How Thinking Brings Success – The POWER of Your Thoughts! Law of Attraction

How Thinking Brings Success – The POWER of Your Thoughts! Law of Attraction

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law of attraction how thinking brings success – the power of your thoughts “law of attraction” how thinking brings success – the power of your thoughts law of attraction how thinking brings success – the power of your thoughts

48 thoughts on “How Thinking Brings Success – The POWER of Your Thoughts! Law of Attraction

  • Your Youniverse Post author

    Recommended Video: How to Use Your Spiritual Power to Live a Magical Life

  • nightfox Post author

    I thank you for explaining it that way! i know this exact power, I've been creating my reality for years now through the power of thought and speaking it out into the world. I realized what I've been doing but could never put it into words that I could explain it right so again thank you! Im glad that others know of this immense truth, more of the world needs to understand this

  • Manifest Big Post author

    eye opener. thx

  • Warren Benson Post author

    JESUS is our High Priest!!
    Champion Thoughts attain Champion Results!!!
    PRAISE Giving Oneness Destiny!!
    I Am! Rom 11:11, 13, 27!

  • Saved By Grace Post author

    thank u for this reminder, we tend to forget how much power we truely have.

  • Patricia Garcia Post author

    This absolutely so positive, inspiring and true it's great knowledge and wisdom food for thought . But question when you are with one individual at work that doesn't act correctly throws all negative at you , try's to pick your brain with none sense but we are at work . Serving our guests. Yes I am patient always but you cannot talk or say anything to this human nothing . How I handle it I just say yes quickly and I am cordial , coz I don't want any problems . But it's very difficult no cooperation at all none. Nothing absolutely nothing positive from these human. I do my best to be humble, noble , patient , and having compassion , giving, caring , not making any waves . But this human you can't reason with , will be accused of some Radom act. A hostile environment is created. Yes I am listening to you I will do these next time I work with these human. I am just listening to you now. Thank you bless you .

  • Danielle Mincey White Post author


  • twannie Godfirst Post author


  • aimmal1 Post author

    I was thinking about the power of belief before this video

  • Rickey stinson Post author

    I Receive

  • G Post author

    Sooo true ๐Ÿ‘

  • Myrian Valenzuela Post author

    That is what we learn in Dianetics.
    Having an Analytical mind. Because it us like a disease if we will not our mind. Our own self is
    our own bestfriend. If you can love a friend, how about loving yourself? Successful people are those who can control and train their mind.

  • Practical Solutions Post author

    This would have been much more influential had it been spoken with a balanced gender reference. Not man nor men, but humans or people.

  • pa777billy Post author

    What is the name of that music ???

  • RpgPlay21 Post author


  • keaton mcmahon Post author

    sounds like a limited mind to me

  • Sojourner Shrink Post author

    I wept. no words. ty!!!!

  • Angelia Irizarry Post author

    This is my new favorite channel on youtube! I can't get enough! Thank you Your Youniverse!

  • TATTOEDVEGAN Post author


  • Christina Olin Post author

    This is so wonderful, the way that he explains how our brains work with positive thoughts and also trusting the Great Power of God!

  • Tee Cee Post author

    I agree with the other viewers that said this is their favorite Chanel. I too, just can't get enough! Keep them coming! Thank you.

  • Debs Shipley Post author

    It must be nice to be so perfect. Try doing it with chronic illness

  • Debs Shipley Post author

    Yeah yeah not one for me.

  • Demetrios Maeweather Post author

    I got out the hood check out Big Beach Dreams you tell me did it work

  • Jeremy J Post author

    Good one. Many thumbs up.

  • Darry Post author


  • Rebecca Lynneโ€™ Post author


  • Xavier King Post author

    This is great๐Ÿ™

  • Apex Divine Post author

    I see….this is the true power.

  • stronger spirit Post author

    wow I am very happy for this today great i learn great thing

  • Don Rivera Post author

    Beautiful and well explained love it. Thanks for all of your videos they are so up lifting and now I have starting to see results in my own Universe.

  • The last Jerk-i Post author

    "OH Man," I like U!" Yes mY friend U talk how I wanna thInk ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Jaired Singleton Post author

    Youre right, I need a new thot. I'm about to change my thot right now. This is the best channel on youtube.

  • Dean Herde Post author

    That. Was. Brilliant!!

  • Oscar Almonte Post author


  • RUVEY ROETS Post author

    Extremely well put together, well done ๐Ÿ‘

  • J3m51mct Post author

    I am a perpetual tonic of encouragement

  • J3m51mct Post author

    Unequivocal tenacity of Ming is GREAT!
    ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿง ๐Ÿ’ž

  • Michalin Sanders Post author

    Thank you!!!
    I was betraying my own success because I kept saying someone I was working with was going to cause my failure. I will now say, it's ok for them to be who they are my belief in my goal will prevail for me.

  • Panera Jade Post author

    Letโ€™s all Win .

  • Proinnsias Mac An Tuile Post author

    This channel is unbelievably and it is my favourite channel. Thank you to everyone who is involved in the making of these videos.

  • Chris Carter Post author

    THANKS !

  • Proinnsias Mac An Tuile Post author

    Your Youniverse is brilliant and Lee has a fantastic voice.

  • Cadavius Casey Post author

    I subbed yesterday and have been binge watching videos really eye opening and life changing

  • Ermilo Martin Post author

    This is such a powerful video jam-packed with great knowledge

  • vizeeb Post author

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  • WHITENIGHT NIGHT Post author


  • vy walk Post author

    I donโ€™t understand why college educated people have to be eviscerated. If I have a problem with success itโ€™s due to the constant bullying of the nerds by the people who did not want anything to do with education. I have to overcome the uglies even my initials ob saying they stood for old beast. No college is not the problem dealing with the trauma of trying to deal with those who did not want an education is what we deal with everyday and wishful thinking we will lose will get you nowhere. Those people also still prey on us nerds in romantic ways to make us feel bad. If you donโ€™t want to be with an educated person donโ€™t dont try to use us when u know u love your own.

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