How to not get used by people (beware of the vulture)-law 7

How to not get used by people (beware of the vulture)-law 7

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Law 7 get others to do the work for you but
always take the credit “Use the wisdom, knowledge, and legwork
of other people to further your own cause. Not only will such assistance save you valuable
time and energy, it will give you a godlike aura of efficiency and speed. In the end your
helpers will be forgotten and you will be remembered. Never do yourself what others
can do for you.” Just ask Thomas Edison. nikola Tesla was told by Edison that he would
receive $50,000 for redesigning his system of electrical current. Within a year Tesla
created an improved version of the dynamo and instead of receiving $50,000, he was given
a raise by Edison who knew that his company would get credit for the work that was done
by Tesla. Nikola Telsa is a prime example of what not
to do. Tesla invented the induction motor and the
AC power system, ” Yet none of these discoveries bear his name. As an old man, he lived in
poverty. He had passion, but he did not have the cunning
wit and social intelligence to avoid being taken advantage of. Financiers divested Tesla from the credit,
patents and riches that he would have received which approximates at $12 million Tesla believed science had nothing to do with
politics and wasn’t a superficial man who cared about the fame or the riches. Many may
admire him for his nobility, but his lack of care and ignorance to how the game of power
and politics was played caused him to be taken advantage of many times. Tesla had all the
great ideas and inventions, yet everybody else was stealing his patents and taking the
glory for themselves. Tesla wanted to do everything on his own, but he exhausted himself in the
process. This is a sad yet true story about a man who
was obsessed with his work, yet really never got the accolades,the money, nor the respect
that he deserved. Edison on the other hand saw the need to hire the best in the
field to do work that he himself would take credit for. This is a cautionary lesson. 4 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Others 1. Nobody likes a run-down, burned-out hero
If you insist on doing all the work yourself then you will never get very far. Hiring someone 
to do the work for you will give you a godlike quality that others will admire. Take artist
Peter Paul Rubens for example, he hired a vast array of outstanding artists to paint
canvases so that when a client would visit Rubens’s studio it appeared to the client
that Rubens was working hard on his painting when in essence the painting was already nearly
finished.   learn to take advantage of other people’s work to further your own cause.
Time is precious and life is short. If you try to do it all on your own, you run yourself
ragged, waste energy, and burn yourself out. 2. There are some
skills that you do not possess Hiring people who possess skills that you yourself lack
is probably one of the wisest decisions you can make. 3.Standing on the shoulders of giants can
be brilliantly manipulated Isaac Newton, a genius in his own right made his discoveries
built on the achievement of others. Shakespeare borrowed plots and other works from several
writers and we can only guess how many people plagiarized the works of Shakespeare himself.
Using the knowledge of the past and creating something new with it, makes you a clever
borrower the creators of uber combined the taxi business with an app and made millions.
there’s no need to reinvent the wheel but understand to beat your competition you need
an edge you need to improve on the existing model. you can also use people experiences. They
say we ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’. We are all standing on shoulders of the greatest 
writer’s, entrepreneurs, athletes and artists of the present and the past. They’re failures
can be our lessons. They’re success’ can be our the trodden path’s to journey through.
  we have a great advantage. we have access to thousands of mentors online ,entrepreneurs,
athletes ,giving out free advice in the form of youtube videos articles,blogs ect. we have
access to hundreds of books written by great people in the past. You can slog through life,
making endless mistakes, wasting time and energy trying to do things from your own experience.
Or you can use the armies of the past. As Bismarck once said…   fools say that they learn
by experience, i prefer to profit by other people’s experience. here are some recent examples of
people who ignored this law,   1. The inventor of the fidget spinner, didn’t put
a patent on it. As the inventor of the original fidget spinner – the  toy that has quickly
become a craze in playgrounds around the world – Catherine Hettinger should be enjoying the
high life.   But the creator isn’t making a penny off her invention, even as global
sales of the gadget soar into the tens of millions and suppliers struggle to meet massive
demand.   Now, while the manufacturers and retailers who are selling the modern-day versions
of the toy rack up huge profits, its inventor struggles to make ends meet.Picture the
vulture, he has it the easy. The hard work of others becomes his work due to their failure
to survive and they become his nourishment. Keep an eye on the vulture. While you are
working hard, he is aware of him. learn from him. He is vigilant, ruthless and
quiet. I’m not advocating to manipulate and deceive like Edison, but at least understand
there will be people attempting to manipulate and deceive you.   in the game of power it
is better to be aware than ignorant.

