How the new Trump immigration rule targets poor legal migrants

How the new Trump immigration rule targets poor legal migrants

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-Our rule generally
prevents aliens who are likely to
become a public charge from coming
to the United States or remaining here
and getting a green card. -The Department of Homeland
Security published an 830 some odd paged regulation saying which
public benefit programs are likely to bar immigrants
from receiving any future
immigration status. -What’s going to change
when this policy’s implemented in two months? US citizenship immigration
services is going to take into account a broader
range of public benefits that would potentially
have them consider the applicant’s
a public charge, meaning, like,
a burden on society. It would also give them
more latitude to deny somebody residency
or a green card if they think the person is like
to be become a public charge. -Here in the city of Houston,
I’ve felt it in the sense that there’s been clinics
and different entities that have reached out to us in order to try to get
messaging out to our folks that they should still seek
medical assistance, they should still seek
and go to the clinics and things like that
to get help. -This regulation targets
everything from Medicaid, to Food Stamps, to temporary
cash assistance programs. -So this is a key part
of the Trump administration is trying to do in terms of reducing
the number of legal immigrants who are admitted
to the United States each year. Currently
it’s a little more than a million legal permanent
residency applications are approved. They’re looking to slash
that number significantly. And this is gonna be one of
the most important instruments in achieving that goal.

100 thoughts on “How the new Trump immigration rule targets poor legal migrants

  • Dale Bogart Post author

    I wonder how long this post will be up before they delete it and repost it to get more favorable likes

  • Sprink Hole Post author

    Ask not what your country can do FOR YOU.
    Don't come here expecting a hand out.

  • redarrowhead2 Post author


  • mattskag2 Post author

    If someone is on welfare for 12 months or more within a three year period it counts against their citizenship application, not necessarily prevents it. Some programs will count more than others. I haven't read the whole thing but that's what I got from it.

  • Alvin Post author


  • Magdy Salama Post author

    I came to the US 45 years ago with skills, worked within 48 hours after I landed. Those poor you speak of they have no education, no skills, free loader. Why do you want them here?

  • Brian Kowalski Post author

    LOL no fake news

  • NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia Post author

    Getting tRump out of the Whitehouse IS going to be like getting a scared cornered fat Rat out of sewer drain pipe .

  • Edward Berdiel Post author

    We love president trump

  • J. H Post author

    This law is been for a long time! Is not right to have these people leaving from taxpayers! Is ridiculous fake news. Sponsors should help them when they do petition and finish the process for green cards! PERIOD

  • Citizen 1 Post author

    Other immigrants from all countries historically had to support themselves. Why are we suddenly expected to support people just for showing up?!

  • Josh Franklin Post author

    Good, we don't want burdens on society. Most other countries do the same thing, they won't let you just move there and mooch off of welfare.

  • John Christopher Robert Post author

    My in-laws had to have a skill set that the United States needed at the time of entry. They had to have a sponsor and a deposit had to be given to the government before they were allowed into this country. My point is these are not new policies that are being put in place. This migration issue has a simple solution. Immigrate legally, have a job or needed skill set. If those conditions are not met the individuals are denied entry. In addition, citizens teaching immigrants how to circumvent he system should be charged with abuse of process. Once the word gets out that we have a hard line in regards to our immigration policies this flooding of the border will taper off. As a final comment if this policy came from a democratic the WP would be supporting it. This story is just more resistance to the Trump administration.

  • Jason C. Post author

    Sounds more like economic oppression and discrimination.

  • heffoandjuff Post author

    I feel a little sorry for these people, but I have had a belly full of these folks who receive all kinds of benefits paid WITH MY TAX DOLLARS!!!! What about our own people and homeless veterans? Why don't they get a break while these immigrants get preferential treatment thanks to these sickening liberal politicians? I am fuming mad with this nonsense!!

  • capn kid Post author

    To end all the illegal crossings, we have retired admired vets who could man the lines, and give illegals a map of the actual legal place to enter into america. Either you are accepted or sent home. End of story. But to let them in, round them up, separate families, then send them packing is asinine.

  • Tyler ThaGr8 Post author

    Great job people more dislikes than likes keep up the good work

  • Joe T Post author

    that's the idea of the policy, to get some immigrants who will actually contribute to the country rather than sponge off it. The world would be nothing if it didn't have standards.

