God Wrote The Constitution And Created America?!

God Wrote The Constitution And Created America?!

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former Republican House majority leader
Tom DeLay is back and he has a prescription for what will kick your all america’s
political and social ills he was on the other global evangelism
television network out earlier this week talking about the role of religion in
government I think we got off the track when we
allowed our government to become a secular government one week stop
realizing that God created this nation he wrote the Constitution that is based
on Biblical principles and and and we allowed those that don’t believe in those things
too to poop keep pushing as pushing us and pushing
us away from from the government I think that that that bright Underwood on house of cards actually based on exactly
what I thought as I was reading a story just did it stay if there is a very
smartly made a democrat accepted Frank Underwood
has never said anything that profoundly stupid no no no that
doesn’t work man yeah that’s right but ok but the but the
in office Tom DeLay rota right real sophisticated very successful operative and tell it
caught up with him up that strikes me as superfreak
underhand with no morality whatsoever and and not
really much of a real concern about ideology more just but hard-core
politics Holloway says alright really you know the taxes the so
called Hot Tub Time they didn’t like him back today did whatever their network the global
evangelism television network is John he’s mean I’m missin how their the
global evangelical television network that we can get easily I live in
Southern California Keck the pac-12 network I play basketball but that we’d love to
have the people get got is withholding the bench an
interview well yeah I’ll 0 almost bought them but yes for some reason it couldn’t work
out %uh so now to the sub so this when we get off on
the wrong track a and go ahead towards secularism I
think the date was seventeen seventy say estrogen right when the revolution started in the
perhaps on the government form later and was a 1789 Rebecca you know candidate yeah when will you put into
the first amendment usual on establish a religion that might
have been what books are becoming his secular government he says it as if like
it’s a recent development like three years ago Obama turn this into a secular
government when clearly the that the George Washington as a
slash Jesus Christ had written the gas to hear what we also take a God in his infinite
subtlety chose an unbeliever as a principal out
there in the constitution which was interesting I mean yeah I hear a swathe I’m not I’m
not anti-god unlike most my pals here but I gotta say
that was an interesting move on his part yeah but typically had Thomas Jefferson
right well I’m not anti-gun I’m just not sure he exists if he
existed I’m definitely program hey the position today I think I thought
against her but I so we’ve got some more from tumblr to
get to in just a second but I do wanna say that to the Christians who believe that God
wrote the Constitution whatever that supposed to mean I don’t think you should want him to
have been ultimately responsible for the Constitution because that means that all the incredible laws with the
constitution as originally written in as amended can be traced back to God which means
apparently got love slavery doesn’t have a huge problem with it allows to go on
for a number decades after the Constitution is put
into effect the fact that the the Constitution had so many flaws that
would eventually need to be amended the fact that the bill is right had to be added to an
all the further amend its mean that apparently he’s not great writer or the
very least he doesn’t do enough editing if you will need read religious
history have any kind it’s decently written you
find with only in the last 100 years or so the even the most ardent believers and
Christianity or any other religion couldn’t
understand that it was not a for read what I write literal reality this
liberalism up the Bible is a very recent phenomenon yes and yeah it and by the way to even before the bill writes the
constitution says that we should not establish any religious test for office which is a curious thing that
pro-gadhafi right well he didn’t think the necessary like it was any rocks yeah well I think try I just spent my entire
career as a leader and the house representatives as sorta
focused on 2nd chronicles 7:14 if my people were called by my name and a humble
themselves prey seek my face and turn from their wicked ways I will hear from
heaven forget the mother says and he’ll their lawn and I’ve taught it to my members I a let it and Bible studies a min trying to
lead members in the house to Bible studies focused on that I even shield of
the rotunda other capital thinking that have all
people the leaders in the nation need need to takes say ground call 714 and we sealed off the capital so that
for three hours leaders in the house and the senate got
on our knees seeking the face of God and praying and and I really feel now pastor mad
that the Lord is hurt us and I and II see the
Holy Spirit moving and and I I I pray every day for a Annapurna waking in this country and I
think it’s coming I I feel like pastor Matt was a thinking
right at the end who pocketbook this gather wat time look
totally buys it okay yeah it’s a deal with but I ate
my well that till about yeah so II like that the Rotunda story
with a seal it off in all get on their knees apart he left out was the date invited the lobbyists then
right before the break another

100 thoughts on “God Wrote The Constitution And Created America?!

