How to Get Away with Murder – Real Lawyer Reacts | law school vlog #4

How to Get Away with Murder – Real Lawyer Reacts | law school vlog #4

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Real Law Student Reacts: HTGAWM HEY GUYS, ITS FUMNANYA Today I am going to make a video inspired
by one of my favorite channels, Doctor Mike–he does these videos where he reacts to doctor/hospital
shows as a real doctor and I loved them so much I thought it would be fun to do the same
thing for a law school show–you guessed it, HTGAWM (Choose Clips and indicate the time and episode
here) :37 I honestly cant think of a single law school
that parties like this or has cheerleaders–maybe this is an undergrad thing? Reminds me of Dartmouth bonfire, minus the
cheerleaders 1:30
Looks like they killed someone–and they’re gonna flip a coin…ok this isn’t relevant
to law school *fast forward* 41:59
His backpack does not look nearly heavy enough 41:29
The fact that a practicing attorney, otherwise known as an adjunct, is teaching first years
is not something that I have personally seen–and I cannot imagine that it is common
First year law professors tend to be academic types and this is because the first year law
curriculum is largely doctrinal–you’re taking Contracts, Torts, Civil Procedure,
Criminal Law, and Constitutional Law Some law schools still require property, but
Penn no longer does So most of the first year law professors are
people who spend the time they aren’t teaching first year classes writing and researching,
really just knee deep in theory of the law and not its practice 41:18
Wes sitting in the front row, without checking the seating chart—oneLs have assigned
Either the professor has you pick your seat before the first day of class, or he or she
assigns the seats–either way, you are assigned to a seat and you have to sit there everyday
for the entire semester This is so that the professor can use the
seating chart to cold call–cold calling is the way every class at my law school is run,
and most law schools as far as I know It is what it sounds like–the professor will
call on you whether you volunteer or not and it is random–I have seen cold calls last
anywhwere from 10-45 minutes 41:13
Haha, ok they got the seating chart 40:40
The way they are talking about her is super accurate–many law students, especially first
years, are the type to scour the internet and ask a around a lot to try to get some
insight into the professor There were always rumors floating around the
profs, way more so than undergrad 40:42
I hinted to this, but the first semester of law school is all core classes–doctrinal
classes like crim, civ pro, con law, property (depends on the school), torts, and they are
always called what they are Electives get more creative names but even
then, nothing this gripping 40:17
So, she says she isnt going to teach them how to study the law or how to theorize about
it…um that is all you do first year The whole point of first year is to make you
think like a lawyere–reading opinion after opinion by judges, and then discussing the
reasoning, holding, rule…that is how you learnt to think about reason like a lawyer
This thing she is doing is unheard of 39:55
So right off the bat, this is a first year course–Criminal Law–and she seems to be
teaching from a current case…no. The majority of the first year of law school
is spent studying common law–that means law dating all the way back to old England, and
the most recent cases I recall were at least a decade old
This is meant to teach you to understand the evolution of the
law on a given issue and also to hone your ability to read and analyze the law by reading
the opinions judges write to support a given holding *judgment in a case*
If this isnt making sense, I will definitely go over this is a law school lingo video
Sometimes you will study the statutory law in a given area–for example in crim we covered
the MPC since that it what applies in Philadelphia–or the Restatements, which is just succinct phrasing
of the common law Either way, they would not be studying a current case in a first year law school class. Working on all Annalise’s Cases
Lawyers are very very protective of something called attorney client privilege–it is extremely
crucial to being able to effectively defend a client, and every first year learns this
in Civil Procedure “client’s right privilege to refuse to disclose
and to prevent any other person from disclosing
confidential communications between the client and the attorney”–protect the information
from discovery, subpeona, and even from a demand that the attorney testify under oath
Now, if the attorny him or herself violates that privilege, then its lost–and they can
no longer protect the information exchanged between client and attorney…see how that
would make it hard to defend someone? Having a bunch of OneLs sit in on attorney
client meetings is a great way to lose privilege, and i just cant see an attorney doing this
with the impunity that Annalise does If there is another law school show or movie
you would like me to review, just comment down below!