  • MIchael Rigby Post author

    18-45 voters will clear the offices of the GOP in 2020…relax and watch their crosses burn under their own feet this time.

  • k7gixxer1000 Post author

    "You Are Fake News!"

  • Fury512 Post author

    Remove all incentives for immigrants.

  • Guga Post author

    Nearly everyone (including a majority of Hispanics and blacks) support immigration restrictions. They even support immigration being cut by half. But the media loves to pretend anyone who wants to cut it is a xenophobic racist bigot who hates poor people and can't tolerate diversity. So my question is: do they consider a majority of Americans to be like that?

  • The Texan Post author

    If they're poor means that they are on welfare and if they are on welfare they need to find a job!

  • Steven DelGatto Post author

    This is nothing new just going to be enforced. Adios Chico's. Time to take care of legal Americans not illegals. Common sense stop overreacting liberals

  • no name Post author

    amazing low of lies here. rule says if you have been on welfare for a year or more then you can be deported. so, if you cant get your act together after a year, then you had your shot, move on, next in line is taking your place. god i wish europe was that easy, I can't move there without a year wait and a few hundred grand, unless I prove I have an employer already. we have the easiest and most abused laws in the world, besides mexico. I can move there with only a few hoops, you have to BUY real estate to be a "near" citizen (FM3 – highest status an immigrant can get, but still not the same rights as a citizen). renting doesnt count (FM1 or FM2 status only, low level that allows for only longer visa renewal periods). maybe we should mimic that rule.

  • The Texan Post author

    So, they were poor when they came here and now that they are legal they are still poor? They need to leave and quit feeding on our welfare!

  • BR0DUDEMAN Post author

    My grandparents came over to America in the early 1900s. They didn't have welfare, free housing, free health insurance, nothing.

    They worked their but off and raised 4 kids. Those are the immigrants we need. Not the deadbeat third world peasants who expect handouts the second they cross that border line

  • Michael Macillicutti Post author

    Fafafafafafafafake neeeews

  • Mavericks Post author

    Thank you Trump. Easy win for 2020

  • Luxury Inc Post author

    So let me get this straight if you have food stamps, medic aid, or any assistance it will not give you a green card?

  • Don'tHateMe CauseYou'reWrong Post author

    So, the Washington Post is now admitting there are legal, and Illegal immigrants? I thought they said illegal immigrants don't exist? 😂🤣

  • LuLu Lovlie Post author

    Yeah so we don’t become the poor country like those which they are leaving to come here for a better life! It has nothing to do with the ppl here legally right now, just future immigrants. Funny how that’s never actually spelled out… point blank, we can’t take care of current legal USA citizens when it comes to government assistance etc. We seriously can’t add more that we don’t have to! But if people want to turn our country into the poor countries people are coming here to escape, whatever. Do what you want! I’m not having children so I don’t have to worry about the country we will leave to the next generation. But if you do have children, it should probably be on your radar.

  • Think Logically Post author

    Yes, PUTIN-OWNED, Devil's whore Traitor Donald Trump is screwing We the American People every day for the money the richest few give him to screw us – Americans & billionaire oligarch tyrants from enemy countries.

    But it's PUTIN who's pulling all Traitor Trump's strings & the strings of ALL the Republicans in Congress who he also owns.

    America is in the gravest danger it's ever been in & so are all you American people, unless, of course, the Russian mafia, brutal as brutal can be, is how you want your government run.

    Russians – mostly those in the Russian mob – are getting money from Russian billionaire oligarchs, but they're not here for a better life.
    They're here to SERVE PUTIN.

  • Kevin Mcneil Post author

    Ok …..I live in So Cal have my whole life…I'm 56 and in the mtg industry … There are lots of people that collect welfare under one last name and work under another shop with food stamps and get in there brand new suv …. Happens all the time many have property in there home country's and they don't care about the US at all or the American people ….
    They all know they are scamming the government .

  • Rocket Man Post author

    We have enough poor citizens to support so we don’t need to import more and bankrupt the country with expanding entitlement programs.

  • Patrick Kans77 Post author

    Washington Compost=Fake news

  • Thewatcheronthewall Post author

    Good, now I'll get my popcorn ready for the snowflake show. Trump is a genius, the Democrats have to admit most of these migrants leech welfare and are not all DRs and Engineer's like the media make out.🤣🤣🤣

  • Anti Mapping Post author

    Good, we have enough Mexicans.

