How Powerful Is Germany?

How Powerful Is Germany?

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Since the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years
ago, Germany has established itself as Europe’s largest economy. But their economy
is also starting to show some signs of decline, and there are fears that this could
lead to a recession. So what impact is this dip having on Germany? And how powerful is
the country overall? Well, the short answer is they are very powerful,
with some potentially growing weaknesses. For one thing, German may have
to cut back on their military. They currently have the world’s 7th strongest
military force, employing 183,000 active troops. That’s behind other European countries
like France and the UK, and quite a ways behind the USA and China, but it’s
still a sizable amount. They’re also at the forefront of developing military technology.
The problem is that maintaining this military and developing new technology is an expensive
endeavor that Germany may not be able to afford. According to a recent leaked
report, “Only one of [Germany’s] four submarines is operational” and “just seven
of the German Navy’s fleet of 43 helicopters are flightworthy.” They’ve also had problems with broken down
aircrafts. This recently stopped troops from returning home from Afghanistan and hindered
the nation’s effort to join the fight against both ISIS and Ebola. German defense
minister Ursula von der Leyen has admitted that the country’s military is facing equipment
shortages so severe that it cannot meet its NATO commitments,
which could be a serious blow to their status in Europe. So, why is the largest economy in the EU unable
to afford something as simple as vehicle repairs? Well, their economic growth has slowed for
a number of reasons. They have Europe’s most ambitious renewable energy
plan, which has yet to offer any clear financial returns. They’ve also had slower
export growth in China than expected, and are unable to continue their normal trade
with Russia because of sanctions. Germany is reportedly losing over $100 million euros
this year alone, due to a now-canceled arms deal with Russia. Despite all of that, Germany’s economy is
still strong and they have enormous political power. They’re a founding member
of the EU, a contributing member of NATO, and they’re extremely active in the United
Nations. So, even if Germany were to find itself in a recession, it would still maintain
its political place as the leading power in Europe. It would just have to tighten its
belt a bit, to stay there financially. To find out more about the Russia-Ukraine
conflict and the effect it’s having on Europe and the rest of the world, please click
to watch the video “How Powerful is Russia?”

100 thoughts on “How Powerful Is Germany?

  • Khalifah Hassan Post author

    How powerful
    In Germany

  • Adi Osa Post author

    well if you have been stealing all over Europe and collecting golden teeth of those you have exterminated (count in millions) well yeah that might make your children wealthy in future 😉 oh yeah also forgot about The Marshall Plan after ww2 people learn some history !!

  • Brandon Diaz Post author

    Germany is really really good at war. They may have lost WWI, WWII, but they make for those defeats with the FIFA! They won the FIFA World Cup! And they may just be able to win again. I’m rooting for Germany 🇩🇪! You can do it you you crazy crazies!

    World War Germany-0
    FIFA Germany-1

  • Capo El Mario Post author


  • Daniel Ziegler Post author

    Did we not learn from the last two wars to take their army away?

  • Sir Poxwalker Post author

    Deutsche hier? 😂

  • Technickk1 Post author

    You forget about something keyed, the German Army is incapacitated. It is still occupied by the US, their general staff is incorporated into NATO! They can not do anything! Death to the Germans

  • Linus Post author

    I am from Germany, and for the germans the "Bundeswehr" (Army) is not so important like economy, development, science and things like that. We have to take into account requirements, given by the UN, Nato and co, because of WorldWar2.

  • Honk Honk Post author

    Well, since the end of ww2, germany and Austria werent allowed (continues till 2070) to have a Millitary. But if they should get attacked, the USA and who knows which country will help them. So, yes, Germany has a Military, but its not official. So no wonder no one sees a need for this. Why would you spend money into something, that you wont be able to use for 50 years?

  • choschnebab Post author

    that Germany can't afford its own Military is wrong. We are currently making no debts so there would be money but there is simply no need to put more money into the military.

  • Kristoff Morgan Post author

    Powerful enough to have covert operations against at all points and a strategic nuke ready to rock at all points. This is the same country that was instrumental in both worlds wars

  • Raphial Lee Post author

    So that russian santions the united states put on russia didnt hurt russia. All it hurted was countries outside of russia.

