Hong Kong's Carrie Lam 'Strongly Condemns' Protesters Who Trashed Legislature

Hong Kong's Carrie Lam 'Strongly Condemns' Protesters Who Trashed Legislature

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6 thoughts on “Hong Kong's Carrie Lam 'Strongly Condemns' Protesters Who Trashed Legislature

  • can tho

    What does she expect when she pushes the people of Hong Kong into a WALL? Even a frightened animal will fight back or die!!

  • Louis Suen

    Lam you got chinese cock up your smelly cock

  • Mars

    Find out where this bitch and all the ass hole men stand behind her live, burn it to the ground. Fuck china, you are Hong Kong. Hong Kong was beautiful and freedom under UK government but after the communist took over your life is doom. Freedom is worth fighting for. You are death now or slowly die later. For you kids future and your country HongKong. Let fight all the way. Taiwan can fight for their independent so can you….You don't fight for you now but fight for your children. Burn and destroy all Chinese main land office house. If you walk away now and you are done and will never protest again. Peace protest will never win. You are in your country not in china.  HongKong has a lot of movie telling the world you are strong and wisdoms rather die than capture?? common, show your strength to the world. Try to understand this. "NEVER LISTEN TO COMMUNIST JUST WATCH WHAT THEY ARE DOING" This famous statement is from our former President. These cock sucker officials willing to suck china D for money and power to destroy you with no mercy.

  • Brian

    Hong Kongers suggest she step down.

  • Bobby Greene

    Lock her up! She is not the voice of Hong Kong, she is the voice of those who control and enslave you. Rise up and take your place as China's Capitol, free the people and live free lives. Fight the good fight!!

  • Darth Wiffy

    Go back to China.

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