God Don’t Make The Laws – Full Film

God Don’t Make The Laws – Full Film

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-[clock ticking]
-[hour striking] [Colbie Palmer]It’s better to
live one day as a tiger
than 1,000 years as a sheep.Some Tibetan philosopher
said that hundreds of years ago.
But then again, the life
expectancy in Tibet
at that time
was probably 23 years.
It was a British band
that sang,
“And then one day you’ll find,
ten years has got behind you”
I think they sold
a lot of records.
Just about anyone has something
to say in regards to time.
The tick-tock of a clock,
the four-minute mile…
But in the end,
it’s just the blink of an eye.
Well, I’ve never been to Tibet,nor have I sung on stage,
but I believe this:
I don’t think we waste time.I think we waste ourselves.[clock ticking stops] [wind blowing] [door closes] [car approaching] Shit! You dumb fucker. -[Agent 1] Truck!
-[Agent 2] Move it! Move the fucking truck! Move this goddamn shit. [exhales] Not today, boys. -Something to eat?
-Yeah. Something… God, anything. [Lewis] Finally.
I meet the legend. You are the legend, right? If you believe
in that sort of thing. This your place? -[owner] What’s going on?
-You need to take a break. -But I’m open for business.
-Not anymore. You gotta be kidding me. Do I look like I’m kidding?
Let’s go. [shouts] Let’s go everyone! -Lunch is over.
-Come on, let’s move, people. -Let’s go.
-Come on. Walk and chew at the same time. -Come on.
-Out. Come on. Coffee? -You look tired.
-I am. Yeah. Must be lonely. Yeah, you have no idea. Well, why don’t we have
some coffee? We can talk about it. Okay? [door opens and closes] Do you know who I am? -Lewis.
-Very good. -Then you know why I’m here.
-I do. Colbie Palmer. I could have only imagined
this day. How many years have
we been playing cat and mouse? -Seems this case came to me–
-When do you want to start? -At the beginning.
-That’s kind of cloudy. I like cloudy. -[car horn honks]
-[cries and whimpers] [car horn honks]
[cries and whimpers] Did you come in on a bus? You did. Holy shit! A bus hasn’t rolled in in… I’m Joey. Oh! Bismarck? How’d you know? The JD tattoo on your ankle.
Let me see… [grunts] -What the fuck?
-I don’t like to be touched. Yeah, well, this is
my jerk off hand. Thanks a lot. You shouldn’t have done that. Yeah, well, listen, dude, your
locked in my room with me. My parents think
Homeschool is the way to go so I sit around all day
watching game shows and then inject Novocain
to numb the sound. What’s homeschool? You don’t know? -It’s the alternative.
-To what? To the emotionally ungrateful,
perpetually perfect assholes who call Rockwell their school. Perfection’s not
what it’s cracked up to be. You’re not perfect. Ah, well. I’m perfectly flawed. -[Ryan] Tell me about it.
[mumbles] [Reese] Yeah, come on. That’d
give me the bleached skin. -[Ryan] The “bleach”?
-[Reese] Well, yes. [Ryan] As you said,
the gentleman never tells. [Brett] Ah, hate it.
I hate it, man. [Ryan] Hey, Eddie.
I think I’m short again. Surprise! Surprise! We’re sorry. I mean, you think
I can give you next week? That’s what you said last time,
the time before that, the time before that… Shouldn’t you boys
be in school anyway? -We get out early. Football.
-Football? Oh, yeah. That’s what
you call that, football, huh? We got the big game
tomorrow night. -You’re going, right?
-Ah, no. No, I’m not. Huh? Oh, gee whiz, Eddie,
You got something better to do? Gee whiz, Ryan, yeah,
I got something better to do. Anything better to do. You do know that
you’re gonna be the only person
in town not there, right? The only person in town
with any common sense. Come on! We could actually
beat them this year. -You know that, right?
-That’s what you said last year, the year before that,
the year before that… We’re gonna do some
damage this time. Okay? -Damage?
-[Brett] Uh-huh. You know, the Rockwell football
team hasn’t won a game in what, seventeen years?
How’re you gonna do damage? Hey, lookie, lookie!
We got Stinky Stumbles here! Get him, boys. -Stinky.
-Hey, Stinky. How are you? Oh, God. He really does smell. Hey, take it easy. Take it easy. Hey, you guys ever seen
the chicken dance? -No, how is it?
-Watch. [hoots, crows, clucks] -Brett! Ryan! Ryan!
-Hey! Brett! Give me a break, Reese.
Reese, stop. Hey! Hey! Cut it out. Come on, Eddie, we’re just…
Just having some fun. Yeah, well, I don’t like
your idea of fun, all right. [stove sizzling] -Get out of here.
-Come on. -[Ryan] We’ll see him later.
-[Brett] Forget him. [Ryan] See you later, Eddie. Johnny. Johnny, sit down.
Come here. I’m gonna make you
a nice burger, all right? -Just the way you like it, okay?
-[chuckles] [guitar playing soft ballad] You’re not from
around here, are you? I’m looking for the high school. Up the road you’ll find it. -Thanks.
-Hey, wait a minute. I think you should put
that thing away. Hey, Colbie. Hey. Bonfire, tonight? Yeah, I guess so. You’re lacking essential
cheerleader enthusiasm. -Eddie’s at it again.
-What is it this time? He’s taking in a loser,
not that my opinion matters. Who is he? Some stray dog who’s being
bounced around from various -little league prisoners.
-You can’t be serious! [scoffs] -Wait, like crimes?
-Yeah. [Betty] Like,
crimes against humanity? Well, it’s not a Dostoevsky
novel but yeah, he’s done time. Wait, so he’s gonna be
in your house when you run around
in your underwear? -Please.
-Well? Oh… It gets better.
Wait till you hear his name. Try, “Excuse me”,
that usually works. Uh, okay. Excuse me. I’m looking for Eddie Palmer. You mean,
Eddie, “the loser” Palmer? -That’s not very nice, Colbie.
-Oh, please. I know him personally. He’s
a walking bottle of bourbon. Just up the road there, you’ll
find him behind the grill. I’m Hawk Kodiak. That’s the name. You mean, you were standing here
the whole time -we were talking about you?
-Well, I wasn’t sure. -What’s that?
-This? -Yeah, that.
-A basketball. -Hmm, it’s kind of cool.
-No, it is not. Wait over by the door there.
I’ll be right with you. I’m your ride. Can you give us
a minute alone, please? Sorry if I pissed you off. You pissing me off is