  • David Walliams Post author

    I love cars made in German because of so cool

  • Der Nerd Post author

    Unsere Armee und Polizei wird Kaputt gespart

  • Angelika Unger Post author

    2001 : Germany : 1.2 Million manpower ) ( Merkel as Kanzler : 135k Manpower ) And Merkel didn add new armys on the field no, the troops went no where.

  • Najmy Razali Post author

    what are u looking at?

  • Sir Dinzhi Post author

    Germans are strong they nearly conquered the whole europe

  • MrAwesomeTS1889 Post author

    Round 3.. Fight!

  • riojari asklepiades Post author

    germany is the 7th strongest military in the world lol XD XD XD XD XD XD

  • Tim Götz Post author

    Our government just doesn´t want to spend more money to the Bundeswehr, they give all the money to the refugees

  • wronski11 Post author

    The German economy shows signs of decline. Are You out of your mind? The german economy has been booming over the last few years.

  • Canobang Post author

    we not very powerful in military yet but in future +

  • Save Triceratops Post author

    Germany Is powerful nation considering its relative small size and Geo location. It is very advanced country. No surprise USA is very advanced also. The largest Ethic group in America has German roots. We have close ties to them even though a lot of people font see this.

  • Galaxian Knight of The Earth Post author

    How powerfull is The daleks from Dr.Who?

  • Duchy of Estonia Post author

    200000 troops not 100000.

  • Germany Ball Post author

    Germany has 6 submarines. Not 4

  • Jo Rambo Post author

    Stop stop stop pls watch the video , kanselier adolf hitler only 3,000 000 soulja germans attack only only europe, navo , sucks

  • The Hornet Gaming Post author

    that does not realy tell us how powerful it is its more about it failing in currency

  • Tobias Gorny Post author

    the reason why so many vehicles dont work is not, a declining economy, but more the fact, that germany doesnt even want to put more money in the military

  • ava lanch Post author

    Just don't give them guns,or red bits of cloth


    Even if Germany builds up its military to extensive levels the us would probably put pressure on them but they can’t declare war on them because they don’t have the public on their side

  • F34R F34R Post author

    If they want, they could.

  • Po Go Post author

    germany is like that little shy guy in school who is minding his own business until someone mobs him too hard and he packs out his guns and starts another world war

  • Fe Amigo Post author

    Not so powerfull since the fall of the reich

  • Santi C. Post author

    How 2 take over europe
    By force ❌
    Peacefully ✔

  • TokranInami Post author

    Its a misconception that germans inability to maintain its military equipment comes from financial or economical problems. It's nearly 100% an organisational problem. For many years now a sizeable part of the defense budget went unspent, because there were not enough people available to negotiate and maintain defense contracts.
    This is also the reason, why german could not increase its military spending to 2% of the GDP in the short term, even if it wanted to. Military HW needs to be developed, produced and purchased, all of which takes time.

  • fl3cko91 Post author

    Made in germanu lol

  • Zaviel Har Post author

    The country of blood and steel

  • Johnson Bono Post author

    What happened to that German engineering?

  • Schlomo Sheckelbergsteinovich Post author

    Germany is ripe for invasion, Judy’s like the entire European Union. When Europeans are a minority then it’s over.

  • madscientist 666 Post author

    German just better at economy and engineering. But their army sucks. If they better in defense, they should be won against soviet in 1945. But they lose. So they are weak and fake racial superiority.

  • Urbmeister Aha Post author

    HAHAHAHAHA, they even worser at BF3

  • Eagle E Post author

    When did Germany lose its balls. Oh wait the the fall of the Third Reich.

  • Sans Post author

    Uhh we are making about 200M€ per jear by exports

  • Chunk Post author


  • Mohammed Adib Post author

    This like the stupidest documentary I’ve ever seen. How on earth that a country with 275 billions euros of profit and the only EU countey with benefits is showing slow economy and recession?

