Giuliani: Salem witch trials are fairer than Dems’ impeachment probe

Giuliani: Salem witch trials are fairer than Dems’ impeachment probe

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100 thoughts on “Giuliani: Salem witch trials are fairer than Dems’ impeachment probe

  • Jelliot Williams Post author

    I’m missing something on the logic of his argument…..

    If Ukraine has these documents and they are willing to give them to the state department…..

    Why doesn’t the state department, controlled by Mike Pompeo, (a HUGE Trump ally) just ask for it?

    Answer: they would but there is nothing there 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Stewart Marsden Post author

    Giuliani is not even a good liar. It will be a criminal trial for you and your two friends that were arrested today Ghouliani.

  • Stewart Marsden Post author

    After reading comments below it has to be said, Trump supporters are like the porn stars he sleeps with. They will swallow anything the Orange Idiot  churns out for them

  • Winged BluJ Post author

    As an outsider looking in, I'm seeing that there's one thing about both democrats and republicans: Both are closed-minded, short-sighted echo chambers that validate their own beliefs and perpetuate hate and conflict with one another. Both groups are so focused on holding down and trying to control America, that they are forgetting the inescapable fact that we are the same inside. We are American citizens and we have freedom. These politics are gonna be the true downfall of America.

  • Brad Elliott Post author

    Hey Rudy ,,, just to let you know ,, there are no such things as witches ,,,, btw ,,, good luck with your buddies that just got locked up !! the plot is thickening and your buddy Trump is backing up the bus !!

  • waveman69 Post author

    where's Hunter?

  • waveman69 Post author

    Where is Hunter?

  • waveman69 Post author

    Where's Hunter that can't hunt…. a loser child set up to profit off of a loser dad that had nothing to give other than sucking Obama's knob…

  • Kenjiro5775 Post author

    Are we not going to see Rudy any more because of the criminal investigation surrounding him and Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman?

  • Juan Andrade Post author

    Poor Guliani ,, soon he will be next to Cohen in jail,,, and trump will say he was not really his attorney,, he was just the coffee guy

  • Maximus Post author

    Is Mr. Giuliani losing his hearing?

  • Chaotic Good Post author

    Broken windows. Stop and frisk the Trump cabinet.

  • William Babe Post author

    Looks like Biden turns out to be just a pawn in this seditious chess game that the cabal is willing to sacrifice.

  • mohamedtowelhead Post author

    The Deep State needs to protect its Pizza Parlors – just ask Jeffery Epstein.
    Ooops……never mind.

  • Y y Post author

    Everyone knows exactly that Elvis is still alive. Come on Giuliani investigate that

  • blue03r6 Post author

    Say hi to Cohen in prison giuliani

  • BobVa Post author

    Romania? We are not big enough for our own "crooks" , let alone for Joe Biden , lol. Delusional much? Gtfo ..

  • Thorvarg Post author

    Hitlers Secretary of Propaganda Goebels committed suicide. What will Hannity and Giuliani do after Trump is removed from office and the denazification starts?

  • talkisreallycheap Post author

    Rudy is a beast, I'm loving his work. go after my private life more dirt releases. Well done King G.

  • Donna Brown Post author

    This man has taken it upon himself to create an international scandal trying to personally investigate Biden's and HRC corruption. Why didn't he report what he knew to the FBI like a normal citizen should? Now HE'S become the criminal trying to be a hero. True narcissistic.

  • UltimateBargains Post author

    It's not an impeachment; it's an inquisition.
    The Demonrats are committed to shredding the Constitution and the right to due process.
    They are traitors to their Oath of Office to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution.

  • Jarmar Fuerte Post author

    Sorry but if you ask a foreign government for favors in exchange for money or funds that’s corruption unless the government itself is aware of the situation but if it’s hiden from congress or government then that’s corruption sorry trump is Guilty of fraud and corruption period .

  • oscar Grajales Post author

    Hahaha I am looking for the 2nd part of this story of evidences after Gulianii associates are in jail. somebody can help me please??

  • Bondido Post author

    Trump doesn’t claim Giuliani to be his lawyer. Under the bus just like the fixer. Giuliani will be arrested by the end of the week you heard it here first folks.

  • i am deacon Post author

    oh maybe he will do his time in romania. he shouldnt worry trey gowdy is all over this romania trapdoor.trump just disavowed even knowing rude boy

  • smokeythehobo Post author

    COMMIE LOVER Giuliani is the "witch" they need to arrest and jail!!!

  • Terry Townley Post author

    Poor Rudy another blind victim of trump he will probably wind up in jail too , trump is already throwing him under the bus he just said Rudy HAS BEEN my attorney ha another bite's the dust.

  • Bianca Bellot Post author

    What is so offensive about me say GOD LORD for You Tube to censored my comments sections.

  • Wes Foulkes Post author

    He doth protest too much I think

  • Chuck in Texas Post author

    Giuliani – STOP WHINING about how "unfair" all of this is, and SET THAT PROSECUTION IN MOTION. What you have to "wait" untill EVERYTHING has "come OUT" _SERIOUSLY ?!? PROSECUTE or STFU .