a foregone conclusion. You were pretty rough on him. Please, I know he’s garbage. He knows he’s garbage.
Why should I pretend? [Mayor] Okay, everyone. We should probably get through
this before the big bonfire. -When’s that start, Coach?
-Eight o’clock. Then we’re on time. I now call the Rockwell council
yearly meeting to order. Let’s go round the table.
You first, Chief. Not one person was injured.
Not one law was broken. As always,
it’s perfect in Rockwell. Well, almost.
We have a petition by Johnny. Stumbles? He wants
to reinstate basketball. I didn’t know
that nitwit could write. Come on,
he knows we can’t do that. We still have to vote. He’s a mess. He hasn’t bathed
since who knows when. Yeah, why test fate? It’s perfect here.
Nothing needs to change. Almost perfect. I mean, what about the football record,
hey, Coach? We’ll get one tomorrow night.
Don’t worry about it. It’s a small price
to pay, Harvey. After all, change is not good. Status quo, that’s our motto. All those in favor, say aye. All those opposed, say nay. [all] Nay. Cat got your tongue? Well, something’s
holding back your words. I just figured you wanted me
to be quiet. Okay. Yeah, you’re gonna fit in
just fine here. Paint by numbers. Ask “how high”
when someone says “jump.” So, you ready to meet the
unhappiest man in Rockwell? -My uncle.
-Eddie’s your uncle? Well, in a manner of speaking
because we rarely speak. -Why?
-I don’t know, -it doesn’t really matter.
-Every little bit counts. Oh, yeah? Yeah. I believe that. Okay. Well, believe this, Hawk,
your time here is gonna be pretty short.
So just go with the flow. It’s gonna make things
a whole lot easier. I just might surprise you. No, the only thing that’s gonna
surprise me is if you’re still here when
the cornfields are covered in snow.
[sniffs] We’re here. Hawk? What, are you hungry? [chuckles] Very. [Johnny] I know you. [Eddie] He talked to you! No, Johnny doesn’t
talk to any… -Did you see that?
-Yeah. I’ve seen a lot of things,
Eddie. [griddle sizzling] Is that a real
leather basketball? -You ever play?
-Hmm. I was expecting you
to come tomorrow. I’d nowhere else to go.
I just got out of juvie. Hey, you don’t have to
talk about all that. Oh, listen, I… That’s a little, you know,
ice cream money -and the keys to the scooter.
-The scooter? Yeah, you’re gonna be delivering
newspapers at 5 a.m. so get used to it. You know this isn’t
a free ride, right? So, uh, did you get to know
Warden Kelly at all while you were in there? No. Only met him
on my way in and way out. Well, he must’ve got
a good look at you ’cause he said you’re the best
ball player that he ever saw. And you do know, right, that when Bud Kelly says
something like that, well… He knows what the hell
he’s talking about. -I got game.
-You got game? What the hell’s that
supposed to mean? -Means I could take anyone.
-Look, that kind of attitude is going to get you into trouble
around here. -It is what it is, I guess.
-Well, not around here, it isn’t, because we don’t even
play ball in Rockwell. -You don’t have a team?
-Yeah, something like that. -I don’t get it.
-Hawk. Who gave you that name? Couple of inmates. Gave me the first.
I picked the last. It’s unusual. Kodiak, Alaska.
I was born there. It’s a long journey. -It’s the beauty of it all.
-Listen, Hawk Kodiak. If you screw up just one time,
any little thing, right, I’m gonna send you back to juvie
real fast, you get it? I just might surprise you. All right. Just don’t
disappoint me, all right? -It’s not what you think.
-It never is. So, this is home. Hey! Hey! [whimpers] Come back here! I’m not gonna hurt you. It’s okay. You can stand up. [cries] Why’re you so afraid? I’m Hawk. I… -You can tell me.
-I… -Hey, hey, come back!
-I… Doesn’t surprise me
to find you here. Just trying to get
a little news out. With that? Ah, you know… I used to ask
about your drinking, you know. Yeah, probably 100 times
a day you asked. You never gave me an answer. Oh, I know what
you want to know about. You want to know
how long this kid Hawk is going to be staying
with us, is that right? -Yeah.
-It’ll be different this time. Oh, come on, Eddie. Nothing’s ever different
including your newspaper. Either Harvey’s just gonna
drive him out or he’s gonna see how
screwed up we are around here and disappear like a Blue Jay
on a Friday night. Not this time. Yeah.
I do admire your hope, Eddie, but as soon as
the disappointment sets in, you’re just gonna sink back
into that bottle. Life is all about change. Well, then help it change. Start by coming to the pep rally
with me. [laughs] Pep rally?
Want me to go to a pep rally? Pep rally, gee whiz!
I… I think I’ll just get
the news out, all right. Okay. Like everything else,
I’ll just quit asking. [machine whirring] [people chattering] [cheering and yelling] Hey. What’s up? It’s a nice fire, isn’t it? Nice fire, Colbie? It’s warm, yeah,
on a cold night. Colbie, this is a pep rally
bonfire for our arch rival. So, I really think warmth
isn’t the issue here, huh? Damn. It’s been locked up. -For how long?
-Oh, long. What’re you doing here? Um, you know, I’m… oddly fascinated
by the intricacies of the high school
social pyramid. Well, of course,
that and the miniskirts. -Come on.
-[Hawk] You’re a funny guy. [Harvey]What’s happening,
I said,
what’s happening, Rockwell? -Yeah!
-Whoo! What’re we gonna do
tomorrow night? We’re gonna beat them! Are we gonna play some football? -[Indistinct loud shouting]
-[cheering] [all chanting] Westfield P! [Hawk] Thought this stuff
was beneath you. Ah, it’s way beneath me. Actually, I was worried
about you. -Sure you were.
-Can I see it? Oh, it feels nice. -I don’t get it.
-There’s nothing to get. Now, okay, okay,
tell me something. Why would a stone fox
like Colbie ever like a guy like Brett? -[Hawk] She doesn’t like him.
-Yeah, dude, it looks that way. -She just doesn’t know it yet.
-Dude, get out. He’s got her
a white picket fence. Seriously, there’s more mass
in that guy’s biceps -than in his brains.
-[Hawk laughs] -I want to take a closer look.
-All right, go for it. But I’ve done enough to damage
my completely antisocial image. -I’ll see you later, all right?
-Sure. -[girl] Who’s that?