  • Lance Boil Post author

    And Thomas Jefferson wrote the Bible.

  • tbppuglia Post author

    "Couldnt understand it was metaphorical" <- thatsa stupid remark….

  • CherryGhost15 Post author

    It's always the Old Testament God, too for these jerks, too.

  • CherryGhost15 Post author

    No one more HUMBLE than a politician!

  • Susan Post author

    Fuck me this whole comments section is one big fedora tipping convention, was this video linked to r/Atheism or something?

  • James Pak Post author

    Cenk, I can't believe you let slip what Richard Eskow commented about literal interpretation of the bible being only a hundred years old or so. That's a bullshit statement that is easily refuted…and typical of theists who continue to make shit up to support their worldview

  • Nicholas Butler Post author

    If God wrote the constitution, then God created a secular government with the power to tax its citizens.

  • AsifIcarebear3 Post author

    There's some quote about how you should beware of people who pretend they speak for god, since what they say god wants invariably coincides with their own wants.

  • donkeydump63 Post author

    This is coming from a guy who thinks DDT is a "benign substance".

  • GarlicPudding Post author


  • Kevin Sullivan Post author

    The god that made the US was the "Great Spirit" of the indigenous people.
    not the Jewish god of Israel.

  • Joe! Post author

    The constitution was written by men who knew that religioous domination would be the downfall of our culture.

  • sukruoosten Post author

    repent en turn to god!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keila Schloemp Post author

    I love the comment Cenk made at the end there about the lobbyists. Very clever.

  • wishbone346 Post author

    Can we start making basic history lessons a necessity to get elected to any form of government please?

  • frogstamper Post author

    What a joke, why don't these extremists join the church instead of going into politics? what an embarrassment our politicians are.

  • Kelli Hillman Post author

    Clearly you cannot think clearly if you subscribe to evangelical nonsense.

  • Honey Badger Post author

    "Apparently [G/god] is not a good writer…"  Well, that explains in part why the religious right professes such strict Constitutionalism.  They can't write, either.

  • 1955RodHot Post author

    Is there a single school in the United States of America that actually teaches history to it's students?

  • John Stoner For Life Post author

    Dangerous man, in leading political office…… That's seriously Fd up

  • Midas Snap Post author

    Yea we should of done what the Muslims do and force everyone to be religious.
    I'm so sick of the we got away from God and that's why we are having problems. Morons our problems are created by real breathing people. Its created by the people that have the money to buy our politicians to bend the rules to their liking.

  • Midas Snap Post author

    God hated Indians.

  • Drake Magnum Post author


  • Midas Snap Post author

    Tom Delay learned this in prison.

  • waswestkan Post author

     The US has been secular all along with the blessing of Christians, the secular nature gives Christians in their minds forgiveness for chasing the God almighty dollar, as opposed to living the principals outlined by their Savior.  That the US was founded on Biblical principals if preposterous. In the Bible there is no free republic where the representatives are  chosen by the governed No capitalism as capitalism is practiced today.  Any morals attributed to the Bible are know known to be universal across many societies and not exclusive to the Bible. Delay is pandering to the lazy Christian, selfish instead of speaking of the hard work required the good for all mankind.

  • Chris Ashcroft Post author

    And the Muslims are the crazy ones….right??

  • Anna Vox Post author

    OH! So THAT'S why it's against the law to boil a young goat in its mother's milk?
    Said no one ever.
    Getting REAL tired of your shit, Christians.

