS! (law of attraction)

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law of attraction how to set a master intention that dominates your manifestations how to set a master intention that
dominates your manifestations your desires are something that you could
have if you have not manifested what you truly want from life it simply means
that what has been your dominant intention is now to match those things a
dominant intention filters out anything that does not uphold and promote it it
tells the universe who you are and what you expect to happen in your life and
oftentimes these master intentions are set by default through circumstance and
experience the truth is we don’t train our reality to align with what we want
it will train us instead when you create a dominant intention you create a vacuum
that the universe must fill it’s simple cause and effect it activates a part of
your receptivity and aligns you with the things you want to experience setting
intentions is not just about tangible physical things it’s about how you
operate internally your internal wealth once you’ve established an internal
pattern the external must match it so the idea is to first check in with the
mind body and spirit and really accept and access what it is that you are
seeking let’s say you have a desire to be financially secure and experience the
freedom that comes with that you rearrange parts of your life and spend
time daily focusing on this desire other areas of your life that you want to
change such as relationships good health and the perfect home may also appear to
be stagnant nothing is happening that indicates your manifestations are coming
to you but when you rigidly decide to “law of attraction” how to set a master intention that dominates your manifestations make a wholehearted dominant intention
to resume the power to steer the ship of your life the source of everything that
happens in your life is within you and when you take hold of the steering wheel
you no longer create experiences through default
master intention states a definite purpose this is very powerful because it
activates a part of your consciousness that recognizes the ability that you had
to alter any experience you wish master intention trains the subconscious mind
to replace past meanings that are associated with certain areas of your
life in other words if you want to manifest financial freedom which our
subconscious belief systems do not match the fact that you’re able to do so it
will happen through the use of your willpower to set a master intention
begin to transform your consciousness intention is an objective a definite
plan it sets into motion and attractive quality that draws in everything that
you’ve been waiting to show up in your life those things are only waiting for
you to be ready and claim them as your reality the best way to set a master
intention that is dominant is by using your soul’s root intention this process
starts by becoming aware of the things you truly want in life many people say
they want more money however what they really want is the experience that money
offers they want the freedom and security that goes with money these
types of secondary intentions come from the subconscious mind as a survival
mechanism and are generally the middleman to what is truly wanted by
getting to the root of what is truly wanted there is tremendous power to
manifest it a sole intention bypasses all of the stuff and go straight for the
feelings that are desired for example at law of attraction how to set a master intention that dominates your manifestations attract create manifest the very root most people are seeking
love peace freedom happiness well-being fun and joy when setting intentions it’s
beneficial to place the primary focus on the souls and tension of the feeling
desired the secondary intentions are all the
things that you feel will support your primary sole intention for example a big
house a beautiful car a perfect relationship by realizing that each of
these things offer you a feeling you are seeking to embody soul intention can
become much clearer this bypasses what is between you and the feeling and goes
straight to the root of what you really want
setting a master intention around a feeling you desire makes the
manifestation much clearer to the universe most important thing to note
that if you didn’t already know the feeling that you are seeking you
wouldn’t be seeking it in the first place it is a part of you and therefore
you are able to use your imagination to produce it within you you feel glimpses
of it and then longed to have it as permanent state these feelings are the
surest way to use intention to become a complete match to your desires and exude
the attractive qualities necessary that bring it into your physical reality it’s
perfectly okay to focus on the tangible secondary intentions as long as the
realization that the feeling attached to them is ultimately what you are seeking
this is the true master intention to be set for instance may want to make a
statement such as I am the embodiment of peaceful and free feelings I’m able to
produce these feelings within me anytime I wish
therefore all the things that I desire that our match to these feelings are
already mine they always show up easily law of attraction the secret how to set a master intention that dominates your manifestations and effortlessly in my life because they
match who I truly am and the fact of the matter is you do currently possess the
feeling States you’re looking for or they wouldn’t be so important to you
take the time to write your master intentions down in other words how do
you feel when you have everything you want
committing something to paper makes it more real just by the act of writing it
down this gives it a more tangible and concrete aspect one’s written you’ve
transformed your intention into something physical sometimes finding out
what you really want to the point where you can clearly articulate it takes time
this is we’re keeping an intention Journal can really help trace back the
feelings that correspond to the physical manifestation you are seeking so you’re
able to pinpoint what your dominant intentions may be this type of journal
is also a fantastic way to document your success as you continue with these
simple steps and journaling your experience you will soon be able to see
how the power of intentions has transformed your life and this will
create an even stronger belief in your ability to do so
also remember that gratitude is a very important part of the intention setting
process be grateful that you’re able to use your mind to change the feeling
states within you you possess the power to match what you want for yourself
anytime you choose if you’re always just wanting and wanting and wanting and not
finding peace or the gratitude in your life you’re in a constant state of
scarcity that repels what you really want once you’ve set your master
intention realize that you must “law of attraction” how to set a master intention that dominates your manifestations completely align with it examine any
outdated associations you have regarding this intention observe any thoughts and
feelings of a lower frequency that don’t align with your master intention for
example I never have enough money or my relationships don’t ever work out the
key to manifestation of your desires is the transformation of these associations
that money desire or the relationship desire or any other desire you have must
be in complete alignment with your master intention
subconscious level you will have to train your mind that you do have
abundance love or whatever it is that you’re seeking by demonstrating to it
that you have the ability to match those feeling States over and over just by
imagining it once all of your subconscious associations are completely
in alignment with your master intention through a new belief that you’ve
developed with this practice you’ll begin to see amazing transformations in
your life in order to further impress your mind transform any associations
that don’t fit your new master intention and fully release negative thoughts and
beliefs that block your manifestations state the following two to three times
per day I’m abundant now in all areas of my life
I have the ability to produce this feeling within me and therefore it is
already mine because I have claimed this it now activates within me the fullness
and wholeness of my limitless self as I now realize my new mastery of my own
consciousness and feelings I track all that I desire I live in complete
alignment with the energy that I originally am I feel and breathe this
truth my subconscious mind is now law of attraction “the secret” “how to” set a master intention that dominates your manifestations completely aligned with my master
intention and creates new beliefs that match it all that I desire is now
transformed deep within my subconscious mind as the wholeness of Who I am
my master intention is now in harmony and union with all that I desire
all thoughts and beliefs within me are in alignment with this master intention
because I know I have the ability to feel the way I choose to feel in any
moment I am whole and fulfilled my intentions my being my subconscious mind
and my conscious mind are now all one in harmony and alignment with my heart’s
desires living with intention is similar to setting goals but it goes deeper than
that it is an attitude and mindset regarding the way you approach life that
pervades all aspects of your reality by setting a master intention and
understanding the power that comes from within to align with it you set into
motion Universal forces that have only waited for you to be ready for all the
goodness that is rightfully yours by demonstrating that you are open to the
power you possess and claiming your bounty by feeling and realizing that it
is already a part of you you transform law of attraction how to set a master intention that dominates your manifestations your reality into the life you’ve always
desired to live

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