-[Colbie] Ridiculous. That’s my uncle’s
latest project. Look what he’s wearing. Forget what he’s wearing.
What’s up with his hair? -Hey, what’s in his hand?
-A basketball. -What’s a basketball?
-I wouldn’t care if I were you. -[girl] Hey, shh, he’s coming.
-Are you lost? Uh, just came by to say hello. Oh, well, hello.
Now, goodbye. -[girls laughing]
-Did I say something funny? Excuse us. You shouldn’t be here,
especially not with that. -It’s illegal.
-Basketball? Don’t make me explain it. Why are you here? I was hoping to walk you home. You don’t know anything about
the high school social code. What the fuck? I’m gonna pretend
you didn’t say that. Do you want to go back
to prison? Oh, no, sorry.
Juvenile correctional facility? Look, aside from
your criminal element, which I could never look past,
you play basketball. You got a problem here, Colbie? Oh, no. It’s nothing.
This is Eddie’s new hope, Hawk. Oh, that figures. I’m Harvey Cobb,
the football coach, the sheriff. I’m gonna need to take that. -Take what?
-No. Let it go, Harvey.
He didn’t know. -Give me the ball, son.
-[Hawk] Why? -Give him the ball, Hawk.
-No. You want to go back? What is that, Coach? Something you’ll never
see again. Oh, my God! God don’t make
the laws around here. I do. Can I come in? It’s your world, right? You okay? Do you really care? Hey. Hey! That’s just the way it is here,
you have to understand. -I think I won’t understand.
-[sighs] Look. Sometimes, I wonder
why anybody lives here. I know I wish for the day
when I see Rockwell -in my rear view mirror.
-Then leave. It’s not that simple and…
I will not explain it to you. Why’re you looking at me
that way? -Nothing.
-No, it’s something. Tell me. The way you are. It’s not you. Not me? Okay. It’s like you’re faking it. Faking it, huh? Maybe I’m faking it now. Why did you ask
to walk me home tonight? Hope. There is no hope.
Not a day of it. Maybe hope is nocturnal. Where do you get this stuff? I read a lot in the detention. Wow! Well, with that
I think it’s time to go. You better get some sleep.
Papers to deliver very early. [sighs] So, your uncle, he found Hawk? No, I think Hawk found us. It wasn’t like you could
look people up in those days. I’ve been thinking
about going to Kodiak Island. -Maybe something’s there–
-I’ve been there. You’ll find nothing there. Oh, of course. You know there’s a story. A story about a boy and a dog. A fine healthy boy
comes across this dog. But the dog is near starvation. And the dog says to the boy,
“Where do you get your food? How do you stay so healthy?”
“Well, I have a job. I work nights guarding the house
of an owner of the house. And for this he gives me food. And if you come with me
and help me, he’ll probably
give you food too.” So the dog thinks
this is a good idea. They set off together.
On the way, the boy is sweating. He lifts up his shirt
to mop the sweat from his brow and the dog sees on his back
these lash cuts. He said,
“Where did you get those?” The boy said, “Well…
If I fall asleep on the job, the owner beats me.” The dog says, “I’m leaving.”
“And why?” He said, “Because I’d rather
have… starving freedom… than fat slavery.” The boy thought
this was a good idea. And he left
and he was never seen again. Of course, this is only a story. Well, that figures. Why Eddie continues on this way
I will never know. Continues what? Have you seen
what you’re delivering? Go on, take a peek, paper boy. I don’t get it. The only thing
you need to get is Eddie Palmer drinks too much,
and four Sundays from now, you ain’t gonna be
delivering the paper. Why the hostility, Sheriff? I’m going to give you a choice. You could leave today… and your life will continue
just the way it is. You stick around,
it ain’t gonna end pretty. [car engine starts] Morning. Oh, jeez, I forgot
you knew how to smile, I mean… around me at least. You didn’t come home last night. I wrecked the wagon. I drove it into a ditch. My gosh. So you slept in the car
last night? Uh-huh. I guess I should quit
my drinking, eh? Time for a change. Yeah. You look like
you could use some help. -Hey, Eddie.
-Hmm? Can hope be nocturnal? [faint howling]So, the basketball,
it was magically untouched?
Uh-huh. I saw it go into the fire. And I saw it the next evening. -Could there’ve been two?
-No. You know, over all the years, I have noticed
there are two things
that are similar. One is real magic
and the other is bullshit. However, the difference is I have never seen real magic,
but I’ve seen a lot of bullshit. All right, well… think what you want, Lewis,
but that basketball rose from the ashes.
I know that. -Thank you.
-Uh-huh. You good? Okay. You know
those things will kill you. You know what that doughnut
will do to your arteries? It’s like forcing a wad of clay
through a straw. What? I haven’t been sick
in 17 years! Not so much as a cold. I didn’t say
it would happen today. Hop on. I’ll give you a lift. Hey, hey, look what I got. [gasps and cries] You ready? Hold on. [Johnny whooping] -[clattering]
-[muffled whooping] -Oh, my God!
-I’ll be… You all have to see this. [whoops] Who is that guy? It’s Hawk Kodiak. -Fucking A.
-Hey, watch your language,
young man. [mumbles] Johnny hasn’t been on
a moving vehicle since, well… I’ll be damned. [chicken clucking] [wind chimes jingling] [clattering] Is this your home? It’s nice. What is it, John? [groans] I know you can talk. You spoke to me. Why won’t you talk
to anyone else? I see an angel. No. Suitcase. Suitcase. In the…
In the hallway, hallway. [giggles with excitement] You were part of this team? -But…
-But? I haven’t aged. Can I borrow this? It’s why you’re here. [Lewis]When was the accident?A long time ago. A timeline? I need dates. It will help me
put it into perspective. There really is no perspective. The bus went down in ’77. I was 17 at the time. Hawk Kodiak came to Rockwell
17 years later. And that was
another 17 years ago. -What?
-I’m 51 years old. [crowd cheering] [whistles] [cheering continues] You girls want to show up
playing football tonight? I could get the reserves.
The cheerleaders could
do a better job. Look, Coach, they just got
our number, okay? I don’t know
