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how to create a law of attraction manifestation energy circle – life changing technique I am are the two most powerful words you
can use about yourself and your life these two words define who you are to
yourself those around you and the universe and nature whatever you say
about yourself and the circumstances in your life both internally and outwardly
becomes a vibration that starts a process or adds to one that become so
this can work against you if you don’t realize the power and importance behind
it however it can very much work in your favor just as easily think about the
things you say to yourself or others that correspond with how your life is
now and the things that you want to change about your current circumstances
many people go through life saying or thinking things such as I am fat or I am
broke and that is exactly what they get the universe always gives an abundance
to each person as it is designed to do based on thoughts feelings beliefs and
emotions that cause the creation process whether it is a good outcome or a bad
one it carries no bias you tell the universe
what you are and it delivers this exercise will show you how to positively
enforce the things that you want in your how to create a “law of attraction” “manifestation” “energy circle” – “life changing technique” life and cause a shift in the way that
you think and monitor your thoughts and words on a daily basis creating an
energy circle is a powerful process that can change our lives and circumstances
you can create an energy circle by drawing an imaginary circle on the
ground in front of you or you can physically create one with objects or by
drawing one on a poster board make the circle just big enough to stand in when
the time comes stand outside of your circle and speak
your I am affirmations into your hand cupping your hand up to your mouth about
an inch away so that you can feel the warmth of your breath as you do so
after speaking each affirmation into your hand toss your hand towards the
energy circle in front of you as if you’re throwing your words from your
hand into the circle this creates a hologram of positive energy once you have thrown the energy of each
of your affirmations into the energy circle step into it and feel this
powerful energy wash over you imagine that this energy is flowing all through
your body as a brilliant white light this light energy grounds itself into
the earth through your feet and illuminates out and above the crown on
your head and into the universe it is rooted in both the physical plane and
simultaneously soaring through the energetic and spiritual world you may
choose to raise your arms and imagine this energy being sent into the heavens
for its realization imagine in great detail that you already have everything
that you have stated and feel the experience of it this energy circle
starts the formation of your affirmations to be manifested into your
life how to create a law of attraction manifestation energy circle – life changing technique with daily practice you are casting the
seeds of energized intention you are telling the universe what you believe
about yourself and what you choose to experience if you practice this daily
you will witness the miracle of how quickly your life can change following
our I am statements that can be used for specific desires you may choose to add
to or modify the I M affirmations to fit your life in a more clearly defined way for health I am grateful for how healthy my body is
I am experiencing that my body is balanced and free of all disease I am experiencing that I have a lot of
energy I am thin and fit I’m experiencing that every cell in my body
knows how to heal itself perfectly I am resting well at night and I wake up
refreshed and ready for a new day I am experiencing a physical body that is
safe and comfortable I am committed to having a healthy body I am experiencing
the exercise is a fun part of my day I am grateful for the feelings of peace
and well-being that abound in me for how to create a law of attraction manifestation energy circle – life changing technique overall happiness I am peaceful and
serene I am creative and powerful I am a positive person I am always in such a
good mood I am enjoying this life and the adventure of each day
I am creating more experiences that generate joy in my life I am grateful to
be alive I am experiencing that everything I do
is good enough I am experiencing my life as easy and fun I am comfortable moving
forward with my life I am manifesting and creating my life
positively I am realizing that my internal work changes my outer world for
relationships I am attracting people who are safe and respectful
I am attracting people who are understanding and compassionate I am
attracting people who are loving and kind I am attracting people who are
thoughtful and considerate of me I am thoughtful and considerate of
myself and others how to create a law of attraction “manifestation energy circle” – “life changing” technique I am appreciating myself and others
appreciate me I am attracting like-minded people with whom I love to
interact I am sharing myself easily and I am understood I am experiencing my
intimate relationships as blossoming and growing effortlessly I am loved and
supported money I am creating large sums of money
in my life I am worthy and deserving of the prosperity that is intended for me I am experiencing that money flows easily
into my life I am always bringing in more money than
I am sending out I am grateful for the money that is flowing to me from
different sources I am comfortable with large sums of money and have fun with it
I am generous in sharing my money because I know there is plenty for me
and others I am successful for time how to create a “law of attraction” manifestation energy circle – life changing technique management I am experiencing that I have
all the time I need each day I am moving between the different activities of my
day with ease and grace I am always on time for my commitments I am
experiencing that others are always on time for me
I am flowing easily within the structure of time in my day I am experiencing that
people are considerate of my time use these affirmations or the affirmations
of your choosing for your energy circle complete the cycle of creation by
offering gratitude for these things in your life you can do this by stating the
following I am grateful that I am able to create more of what I want in my life
effortlessly I am assisted by the energies of the universe and that energy
takes care of all of the details of bringing me what I have asked for I am
grateful for this powerful assistance and the experience of manifesting my
desires repeat this exercise daily to see miracles begin flowing into your
life how to create a law of attraction manifestation energy circle – life changing technique

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    I really like this idea, I have a question, Iam from Germany, so many of the Iam statements cannot be translated with the words Iam. For example Iam attracting lovely people into my life. I cannot put this into german. Any suggestions on how to fix this? 🙂

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    What comes first, a thought or the physical reality? I hear the idea of the thought coming first but in life every day I wake up feeling bad, or before I just typed that I felt that reality in my past and physical present then typed it. I could type different more positive words but it seems the physical reality will take over, my physical (and mental) health will intercede to remind me that "reality" has the final say in how I should feel.

    Now I don't have proof reality came first. Perhaps every moment of observed pain is preceded by an equivalent thought, but if so how do I catch it before it manifests in my reality? It's almost if my physical reality is too smart going off my past and preparing a particular, unfavorable, reality before I can even comment on it(i.e. waking up feeling sick).

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