How Do You Judge America? Left vs. Right #3

How Do You Judge America? Left vs. Right #3

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The Left and the Right view America and its
history very differently. Conservatives view America as President Abraham Lincoln viewed
it — as the “Last Best Hope of Earth.” While acknowledging America’s flaws, conservatives
regard America as the best society ever created — giving more people of more backgrounds
more freedom, more opportunity, and more affluence than any other society — and doing more good
for more people in other countries than any society in history. The Left, on the other hand, sees America
as having been, and continuing to be, a very flawed country, morally no better than many,
and morally inferior to many. The Left’s view is that America was founded by rich white
males who were intent on protecting their race, their wealth, and in many cases, their
slaves. America was and remains sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, and bigoted; a country of unacceptable
material inequality, where the superrich and big corporations have far too much power and
influence. The further left one goes, the more negative the assessment of America. Here’s a telling example. On my radio show, I once dialogued with Howard
Zinn, arguably the most influential American historian of the second half of the twentieth
century. Here is one part of our dialogue: Professor Zinn said: “If people knew history,
they would scoff at…the idea that the United States is a force for the betterment of humanity.”
When I said that America has done more good for humanity than any other country, Professor
Zinn responded: America has “probably [done] more bad than good.” For the Left, the moral flaws in American
history are enormous, but all the unique good America has done both in America and abroad
is minimized or ignored. Take the example of slavery. This terrible institution is the
most widely cited “proof” of American evil. The problem with that judgment, however,
is that every civilization in world history, even including African societies, practiced
slavery — often on a far larger scale than America did. But there are two other questions about slavery
that must be asked in order to make a moral judgment about America: The first is: “Which
societies were the first to abolish slavery?” Since all societies had slavery, that is a
far more important question to ask than who had slaves. It turns out that all the societies
that first abolished slavery were rooted in the Jewish and Christian Bibles and among
them was the United States. The second question that needs to be answered
is this: Was America morally better than other societies in just about every other regard?
And the answer is overwhelmingly yes. America gradually became the least racist,
least xenophobic country in the world. In no country do people of every race and ethnicity
become accepted as full members of the society as do immigrants to America. And no country
in history has fought for the liberty of others as much as America has. That is why, for example,
37,000 Americans died in Korea, a country that offered America no economic gain. The
purpose was to protect Koreans from Communist tyranny. Today South Korea, where American
troops are still stationed, is one of the wealthiest and freest countries in Asia. Meanwhile
North Korea, the part of the Korean peninsula that America did not succeed in liberating,
is the least free and poorest country on earth. Without America, people around the world would
suffer from far more tyranny, enslavement, and genocide. The countries where American
troops have remained long after combat ceased — Germany, Japan, and South Korea — have
prospered economically and morally. Countries that America abandoned — such as Vietnam
and Iraq — experienced mass murder and other horrors. The Left, however, views nearly all
of America’s wars since 1945 as expressions of superpower imperialism. Days before the 2008 American presidential
election, the Democratic candidate, then-Senator Barack Obama, announced: “We are five days
away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Exactly so. The Left wants to fundamentally
transform America; the Right doesn’t. Conservatives want to conserve America’s unique greatness
and improve it where necessary, but not transform it. If America is fundamentally transformed,
it will not become better than other nations. It will become like other nations. I’m Dennis Prager.

100 thoughts on “How Do You Judge America? Left vs. Right #3

  • yuuswho Post author

    He's right that the left tends to be like that but he left out the part about the Right denying any problem in America. "Slavery? Get over it nbd! Bad healthcare system? No it's not screw you hippies! Guns? Not a problem it's a mental health thing!"

  • Peter potato Post author


  • Nathan Burns Post author


  • ANTONIO M. M. FRAGOSO Post author

    First of all, everybody who live in USA, must learn and speak english! Immigrants must respect British heritage of USA! If they don't want they must leave! " Hispânics talk about rights. but they don't respect the amerindian heritage! Quéchua is still the most spoke native language in Américas, and must be protected!

  • Captain Sinclair Post author

    While I agree with Dennis on most parts, I have to point out that Obama tried to help the nation during his presidency. Though some of his actions might have done more harm than good, he at least tried. The same can be said about Ronald Reagan. He tried to help America, and some of his actions didn’t work.

