How to Address a Letter to a Judge

How to Address a Letter to a Judge

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How to Address a Letter to a Judge. Follow these steps to correspond effectively
with the person who has the power to swing the gavel. You will need Pen and paper or computer and
printer Judge’s name Court’s address Case number and case name (optional). Step 1. Write the date, your name, and your address
at the top right corner. Step 2. Write the judge’s name and the court’s address
along the left margin, beneath your own. Use the title “Honorable” before the judge’s
name — for instance, “Honorable John Smith.” Step 3. Open your letter with “Dear Honorable John
Smith,” “Dear Judge John Smith,” or “Your Honor.” Step 4. State your purpose for writing the judge very
clearly in the first sentence. Keep the letter brief and to the point — a
maximum of one page is ideal. Write the letter in the language you know
best, as most judges have interpreters available to them. Step 5. Include the case number to which you are referring
and be sure to sign your name to the letter. Refer to the case using the parties involved,
such as “People vs. Name of Defendant,” if you don’t know the case number. Step 6. Don’t present evidence in your letter. Most judges will stop reading and you will
fail to get your point across. Did you know Two court systems exist in the
U.S. — federal court and state court. State courts have the broadest jurisdiction.

25 thoughts on “How to Address a Letter to a Judge

  • Abi San Post author


  • Abi San Post author


  • totaldramaisland906 Post author

    first i guest

  • Watercolour Guitar Post author

    This should be renamed to "How to Address a Letter to a Judge (for US only)"

    You can't expect a judge to read your letter if you spell the word "honour " wrong (for UK and the rest of the world).

  • wingedeyelinerisoverrated Post author

    if only i saw this video beforehand 🙁 oh well

  • Watercolour Guitar Post author

    Then you should stop writing in a language that is invented outside US.

  • donthaveone donthaveone Post author

    Can i just address it,
    Dear human under GOD?
    will the human take offence
    Truth hurts!
    they walk around with their head in a cloud!
    when they get pulled back to earth, they take offence!
    all humans were created equal – until the paper law makes them believe they are GOD!

  • Andrea Patane Post author

    I haven't done that before. This is tricky sometimes.

  • Brandon Young Post author

    This is the third resource iv researched and each one shows a different style of formating the letter. Some say format matters and needs to look like "this". So why do I come accrosse different styles

  • Dr.Ehrfurchtgebietend Post author

    Never use dear unless they are actually dear to you

  • Cat Nip Post author

    One last letter to these judge's

  • Cat Nip Post author

    They have lied there asses off.

  • Cat Nip Post author

    I am finishing it today.

  • Cat Nip Post author

    They should have never had done this.

  • Uptowns Finest Post author

    What do you mean don't present evidence in your letter ?

  • Jeremy Beach Post author

    Then you have the administrative courts and even the courts under the executive branch. There are 4 branches to the government now bub.

  • Alex Mendez Post author

    or think to the president

  • Abbey Me Post author

    In Australia magistrate and judge lied to me many times due to i was representing my self in court. .a judge told me I'm convinced and im going to take your name out of the system after 2 weeks i went to police station to check up my name if removed from the system it was still there. .my name still in system. .judge lied to me because he knows if im out of court i cant go back to him and ask him..bankstown and paramatta courts sydney Australia

  • T slash the P C PerseverancingChristian Post author

    Today January 15 2019 on January 11 2019 I filed a police report at NWAC metro las Vegas to receive my attorneys by Gideon vs Wainwright legal foundation vs brown enforcement USC USAMarshall David Andersen chief metro Joe Lambardo 4 Chief Judge Gloria MNavarro to send law requested attorneys I am TomayLawrenceHoldip

  • LaCoy Buckner Post author

    ThankYou… #iWAAOG.. 🙏🏾.

  • Sith Lord Dread Post author

    I'm getting sued by my gf's grandma's and she has the crocodile tears trying to make me look bad when I'm the only one in the household that shows her any respect and she decides to take all that anger out on me because I'm not anyone special, important, or related to her so i need to get my point across to the judge and this was awsome help!! Thank You!!!!

  • fuser Post author


  • Shaguftha Fathima Post author

    If we don't have case number what should we do

  • Jayaram Kalluri Post author

    194,595 views since Jul 28, 2010 …

    I bet many of these views correspond to SCO detractors and trolls getting ideas on how to approach the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals judges to swing the gavel on SCO v. Novell.

  • Miruna Dobrică Post author

    "Don't present evidence in your letter"? Isn't the letter a evidence? Don't you say in the letter what happened? Lé Confusiôn: levelèé 999

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