what else to do… Number? Well,
I’ll give you a number. How about 37 to zip
and it’s half time. [basketball dribbling] I’ll be damned. Hey. Ah! A rebound, boy. [Hawk chuckles] It won’t be any. Bus crash? Yeah. On the way
to state finals. The bus went over the bridge… wound up at the bottom
of the river. Where did you get this rim? -Johnny?
-Johnny. You know, nobody knows how, but somehow he’s the only one
who survived that crash. You know that team?
It was 25 win all. A lot of people think
that’s the best team
this state has ever seen. So that’s why
there’s no basketball? You know, Hawk, basketball was
like a religion around here and game night,
the town would shut down, everybody would file down
to the gym… You know,
it was like a cathedral. And… I don’t know,
a lot of people think that the pain
of that night, it’s… what kept the town
from changing. Nobody ages? No suffering since then,
no death, no sickness… See if you find
a hospital around here. Well, one thing has
nothing to do with the other. Yeah, well, try telling that
to the townsfolks. Specially Colbie.
You know her brother, Michael,
was on that bus, right? Bud Kelly says he’s the best
player he ever saw until you. So… there will be no basketball
in Rockwell. [clock ticking] [bangs on the door] [panting] Can’t say he didn’t think
this would happen. How bad was it? As bad as it gets. 57-0. [chuckles] Shoot. Where did this come from? It rose from the ashes. No, really.
Where did you get it? -I told you.
-Shut up. I would never lie to you. Shoot. -You’re a natural.
-Yeah. [Colby chuckles] Yeah. I think I’d like this. You want to take a ride? I don’t know who decided
to bury them all together. No one ever talks about it. Now you know why
Harvey is the way he is. Don’t do it. I’m really afraid. It’s only a game. It’s a lot more than a game. There must be someway
out of this, right? [sighs] Been hoping you might know. Hey. -You bored?
-Nah. Just fixing the bike. Huh. Well, gym’s open. [chuckles] Oh, man. -Want to go shoot some hoops?
-Yeah. Heaven! [echoing] [Hawk] Did you hear that? Whoa, whoa, whoa, hear what? [Hawk] Angels. [chuckles] Get out! Wow! We’d have won some games.
What do you think, Stumbles? [whoops] Couldn’t have said it
better myself. Out with it. What is it? They’re in the gym. -Gym? The basketball gym?
-Is there another gym? Come on. Guys, we have a problem. Hawk’s playing basketball. -Bless you.
-Oh, my God! What’d I just do? You may be getting a cold. What’s a cold? So, how does it feel? Johnny’s clearly
having some fun. The guy’s freaking out
over there. No, seriously, dude,
you’re right. This is heaven.
Here. Nice. What in God’s name
is going on here? God has nothing to do with it. Give it to me. The ball, smart ass!
Give it to me. Son, you’re gonna be
in a whole lot of trouble. Do you believe this guy? -He’s a freak. What can I say?
-Hey, Brett, you missed out on something.
It’s called evolution. Hey, you shut up. -Fuck this guy…
-Easy. Easy. We’ll let the law
take care of this. I’m locking you up, tough guy.
What’d you think about that? Hey, Harvey, Harvey, Harvey,
you got a problem here?
What’s going on? Yeah, we got a problem.
Your problem’s right there. Yeah… Come on,
they’re just boys. They want to play a little ball.
They’re just like your boys. Yeah, they’re not like my boys.
We both know -why this can’t happen.
-Enlighten me. You want something
to happen to her? Or him? Or any of us
for that matter? -Things are perfect here.
-Now, that’s your opinion. -Eddie, I’m the law.
-You are! You are the law, Harvey! But… wait a minute. When was the last time you
arrested somebody? -It’s been what, how many–
-Seventeen years. Seventeen years? If you arrest him now,
you just could be messing
with the status quo. This isn’t over, Eddie.
It’s not over by a long shot. You got that right,
’cause we got practice tomorrow. Season begins…
Give me that ball. -You got that?
-It’s on your shoulders, Eddie. -Coach, come on.
-Let’s go, boys. Bye, fellas. [chuckles] Johnny, blow the whistle. Attaboy! All right, bring it in,
bring it in. We’re to start a little
scrimmaging in there, all right? Joey. Joey, your team is shirts,
Hawk, you got skins. -No, I can’t.
-What do you mean, you can’t? Skins. I can’t do it. Hawk, for this to work,
I’m the coach,
you’re the player, okay? [whispering]
I got scars on my back. It happened at home.
I don’t want to talk about it. That was then. This is now. [whimpers] All right, all right. That,
like everything else around here lately
is out of the way. Let’s go to work, guys.
Up and down. Let’s play. [Johnny giggles] God! Oh, God! [panting]
Can you smell it? -He hasn’t showered.
-Joey, leave the boy alone. Yeah, I think I’m gonna
vomit, Coach. Joey, leave him alone. [Johnny laughs] [Hawk] See? Not so bad. [laughing continues]
No, not so bad. What happened on the bus, John? [sobs] Oh, it’s okay. Another time. -Smell real good.
-[laughs] Who knows, maybe
we’ll cure your stuttering. I don’t think so. Bud Kelly? What the hell
are you doing here? Well, I’m just…
passing through. Thought I’d get a cup of coffee. You were not just
passing through. Nobody passes through Rockwell.
You know that. Things may be changing. Oh! -How is he?
-The boy? Oh, my God! Bud, you’re so right.
I mean, that kid… I’ve never seen anything
like him, you know. Kid’s pulling up from 30, 35,
draining everything. He wants to go to the rack,
he goes to the rack. You know, we double team him,
triple team him… And he takes up the rim,
he just… bang! That’s not what
I’m asking you, Eddie. All right,
so what’re you saying? Oh, imagine a young boy,
he’s never had a loving home, doesn’t even have a name, and one day, he just…
shows up at the gate. Only possessions he has
are the… rags in his duffle bag
and his basketball. So you’re telling me,
he didn’t even have to be there? This kid was starving. He, he was so thin
he looked like a… stick with… ears. [chuckles]
So, I… had him come in. Gave him a… slice of pie… Gave him a home. So… you’re saying the kid
doesn’t even have
a criminal record? This boy doesn’t have
any identification whatsoever. Damn. I’ll tell you something else. When the Hawk–