  • Spencer Steinbrecher Post author

    I’m extremely proud of the principle and ideologies of which this country was founded, but I also think we have had a racist and morally flawed past. However, America is by far the best society in the word in my opinion

  • Frank Castelo Post author


  • quis hill Post author

    lies!!!!!!! About slavery…..

  • Red King Post author

    South Korea was already Developing and North was undeveloped
    You Killed The people of Vietnam to save dictator
    You guys Suck saying you did that and this.

  • Jacey Burton Post author

    This also applies to the UK as well. I’m sick of anti-British bias in the mainstream, like in education. The left rule education in the U.K. throughout all levels from Primary to university.

  • HotRodRay Post author

    The click picture has the US FLAG hung backwards….😱
    The stars are always on OUR left.

  • PixelTrik Post author

    I gotta admit, the American Constitution helped was the inspiration for the Indian Constitution. However, it is after 2014, we really started appreciating and exercising the our constitution.

  • 胖胖 Post author

    This is an example of group polarization…….

  • Derek Watson Post author

    “Conservatives want to conserve America.” Exactly the problem. They want to keep it the same and not improve upon it.

  • Charlene Robertson Post author

    HEAR, HEAR!!!!!

  • Hank Dundon Post author

    Yeah so America was built off of French Enlightenment ideals. Americans just Coped the French's homework.

  • Reinier Suarez Post author

    Wow, did I just wander into a right-wing propaganda machine? Yep, I most definitely did lmao!

  • Arsh Anwari Post author

    The American people and the American government are two different things, America is an amazing nation and as a conservative, I am happy to be a part of it, but we need to keep our corrupt officials and government's abuse of power in check.

  • RigityRigity RektSun Post author

    Sure, America has done a lot for other countries, but is that good really GOOD if it was in the pursuit of self-interest e.g. influence in stated countries.

  • Erum Asif Post author

    I am no leftist but America invaded iraq for weapons and oil and even if they had found some weapons they would have still left Iraq in chaos because they are making unfinished plans.

  • Venetian Lion Post author

    Im not a communist or a leftist, but I dont think Vietnam (a communist country) is actually that bad, Im saying this cuz I see Vietnamese people comments so I guess theyve got youtube

  • Craig Mitchell Post author

    100/100 !!! America is the last best hope (other than the kingdom of God) on eath. Thats why as racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, Islamophobe, bigoted and phobiaphobe (whatever the f**k that means) America is or accused of, very few people are running away from such a terrible place in horror, but instead what we see is unpresidented amounts of people's are breaking they're necks to get here (by any means necessary) "Somebody is lying", i wonder who ???

  • ареф нар Post author


  • ареф нар Post author


  • skojig oquist Post author

    Poland and Hungary have no history of slavery.

  • Alex Obed Post author

    This is such propaganda: we weren't in Korea to "protect them from Communist tyranny." We were there to stop communism.

  • Decker Moy Post author

    Because america is so sexist by giving women the every right a man has and lets them do everything a man can. While in the Middle East women aren’t allowed to drive

  • Aditya Mahakali Post author

    There exist no evidence that India had any slavery at all.
    Also, there exist no society which welcome persecuted refugees or affluent travelers or traders. From Jews to Syrian Christian to the family of prophet of Islam to dalai lama we also welcome people and still counting.

    America is a great country and the innovation and thirst for science, technology and innovation give a new wave of intellectual development in India. Especially after horrible destruction by Islam and brittishers, we finally have start doing things that are to be proud of.

    I think we should adore left, because it solves a part of our problems it tells us our problems in an extrapolated version which is kind of good because then our work is just to solve or minimize the problem. They are in some sense our gurus.
    But the problem with them is that they develop an inferiority complex within us all about our culture, heritage and values.

  • DJ Sevo Post author

    I'm a fan of Prager U, but I don't buy the claim that N. Korea is the poorest country on earth. Haiti and Rwanda have to be up there.

  • hugo13231 Post author

    Dude… stop jacking off to your country. sure it's not hell on earth but it's far for being the most moral, or greatest force for good in history.

  • Explosive Best Post author

    i agree mostly, but i challenge your claim that no other country more than the US is accepting of immigrants from different ethnicities. That is blatantly untrue.

