Holding Court with Judge Milian: Shady Subletter

Holding Court with Judge Milian: Shady Subletter

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– All right, everybody my
next guest has seen it all in the courtroom on her
show, The People’s Court. Check it out. – And it isn’t until the
judge makes you squirm, that all of a sudden
you come up with this, so it smelled kind of fishy. So who at your dealership thinks that I am an idiot? (audience cheers) – Well, she’s here to dish out
some no-nonsense legal advice to my guests while I on the other hand, I’m not exactly all the time legal myself. Today we’re holding court with
the fabulous judge Milian. (audience cheers) – Judge, how have you been? – I’m good, thank you.
– Good to see you again. I love the show, man. – Thank you, thank you. – All right, so are you ready to go? – I’m ready to go. – All right, let’s check
out the first case. It’s O’Shay versus the Shady Subletter. (“The Big One” by Alan Tew) – O’Shay, that’s Ice Cube’s name. – It is. – All right, O’Shay,
tell us what happened. – I’m originally from Memphis, Tennessee, moved here trying to pursue my dreams, I was desperate because I
really needed a spot, you know? I’ve been homeless before I’m not trying to have that happen again. The first thing that was
available was $700 a month $300 deposit, okay?. So, I just moved in with the guy. Toxic environment, didn’t like it at all. How it was set up was his
bed was in the living room and he sleeps on a mat
like how I used to sleep in the daycare, a grown man sleeping on that. So I had to walk through
him and he texted me saying, “Oh, must you leave the room every single time you have company”? I’m like, what do you mean? I live here, you know? I get implied freedom I live here. – How long did you live there? – Two months, two months and some change. – [Judge] Okay, did you sign
anything before you moved in? – Yes, this lease right here,
signed it, brought it with me. – I have a copy of it here. – Yeah, look how shady it is, right? (audience laughs) Yeah, right? Crazy! – No, I’ve got to disagree with you. I always tell people get it
in writing one way or another and it doesn’t have to be
something fancy with a lawyer. It’s just something to memorialize what the deal is, that’s all. So people can’t say, well, rent is $1,000. So, the $300 is a
security plus a guarantee that you’re going to
give him 30 days notice. What ends up happening? – So, we were into an argument about him bringing a girl over, or whatever. He said, “oh, I just
think you should leave”. I said, “perfect, affirmative,
absolutely I’m out”. So I’m leaving but then I’m
like, “just pro-rate me this, pro-rate me the difference”. Because this whole thing happened May 2nd. I paid him rent May 1st, by
May 3rd I was already gone. I’ve got video of me,
the room clean, spotless. – Do you have anything where
you can use it to prove that he told you, let me tell
you why I’m asking you that. Because the critical thing here is that he told you to leave. If you just felt like
leaving, you’re out of money. – Okay, he even stated
that, “I want you gone”. – Okay, is that in a text do you think? Because that’d be great if you got proof. Otherwise you can go to court and if the judge believes
you you’re going to win and you’re going to get back
the pro-rated amount for the $700 minus the three days and you’re going to get back the $300. But that’s only going to
happen if you persuade a judge that you’re the one who’s
telling the truth on that. – [O’Shay] Right. – So anything you have,
any emails, any texts, if there were any witnesses that’s the way you beef up.
– Witnesses, absolutely. (audience cheers) – So have you got anybody that
knows he told you to leave? – Yeah, his roommate, both of
them, and they even told him– – Wait, hold up man, how
many people stay here? – Right, right that’s what I’m saying. It was a two bedroom.
– Okay, hold up– It was a two bedroom and there
was four of us staying there. – But bro, when you didn’t like the guy when you first moved in, when you met him and you didn’t like him he was toxic from day one. What’d you go over there for? – He wasn’t all the way like that when I first met him (laughs).
(audience laughs) – [Steve] See what
you’re trying to do now? – Hey, as soon as he got
the money his true colors started to come out, for real. – [Steve] Bro– – What is wrong with you all? Why y’all doing that? (groans) Like I’m lying. – Bro, listen to me. See, you’re trying not
to look crazy right now, but it’s too late.
(audience laughs). Hey man, let’s just come to this. Now, what are you saying
legally he might be able to do? – If you can prove that he
threw you out you can get the pro-rated rest of May plus the $300. If you’ve got a text, if
you’ve got a witness, anything. If the other people are mad at him, they’re not going to testify
for you if they’re still living there but if they’re mad
at him too maybe they will and then you’ve got a case. – Yeah, and like I said it
just came out of desperation. Like I said, that type of thing ain’t never going to happen again. Is you listening Mr. Harvey? – No. No, what have I got to listen for? I’ve got a house. (audience laughs) What the hell I’m going
to listen to you for? (audience laughs) Thank you O’Shay, good luck to you man, have a nice time with it. – For sure, thank you.

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