How to Judge Others

How to Judge Others

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Alright, we’re going to do a survey of the most misquoted passages in the Bible. Number 1: God helps those who help themselves. Well, that’s not actually in the Bible. Not even way in the back. Number 2: This would probably be Number 1. Money is the root of all evil. That’s not true. In the Bible, it says the love of money. That is the most misinterpreted passage of all time. But Number 2, very close behind it, is judge not. And they have to say it kind of like in this Renaissance kind of Batman voice, “Lest ye be judged.” So whenever you say anything to anybody, they’re like, “You can’t judge me.” Then they tell you the story which follows right behind it about a plank in the eye and you can’t do this. But this is where it says in normal English, Matthew chapter 7, So let me tell you a little bit of a story. My grandfather, who’s now in heaven, was part of a church south of Chicago. He personally felt this, not the church itself, that a Christian man should not have a beard. I don’t know the exact reasons behind it but here’s the problem: my dad grows a beard in like 8 seconds. And if you’ve ever played with a Play-Doh set, where they put the Play-Doh in it and you push down the barber chin. That’s like how fast his beard would grow. He has a 4 o’clock shadow. This takes work. This is like a fortnight shadow. But he would just grow this beard so fast, it went all the way down as a family. And my grandfather said, “You have to shave that beard. ‘Cause no Christian man, I guess or woman, has a beard.” My dad said, “No.” Why did my dad say “No?” He said “No,” because God’s word did not say a Christian man cannot have a beard. What was happening is my grandfather was doing just what the religious leaders were doing at that time. They were using their own measure to determine if this person was OK. Now we all do that, because we all have our own idea of what a Christian looks like and a believer looks like. How do they vote? What kind of store should they go to? What kind of clothes do they wear? What color is their skin? How do they talk? Do they have tattoos? Do they have piercings? What color is their hair? We have all these things that determine is this person OK with God? But that’s not the measure God uses. God says we should judge people with grace and truth. And the more that we love people, the more they’re willing to listen to God’s word. And the thing that we used to judge is not our own measure, our own ideas, but instead only what God says in his word. So let’s pray for that same boldness. Dear Lord, as we talk to a world, as we have conversations with the world, help us love people enough that we tell them the very things they need to hear. And help us be the person that they look to and say “You are a true friend. Thank you for telling me these things so I can grow closer and closer not to your own measure of quality but to what God desires in my life.” Amen.

5 thoughts on “How to Judge Others

  • Brad Gann Post author

    Well u some up my thoughts from yesterday. Good talk!!

  • PJ Flyers Post author

    Perfect Timing – I was just reflecting on my own judgments (on myself and others) and reading on how to judge in mercy. THANK YOU for the Exclamation point message from God.

  • Michael Daniels Post author

    I try not to judge others but especially at work with my co-workers. I can listen to devotionals and listen to my Bible Scriptures and know in my heart that I shouldn't judge but as soon as I get around my co-workers who's talking about someone else I'm right along with them judging them. I don't know if I'm the only one who does this but I know I have got to break this habit. For I need to pray for those who we stand around and judge or we too will be judged. I need to pray for myself and for everyone else who has this same habit I have. I also need to stop judging myself which I do all the time and I know that as long as I have Jesus in my heart and know that God Raised him from the dead I will be saved. There's absolutely nothing anyone of us can do to earn our way into Heaven, we can't work our way, pay our way or pray our way, the only way into Heaven is by believing that Jesus Christ came in the flesh from God and died on the cross so we could be made righteous. I am the Righteousness of God in Christ!!! God Bless Everyone and Keep the Faith.

  • Anthony Nicolai Post author

    Great video thank u so much

  • Christine Musana Post author

    God is the righteous judge he will judge us according to the intents of our heart. What matters is purity.

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