  • Cool Beans Post author

    Does anybody understand what happens, when you let people into the country if they're not vaccinated ask yourself this question when you look in the mirror. Cuz you could see what can happen and the outcome is never did. Especially if the healthcare cost is so high across our country better think about it. It's not rocket science.

  • Chester Whipplefilter Post author

    Yup works for me..! I say go for it.. might save American tax payers a couple bucks..

  • Souless Deeds Post author

    Call me when the media stops kissing the asses of people who are not US citizens, and starts doing stories about the people who are US citizens and live in poverty and can't get access to programs that illegals are getting practically gift wrapped for braking our immigration laws. Anyone who thinks the media is unbiased is living in a reality that doesn't reflect the truth.
    P.S. Killary strikes again.

  • grandaddynative Post author

    They ask alien questions on everything for anything now. At first I thought maybe it's for better/free/discount/higher pay or lower pay. NOPE …they made a dirty dirty list

  • the last emperor Post author

    The dislikes say it all but Washington post won't change and will just keep pushing there bullshit.

  • Justin Y. Post author

    What a joke.

    The title says that Trump’s new immigration law ‘targets legal migrants’ when in fact the video clearly shows that it only affects potential legal immigrants and not existing legal migrants.

    What the title would have you believe and what the truth actually is are completely different. WP unsurprisingly showing a blatant leftist bias once again.

  • Olivia Kirby Post author

    Well, WaPo, a quick glance at the comment section, I'm guessing this hasn't garnered the response you were hoping for?

  • Jason Ludwig Post author

    Can I haz muh open borders nows?

  • Richard Moorhead Post author

    I give the president and his staff to thumbs up for this program,👍👍

  • Pimpin aint easy Post author

    What happened to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. Is a shame because at one point we all came from immigrants who were poor.

  • Steve Gonga Post author

    They should work if they come here. Why should we have to support them cause they don’t ever do anything for us. I like the rule cause it will get rid of the dead beets.

  • Jim Attaldo Post author

    More fear mongering, bigotry and ignorance from the Trump administration and his lapdog minions.

  • Locks ItAll Post author

    Why they not getting illegal Europeans??? Why only Hispanics ????

  • Gold Clap Post author

    Look, poor immigrants work harder and longer. They built part of the American pie!!!😎 DUH!!!

  • Gold Clap Post author

    I will accept an immigrant over a troll any day.

  • Gold Clap Post author

    News will come and it will go, buy a BRAIN!!!😎

  • Gold Clap Post author

    Tax or not, 80% of Americans will work till they DIE!!!!

  • I Design Post author

    Next Trump needs to go after the globalist activists that have taken over the American news media.

  • dojochuck Post author

    Do these idiots really think we need to import more people here to put on food stamps? Washington Post, YOU are FAKE NEWS!

  • Aj Che Post author

    Real hard working American support trump..TRUMP 2020

  • Chrissy Torres Perivancich Post author

    We need to focus on the AMERICAN Poor. .

  • warrensgoferteeth Post author

    yeahu fcnn parasites you use WELFARE at higher rates than CITIZENS! so you should be fcn banned! WE ARE SICK OF WORKING AND PAYING TAXES so you piggss can breed and suck our blood! fckkuu all.

  • warrensgoferteeth Post author

    I have seen 4 generations deep of lazy apathetic welfare bred families who have no AMBITION TO WORK OR SEEK EMPLOYMENT, this includes males and females with girls getting pregnant as teens to get on the dole. ALL RACES AND COLORS NOT JUST IMMIGRANTS ! WELFARE MUST BE LIMITED AND A WORK REQUIREMENT MANDATORY. in 25 states over 50% of BABIES ARE BORN ON MEDICAID, Can we sustain a nation bred on free benefits lifestyles?

  • gg gg Post author

    I bet Trump and his supporters still don't like Chinese (Asian) immigrants even if they are wealthy. You only need white immigrants (wealthy or not), but you can't say that openly because you'll be labeled as a racist. What a dilemma ha ha

  • Marvin Palacios Post author

    I hate how they say aliens like there not people the world we live in everybody should be treated equal with or without being from United States

  • Svengali Falls Post author

    as a construction worker I wonder how much my wages would go up if all illegal aliens were removed from the country? currently it's becoming more and more difficult to even get a construction job without speaking Spanish not to mention I haven't had a serious raise for the cost of living since I started working construction. sure would be nice to be in demand for once.

