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you’re bailing as you can see there’s a problem on my
head I was about to comb my hair when as soon
as I put this friggin brush inside it got stuck got stuff this is really gonna everything I don’t know yep that just happened Big Buddha got down here breath briefly
for 225 okay not a hero
oh you are what cuz I don’t like it oh my
are you recording you open on YouTube yeah I’m just cutting all the way up why
this why don’t you guys term it too late wait long with this dick of myself oh let them niggas know what’s going on today’s star track sharp it’s on me can you see my hello you
cannot see its compote Squiggy Squiggy Squiggy Jesus Christ
fucking hell man I’ll finish if you come on college I’m staying in this house turn it up you know I painted I was just like damn probably
never seen it from the outside point of view yeah Hey oh my gosh oh yeah uh you see that that ain’t ain’t
that ain’t no that ain’t no tomorrow I’m gonna get the club ooh
let the tape clip I’m gonna push the tape back by trailer
I’m gonna smooth all that down Bob all have a piece but that ain’t no the one oh my god yeah I’ll just do it Jojo air
look up in the cameras off like you did in the other video
holy shit report card on what every report card right elf on every report
card we can get you amount of chips eat ahead opportunity to get help got
internet at the house and he still turn around turn around saying do a spin 360
spin come on come on that’s how he going to school today since they want to show
out put your report card of junk I don’t cut about you being mad man you want to
get banning and act a fool I can’t go on with you let me see your report card 10
got no good grades or B there is no good grant use is this why his hair cut like
this come on turn around turn around turn around
just this was does do you want to be a thug huh you want to get in trouble is
everybody else fine why you get in trouble at school right okay
do good next report card oh my god I call this record the double issue you
see he got like a mr. t no mr. t I don forgot the Claire Carl man yeah that’s
the mr. t but he got to look little wait she always wanted wait well he couldn’t
have grown up so I’m eight so I made a song they like slime is you said look at
the fight like I’ll turn now shoot in the bitrate bill you see it but I know there’s Wilma straight song wants me to
get like a belly button the doesn’t thing we hated that side is the size of
its life he was gonna be like asymmetrical or something on the Brawn
Jabberwocky matters I got a Robocop when he take his mask off eh I got wanted to
undertake her brother Kane fades he gave me an insight out little boozy fade look
like my hairline still loading he gave me one of those when I rolled my barber
money but I think he professional buddy really paid you could ain’t paid him yet
phase he push my shit back like a comfortable I’m gonna fit this shit
though look like my hairline ran away but on my artist so I think I can fix it
why not give it a chance got me some blue painters tape my shit
taped off nothing to fix my shit got me some paint some black some Brown some
tans I’m mixing it up mix it up I’m gonna try sponge technique just sponge
you to run ball all the way up to take know my shit tight look good that’s the
Harvey hairline the old Steve Harvey hairline it’s official I’m tofu idiot and that’s how you faked your head
that’s the first time I done it without my mom’s help but I think I did pretty
good good Merman yeah man yep I got 99 problems but haircuts not
one what you want bro you want that yeah that this all right what oh my gosh but that’s but got a free hand going on right here just
the first time I’m bringing back and being too baby see some stuff why I kind
of could’ve did definitely on its got the tape with drink if you get ready to go to do with me

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