  • Surfwynd Post author

    quid pro Joe

  • Pontiac Soviro Post author

    Gouliani (sic) is a Lying Scumbag.Anyone on the side of Trump and his Mafioso buddies is a Moron.

  • vv3541 Post author

    Is this a joke? We just learn that Rudy “Nosferatu” Giuliani was dealing with a guy named Igor. Now he brings up Romania (probably some dealings in Transylvania …) as Halloween nears???? You can’t make this stuff up. It’s batsh*t crazy!

  • Jay Bird G Post author

    Stupid Demorats now there taking his 2nd fixer down, but everyone knows that our great president barley knows Rudy. Mr Trump even said he thinks Rudy is some type of county attorney , but was only his coffee boy.

  • sunny robinson Post author

    This life's like a movie
    I think Im falling in love
    Quote🗣 Max B

  • Eliza Ugetupa Post author

    Oh my god he’s lost his marbles…

  • warrior1975ify Post author

    Mark my words, Rudy Giuliani is the new Michael Cohen! He is Trump's fixer, a con artist attorney. It is only a matter of time before Trump begins to distance himself from Rudy Giuliani to save face and then Rudy Giuliani will begin to expose Trump and tell secrets! The Republican party is an absolute joke LOL

  • sunny robinson Post author

    Orchestrated By;
    🗣Putin my boi
    Messing with the Chinese money.
    Trump LOL

  • J. Pikoulis Post author

    Rudy loves RICO..

  • Taua Dawson Post author

    Ironic if he gets rico

  • Taua Dawson Post author

    All the lies intentionally mixed with truth. Abomination that causes desolation

  • Cool Guy Post author

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Trump Rudy 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🤘

  • Cool Guy Post author

    The majority in the 🇬🇧 love Trump just like Brexit
    But you won’t hear about it on the news.
    Stay vigilant and fight for the cause
    No surrender 🇬🇧

  • Luis Casado Post author

    Shep Smith left the fake news (fox news) media

  • Luci Fer Post author

    The Hand of God is coming down and the Judgement against Trump is not good. Trump is a traitor to America and he shall suffer mightily through the vengeance of God. And all that bow to this false image shall see ruin in their House.

  • Robert Manders Post author

    Lock him up

  • firstname lastname Post author

    Rudy is flailing. Even Trump "doesn't know" if he is his lawyer. Cohen is keeping a bed warm for him.

  • Jim Dickson Post author

    Rudy, get your orange jammies out, you're gonna get a chance to catch up and read bedtime stories with all those other nasty criminals you helped put away all those years ago. Take a heap of lube Rudy..

  • Maksie0 Post author

    The American far right loves pretending to be victims, don't they?

  • Trevor Bee Post author

    HAHAHAHA All the pathetic Trump supporters dont know what to do or who to like hahahha so you're all imploding! HAHAHAH

  • John Greene Post author

    Oh Rudy, do you really think Trump and yourself are any better that what your soapbox desperation suggests. Both parties are criminal in so many ways, but Rudy is now starting to freak out. He babbles incoherently and wont allow interviewers to complete a thought or question

  • John Greene Post author

    Fox News – pull your heads out of your collective asses

  • Michael Higgins Post author

    The Democrats should find a real reason to impeach the duly elected POTUS. This is stupid. National Security issue? Please, give me a break. They are ignoring the criminal acts of Obama and Biden.

  • Joel Sattler Post author

    The Salem Witches were not burned at the stake.

    So we have something to look forward to…..


  • eberto culihino Post author

    So Rudy Giuliani is paid “Hundreds of thousands of dollars” to dig up dirt on Biden’s son that was being paid $50k a month. You can’t make this stuff up 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Barbara Rowley Post author


  • M. Riv Post author

    I can't wait to see Rudy jailed. Hopefully we arrest Trump and family. I want them all shot for treason, in California 😉

  • George Stephenson Post author

    Failing creepy newsboy Hanity holds a lairs session with the crooked Rudy , the bull spreader for treasonous Trumpo the Clown!
    Elect a Clown and get a Cirus…. crowbar hotel awaits!

  • imsrini Post author

    Two of Rudi's "associates" who funnelled more than a million dollars of Ukrainian money into the GOP were arrested 2 days ago while attempting to flee the country ! 😡
    Now POTUS is saying Rudi isn't his attorney ! 😂
    And not a word of this on Faux-News !
    – Is that why AG Barr met with Faux's Mr. Murdoch ?
    – Did Shep leave because he wasn't allowed to report on this ?

  • tobber08 Post author

    Giuliani – Lizard Man

  • Jeff Ramey Post author

    Rudy sweating like Mike Pence watching Brokeback Mountain! LMFAO! Sending prayers.

  • Joseph Decorrevont Post author

    So Biden and his family were payed off by Ukraine to get foreign aid from the US taxpayers.