  • 210daved1 Post author

    are Republicans really that stupid or gullible? I'd be in embarrassed to be a Republican,the God insulting party,( the Bible says if you mock the poor you insult God)

  • simco102 Post author

    I just lost 20 IQ points watching right wing org

  • BradTheAmerican Post author

    what a crock of shit

  • Our own little 3d world Post author

    OMG! how can these religious people be so stupid!

  • sprybug Post author

    Who voted this mental case into office?

  • Ian Warner Post author

    I keep hearing people saying "parody is dead" and telling them that's bullshit. This is the dead parrot sketch of parody is dead, I shall stop nailing it to the perch.

  • Professor James Moriarty Post author

    This is the biggest load of nonsense i have ever heard and these people are politicians. This is just  a complete joke where a person with little intellectual capability is put in a position of responsibility. Politics is a complete load of bullshit. 

  • Dana Owens Post author

    Total Moron…I feel sorry for the bullshit that runs through his stupid head 24/7.  These folks are just going to have to die out, There is no reasoning with these cretans.

  • AlternateHistoryHub Post author

    People laugh, but whats scary is that these crazies are voted into our government everyday. -_-

  • Too Much Post author

    Republicans are MORONS!

  • atheistmecca Post author

    Scary, we almost had a president who's beliefs are even more far fetched then Christians. I hope we get an atheist president soon but I don't it.

  • TheKingLeo73 Post author

    If "God" wrote the constitution, why did he call for a separation of "CHURCH" and "STATE"?

  • patrick ray Post author

    he can see holy spirit moving? WTH!

  • Badlatvian Skepticman Post author


  • taburdine1 Post author

    The white man's god-Satan constitution.

  • AnonRanGER01 Post author

    "Went off track when the US became a secular government"? You mean it went off track when it was FOUNDED?

  • P1ranh4 Post author

    A constitution is not a divine document. it's what the people of a democracy decides what the principles are that governs their nation. It can be and is being revised which is good. Society changes, rights and freedoms are extended (ideally) and mistakes are expunged. That is normal. It's silly to call it infallible.

  • blahahah11 Post author

    Perfect strategy!  Make critical thought of a highly valued legal document taboo and attach it with your puppet deity!

  • Brian Valdivia Post author

    White people are children of satan

  • Matthew Nelson Post author

    what bothers me the most is do they want human advancement to make earth a better place to live or do they want to change the world in a way that will BIRNNG BACCK JEEBUS AND THE RAPTUER AAMEN!!

  • Jeff Apellido Post author

    So, if God allowed amendments to the Constitution, why didn't he allow amendments to the Ten Commandments?

  • Nick Clark Post author

    Holy fuck, I thought my brain was going to melt from the bombardment of ignorance, and stupidity.  

  • Ryan Favinger Post author

    Anyway the country wasn't founded on the constitution, it was originally the articles of confederation, I believe, I May Be Wrong

  • Razorlust Post author

    I'm pretty sure 98% of one party and 85% of the other major party thinks like this.

  • tothboy01 Post author

    Saying that the biblical god wrote the U.S. constitution is as ridiculous as saying that Hino wrote Canada's constitution or Odin wrote Sweden's constitution or Zeus wrote Greece's constitution or Jupiter wrote Italy's constitution or Dagda wrote the Republic of Ireland's constitution or Taranis wrote France's constitution or Candamius wrote Spain's constitution or Perun the thunder god wrote Russia's constitution or Izanagi wrote Japan's constitution or Yu-huang wrote China's constitution or Vishnu wrote India's constitution or Huitzilopochtli wrote Mexico's constitution or Viracocha wrote Peru's constitution or Altjira wrote Australia's constitution or Rangi wrote New Zealand's constitution, etc.

  • jpz719 Post author

    These are the days that make me want murder legalised.

  • Caleb Steele Post author

    Cenk says "God Bless" a lot in other videos. What's his purpose for saying it if he's agnostic?