27 thoughts on “How to Get Away with Murder – Real Lawyer Reacts | law school vlog #4

  • Felicia Mesadieu Post author

    I think this content suits your channel well. Thank you for sharing.

  • Gim Post author

    Thanks for the coldcall tips.

  • Faith Post author

    I really enjoyed how educational this was. It's a reaction and a mini law lesson. I think it'd really be good to do a video on some law study tips / study with me's.

  • Nadia Pugh Post author

    This was a cool video. Thanks for doing this. Can you do this type of video but with Legally Blonde? I know it's not a series but I know the movie is popular.

  • Lychee Post author

    This is so interesting! I´m a german law student and we covered a bit of the anglo-american law system but I obviously never experienced an american law school myself. I really wondered if this show was accurate while watching it, it´s so different from what I am experiencing. Would love to see more videos like this. 😀

  • God Is Love Post author

    This was fun! I vote for legally blonde!

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    I really like your glasses. Where did you get them?

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    As a law graduate, this is so funny to watch it all get broken down. Love that u did this, plz do legally blonde and suits!!

  • Axelle Wilson Post author

    i know doctor mike! Good content! God bless you!

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    great video 🙂

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    tks for sharing Maha💐😁!!!

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    Ooommmgggg!!! She’s taking all the fun out of the show but this was so cool. I hope you keep making more videos like this.

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    Omg please do more episodes!! Please lol so good

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    Where do you go to school?

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    I had to stop watching that bcus it’s “godly” but i was so into that show but it’s so much sexual stuff so i was like no it’s not helping.

  • Legally Afro Post author

    We got to pick our seats at my school and then they passed around a seating chart that we wrote our names on. And at my school class participation counts towards the grade depending on your professor. I think it just depends on the school. But that cold call stuff whew…. my contracts professor called as soon as he walked in the room just like that 😂. He wasn’t that harsh though.

  • KaiGerda Post author

    wow this is so different! i'm a lawyer in Europe and as a law student we 'practice' law right from the first year of the university, we don't theorize about it. legal theory is something you study at home before class and are absolutely expected to be able to apply it in class where we deal with actual (past/current) cases

  • maybe tomorrow Post author

    Shout out to Dr mike

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    “It sounds like they’ve killed someone”
    Ow shister you don’t know the half of it. 😂

  • Orion Douglas Post author

    How do you attack Law School during your first year when the first class is intense? Also, what mentality do you need for Law School? Should you be nice or is it Survival of the Fittest?

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    This gave me more insight into this show.

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    You somewhat look a bit like Michaela from the show.

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    Omg I loved this!! Can you do The Good Wife next? I love that show, especially because three of the lead characters are smart, compassionate women ❤️

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    Once I got further into the season , she was referring to there final exam of the first semester . They only had one test

  • Brian Jefferson Post author

    What in your opinion is the best choice in the philosophical dilemma called 'the trolley problem' from a legal standpoint? Does a person who takes any action to intervene shift potential culpability of manslaughter onto themselves? Is the decision of guilty or not guilty a judgment that would be primarily left to the jury to decide? I'm not in the legal profession nor have I ever been confronted with this dilemma before personally but merely as a critically thinking sentient being, hypothetically, I couldn't help but come to the conclusion that taking any action to intervene, whether to save lives or otherwise, would still carry the inherent problem that instead of letting fate run its course, an occurrence whose cause was through no act of mine, that I would be taking an action which I knew would destroy or serious injure an individual and doing so could have implications of legal damages, pain and suffering, psychological trauma and emotional health concerns for that person's family whose relative would've otherwise been safe if not for a hypothetical choice to intervene in this pretend scenario. This lead me to think the best action from a legal standpoint, as opposed to the ethical standpoint suggesting a moral duty to save lives, would be to take no action. I am curious to your views and thoughts in response to the aforementioned statements.

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