  • A Engo Post author

    "No Worries". Vote Democrat and you'll be welcomed with open arms – Also, free healthcare and path to citizenship.

  • Cecilia Moncada Post author

    Illegals will do illegal things.

  • Non ya Post author

    As it should be. Non citizens should not consume benefits. The U.S. has enough of our own leeches – we do not need more. Bravo President Trump.

  • John Smith Post author

    What this country needs is more poor people. We should open the gates to all the poor of the world and give them free benefits, housing, and education, etc. Just keep printing money to pay for it and there is your solution. What could go wrong?

  • Mr Edwards tv Post author

    Call me crazy but i have this gut feeling that this will target all poor people in the future that is not of a certain class, this is just the start🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Diane laughalot Post author

    This is just a test drive to see how many will fall for what's really going on! If this sits well with u right now! Well just watch and see what the real reason behind this plan takes us….. American citizens that are just as poor are next, this is nothing but a CON ARTIST baiting all of us into thinking it's just about immigrants….. because it's not. Bait and switch….. wake up people….wake up.

  • Flora Shears Post author

    its about freakin time they stop letting these people suck the blood out of us tax paying US citizens. yeah to TRUMP

  • frankie j Post author

    Used to, they arranged for jobs first and then were given green cards. We need that back so they don't end up on aid.

  • Gold Clap Post author

    Keep in mind that man does not OWN this world, they are keepers of it. ALL MEN!!😎

  • Brian D Post author

    I'm an American taxpayer and I love having my tax dollars go to these immigrants from these S. hole countries, who need their social support and cash benefits.
    My favorite Bible verses is where Jesus said let me feed you fish forever.
    I'm sure if I showed up and their country flat broke needing somebody to feed me, house me and give me medical Care their government would be more than willing to do that forever..

    I can stick a camera in anybody's face that's crying and get you to buy into what I have to say..
    Either you have a country or you don't either you have borders or you don't.

  • YEET YEET Post author

    they came here to work they say or are they here to live off assistance

  • Kathleen Kennedy Sexist Evil Witch Of Satan Post author

    If you cannot support yourself you have no business migrating to the United States.

  • fc1280 Post author

    I have a question for liberals as well as wimpy open borders Republicans…… how many immigrants will ever be enough for you? Are we supposed to endlessly into infinity let them come? Do we do it until America is the only country left in the world? Is there ever a stopping point?

    The founding fathers never intended for this country to be like this. If you really want to be honest on the topic, American immigration policies were pretty racist up until 1965. They were set up where mostly Europeans could come but hardly anyone else. Even among the Europeans , people were sent home, like, if they didn’t have jobs, had a disease, or were criminals etc….

    I am also confused on who this endless forced diversity is supposed to benefit. It definitely doesn’t benefit American Indians. Asians, blacks, and Hispanics are all pretty group oriented people who enjoy sticking with their own as well. Most whites are the same way, but they are the only group who isn’t allowed to say that they are.

    So if you continue to flood the country with people from every corner of the globe , then eventually no group will be more than 10% of the population. You will have a mish mash of people at odds with each other. Who is supposed to enjoy living in a society like that?

  • Mr. E Post author

    Try becoming a resident of Canada or Mexico

  • matthew ulrich Post author

    They are finnaly getying the words right illegal and legal

  • BRO and a JEEP Post author

    I’m a White man who is against illegal immigrants coming to this country. I am however married to a Mexican woman who migrated here legally.
    Will the media please tell me if I’m racist?

  • Maurice Alverez Post author

    We are humans too. Like it or not. There are more of us than there are of you. What game are you even attempting to play at…?

  • Inconspicious Fellow White Man Post author

    Immigration should be merit based..

  • Barbara H Post author

    Supporting corporations tho with american tax dollars and not prosecuting their tax dodging makes more sence. Corporations just don't want to share the welfare funds.

  • Barbara H Post author

    Corporations emptied federal funds last bank crash 10 years ago, to big to fail. But immigrants are to poor to fight back. Typical in any dictatorship regime.