  • Brandon Post author

    i know someone has got to have said this but what about separation of church and state then sir

  • William Brown Post author

    Wow, Tom Delay clearly needs help. Or he is just being an evil manipulative sell out.

  • William Brown Post author

    The country was founded on secularism.

  • Jos Nijsten Post author

    This "leader" is completely nuts. This man sees invisible creatures arround him and believes he sees reality. He needs a marinol-treatment. On the other hand, I think he doesn't believe a word he is saying.

  • Domzdream Post author

    I am absolutely anti-god. Any intelligent, feeling human being should be!
    What–you're going to follow and love a god who teaches how to kill others? Or how to treat women and own slaves?
    If so, there's something wrong with your brain, and you should seek help fast!

  • heathersand73 Post author

    Oh, good old "Developmental" DeLay…always good for a chuckle!!!

  • Adi SGH Post author

    I have a question for you Americans: why do you allow people which obviously belong in a mental institute, to run your government?

  • Eric Cisneros Post author

    I want what that dude is smoking.

  • dabeana08 Post author

    It scares me how many politicians in office want the country governed by the bible.

  • The Metalhead Post author

    Explain to me how the universe was created if there is no "god"(upper force)? And if you have a answer which i doubt because not even scientists have it well then explain what caused that and if you find an answer then tell me what caused that.you see its common sense to believe there has to be a upper force maybe not an omnipotent creature like the gos christians say there is but there has to be a higher power.

  • SmithsCrhronicles Post author

    these poeple are going as far as calling the freemasons "god" WTF these people are fascists imperialist nutters. how many millions of native indians were killed of? it resembles that of satan not of god.

  • GamingTV Post author

    yeah but was god left handed or right handed when he wrote the constitution :D, too funny

  • GamingTV Post author

    but getting serious this is a very bad trend i'm seeing on the right, this now means any time republicans regains power of the white house and the house, we will see legislation with these kinds of views in it from this point forward, so america with the love of god never vote republican again if you want your kids to have a future, i beg you

  • Dan MCV Post author

    Thomas Jefferson is God?

  • XZDrake Post author

    There is no way most politicians are actually religious. Its just statistically impossible that a group of several hundred rich, educated people are all religious. It just isn't possible that they are all serious.

  • Ace Diamonds Post author

    if america was created by god you would think it would have had a little less slavery. 

  • Louis Clark Post author

    Lila by Robert M Pirsig

  • Jose Hernandez Post author

    JAJAJA mason wrote

  • Gundam_Ken Post author

    So if the constitution was created by God (an all-knowing God), then this man, well… this ASSHOLE, believes in a God who is a complete dick and a psychopath. I mean look at all the bloodshed and death that leads up to the creation of the constitution, and that follows it.

  • Jake Dangerfield Post author

    I feel sorry for American's who have to deal with these complete WHACKOS in their government.

  • boomboom48 Post author

    You are all godless cretins……wait till you get sick or old…..you may change your lowlife tone.

  • boomboom48 Post author

    What channel are these obnoxious people on?
    Young Turks or stupid jerks?

  • MsCymbalCrash Post author

    Gives new meaning to the term Developmentally DeLayed.

  • Myacono Post author

    You see if God created the US then God created and allowed slavery. That is the ultimate endgame of the Republicans , bring back slavery. Why do you think they are so anti-union. Once there are no labor advocates enslaving them is that much easier.

  • DW Post author


  • Sky Strings Post author

    Okay, I am viewing about my 10th Young Turks video for the day and every single one of them points in the direction that USA has become completely retarded. Why is this so?