  • Hyron Valkinson Post author

    2:47 I thought you were going to say "America" but then you realized that it wasn't the case, so you then jumped to religion because it kinda-not-really proved our case
    3:51 Or protect the US from the "Domino Effect"

  • Ethan Gill Post author

    Dennis says that “no Country accepts immigrants as full memebets of society , yet I know for a fact atleast my country of Canada grants immigrants this .

  • Omar Pancoast Post author

    Bravo! Become a "crap detector!" Alfred Korzybski, d.1950, (look him up) would support PragerU while cautioning about the high levels of abstraction used by all of us! Confusion of, and about, "levels of abstraction" contributes to much of the misunderstanding inherant in discussions of both culture AND history.

  • Jannis Höntscher Post author

    America is mostly bad thats just true

  • trackthompson Post author

    2:15 there’s a difference between “old world slavery” and “new world slavery”

  • trackthompson Post author

    3:00 Indian removal act, Jim Crow, immigration quota act, gentlemen’s agreement, Chinese exclusion act, red scare 1&2, COINTELPRO, the patriot act, stop and frisk. Counter argument.

  • trackthompson Post author

    3:40 domino theory, president eisenhower. If America doesn’t stop the spread of the economic system of communism in one south East Asian country, the neighboring countries will fall just the same.

  • Ethan Wilson Post author

    Why does this seem so simple minded? If it was this easy to differentiate left vs right why would left even exist? This just seems like slander is all I'm saying. I know no facts yet because all I've done so far is look at youtube but maybe you should try to just talk about yourself instead of trying to show your better than the rival. This is my opinion so let's have a educational argument because I'd like to know more about this

  • Danielle RAMBAUD Post author

    I'm german and say that America saved our country.We are only rich and thanks to America.That's why I'm a libertarian and say that all americans should be pround of being american.

  • snowy smiling Post author

    Left is right

  • domhnall777 Post author

    “Conservatives view America as President Lincoln viewed it” as they wave their confederate flags in the Deep South

  • domhnall777 Post author

    Credits judeo Christian values for ending slavery… while their Bible justified slavery to begin with. Conservative logic at its finest

  • For Glory! Post author

    Notice the Likes v. Dislikes.
    America, you have a LOT to answer for! The facts in this video ARE NON NEGOTIABLE, and they are EMBARRASSINGLY ACCURATE!
    ALL of America, NOT JUST 1/2 that represents the Left-sickened faction among us, WILL PAY FOR THIS INSANITY! First of all, that the woeful truths in this video are even an issue in the first place! Second, because WE ARE TOO LOST IN SOCIALIST IMMORALITY TO DO WHAT WE SHOULD ABOUT IT!!
    Never fear America; soon you will face Justice and you WILL pay the debt TO THE LAST PENNY!

  • Lucas Johnson Post author

    Leftists have a natural incentive to hate America, because most of America's accomplishments have been by conservatives.

  • Nate Burnside Post author

    I’ve heard the word male to much for one lifetime

  • Nate Burnside Post author

    We have done a lot of bad all the wars the death and we are at the top so when the world does bad people around the world to us with anger

  • Nate Burnside Post author

    The South Koreans have a weird culture I think it’s weird to dye your hair and a lot of them have in Korean the way I see it the majority of South Korea appeals towards the left

  • Piko Post author

    America did no good for Serbia

  • Piko Post author

    The west even faked an Albanian massacre by Serbians, but it turns out there were Serbian soldiers readdressed to civil clothes

  • Piko Post author

    Look at Serbia now

  • The Crusher Post author

    Yeah… if it wouldn't be for Chile with Pinochet…

  • Will Holmes Post author

    Granted the US has done more good than any other nation, but it has probably done the most bad as well – if not the most then more than many others.

  • Johnson Young Post author

    It’s no doubt that America will judge left or right,
    Germany and Japan and South Korea will make great alliance with United States, that’ s because country under democracy and capitalism give rise have prospered economically and morally

  • captain purple Post author

    Love you, Dennis. 😇

  • ninificationfact Post author

    Take a look at those 7,000 people who refuse to see reason

  • Jubilentcharlie 7768 Post author

    The Left is EVIL. Pure and simple.

  • Danielle RAMBAUD Post author

    I'm german and can only say thanks for saving us. I always seed America as the force for freedom.