  • Maxwell58SSC Post author

    looks at likes/dislikes ratio

    God I love democracy.

  • Chas Post author

    So, It's okay, when 90% of the immigrants are from poor countries, but try to change the policy to more fair for other people and create some kind of balance is racist… Hypocrites….

  • boostedsil40 Post author

    The hong kong people just gave us the perfect opportunity to check mate the left,see the people from hong kong love America,They would be proud to be American and would add to our economy they would also vote right,See the left wont want this and this will show there hypocracy with immigration. We must talk about bringing the hong kong migrants to America and we check mate the left its perfect.
    Imagine replacing these southern illegal migrants who refuse to assimilate who wave mexico flags and wont even do the bare minimum to help us by learning English who take the most from our economy who vote democrat and trade them for people who love America who learn English who add the most to the economy while taking the least who wave OUR country flag.This timing is perfect!

  • Kardinal Beatz Post author

    As a legal immigrant I agree with the idea that immigrants don’t deserve federal welfare

  • Juanita Treadwell Post author

    People from other countries need to stop whining about Trump's Public Charge, most American baby boomers never were on government assistance and it made us stronger for it. My husband and I have been together over 47 years; we were barely 17 and 19 years old when we got married and never got any government assistance. My husband even paid for the births of our children, he didn't leave the bill to the government; that's a Big reason why he loves his children because he took care of them financially from the start. A Father is a Father and a Mother is a Mother; not the government. Everyone coming into this country should start learning responsibility for their self needs. Life was hard back then too but, we understood that we had to save up for 9 years before we could buy a nice brick home and that's what we did. Majority of People coming into our country jump into a nice Big brick home right away then, expect the government to supply them with cash assistance for the bills and food stamps; they need to go back to their countries and try doing that. I guarantee you they can't do it. I know a very young couple from another country, through a friend, that has driven a new car (of their picking) every year and they laugh about their government assistance paying for it. So, "Are you an American struggling to make your car payment and still think that people from other countries should continue to have the government make their car payments?" By the way, this couple puts the new car in their parents name to qualify for government assistance.

  • Matthew Welch Post author

    Read the whole thing they dont know what their talking about.

  • I—Theist Post author


  • ken williams Post author


  • Roxy Roxbury Post author

    We have 1,000,000 homeless Americans living on the streets and 30,000,000 Americans living in poverty. We do not need any poor immigrants coming to the United States. Do not come to the United States. Americans do not want to support you financially. Build the wall.

  • Aiyana Land Post author

    Started researching this because my friend's family just immigrated here. LEGALLY might I add. They're worried because they dont know how to get off of welfare without an id, license, or greencard. They cant get jobs without those things. I don't fully understand the law. Does anyone know of any way to help them?

  • john dean Post author

    How about poor 'Mericans, you WaPo Dems are the biggest sleazeballs out there, love your cheep labor. lol. Cheep, cheep.

  • crystalmtn01 Post author

    There are enough homeless/disabled U.S. citizens that need help. We don't need masses of illiterate welfare cases flooding in. I support Remain in Mexico 100%

  • Humble Muslima Post author

    You know, if everyone who is affected directly by this and everyone who came from an immigrant parent (yani the majority of people in the USA) would decide to not go to work. Instead, show up at their work place and strike until this ban gets lifted. I'm sure this will make a difference and quickly, GOD willing.

  • Jose Duran Post author

    Fraud is a life style for illegal aliens they engage into immigration fraud, tax fraud, employment fraud, theft, welfare fraud, and many on welfare manage to send thousands of dollars to Mexico, while living on welfare, and working under the table. You can just do an audit and you will find the brand new vehicles, the new hones , etc.
    Mexicans consider defrauding the state like a smart move and do not have any love or allegiance to the USA, that is why the defraud Americans every step of the way.

  • David Lulaj Post author

    Question: I came to US 5 years ago and I started to work normally and I paid taxes I got asylum approval a year ago but it’s been 10 months that I’m disabled and can’t work bc of anxiety and depression.. and just got approved for SSI and I get food stamps to . I applied for green card 2 months ago. So is this rule going to affect me and deny my green card?

  • Triumphus Here Post author

    We dont care if their poor or rich illegals they need to be removed asap

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