That’s what we call him, the Hawk–
When he arrived, uh… in the evenings, when the lights were out,
we’d hear this… howling. Howling. Yeah. Like a dog crying,
you know. Eerie sound. -Dog.
-Yeah. And this guard,
mean son of bitch, he… he shot him, and there was no…
howling after that. But the next morning,
the same guard was found… in his home with his…
trigger hand chewed off. I mean, I… saw it.
It was a pool of red. Just… bled to the bone. Bud, that’s… you know,
that’s quite a story. I’ll tell you one last thing. Through all the years,
every kind of boy… has come through
this institution,
but nobody… and I mean, nobody,
is like Hawk. Is that a warning? You got any pie? [Brett] Hey, lookie, lookie,
it’s tough guy. Oh, lookie, lookie,
it’s the Brett pack. You really think you’re funny,
don’t you? Oh, yeah.
I have my moments of clarity. [Brett] Oh, I heard there was
a basketball practice today. You heard right, buddy. Hey, you guys should think
about joining. Yeah, we would,
but, you see, that’ll be breaking the law,
so… Good to know, professor. All right, you boys have fun
at your playdate. Actually… Oh, yeah, great,
that’s very mature. That’s funny,
you’re not so tough without
your freak friend, are you? Yeah. Where’s freak now
by the way? You know, I don’t know. Oh, wait, actually, you should
go check Colbie’s room. Oh, shit. You know,
that’s not cool, man. Yeah, well, that’s not cool. Get him! Come on! [Joey grunts] Yo! Hold him! Hold him for me.
Come on! Ready? Hey, you’re so funny, huh? -Fuck, yeah. I want that.
-[boy screams] -You finished?
-Yes, yes, yes. Go home. Whoa, whoa, whoa!
[groans] How’d you do that? -Do what?
-What… What do you mean, what?
You just wiped the floor… with, like, practically
the entire football team. -It’s not that big a deal.
-[Joey exhales] Are you like a superhero
or something? -Hardly.
-Are you sure? No cape,
no… no mask. no… no mask. -I’m not.
-Well, you could be. Oh! Damn. -They got a couple of good ones.
-Let me see. Yeah, you’re gonna
have a shiner, bud. -You mean like a black eye?
-Exactly. Oh, shit! That’s spectacular. -Oh, wow.
-What? Oh, there just hasn’t been
any violence here since… Since when? Ah, I don’t know
if I can explain it. Of course, no one can. You do get
what’s going on here, right? No, so tell me. We’re changing because of you. -Not because of me.
-Okay, yeah, then what is it? Look, dude, I got a black eye. I-I don’t even remember the last
time I bruised. I mean… Sickness… aging, death… that whole… that whole thing. How old are you anyway? I’m 34. My God! Yeah. Look, change is normal for you,
but… around here,
normal is not change. I mean, yeah, at first,
it was pretty cool. Being young forever,
who doesn’t want that? But then, the mundane of it all
really just starts to… fuck with your head. I could’ve been on that bus,
you know? Why weren’t you? [mumbles] Joey way too cool. Team sports not really my thing. But now… every morning I wake up
and I wish I was with them. Well, you’re on a team now. Yeah, you’re right. I am. [Lewis] So it was time
for a change? Let me ask you
a better question, Lewis. Does time exist
if nothing is changing? I have to think about that. No, don’t. It’ll make you crazy. I think it was Aristotle
who said, “Time does not exist
except for change.” Hmm. Well… I’m no Aristotle,
but… the second Rockwell started
playing basketball, the sneezing turned to colds,
the colds turned to the flu… -And–
-And Hawk? Yeah… You know, some questions
just can’t be answered. Where do we go when we die? What’s the meaning of life? Why is it so funny
when guys get kicked in… [laughing] Some people think that
Hawk Kodiak was an angel and other people think that
he was the devil. I don’t believe
in heaven or hell, but I do believe that
Hawk Kodiak was created
for no other purpose than to be a catalyst
for change. Three weeks. [Harvey] Eddie put it
on the schedule. [Mayor sighs] Three weeks? That’s what I said. I thought it was only
a scrimmage. That dress rehearsal is tonight. -[sighs] Jesus, Harvey.
-A real game. Is he out of his mind? You don’t want me
to answer that. And… people are excited
about this? Genuinely… yeah. This is a mess. What have you found on that boy? Nothing. Not a trace.
The kid’s clean as a whistle. I don’t want to be clutching
a cane in three weeks. You don’t have to tell me that. So what’re you going to do
about it? I have been kicking around
a few of my ideas. Not really proud of any of them. This is not a time
to have pride, Harvey Cobb. [shouting and cheering] [buzzer sounds] [Eddie] Oi, let’s get in.
Joey, on three, “Rockwell.” -You got it.
-[Joey] Yeah, you guys ready? [team]
One, two, three, Rockwell! -[Eddie] Yeah!
-[whooping] [cheering] Let’s do it. Oh! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! [inaudible] Why don’t we get
crowds like this? It’s ’cause we suck. [chanting]
Your coach is a farmer! Your team is the best!
The best! Joey, Joey, you got [indistinct] [buzzer sounds] -Oh, yeah!
-Yeah! -Yeah!
-Yeah! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Tune the music down
for a second. -I got something to say.
-Oh, come on, Coach. I just want to let you know that that team that you just
beat out there, those guys were last year’s
Conference champions. You smacked them!
Good times. Good times. Oi, oi, oi, oi,
listen up, listen up. I mean, we should
be celebrating, but listen. We’ve got a lot of work to do,
all right? We’ve got to put
into motion our offense. This is going to take about
a good, solid week
of hard practice, all right? We looked sloppy out there.
We were lagging– [music volume increases,
coach trails off] You know,
this is actually really good. Yeah. This is fantastic. I quit eating this stuff
a long time ago. How much vanilla
can a girl take? -I’ll soon change.
-Yeah. Wonder if the movie theater
will change. I think it’s all
going to change. I can’t tell you how many times
I’ve seen that movie. Yeah, well, I mean
it could be worse. -It could beThe Gumball Rally.
-[laughs] Yeah. I’m really sorry. For what? You know, for all these years,
treating you like an outsider. Thanks.
