How Many Laws Can You Break In 1 Life • GTA V Challenge

How Many Laws Can You Break In 1 Life • GTA V Challenge

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you know we haven’t done punched someone this guy looks like he’s a kitten for a fight today we’re gonna see how many laws we can break in GTA I’ve never played Grand Theft Auto because it was not allowed in our household we’re gonna get a car we are gonna speed everywhere we’re gonna jaywalk we’re gonna find any kind of law we can break so there are a couple of rules here you die or you get arrested then the challenge is over yeah that’s what’s gonna happen okay here we go first I’m gonna start with the the namesake grand theft dog at gunpoint okay look at this what I’m just gonna jaywalk baby look at me we’re just looking for crimes to commit nope get back here all right he didn’t die that was assault not murder murder is the easy way out we’re gonna get that ass out of here okay let’s go yeah yeah yeah give me your car excuse me thank you appreciate it thank you I’m a criminal on the run I gotta go first off wrong side of the road boom baby there’s one okay let’s wreck this car whoo no blinkers on that turn and running a red light two red lights all right so we are on the run right now I just hit that lady that’s got to be a salt so that’s probably something okay let’s get out of this car let’s abandon this car you know we should do we should feel mom please stop watching this video I’m freaking oh I murdered someone I think I murdered someone Wow okay that was well I guess that was very little remorse okay you stole a car that was stealing a car oh this is wrecking cars okay and we’re driving back forward just don’t run in front I got well okay maybe run in front of my car I don’t know what I’m wanting okay ten weeks ten minutes Emily the contrary comfort no we’re not coming we’re just gonna we’re just gonna we’re in a fight all right I got to get gangsta real quick are you driving no no stop you are dead you are dead get out get out I’ve got crime to commit excuse me I was in a car oh sorry sorry sorry sorry okay that was real fun it was I feel like I did pretty good I got shot by the police there I need everybody to know I have no remorse about it but I do have remorse about it all at the same time I’m hereby an emergency room so we’re already starting out in a place where I feel like we can cause some real damage which of these cars will I steal oh that’s a that’s a spicy one how it goes gasps this is about Redemption this is about retribution we’re gonna take back from this town which is taken from us okay let’s go steal something driving on some stairs I don’t know which lawn that breaks all right that’s three Salton Oh No here we are G walking in street street signs cannot hold us get out of the way she knows it whoa this is maybe too powerful it’s a little scary you know what I hear cops look friend get out of there get out of the car get on the card you see the guns okay hello bud son okay here we go oh sorry I’m just leaving leave OHS oh okay oh my god let’s try punching people there’s nothing to see here punch okay gotcha drive it on the sidewalk another about to run some red light boom boom boom speeding for sure they say it’s dangerous but now when you drive like this Oh give me your stuff here come on bud perfect that stop sign blowing it hitting that car we’re gonna take this car cuz they hear some sirens get in the car punch yeah rain or shine the puncher is out to punch it’s a nice City inside the freeway and keep up Kenya this is a sweet ride okay okay broke some public property sorry ma’am get off your phone I’m gonna be known as a wild puncher okay yeah yeah look at us for texting and driving we are so dangerous countless car alarms going off that’s bad if you back up back into him back into him back into him back into I’m back into him get a guy Thank You officer then we’re gonna do Oh graduate to bus I got I couldn’t take down a poly-tree sorry I’m gonna have to do the cheaters way out only because I needed this way oh I’m so close I can they were still a cop car that cart that car that’s right behind okay all right we did pretty good there ugh we’ve done several people do you think that was such 13 how wonderful it is I guess you know that’s they like they say crime doesn’t pay he had to get none of us can tell my mom that we did this we’re just gonna pretend this didn’t happen she doesn’t need to know the problem I had sometimes was my moral compass would get in the way of all of the crimes I was trying to commit like whenever you’re in a car you don’t want to run over someone in a crosswalk you know that’s not usually what people do and yet that’s what we had to do here do I feel bad about it yes you

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