How Millionaires Think? Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work If You – Millionaire Mindset Ep.1

How Millionaires Think? Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work If You – Millionaire Mindset Ep.1

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(bold, upbeat music) – So how to think like an
unconventional millionaire. Question number one, why
is thinking important? Who can tell me? Why is thinking important? – [Man In Audience] Mindset
is 80% of it, 20% mechanics. – Okay, 80% mindset, 20% mechanics, yes. – [Man In Audience] Business
is an intellectual sport. – Business intellectual sport, yes. – [Man In Audience] It’s
where your emotions come from. – It’s where– – [Man In Audience]
Your emotions come from. – Where your emotions comes from, yes. If this is first time you’re joining us, what I always do, I’m highly interactive, I hate, I fucking hate lecture. Okay, when I was going to school, when the professor was lecturing
me, I was falling asleep. I don’t wanna do that, so
you can see the mic there. Any time you have a question,
any time you have a what? – [Audience] Question. – Stop me, go to the mic, I’ll answer it, highly interactive. We’re gonna dive quite deep this evening. I’ve been wanting to do
this talk, do this piece, this training, for some time now, probably six, seven months. I’ve been thinking about
it, thinking about it, and I wasn’t sure the right timing. I think, you know, this
month is a good time, but I think what I’m about to share with you might contradict some of your beliefs. Some of the things you
might not agree with, and that’s completely fine, is that okay. – Yes.
– Yeah, it’s okay. And so I want you to know
that you could cafeteria this. You could cafeteria this, you don’t have to take
all hundred percent. You could say, you know
what, I kinda don’t, Dan, I don’t agree with you
that 30%, but I like the 70%. Can you just take that an implement, yes? – [Audience] Yes. – Yeah, so it’s completely fine. So just know you have the
luxury of cafetering this. How many of you agree that millionaires, we think different from the
poor and the middle class. – [Audience] Yes. – So part of my job today is to help you understand the distinction and start making some
new, powerful decisions. And, what we’re gonna
cover today is not so much the woo-woo, foo-foo, tree
hugging, law of attraction crap, okay, I’m not gonna cover that. And I’m not gonna cover
spiritual laws of success and things like that. Nothing wrong with that. You know, some of that I buy into, but that’s not what tonight is about. So here’s what you can expect. You know, why I always talk about the specialty I’m known for, breakthrough business strategies, that’s not what we will
talk about today, okay. I’ve been able to achieve
millionaire status by the age of 27, multi-millionaire
status by the age of 30, I’m 34 right now. I started from nothing, nothing, not knowing anybody, no contacts, with no personal or family resources. My family didn’t come from money. No backing and no formal education. I’m a college dropout. So this is the first time ever that I will discuss my
personal philosophies, business practices, what
has helped me achieve the success that I have today. And, this also answers the questions a lot of people ask me. How I do what I do, what
I do, and why I do them. So this workshop kind of
answers those questions, does that make sense? – [Man In Audience] Yes. – It answers those questions. People want to know, who do you work, and how do you think about certain things, so this is designed to answer that. So the sort of harsh
reality success information that you don’t get from other places. I am not here to motivate you. In fact, who can motivate you? – [Man In Audience] You. – Yeah, nobody can motivate you. Only you can motivate you. If anything, I’m here
to give you the reality that you want to think twice if this millionaire thing
is what you want or not. ‘Cause it ain’t for
everybody, absolutely not. If it is for everybody,
everybody would be a millionaire. Okay, it’s not for everybody. So warning, just so if
you’ve never been to my talk, anything like that, so this might get a little dicey for you. If you’re offended by
grownup talk, frank language, and occasion use of
profanity, occasional– (audience laughing) or frequent, either way. So no pie in the sky, what
I call woo-woo teachers who promise you, just think hard enough and want it bad enough, the universe will manifest it for you. (audience laughing) Okay, it’s very much like
if you want to lose weight and be fit and have a six
pack ab, you can sit there and you can just hope and think positive. And yes, I see myself
having a six pack ab. (chewing) Big Mac, by the way. Yes, um, I’m skinny, and I look so good. No, you’re fucking fat, okay. That’s not how it works,
that’s not how it works, okay. So we’re not gonna talk about that. Here’s the statistics. Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers,
follow them for 40 years. How long? – 40 years.
– 40 years. Until they reach the retirement age, here’s what you’ll find. Only one, how many? – [Audience] One. – Will be wealthy, one. Four will be financially secure. Five will continue
working, or actually five, 50 something, something is missing. Not because they want
to, because they have to. 36 will be dead and 54 will be dead broke, depending on their relatives,
friends, government, or even charity for a
minimum standard of living. That means only 5% are
successful and 95% are not. Some people say it’s 97% and 3%. Some people say it’s
1% and 99%, either way, is that a small percentage, yes or no? – [Audience] Yes. – Very small percentage. Very small percentage. So the hint is, whatever you observe that what majority of the people do and how they operate and how they think, if you adapt the way
they think and behave, what are you gonna get? – Same result.
– Same stuff. – Same stuff. So one thing you could get out of this, if nothing else is, look at
what other people is doing and then you do the– – [Audience] Opposite. – Opposite. Easier said than done. Easier said than done, okay. Success, at the end of days is not about this positive thinking and
visualize and manifestation. Success ultimately, fundamentally,
it’s about behavior. What’s the key? – Behavior.
– Behavior, okay. Not attitude, not your
upbringing, not your education, not your skill, not luck,
not even your capital. You could get all those things. If a person behaves in a way, behaves in a way that is congruent, what’s the word? – [Audience] Congruent. – With the goals she’s trying to achieve, she can not achieve them. If you’re behaving in a
way that’s incongruent with your goals, you cannot achieve them. Just like, if I wanna lose weight, yet I go to McDonald’s three times a day, am I gonna lose weight? – No.
– No. If I drink one liter of soda every day, am I gonna lose weight? No, in spite of how bad I want it. Because my behavior is not congruent with where I wanna go. Am I making sense? – [Audience] Yes. – Okay. So Lokism, most entrepreneurs
are far too focused on trying to manage
their businesses better rather than managing themselves better. Write this down. Most entrepreneurs are far too focused on trying to manage their businesses better rather than managing themselves better. What I always like to
do is I manage myself. I want to be better, myself. I want to become a more effective leader, I want to become a better marketer. I want to become a better strategist. If I improve, my business what? – [Audience] Improves. – Improves. I focus on managing me, because that’s the only
thing I can control, me. – [Announcer] 10 times your finances, 10 times your business,
10 times your marketing, 10 times your life. Hit the subscribe button now. (bold music)

100 thoughts on “How Millionaires Think? Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work If You – Millionaire Mindset Ep.1

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    1. Millionaires think differently than poor people
    2. Only 5% of the people become successful in their lives in finance
    3. If you do and think what majority of people do then you will be getting what they get
    4. To become rich, think the opposite of what majority of the people think and do
    5. The key is behavior. If one is not congruent in his behavior to what he wants to achieve then one cannot achieve it
    6. Most of the entrepreneurs are far too focused to manage their business better than managing themselves better
    7. Focus on managing you. If you improve you, your business will also improve.

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    • only a very small percentage is successful (estimate: 97% vs. 3%)
    • if you adapt the way the majority does things, you will get their result
    • look at what the majority does & do the opposite (easier said then done)
    • success, down to the fundamentals is about behavior
    • when behavior is incongruent with goals, you will not be able to achieve those goals
    • manage myself better & become more effective myself first (if I improve, my business improves)

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