I mean… that’s okay. We’ve all been outsiders. I mean, none of us really did
anything to deserve this. You know, sometimes shit just…
rains down on your head. [chuckles] Yeah. What was it like today,
playing basketball? Oh, man. It was… heaven. That’s something
Hawk would say Where is he anyway? He’s talking basketball
with Eddie. They go on for hours,
it’s ridiculous. Eddie says he was born
to play the game. What do you think? He had 53 of our 87 points,
so yeah, I’d say he’s right. You know that’s not
what I meant. I wish I could tell you. I wish I knew more about him. Maybe you should go ask him. -Can I come in?
-Yeah, sure. -I wanted to thank you.
-For what? You and I both know better. You change things. You changed me. For the first time since
the night of that bus crash… I feel something. It’s because of you. But you are afraid. Terrified. Nothing will happen to you. You mean, I won’t get sick
and die in the next few months? No. -Nothing will happen?
-I promise. -What is it about you?
-What do you mean? You are… -Felt great, yeah.
-Great? All right. I still didn’t know. Look at all of you.
You all happy? Everything right in your world? You’re about to make some
really big mistakes. -Especially you, boy.
-Oh, just take it easy, Harvey. Sit down, have a little
something to eat, all right? Tell me, Eddie… basketball really
that important to you? Come on, you know
it’s more than that. Oh, you’re damn right
it’s more than that. I lost my boy that night. We lost a lot of our boys
that night. Is that what this is about? We have to suffer
some kind of loss to be happy? No, that’s not
what it is, Harvey. Well, Colbie, why don’t you
tell me what it is then? I think maybe
we’re just moving on. Moving on? Well, why don’t you tell that
to your best friend Betty Jean who’s laying in bed in a coma? -Oh, my God!
-My God. We have to get her
to a hospital. We don’t have a hospital.
We don’t even have -a damn doctor!
-We gotta to do something. Well, Eddie, we can’t some
and we can’t go. I can take her. Oh! You started all this. You can think what you want,
but I can take her. -Go.
-Go. Brilliant. Go screw this up. -Get off of my porch.
-I can help. Why would we want anything
from you? You don’t have any other choice. [ambulance sirens wailing] -What happened?
-Her blood… I don’t think it’s getting
enough oxygen. Poor thing is on fire. Help me get her
to the emergency room. [church bell tolling] People we’re testing fate here. Boy. All’s I’m saying is that
we’re headed for trouble. The boy! The boy!
There’s something special about this kid.
I… I… I can’t explain it, but you know he’s here
for a reason. He had to mess up
the status quo. Harvey, you’re being way
too narrow minded. I’m convinced there’s a greater
purpose at work here. No, there’s not.
It’s my daughter. My daughter that is laying
there sick in that hospital bed! You’re right.
She’s sick. And you want to be with her,
but why can’t you be with her? Because you’re here.
You’re stuck here. Like we’re all stuck here.
Now, look, I pray that Betty Jean comes
through this, I do, but don’t you think that
what she’s going through,
what you’re going through is, is, is part of something
bigger, It’s part of living,
it’s part of being alive? -Don’t you get it?
-No. Oh, you people! How is she? She’s awake now. Stable. I didn’t get a chance to ask you
with everything going on,
but you’re family, right? Well, she’d really like
to see you right now.
Two doors down on the left. Thank you. -Wait. How did you know?
-Know what? Her condition, hypoxia.
It’s where the body tissues
are deprived of adequate oxygen. -How did you know?
-I just did. Another few hours and
it may have been too late. You all know me. You all know what you call me. Sit down. We can’t change the past, but… we shouldn’t live there
either. [machine beeping] Hey. You look much better. -I heard you saved me.
-No, I just brought you here. No. Come closer, Hawk Kodiak. Where’d you come from? Prison. No. I mean… the last few days
I can’t remember anything
except for you. I saw you in the light
and I wasn’t afraid. Are you an angel? Well, you’re my angel. Get some rest. I’ve been giving this all
a lot of thought. And yeah, it can be repetitive
living here. Downright boring. But I want you to consider
what we would be losing. We don’t get sick in Rockwell. We don’t have crime in Rockwell. We don’t have death and dying
in Rockwell. -[Eddie] That’s not the point.
-Can I say something? I’ve been 17 for 17 years. And I’m really tired
of vanilla ice cream. It has been a really long time. But not long enough
to forget that pain. I really think people would want
to be like what we are here. We’re never limited by time. We’re never shadows
of our former selves -and I really like who I am.
-[man] Me, too. And I don’t think that I could
go through losing someone
like that again. Does anyone else have anything
they’d like to say: Okay, then. Vote on your pieces
of paper. We’ll count them up. This is the only place
I feel alive. Isn’t that funny? Betty Jean’s gonna be okay. I heard. It’s all over town. Another miracle by Hawk Kodiak. People get sick all the time,
and doctors make them well. But it’s all up to you,
isn’t it? -No.
-Then who? Who decides it?
Who decides who gets better and who gets sick,
and who lives and who dies? I don’t know. I’ve questions, Hawk.
A lot of questions. You being here has…
disrupted the universe. People are really frightened. Harvey Cobbs rates you straight
out of a Stephen King novel. Does that really matter?
What people think? Every little bit counts, right? I don’t know what to tell you. If you can’t talk to me,
who’re you gonna tell? I’m waiting. I’ve seen this place. I’ve seen you,
I can’t count how many times. My soul’s been on empty
for so long, and the only way
to change that was to come here. You know, I don’t even know
if it’s the right thing to do. I just know it’s why I’m here. Like it’s my penance. It must be dark in there. I don’t understand it myself,
I don’t expect you to. The town took a vote
while you were gone. So that’s it? No basketball? They weren’t voting
on whether or not
Rockwell plays basketball. They were voting
