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yeah what's up guys welcome back to more Jace do hope you're doing well her back with another fort why I didn't mean to say it that loud they didn't hear me right no I hope we have a fun idea for today so let's just jump into it guys we're in the soda section we have not built a soda fort yet so we are gonna try to do that today this is the perfect title don't they someone already built the walls I actually don't like any be sodas okay that was not my fault mom just said she's like it's Comedy Hour in this aisle look they just spilt this well they said this like started leaking so they put it back so this is not a good spoon knows what's gonna happen today's four we had to get in here quick before the police came to clean up the mess yeah we've been back here before look they glued walls yeah before he could get in here but not anymore we had to abandon the soda fort it was a sinking ship it was just not gonna work we thought it would but no they they fortified the walls they made all the improvements to keep us out yes so I don't think they've told you guys yet but this is actually where the exact location we did the 24-hour challenge so we're reliving some good memories here dangers building up some walls in the outside right now and this is a good section too because it's like kind of near like the back of the store so how many people are coming over here so way better than that drink section all right Ange is Eddie in the fort folks here you go okay I mean we need definitely need some like carpet or something this is hurting I got to scoot down to make more room I just smacked my eye socket right here Wow won't be surprised if I get a black eye I don't know where Justin went either just disappeared finally oh where have you been exploring okay never moving these bags I was in that Alex outside I get here oh oh man that's a toy I found this is an employee the reason why but this dog food area is so good it's because it's so low to the ground that people typically don't bend down and look in there even if there are like holes like in the wall like this people will not see us unless they're being very deliberate because it's very spacious in here inter let's hear a big berth let's hear a big burp to the people in the other I'll kind of hearts is also compacted just go out and hear what it sounds like alright you go out first and I'll come out a minute okay I want to hear that burp sounds like okay let's hear what Andrews burps sounds like from out here okay yep so we're I was a customer I heard that I'd be very concerned i sir we're getting supplies from the fort I got a couple rugs trying to see if you guys can tell my eye is starting to turn black is that a sloth okay we're in before we got our comfy rugs down let's turn on the light whoops well how is this beautiful yeah this is just look sub sandwiches yes come on I'm starving Harry look at it guys it's a sandwich huh well so have you heard of prank calls no okay that may be yet I don't know why we've never done this before doing a prank call from inside a fort let's try a bite [Applause] I can't remember the last time we had food like a lunch item or dinner item in a fort that's a good point they always bringing just chips except without a pizza here once we're gonna have to try and beat that sometime well we could do more than just a pizza like how much food would be like a five course meal huh not come over here it looks like restock it's starting to begin just trying to enjoy our lunch here's the employee was just on the other side of this world he said who wants to build a fort no one else is in there I wish I was born if he knew you were here when he comes say something yeah that's way it's awkward oh there's two employees in the other side of this wall this time isn't prank hauls Wow also another side note I smacked my eye again on this thing at the top so I don't know what's going on so one of you left this comment saying that we should prank the store that were in we are going to do that good idea we're gonna ask him about a question about that dog food over there and see if they come and look at it hi um I was just wondering if you guys had the old Roy bacon flavored dog food and if so how much protein was in that oh yes hi I was just wondering if you guys carry the old Roy bacon flavored dog food and how much protein that has it's right in front of us to the food it's just a dog food bag for my dog's birthday yeah yeah that's his favorite birthday snack okay thank you he's is that him ah perfect that that's just what I needed to hear cuz yeah we're gonna have a birthday party whoo I may have to come in and buy all of them because like I said we're having a birthday party that's correct perfect innocence you picked out the bag you can come to the birthday party if you want okay okay thank you for checking yeah that would be perfect I have a great night wow man that is so good because we saw him checking he did there's two bags two bags four of the other one he counted the bags two prices Wow and he's doing a prank call now I'm gonna call a different Walmart that were not and then ask them if it's okay if my son builds a fort in the dog food aisle cuz we're already there already doing it yeah hi I just had a quick question for you guys I'm currently in the dog food aisle with my son Leroy and I was just wondering if it's okay if we build a fort can you hear me because he's actually doing you know he's actually doing it right now I mean he's already got his couch set up his playstation it's all in the dog food aisle like in the rafters is that okay I don't wanna be doing no funky business huh I'm asking you I'm just asking you like here you know this is like the prank call challenge you did try and like prank call while having this like not get caught yeah that was intense I do one more yep yeah I just had a quick question I am currently in your dog food aisle building a fort and just want to make sure that was okay building a fort yeah is that okay with you guys we can be searching the duct probably for this man I'm building a fort in the dog food rafters and just want to make sure that was okay with you guys yeah I already built it I'm already in it I was just double-checking I bet you they're going to the dog food aisle oh crap we better get out of here quickly that wasn't this storm we have to make a safe escape this time guys to make a successful for employee walk by I'm gonna look in that way the whole time though okay get help entrance well guys that was a successful fort we made it out alive didn't get caught oh yeah we want to do a prank call center fort you like that idea dude that would be so insane we have to do it we shall but thanks for watching as always leave like if you're enjoying the fort friday series yeah leave a comment you know something cool and we'll see you back here another time

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