  • James Wildrick Post author

    No we need to grow

  • takvabas Post author

    Europe is in crisis, Republic of Macedonia is attacked thanks to USA and Europe providing settled government that is making progress towards destroying Macedonian name and identity to satisfy Greek demands. If Macedonia is in flames, whole balkans will be in flames and Europe will start to decay as well as USA. Long live the EAST!!!!!

  • Anonym Ich Post author

    I didn't know that there are working helikopters in germany…

  • Mask Gamer66 Post author

    Germany in ww2 Was strong (powerful) And Germany now sigh Nonstrong. I feel bad for germany

  • Jon K Post author

    Germany was great until the zionists took it down lol

  • Tavish Post author

    German military is just a Shadow of its past our soldieres have to buy theyr own equipment so they got good quality gear……

  • Mossad Hunter Post author

    Only 300 million white people left.
    1.8 billion black and 4.5 billion Asians and over 2 billion arabs/non white Hispanics.
    White people are being systematically kill by Zionist Jews.
    Wake up white people! Time to organize and save the European culture. From the U.S. to Italy, France, Germany, England…etc etc…etc. If we stand together we will fix problems worldwide.
    Since the others hate us so much we can create a new White Utopia some where.

  • The Happy Cockatiel Post author

    Why is every german offended that we have a weak military. Be happy. Military only means a high cost rate.

  • Santana Stecker Post author

    Anyone German here ?
    Na wie gehts? hahaha

  • Rafael Arandas Post author

    Are the Germans still on the side of good??

  • kabelweiss Post author

    Germany is able to Fund their military but they dont want

  • Regentonne 118 Post author

    Fake News

  • Germany Ball Post author

    Germany is really strong

  • DutyofCall Post author

    75 years ago germany ruled over europe with military strength and now with economic strength.

  • Thom4s The polish aka proud slav Post author

    German uniforms great for a sniper target practice in the Forest 😉

  • LAR Rodriglu Post author

    Gosh what a truly great nation with an unbelievable history. I hope to one day visit Germany.

  • Max Imal Post author

    Tja..die fetten Jahre sind vorbei!!Nun geht's erstmal steil bergab..

  • Gordon Chang Post author

    He should have just invaded France and said ok. Im done.

  • jitendra tiwari Post author

    But German didn't learn one thing, you need alliance. In second w w, do you know why British won because they had large pool of army from their colonial states. At that time also german technology was far more advanced than their opponents but they loose war because they didn't have manpower to deal their opponents. Now this is a time of automaton. But you need to do both, first work on artificial intelligence and also make alliance with south American countries and INDIA.because British and American halted their growth by political interfering in those nations. Both Japan and Germany need to work together against this autocracy.

  • Jj Chen Post author

    Germany was winning the European war. They controlled almost all of Europe save for Russia. They had fenced the British in and forced the British on the defensive. But then Germany invaded Russia. And that was a bad idea as their army froze to death over there.

  • Höher wertiger Post author

    thats bs. the swiss has a bigger army than germany. we have more troops of the victorious powers in germany than own troops. and the few soldiers we have are Jews or mind controlled by Jews. actually we have no military at all.

  • Eric Louclair Post author

    No worry! Time comes! Anglo-American-russian cant forever be strong!

  • Juan Pablo Post author

    Long live Germany, greeting from Chile

  • Antonius Coundermann Post author

    I do expect that Germany will be as strong as it was in 1933-1944 with its powerful Wehrmacht, Lufwaffe, and Kriegsmarine.

  • The shizzle Post author

    Trash video

  • Mr. Wolf Post author

    Germany has great potential but the fatherland has been handcuffed for a century now ever since WW2 and being betrayed by treasonous leadership who is allowing a silent invasion of it's sovereignty.
    It was German scientists who invented the atomic bomb while every other nation reaps the glory with stolen German technology. If Germany is truly an ally than remove all post war restrictions!

  • Ritze Maamo Post author

    Hoo man german army is the most powerfull in ww2

  • AdiKq Post author

    Germany don't have power… They have immigrands… Eee Boom? 👎 Germany and Merkel >>> 5years later >>> Islamic Germany States

  • Joseph Torre Post author

    German is a slow moving shet

  • R Broyles Post author

    I'm speaking to the people that have blocked and deleted my post about this video I am the actual Antichrist and I will soon make you regret blocking my comments

  • goldmanjace Post author

    Wie peinlich und traurig!