  • Maine Boater Post author

    Religion needs to be taken out of consideration when it comes to government decisions 

  • 4Jesus4Truth Post author

    For anyone who doesn't remember Tom "The Hammer" Delay's saga, here's my recap. Tom Delay was the Republican house majority leader serving over 20 years in the US House of Rep. In 2006 money laundering charges ended his career and he resigned. In 2010 he was convicted for money laundering by a jury of his peers. Houstin Chronicle sums it up: "DeLay…used $190,000 in corporate money in a swap with the Republican National Committee for money raised from individuals to help finance Republican candidates for the Texas House in the 2002 elections."
    Texas election laws prevent corporate donations from being used in local elections. Delay gives $190,000 in corporate money to the RNC which gives Delay $190,000 in private funds to spend in Texas elections…. effectively sidestepping Texas law. In 2013, the Appeals court (3 judges, not a jury) ruled 2 to 1 that he was innocent on a technicality. They basically said the trial did not prove that the donating corporations had intended for this to happen. Therefore, Delay is not guilty. 2 republican judges voted not guilty & 1 democrat judge voted guilty. This guy is from the sleaziest side of politics. The side that gives politics a bad name.

  • shadowdance4666 Post author

    DeLay what a wacko that US elected into office. You are the company you keep. Hahaha

  • trevor bell Post author

    The GOP / Republicans need to review their basic American history. There is no part of the constitution state GOD's involvement in creating the nation.

  • multitudeofidols Post author

    Of course God loves slavery! Fucking read Leviticus 25. Also Exodus 21. It's basically an instruction manual on how to treat your slave, complete with a pass of beating them as long as they don't die after a day or two. Remember, this is written in the same book they believe and should be the principle for the country, authored by the God they worship and want you to respect (by law, if some could have their way).

  • Raymond Groot Post author

    Honestly, there is not another developed nation that is still having this God debate to the extent of the US, and STILL these 'Holier than thou' figures are disrespecting both the US constitution as well as the theology they love to praise.

  • TheOmegau Post author

    Let's hope fundies don't take over the country. With all the nukes we have, it would actually bring the world to ruin, not just this one country. It'd be like handing over thousands of nukes to terrorist organizations, except the fundie goal would actually be to bring about the end, because they're stupid.

  • bukojuko Post author

    oh the last 5 seconds of this video were amazing lol

  • Heather Smith Post author

    No, no, you're all misunderstanding- he clearly was referring to the Great Spirit of the Native Americans 🙂 Saying the Christian god is responsible makes even less sense. 

  • Юлиан Бродняк Post author

    I agree with this dude America has been falling apart from DAY ONE of its founding. HOW THE FUCK did he get into politics without knowing that this country always has been and always will be secular. And no the American Constitution wasn't based on Biblical principles like that if you rape a woman you must marry her and give her father ten silver shekels. The U.S Constitution was based on the values of the Roman Republic like rapid and violent expansionism.

  • Юлиан Бродняк Post author

    And hold up "the lord has heard us" and he answered your prayers by electing a black democrat?

  • Anthony Long Post author

    God isnt real

  • Rick Witt Post author

    Someone make the quack, quack, quack sounds…one of the times I'm glad I'm not from TX.

  • jmasiulewicz1 Post author

    Have a few drinks before the interview Tom?

  • David Keogh Post author

    american politicians get crazier and crazier.

  • JPC viral Post author

    Bull frickin' horse shiet! The only Vile Crossbearer amongst the Founding Fathers was Paul Revere!

  • miah collins Post author


  • frances gaia Post author

    Tom Delay was the most corrupt
    politician in Congress when in
    office. He even handed out
    Tobacco company checks to his
    House Members on the House
    Floor. Corruption was blatant.
    He may have spent some time
    in prison.
    Now, that his reputation is ruined,
    he wants to rehabilitate himself
    with a hypocritical, holier than thou

  • Daniel Coggins Post author

    Nope they were thiest

  • PhotoDude TechFreak Post author

    Lying, deluded right-winger. Men wrote the constitution. Scary thing thing is, too many so-called Christians will gobble up his crap without questioning it. We are in an age of idiocracy and suspicion against critical thinking. And inevitably putting this out there will attract exactly that which will prove it.

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