How to Run a 1-3-1 Full Court Press | Coaching Chat

How to Run a 1-3-1 Full Court Press | Coaching Chat

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Hey. What’s up guys? It’s Coach Keith bringing you another chalk talk. Today we’re going to address the 1-3-1 press or how my team runs the 1-3-1 press. This is typically what we go to in the beginning of the game or if we need some quick turnovers or if we just want to straight up put some pressure on the ball. Our team likes to run and gun, especially on offenses. Typically we want to see a lot of our points is fast breaks and this gives us a good opportunity to get the ball in our hands and get it into our top three players and get them some easy layups and easy looks. So let’s go ahead and draw it up. So this is our 13 press. So what we do is we put one person down here, one person in the middle, one person over there, one person over there and one person down here playing safety. You want this guy to be probably one of your quicker guys, also one of your better players that knows basketball pretty well because he has got to read and react to make sure that he can get to that low pass. At one point, we were running our center down here. The other team had a lot of success getting the ball over and down on us because our center was too slow. So we ended up pulling him and putting in one of our two or three players, so our shooting guard or our forward down there. This guy right here, you want him to be your aggressive, most aggressive guy, and then this guy is the second most aggressive guy. This is where we put our three and down here, we were running with our four, but he was actually more of like a two based upon our offense and defense he was running as a four. These two guys over here, it doesn’t really matter what puts there. They’re just there to – typically inbounds balls comes over here. They’re going to run with one guy most likely. This guy’s only job is to keep him on one side. So it keeps him on this side of the court if he’s already on that side of the court. So what he wants to do is get on him and force him to this corner over here. That helps with us with all these guys right here. So if that were to happen, he would get the ball in this corner. We want our defense guy to get on his side and ride him all the way up the court. So we never let this guy come back under. It’s all right if he passes. It doesn’t mean we don’t confess it but we want him to go all the way up to court. So what that means is if the ball enters on this side, the backside sucks in and helps. So what that looks like is our guy that’s over here is going to – this guy is going to come in over here and fill the space over there. So he’s actually not going to be playing over there anymore. He’s going to be cutting off passing lanes in this area. This guy is going to push out maybe over here more and this guy might drop back just a little bit, so that would make the trap in this area right here. Three might come up a little bit because the inbounds ball person might come over here. So if they were to make a pass over to this guy, what happens here is this guy is going to drop back to where three is and three is going to come down to play that. Three wants to come down and play it in such a way that he’s forcing him up this way and then we shift our zones like that and the trap is going to happen over there. So that was our basic 1-3. However I love to front different zones to make them run different presses or different press breaks against us. So what we do is we come out and we show a 2-2-1 like that. What this is going to do is this is going to give the defense a little bit different or the offense a little bit different route, so we force him down in that corner and then if they get one more guy down here, we’re going to force him to that corner. We can actually try to lock this off because it’s ball side. So we want to try to deny that and make the pass come over to this side. So say the pass were to inbound over on this corner and our guy does a great job. This guy’s job is to ride them up the sideline. This guy is going to push out over here. This guy is going to push back into his zone. This guy will push out over here and this guy’s job is to get up here. Now we’re back into our 1-3-1 style defense. Ball swings over to here. This guy comes back and rides that up the sideline. This guy is going to come back over here. This guy is going to drop down here or actually he will drop from over here. This guy will come back over to this side and this guy is going to come over here. That’s in essence our 13 press. We had a lot of success running that this year. It’s great to change the pace of the offense and then once we ran this 13 press, we would go ahead and drop back into our iron defense and shut them down basically. Guys, thanks for watching. Go ahead and feel free to try that 13 press. As you guys know, I do like to kind of front different zone looks to make them run a different offense or a different press break than what they’re used to even in our iron defense, which I will go ahead and upload I think over there. They will come out and run a different offense, which will create a lot of confusion mentally with the coach and the player. Then we want to change it up from there. So that’s what we do. Go ahead and try it. You guys have some success or have some comments, criticisms, go ahead and comment down below. I appreciate it
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    Turn the music off. Hard to hear you

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