  • Mahdi K Post author

    BS. After the WWII, Germany was forced to reduce its military budget, manpower and equipment by a considerable size.

  • Deutschland Vaterland Post author

    The Verteidigungsminister is called "von der Leyen" not "won der Leyen." The speaker pronounced it wrong.

  • A strange man Post author

    They need to spend more on their military.

  • Thomas Harmon Post author

    Germany should be doing well the United States help them rebuild your country we could have made slaves all the Germans and the Japanese but what do we do we allow you to sell your products tear-free into our country we provide military defense to protect you from the Russians are citizens get killed by Russians died we fight in the Middle East to keep oil prices cheap for the whole world keep North Korea under control now we're taking on China I'll bet I'm sorry politicians Bill China up loud them still over technology now we got a president that it just might do something about it wait to see

  • Superior Protection Post author

    Germany is leaving the EU soon. GERMXIT

  • Autistic Boi Post author

    I Hope To Leave My Country And Immigrate to Ireland Or Germany. I'd Say Im More Patriotic Of These Foreign Places Then My Own! 😂

  • lord topaz Post author

    Germany should fight back from socialist scum

  • Pekka Hagglund Post author


  • avadhnam ravichandran Post author

    Sorry, the Germany in 40this is different from what is now, it's a dead end because of few intelligence is it good in technology otherwise expecting to think of past is not good let them do what is left of them.

  • gillian lello Post author

    I heard a rumor that Germany will be one of the strongest nations in the world. You are just waiting for the right leader.

  • Sreejesh Post author

    I heard Germans are cold people and they never smile. I heard they are hardworking. I heard they love their language so much that they expect even the foreigners visiting for a week not to use English. I read that they killed almost all Jews and Romanees lived in their land for centuries.
    To be frank, I have rarely interacted with Germans, but so far haven't heard many good about them. But one thing is true for sure, the German products have excellent quality, and I love their cars.

  • Pepe the Frog Post author

    The economy is great, but the military is garbage.

  • Popaje pokaži mu propeler zviz Post author

    Funny how liberal Muricunt propagandist girl shows data for military size of USA, China, France, UK and forgets about a "little" thing called Russian army. Looool. I am honestly surprised she even put China there.

  • ralemc1960 Post author

    Doesn’t look like they can even protect their women. They are nothing now.

  • une personne Post author

    allah bless germany I see many jealous in comments (Im not german)

  • iNoob Post author

    People: is germany rearming?
    No, actually it looks like they're disarming

  • Leofigo2 Post author

    Germany in the past: We’ll kill everyone
    Germany now: pls don’t kill us while we’re building wind turbines

  • Ven One Post author

    Germany will be at the head of the table in Europe. They will attack and destroy the UK.
    Tick tock………

  • Kosta der Echte Post author

    We have the money but we don't have enemies like the USA and we aren't as stupid as the USA.

  • Torsten Hock Post author

    Klar … den Gürtel enger schnallen damit man noch mehr Facharbeiter reinholen kann die dir dann in's Gesicht spucken …. was für ein quatsch!
    Das Geld ist da! Es muss nur für's eigene Volk ausgegeben werden und nicht für irgend einen Ziegenhirten aus dem Hindukusch

  • Saad Ali Post author

    Germany was defeated and humiliated by UK and France in WWI. Germany still made it self poweful enough to survive.

    Germany conquered almost whole Europe and because of war with USSR once again defeated by the allied forces and almost completely destroyed and broke into two parts.

    Still after this humiliation and destruction. Germans proved themselves a Great Nation by rebuilding their country and making it a great power of Europe once again.
    UK and France are powerful because of looting and occupying the gold, minerals and resources of America Asia and African colonies. On the other hand Germany became powerful only because of their hardworking and talented Nation.
    Lots of Love and Huge Respect for Great Country Germany and their Great German Nation from The Islamic Republic of Pakistan

  • William DeLuca Post author

    The problem with Germany is that they lose wars. Forget about it.

  • savage alpha Post author


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