How to ALIGN With The ENERGY Of MONEY & ABUNDANCE – POWERFUL Law of Attraction Technique!

How to ALIGN With The ENERGY Of MONEY & ABUNDANCE – POWERFUL Law of Attraction Technique!

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how to align with the energy of money and abundance – powerful law of attraction technique the law of attraction works with the
energy of the present moment not future feeling states if your goal is to
manifest money so you may feel free or secure in the future the vibration of
your present moment is what will need to change you will need to match that
energetic component in the now versus hoping money will manifest for you later
down the line or in the future if you believe that in the present moment you
lack freedom and security and you are asking for abundance to show up and
correct this for you you will be in a present state of lack which is not a
match to what you want additionally it’s the freedom and security you’re actually
seeking not the middleman of money money is simply a means to obtain that freedom
and security to manifest the things we want we must each develop a healthy
energetic relationship with those things when we don’t work on this we are only
using part of our manifestation power throughout our interactions with people
all day long we are exchanging energy but many make the mistake of thinking
that relationships only exist with other people the truth is we have a
relationship with the energy that surrounds us on all levels all the time
we each hold an energetic component regarding any and everything we
encounter in life from our career to how to align with the energy of money and abundance – powerful “law of attraction” technique where we live to the car we drive and
the money in our bank account because everything is comprised of energy at its
most basic form here is another truth abundance is everywhere it’s our
perception and energetic relationship with money that may make it seem
otherwise for most of us we are never more than a few feet away from a lot of
money millions of dollars in fact think about the amount of money that is at
your local bank or even multiple local banks or in the safes of the businesses
near you this money is also constantly being exchanged energetically throughout
the internet every moment of every day in truth money is constantly surrounding
you it’s always present and nearby even if you don’t see it it’s there what this
means is in all actuality you are only a few feet away from the freedom security
and luxury that you truly want it’s not a far-fetched idea it is literally
within grasp of where you are in this current moment there is only one reason
that anyone is ever lacking these things and that is their energetic relationship
with them mastering this energy will help you achieve the freedom security
and luxury that you want these things are not in some far-off distant land
they are right in front of you just waiting for you to become a good host
for them try the following process to begin mastering your energetic
relationship with money and the things how to align with the energy of money and abundance – powerful law of attraction technique that money offers you close your eyes
and begin to visualize the room that you’re in take a few moments to be very
clear on the objects and items within this room now remove all of the specific
details of the room and replace those with their energetic component
within your mind see the physical components of this room begin to fade
and simply observe the energy behind those qualities including your own
energy a simple way to do this is by imagining the objects melting away and
leaving only a field of energy in their place what type of energy do you see in
place of the physical qualities of these objects notice what the colors of this
energy may be what type of consistency our texture does the room now seem to
have how does this energy feel to you feel the energy of your body merging
with the energy of this room and becoming one mass of energy take as long
as you need to do this this practice will assist you in connecting with your
environment on an energetic level the more you practice this the more you will
be able to connect to your surroundings in this way after you feel as though you
were able to easily perceive the energy of the things in your environment and
your personal connection with them choose an object that represents
abundance to you and call it into your mind this could be a car a home a stack
of money or anything else that equals the freedom and security that you’re
seeking imagine seeing this object in how to align with the “energy” of “money” and abundance – powerful law of attraction technique your energetic room and as before watch
the physical components of this item melt away and observe the energy that it
is made of is the energy of this item different
than that of your current environment if so how is it different is it more vivid
in color or is it lighter and weight or it could be that it’s very similar
observe the qualities of this energy in great detail after you have done this
begin to see the energy of this object merging easily with the energetic
component that has already been created between you in the room feel the
feelings of freedom security and abundance within your own energetic
field as this object begins to effortlessly blend with you in your
environment notice if your own energy now feels different or if it’s the same
if it does feel different be very observant of that feeling and stay with
it in your mind ask this object that you’ve
chosen what it would like for you to know about it
listen for the answer it gives you this may come in the form of a feeling words
or simple knowing next ask this object how to align with the energy of money and abundance – powerful law of attraction technique what it needs you to do to become a good
host for it what would it like for you to do to begin matching this energy of
freedom security and abundance on a regular basis so that you are in
alignment with it once again listen for the answer you’re given once you feel
the energy of this item combined with your own in all of its thoroughness and
intensity offer gratitude that your relationship has begun to blossom in a
very positive and intimate way this is what is required for the manifestation capture this feeling in all of its
essence and as you do give yourself a physical trigger to easily recall it
anytime you wish this may be in the form of a light pinch on the hand a tuck of
the earlobe or anything else that resonates with you throughout your daily
routine when you use this trigger you will be able to recall these feelings
easily practice this technique once daily to begin improving your energetic
relationship with abundance you may also use it for other things
that you want to manifest it’s also a good idea to exercise your mind
throughout your daily routine by attempting to see past the physical
items in your environment and into the energetic qualities that those items
carry this is a powerful process for building intuition and mastering your
energy through expanding your awareness when you begin to radiate your energy in
an intentional way and match the things that you want you can manifest anything
you wish how to align with the energy of money and abundance – powerful law of attraction technique

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