  • Josh H Post author

    So many Americans are blinded to their countries flaws by this patriotism propaganda. Obviously the US isn't the worst country in the world, but considering it has the highest GDP in the world of 20.9 TRILLION DOLLARS they've got the second highest poverty rate of rich countries, the highest priced health care, the highest tertiary education costs, and the highest income inequality of all rich countries.


    From an outsider perspective, when the United States votes in a Democrat, they try to make changes but they can't because of the mass lobbying from rich corporations restricting the power for any leader to make decisions to favour anything that isn't them.
    When the democrat fails to make any noticeable changes, the people get angry and cry "THE DEMOCRATS FAILED AGAIN!! VOTE IN A REPUBLICAN!"

    Republicans are more capable of making a change, because they're often invested in the corporations, but the change usually, once again, only benefits about 10% of the population, and doesn't do any favours for the poor.


    The government there just seems corrupt, and the people seem to be delusional about their superiority despite dying from curable diseases.
    Perhaps instead of spending $1,000,000,000,000 on a 17 year long war in Afghanistan, they could've invested it more intelligently into their own people? I don't know, I'm not a political scientist, I just know if I was a citizen in America, I'd feel pretty screwed over.

  • Alireza Johari Post author

    Everything in this world is relative. If you compare the superpowers of history through time, the U.S. has committed much less evil compared to all others. The Roman empire with its slaves and gladiators, The Islamic empire with its brutal expansion and force conversion of non-Muslims (Turkey was almost entirely Christian, now its 99% Muslim), The soviet union and Stalin, etc. The Anglo-Saxon empires of the U.K. and the U.S. has done much more good for the world than bad compared to all other superpowers. But since English language is dominant and especially the free press and media in both these countries, the negative issues are much more emboldened than others.
    Summary: The U.S. have had its flaws, but it has done much much better for the humanity compared to other superpowers of history.

  • D. E. Post author

    Basically those on the left consider themselves morally and intellectually superior while at the same time being ignorant, naive, and gullible. They are more concerned about how they/we are viewed by other nationalities than actually securing justice and freedom in this country. They have been completely demoralized by the Marxist propaganda that we have all been subjected to for many years. They are certain that humans, specifically Americans are responsible for all of the terrible things happening, which are not as bad as their guilty minds tell them they are. So if they demonstrate and virtue signal enough they temporarily relieve themselves of some of the misplaced guilt. But above all, those on the left are very concerned about being accepted and popular. They like to boast about how many friends they have, especially celebrities. They are absolute suckers for anything their favorite celebrities say because they worship the famous, beautiful people. They are right on top of any new trend or fashion and like to see themselves on TV. For the most part they are shallow status seekers that pay very little attention to the issues they talk about so passionately. They're just doing what their friends and celebrity idols are doing because they don't have a stance of their own.

  • Carlos Rene Post author

    And I ask them , the left and the right, What you want to do with Puerto Rico?

  • eze meza Post author

    But Donald Trump is no more building a wall against Mexico? And the KKK? And the Islamophobia? And the cold hate of russians? Are you kidding me? Salutes from Argentina. And try not to drop nuclear bombs against civil population again, please.

  • M Pan Post author

    "The most racist people against Asians are other Asians."
    -Every Asian I know

  • MrUnlimitedTorque Post author

    I don't see America as worse than other countries, but not better either. I mean, you can nitpick certain aspects of a country like to which extent do you get social security for example. But America isn't better than a lot of countries like those in Europe. We have the same rights. Of course it's better than pretty much every african or asian country.

  • Nemanja ĆIrić Post author

    Is it normal to think that your country is god given, best on the earth?

  • John Adan Post author

    It’s sad….. I saw a video where students in University and college been asked “Are you proud to be American?” and the majority sad “f#*% America” is clear they don’t know what is out there.😔

  • Eugen Golubic Post author

    America is morally grey. It's hard to say whether it's good or bad.

  • Cary Clan Post author

    Nothing but divisive crap. We have more common ground than differences… don’t let people like this make you focus on the negative.

  • Jennifer Diaz Post author

    Bet this guy never thought 5 years later America would be on the verge of committing genocide on American soil compliments of the right.