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  • crimson_noir Post author

    no diferent from black people under slavery……many black inventions were under white control…slave master got the credit

  • Nathan Raymond Post author

    Dude, this video is awesome and sums up the value I try to bring to help people do as you describe. I shared to my Facebook page and and group of influencers. I’m in Japan hoping people will travel to visit me as also a training to be part of my sharing platform and also making YouTube videos to document people’s transformation in an immersion of real world application that creates your own personal dynamic with the world. I love you man!!

  • Doug0101 Post author

    This is some Jordan Peterson quality material right here.

  • 88 88 Post author

    wow the fidget spinner creator smh.

  • Nathan Prescott Post author

    Might as well just posted the link to 48 laws of power the way you take the principles

  • thejokersonyou Post author

    I think most people still have no idea who Tesla is… but everyone knows Edison 🙁

  • conspiracyomg Post author

    What a perfect channel for a NARCISSIST to fine tune his asshole ways

  • Amit Muraskar Post author

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  • Teo Williams Post author

    To be fair tesla did what he did so it could be more affordable to everyone and was more concerned with bettering man over profit. But you arent wrong if he had the forsight to see what would happen he mightve acted differently. Great vid man

  • Johnathan Jackson Jr Post author

    So this is pretty much the white man's way of getting rich while controlling others.

  • Roderick Molasar Post author

    Alva was the first perp I thought of before you mentioned his name.

  • Torrent79 Post author

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  • mccoy1303 Post author

    On the streets they call this
    "Trying be slick", or "Finessing".
    And we know where that can get you.🤔

  • jarnMod Post author

    Things change. Now you can be used and profit at the same time. See China. US invent. They use China to make their inventions. They take credit. China takes their invention. China takes profit. Now the better the credit, the more China can sell with no marketing, nor maintenance cost.

    So, may be sometimes it is better to do things yourself when only vultures are available. Sometimes it is better to work for others when they do the difficult part of the project.

  • rafael Post author

    What i don't understand is how even huge companies and corporations, despite applying all or most of these principles, they still go bankrupt, failc or are forced to merge into larger companies??? I am not talking about individual or small businesses, but about banks, hospitals, department stores, and even governments. Greed is venomous. They exploit and take advantage of others, and their avarice still causes their destruction. ??? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Jonathan Jimenez Post author

    What if it's your best friend and knows all your flaws and now is your enemy cause he wanted to treason you. (sorry my english suck)

  • Whys That Post author

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    Tesla is getting recognition now and edison is a fraud. Hahaha i guess time reveals the truth.

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  • Halbert Gonzalez Post author

    I went to one of those companies that say that they will help you develop your ideas to patent them well before I even showed them the potential invention, we had a long talk. they put a lollipop in my hand and a stick of butter uP my aSs, to get me ready, but I thought it was what they can do, but why would a reputable company be involved in monkey business? ! right ??!! and as soon as I showed them my idea they wanted me to pay them to help me, when I had just told them that I need investors or that machinery and factory already exists and a few modifications might be needed. so they're out rob you !! my idea was just a matter of putting the parts together. but I think ahead and I made a few deceptive blocks, in other words, I only gave them half a dollar and the other half I would not disclose until I saw some proper actions. but they bought the whole show hook line sinker. and they are a sham !! maybe that's why we don't see them on television anymore !!

  • unmarkedX Post author

    Tesla is a white god

  • unmarkedX Post author

    Doesn’t really say HOW though. Just says don’t let others use you and try to use others. But that does not take into account the power differential that already exists between you . And the horserace clip is just embarrassingly stupid

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  • beary tha wizard! Post author

    This is all good if you live this life thinking this is it and there is no afterlife.
    This video should be called "How to be a Luciferian or Satanist"
    Tesla wanted to offer people his technology and better EVERYONES lives. As it goes; Edison and JP Morgan wanted it all for themselves at the costs of others.
    Nowadays JP Morgan is known for being a real piece of shit and more and more people know that Tesla was the genius and Edison was a plagiarist.