on whether or not you stay. I see. What was your… Hmm. The cold front is here. And in the morning,
the cornfields will be
covered with snow. I’m really grateful for all
you’ve done for Eddie. He hasn’t touched a bottle
since you got here. Johnny is practically normal,
and I can’t thank you enough for what you did for Betty Jean,
but… -I…
-But? But you didn’t surprise me. -[Lewis]So, he left.
-He left. And that’s it? Yeah, those were
my last words to him. No, no. there has to be more. Yeah, maybe, what do you want,
a happy ending? Okay, listen to me, Missy. Don’t
try those platitudes on me. I’m gonna explain
something to you. This town, Rockwell, today
is like every other small town
in the country. People come and go,
they go to church,
they get married, they have babies,
they mow their lawns, and they get sick and they die! You know why I want to know why
they didn’t do that before. -I have no idea.
-What do you mean? I’ve been trying to figure out
why for my entire life! -Hey.
-Hey. I just want to say goodbye. -I’m sorry I disappointed you.
-Disappointed? If anything,
we disappointed you. -We had a team, didn’t we?
-[laughs] We did. We had a team. God!
I wanted to play basketball. A real game. My whole life
I wanted to play in a real game. You did. You play the game.
You play the game the way
it was meant to be played. Bud Kelly was right when
he said you were the best. Best I ever saw. Hey, can I get a ride
into the edge of town? No, no, no, no.
You keep that. I’m not gonna ride that thing.
It’s too dangerous. -No… I can’t…
-Keep it. Thanks. Why? Why I keep printing the same
news over and over again? -Yeah.
-Well… I guess the day
that time stopped… here in Rockwell,
we were at our Zenith. Close to perfect. Twenty five and zero. -Sounds perfect to me.
-Yeah, 25 and 0. -Hey.
-What is it? -The photograph.
-Yeah, what about it? -When was this taken?
-Oh, that was taken that night just before they got on the bus
to leave. Holy shit! I gotta go. Why did you do it, John? -Do what?
-Cut the act. You were never on the bus
’cause you weren’t really -on the team.
-Yes, I was. The photograph.
It was the team picture and only the team
traveled to the state finals. [Johnny grunts] So why did you do it? [Johnny grunts] I thought you were
afraid of water, John. -Someone had to swim out
through that suitcase.
-Go to hell. [groans] It’s all very real now,
isn’t it? Out with it. I traveled to every game
that year. Touched their basketballs,
filled their water bottles, made sure their lockers
were clean. And they weren’t going
to take me to that game. [team chattering] [cocking riffle] [tires screeching, crashing]When I came to…I thought maybe I missed
and they were on their way
to the game.
But then, I knew.The suitcase was like a…
a good luck thing that year.
Before every game,
they would add something to it:
a photo, a shoelace,
a rim and a net.
I was so angry.All these years. How could you live with that? Is that what you call living? My life… Pretending to be a… And then, you come along with,
of all things, a basketball. They all think we’re moving
forward because of basketball. I say let them think that. Then, I can quit acting
like the village idiot. And all these years,
you could live with that. [cocking riffle] [panting] [shouts] You’re pathetic. [panting] What’re you gonna do now? I just wanted you to know
that I know. Where are you going? [door closes] Hawk! You can’t leave! [birds screaming] [screams] [screams continue] I’m sorry. I really am. Thanks. You know, I was wrong about him. -[sobs] I think we all were.
-Yeah, but I was a jackass. Funny thing,
kind of reminds me of my boy. I haven’t felt this way
since we lost those boys. That’s life, Harvey. You know, Eddie,
you want a basketball team,
I won’t stand in your way. -Y’all want a ride?
-Yeah. -Maybe if you don’t mind.
-Be my pleasure. If it’s all the same to you,
I think I’m gonna stay here
for a while. [sobs] Hello, friend. Hello, friend. Eddie is… He is a bit worried. Thought I’d come get you. [sniffs, chuckles]
I must look like a mess. Yeah, you do. [chuckles] It just hurts so much to think
that he’s down there all alone. I know this might sound
cheesy… coming from me… but somehow Hawk Kodiak
will figure it out. Thank you for saying that. Do you think it’s crazy of me
to think that he was here
to break the curse? Maybe there wasn’t a curse. Explain. Oh… [chuckles] I mean,
if you’re looking for an answer,
I don’t have one. Like where do we go when we die?
What is the meaning of life? Why is it so funny when
guys get kicked in the nuts? [laughs, sniffs] What are your plans now? Try to stay out of trouble. No, um, I… I always wanted to go
to college, actually. Get a degree, meet somebody.
Have children. You know, all the stuff
I’ve tried to stay away from. I think that sounds wonderful. Does it? Yeah. Come on. So… what’re your plans
now that you can have plans? [Colbie] Disappear like
a Blue Jay on a Friday night. But I have some
unfinished business. [Joey] What kind
of unfinished business? [crowd cheering] [Colbie]I left the next day.I felt I owed it to Hawk,
to play in a real game.
I was finally at peace.They locked Johnny up
for the obvious.
Harvey Cobb retired and attends
every basketball game
in Rockwell.
After the town became normal,
Eddie died several years later.
All that drinking
caught up to him.
I went back there
for the funeral. And all anyone could say
was that I hadn’t aged a day. -Did they know?
-Yeah. Yeah, they all had
their suspicions,
as you can imagine. Oh, the game.
Did you win the game? Hmm. We did. It was Rockwell’s only game.
So we were undefeated. [laughs] Yeah. Well… that was quite a story. -Like the boy and the dog.
-Yes. And I think
that makes us done here. You mean you’re not gonna put me
on display like some alien in Area 51. Not this week. And by the way,
we never had this conversation. Thank you. I have one more question. Why I am the way I am? It has to have occurred to you
100s of times over the years. Of course. No, I stopped messing any
thoughts into your head. And… Hawk’s body,
did they find it? No. Goodbye, Colbie. -[music playing]
-[ball dribbling] -How’s it going, Mom?

