Hong Kong protesters try to force way into legislative building

Hong Kong protesters try to force way into legislative building

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now protesters are back on the streets in Hong Kong demonstrators have been trying to smash their way into the main government building it's the anniversary of Britain's handover of Hong Kong to China 22 years ago but people remain angry about an extradition bill that could allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial Sarah Clark joins us live from Hong Kong so Sarah understands reports say some protests were turning violent what's the situation well in the last hour or so just over an hour or the situation has unraveled here the police had earlier retreated and left two protesters here to occupy the streets and it was during this time that the the protesters have now to try to smash their way through the doors and which is right behind me you might be able to see a large group of people with helmets on on umbrellas that's the main entrance to Mejico which is the Hong Kong's Parliament but what we refer to as the Legislative Council building they're trying to smash their way through there they've also got riot police in there now holding signs saying they'll use pepper spray they did use pepper spray on some of those protesters and now we believe will reportedly have a large group of police moving a lot along lumo Road which is one of the streets that was occupied early this morning we've also said notification that the March which is to take place this afternoon which could get up to a million people or more as is for the July first handover of anniversary rally then are going to change the location where they end that protest simply because the situation here is unraveling the police are moving in and the protesters are now occupying more streets around us as those place moving and to try and clear the streets how much political impact are the demonstrations having the action that's holding this big rally they will be probably a bit more conservative with regards to their protest section they will simply hold a march but all groups or all the generations this rally where I am here now it's a lot younger the groups here and I'd at the moment er the political making some political headway with in the past few weeks but this situation is certainly intensifying when it comes to the police confrontations with these protesters and what could happen tonight it looks like at the moment the situation could be unraveling more given the confrontations that we're about to see you're expecting to see in the next couple of minutes all right thanks so much Sarah Clark there

28 thoughts on “Hong Kong protesters try to force way into legislative building

  • akoua fray

    The Sudanese protesters are more disciplined than the Hkers.

  • Lar M

    I have a feeling these are not real protesters but those paid by Beijing in doing this.There is absolutely no resistance coming from the police when these protesters are storming their way inside the legislative building.They may be doing this to sway public opinion towards the millions of real protesters taken on the streets before and at the same time using their extrajudicial power over Hong Kong as they did many times before to extradite the millions into China to face their judgement which by all means not very nice.

  • lillipuff 702

    It’s not violence…. if you watch the protesters they are loving and caring for each other and everyone around them. Their government isn’t listening to what the people have to say, so the people took to the streets again and destroyed what was frustrating them (government building/ government). Keep in mind as well they didn’t destroy any private property like shop windows. They feel as if the system has failed completely, because nothing they say is being heard or considered what so ever. We need to give Hong Kongers support🙏🏻

  • 梁焯明

    希望香港政府参考1992年洛杉矶暴动和2011年占领华尔街中,美国政府是如何解决这两次事件的。最没有资格BB的就是美国,英国,2019年4月15-18日,暴力镇压和抓捕老百姓,4月19日武装镇压北爱尔 兰….杀了多少人随便查一下就行。不需要说太多了…..

  • joyjoyjoyjoyjoy

    These protesters need to be charged and sent to prison in the snowing city of Harping .
    1day 1meal and 1 cup of water .

  • Dos Santos

    Is this a peaceful protest??? Haha 😂

  • Dinesh Perera

    China must send elite Peoples liberation army units to hong kong and must crush those unruly demonstrations and its western backed and ngo funded leaders etc

  • Cosmo John

    The guys who smashed the legislature building are from China. They are not HK citizens

  • Tronald Dump

    guess somebody need some education of tanks

  • ramkan mung

    Peaceful protester😅😅

  • Citton Tmart

    Wish these kind peaceful protest happened in the country where people think it's peaceful protests everyday

  • Art Vandelay

    Very peaceful protest orchestrated by foreign agents.

  • lamdawave

    If this had happened in USA, Trump would have sent in the national guards to gun them down. Obviously Hong Kong is a is a more democratic place than USA LOL!

  • david de

    This is RIOT not protest …

  • Alan Qu

    Unacceptable they should be in jail

  • 张武


  • david de

    Ask yourself what happen if US congress is stormed into ….

  • UGIZ

    America zionis happy with this video

  • Vip Lau

    Hong Kong police endured humiliation and protesters ran errands and disrupted public order. This is not a peace march. This is violence and hope the Hong Kong police don't flinch, don't be weak. Maintain social stability and prosperity in Hong Kong. The police are tired.

  • Ban Stepwar

    in this world chinese people are the most coward they don't have gut to protest their thug antifa govt

  • I see the 50 cent army has invaded this comment section lol

  • bagondreamer

    These protestors aren’t even hong kongers, they are just ill informed entitled and anarchist young people

  • Ophir/maharlikan Bhogsybhogs

    Hong kongers!!!

  • mcmltr

    If the same incident happen in my country, these rioters already long gone away.. or get arrested.. Not even have chances to move near to Parliament building.. HK police already very polite..

  • Doublescoop BS

    This is not protest. It is anarchy. The law has been violated. Jail time is warranted. China should ban all foreign NGOs from China… Hong Kong.

  • mcmltr

    Not Hong Kong protesters.. Should be called Hong Kong rioters.

  • yen leon

    HKers:We support HK government and police!
    Western Media: …… what did you say again?
    HKers: We want independence! China is compressing us!
    Western media:Fight for your freedom! We support you!

  • Big Cake

    Dont do crime and you have nothing to worry about .

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