  • putster5150 Post author

    He had a great gift and he wanted humanity to prosper and have these things to help them. His only failure was that he wasn't able to provide free power for everyone to live off of for free. Not everyone is greedy and wants to hold society down so they never her to enjoy all of the great things in life like our evil govt and corporations trying to control the people and dig in their pockets until they have nothing left. The world would be a better place if more people thought like him or the one's who are weren't ridiculed, killed to hide there ideas or jailed. There have been many people killed or ridiculed when they discover a cure for cancer. Especially when they are offered money for the cure and decline because they think it should be free for all to have. Tesla said "it doesn't bother me that they steal my ideas, it bothers me that they don't have any of their own". He had riches and joy that money can't buy.

  • Carl Corner Post author

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  • Koneko Yagami Post author

    And another thing, whenever I go to chase bank there is always at least one atm down. Doesn't matter what location. One time I had to go to 4 different chases just to find a working atm. Jp Morgan was a piece of sh*t and his company still sucks.

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    It had me in tears. Omg

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    Idk what this guy is talking about for the first one I much rather let other ppl get the credit, I would honestly do that see the results and try better next

  • Just Geeky Things Post author

    Don't become what you hate, become better, use other people's experience but remember where you got it from. Hire others to help you but remember to credit them. Because one day the truth will be revealed, and people will see what you really are…"three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth"

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    Tesla wasn't rich and powerful because he got no support. He was going to make energy free… They probably found some way to keep him poor… All I'm saying is that maybe he stayed poor on purpose to form no threat or something, to keep himself safe

  • Niels Horemans Post author

    Imagine following this video as a life goal… Even if you die as a rich person, will you be oblivious about it? Or will you feel sad when you die, knowing that you are but a hoax?

  • William Powell Post author

    Clever borrower? OK, the rest, no.

  • Justin Straw Post author

    Rule #1
    Learn to say "fuck you!"….alot.

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    To go to bed daily thinking that you are actually no better than your competition. No thanks.

  • mostly cats 222 Post author

    AVOID ppl like this they are assholes.

  • Phill Pauley Post author

    That was very enlightening. I tend to fall into the less prosperous and end up getting used and screwed because I guess I think more like Tesla. Simply trying to help people and society. I guess I need to start using others as they have used me.
    That goes against everything I believe but I see no prosperity in what I’m doing now.
    Truly, thank you for this simple video that I just happened to open.

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    Can someone share the movie from which clips are taken?

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    Edison combined the brains of multiple people to create a super Brain. Telsa was even a small part of that brain. This is why Elon Musk admires Edison more than Telsa. For him Telsa just a product not a man to emulate. Elon Musk is the modern day Edison not Telsa.
    Morality doesn't matter what matters is surviving and having multiple victories at all cost. Since that is the rule of Nature itself.

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  • n Post author

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  • Tait Jones Post author

    I think you very much are advocating manipulation, deceit, lying, and theft.

  • Tait Jones Post author

    Just murder everyone playing this game.

  • Shawn W Post author

    Always call out the Vultures, Makes their position weaker

  • the prophet Post author

    Why have dignity honour & self respect when you can be a fraudulent classless sack of shit imitator?

  • luomio Post author

    You make it sound like a bad thing. Guess what, I hire great managers and pay them for their labor and expertise. Managers are using you for your money and you’re using them for their talent. It’s a win-win. Nothing negative about that.

  • oh hello Post author

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  • King Mags Post author

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  • Feanor 35 Post author

    Tesla himself said that he wanted to serve humanity, he didn't care about money and was not greedy

  • Dainess Chisenga Post author

    Most thinks were invented by African Americans, but using your laws , Europeans got the credit.

  • dariel thu bebe garcia Post author

    Its fucked up but it's the truth

  • TheZombie61 Post author

    Why do you do this? I want to know. To better ready people to play the great game? Or because you care wether people know wether or not how to react in a power hungry world? Or just to make more manipulators because if everyone's a manipulator no one can be? Your motives may forever remain a mystery.

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    Fuck this world we have to adapt in.

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