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  • memyselfandi noneofyourbusiness Post author


  • Mary jacob Post author

    I dint understand the movie πŸ™πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜’

  • Garden Gnome Post author

    I am at 22 minutes and looking for more meaning and a little connection to the first 2 minutes so I read the comments and am still undecided. I do thank the commentators though for not spilling the beans. Well done all.
    I have visited snow bound areas 2 times in my life and have been to an area of the Southern Ocean a lot closer to the Antarctic than I really ever want to be again. I hate the cold and am in a winter right at this moment and at 15 degrees C it is too cold for me. How in heck's name is that woman walking around in a snow bound grave yard at night in a very short skirt with out at least chattering teeth?
    Damn I have a question but to ask it could spoil the movie for others.
    Question answered so for anyone thinking it is disjointed or not good viewing stick with it it gets better.

  • steward william Post author

    I don't like lying movie

  • steward william Post author

    This is old movies I have to dislike

  • Rob K Post author

    Actually, God does make the laws… Laws cannot be broken. ie: laws of math and physics etc…
    The truth is, God doesn't make rules, as rules are made to be broken.

  • Rob K Post author

    looks like the creepy Children of the Corn have been resurrected..?

  • Audrey Elizabeth Solomon Post author

    OMG I actually got the ending. Just listen to what he calls her and you will know who he is. He says howsit … Please like if you are impressed that I got it…

  • QueenOfAll_ Lady Rose Post author

    I dont feel watching a winter movie in the month of July! Nope!

  • Hedgehog's Right of Passage Post author

    Except for the music this was fantastic acting and photography

  • FaYa Burns Post author

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    great movie, should have won awards

  • Vicky Gile Post author

    what happened to hawk kodiak?

  • Martin Boomhower Post author

    29:00 Things just got real stupid in this movie. The clearing out of the restaurant was the first clue now this basket ball ban bull shit and the evil coach– sheriff in black… not believable.

  • Martin Boomhower Post author

    55:07 that's it this is too dumb.. I'm out.

  • october 22 Post author

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  • Tissila Paranagama Post author

    Wow! Good movie. Great story, great acting, great film, great ending & i enjoyed watching the movie.

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  • D. Dalton Roc'zombie Post author

    109 dislikes?! Can only imagine the mental deficiencies of those poor ignorant humanoids.
    GREAT FLICK and great upload quality!

  • Xavier Dimfit Post author

    I didn't got the ending..

  • Laura W Post author

    WOW….GREAT MOVIE!!β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™πŸ»βœοΈπŸ™πŸ»

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  • Frances Dipietro Post author

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  • Frances Dipietro Post author

    Well, probably np onebcstes, but I am Frances davison and my cousin Bruce davison played in this film!!😊

  • Julie Gilboy McGiolla Buidhe Post author

    Amazing movie Angels do exists in a human form with specific mission, only the Angels knows his mission.
    Great movie thank you for sharing and upload.

  • Gimi Ghore Post author

    This is the most intricate idea of a film I've ever seen. Amazing.

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