  • Mr. Smith Post author

    Both parties need to be abolished from governing power.
    Both, are responsible for America’s progression into ruin.
    Citizens, country, and constitution are in neither parties best interests.
    Democratic want socialism because that means big government.
    Republicans want financial fascism because that means big government.
    The only real difference between either, are the lies and delusions that get fed to the public.
    Both ideologies, are just different branches from the same rotten tree and both of them have turned our country’s government into a cancer.
    Big government, is the reason America’s drowning in a sea of its own shit.
    When you elect shit, you get shit, and eventually you become shit.

  • Manbuzhufeng Post author


  • Self Discipline Post author

    Optimist or pessimist?
    Are you happy yet?

  • Galician Polonizer Post author

    I'm a Polish Liberal and as an Atheist, I say: "God Bless America."
    I want that country to be just like it is. Thank you USA, for all you've done and for all you've shown us.
    #Trump2020 #Weld2020
    Lead the GOP through the ideas of Nelson Rockefeller as well as other old Republican ideas.

  • DiamondDM13 Post author

    I'm pretty sure North Korea is not the poorest country on earth. It is a nightmarish hellhole though.

  • The perk guy Post author

    Thx you America to free us from nazi germany.
    Belgium🇧🇪 America 🇺🇸

  • Trent McKinley SNS Post author

    3:14 Canada

  • Robert Ballard Post author

    Thankyou I needed that. I’m around too many self doubting weak people

  • appletonrd Post author

    This is also true from the perspetive of those standing outside of América.
    Those on the right tend to recognize América's merits, on the left demonize it

  • skojig oquist Post author

    No. Not every society in history had slavery.
    This is absolutely not true.

  • skojig oquist Post author

    America fought for the freedom of what?
    They fought for their own interest of money!

  • hydraulic hydra Post author

    Was expecting a shitstorm in the comments, based on the like to dislike ratio. Was pleasantly surprised.

  • Richard S. Post author

    Thinking that your society is the best society in the world is extremely prejudiced and egoistical… How can you not see that?

  • 尤瑞洋 Post author

    he looks like a sad pug but he has the opinions of an obese teenage guy who pwns the sjws on reddit

  • Manuel Pulla Post author

    fallacy of relative privation. #Prager🤡

  • Franco Rocket Post author

    I hate communism but capitalism came to Bolivia to aboid women to have children, why? Those kind of example lifts the leftist arguments to reach power like in Venezuela or Bolivia where governments aare not chosen by people but designed from US richest families

  • abdu Shalo Post author

    3:46 hahahahaha com on !

  • Tom Miller Post author

    Tell it like it is! Thank you Dennis

  • Mobius Post author

    Bring born in America is winning the geographic lottery. That’s why everyone wants to come here, and we must protect our borders to manage the influx.

  • Mobius Post author

    Why are first generation Americans out working and outperforming native born Americans. If you’re born here, you tend to be soft, weak, and lazy because of your American privilege.

  • jamaekjoo / Javier Arboleda Post author

    Same story here in Spain. Our local left also hates our great country. They even hate US while see no trouble in Venezuela or Cuba…

  • Kevin Labelle Post author

    The left hates being educated that's it

  • The Sprite Show Post author

    If that ever happens, then the left would still blame the right for letting them ruin America. Fact!🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Danny Quan Post author

    It's very psychological. You remember how you were mistreated more vividly than how you were treated good. Same goes with the history, we remember the bad stuff more than good

  • Silverijus Sinkevicius Post author

    I am normally in agreement with what this channel represents, but not on this. First of all, the north and south corean conflict was a perfect setting for US to engage CCCP in combat without actually being at war with each other. The idea behind this was to test US weapons against soviet, and in turn gain international sales on said weapons.
    Secondly, Germany and Japan were doing ok economically before the war, so to say that these countries are doing well because you stayed till the end is nonsence. These 2 countries have been doing pretty well their entire history.

  • Wesley Hite Post author

    the progressive left will turn our nation into a third world country, just like Venezuela.

  • christopher coughlin Post author

    Amen to that, too

  • Bill Crowson Post author

    Best yet

  • laura kopylov Post author

    Look at the Republic of Georgia!!

  • Petar Davcev Post author

    If you are to assess USA in an unbiased and objective view, both views of America are correct in specific categories and/or circumstances.

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