  • Doc Brown Post author

    Trump/Rudy for Prison 2020

  • 1LT Post author

    What a clown!!!!

  • Carmen Schuler Post author

    Quite monotoned though as he reads English

  • Tony D Post author

    how can Biden be a lobbyist, what a scumbag

  • Ace Diamonds Post author

    people said the same thing about nixon.

  • Jeff Brown Post author

    Is this man losing his mind? I think he may be in trouble…sad…I always liked him.

  • BIGcoxMAN Post author

    Sphepard leaving means FOX News is more and more propaganda than about the facts.
    Guys like Hannity, only cares about spreading propaganda, to protect the right, at all cost.

  • A N Post author


  • Michael Limaco Post author

    Hillary's email scandal is not a witch hunt?

  • Reggie Novenario Post author

    Its exhausting just listening to these guys..😖

  • Brian Hurley Post author

    Beginning to look like Rudy is as corrupt as the guys he put away when prosecutor in New York. Wonders never cease.

  • imvoting Democrats Post author

    Yea let Giuliani talk the more hi talk the more he buries themselves

  • imvoting Democrats Post author

    Ofcurse rudy know criminals
    Hi is abouth to go to jail

  • imvoting Democrats Post author

    Giuliani Parma Furma if they are parners the 3 should be in jail rightnow .

  • imvoting Democrats Post author

    And fox news should go to jail too by doing a cover up

  • Peter Peterson Post author

    Come on, I want to watch the Live Giuliani testimonies in congress. You could put that on pay-per-view and Id still watch it. Cant wait to see the DNC members squirming as he reviles the skeletons in each of their closets with documents to back it up on live tv. the DOJ indictments the following day. and 2020 when not a single seat is occupied by a DNC member.

  • bisquitnspanky Post author

    Rudy! Did you ever tell any criminal that he'd feel better once he confessed? It's true, Rudy. Just take a deep breath and tell the truth. The weight will fall off your shoulders and you can finally sleep. You know it, I know it, even Hannity knows it. Just do it Rudy. Go back to being a good guy and do the right thing.

  • bisquitnspanky Post author

    Biden is known for being the poorest senator. Rudy? Not so much. He's broke now, but only after going thru many millions. This is because he's crazy, he's a pervert, he's a liar, he's a cheat and he hangs out with crooks who have dirt on him. Poor old Rudy. He used to be a good guy.

  • bisquitnspanky Post author

    There was no USA during the Salem Witch trials. 1692 Really bad example, Rudy. You're losing it gramps.

  • barryb83110 Post author

    This might be new information to Mr. Giulani, but gathering evidence is not the trial. It is based on the grand jury model to determine if a possible crime should be investigated. The trial takes place in the senate at which time evidence and witnesses can be cross examined. Now as for speculation. If the president's attorney was working off the books in an investigation, is it possible he was in the process of trying to manufacture evidence against a political opponent? See how speculation works? Stop stonewalling by ignoring subpoenas, filing law suits to suppress evidence and threatening civil war. Let the facts speak for themselves. The American people are strong enough to take it whether it is exoneration or indictment. Crying deep state, traitors in congress, spies, corrupt media, coup, demon rats, witch hunt, looks childish and name calling is not much of a defense. Lay out the evidence.

  • Martin Clail Post author

    He belongs in a straitjacket

  • johnpro2 Post author

    Rudi enjoying his last days of freedom before he joins M.cowan in the brig. …lol

  • Dar Post author

    Gotta love Rudy. Still taking down the mob after all these years. Keep it up Rudy!

  • Electric Violin Lady Post author

    None of these details have been substantiated.

  • Nora Post author


    🙏…… Deuteronomy 28:7, Psalm 34:7-8…… You will be blessed when you come in & blessed when you go out. The LORD will cause the enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before you. They will march out against you in one direction but flee from you in seven……..
    🙏……. The Angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear HIM, and HE Delivers them. Taste and see that the LORD is GOOD; Blessed is the man who takes refuge in HIM! ……. AMEN, 🙏WE PRAY IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME & SHED BLOOD – SEALED BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AMEN… "BARUCH HABA B'SHEM ADONAI" HALLELUYAH!🎷🇱🇷🎷🇱🇷🎷🇱🇷🎷🇱🇷

  • D'shawn Cherry Post author

    If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it does it make a sound? Nobody's listening juelzy….nobodys listening. STOP TALKING!

  • B.T. Post author

    Giuliani is a hero!

  • Pedro Pereira Post author

    The Failed States of America

  • MariaSonia Moreno Post author

    Romania? What crime did he and his Trumpo gang committed there? Hannity didn't want to go there.

  • Purple Rain Post author

    Jail bird you no nothing about fair.

  • Shawn B. Post author

    Of course he uses fox news to lie. Birds of a feather….. They both need to shut their bit** a** mouths

  • Elizabeth McGreevy Post author

    G has become so paranoid and corrupt.

  • D S Post author

    You should investigate all gov officials with long tenure with government. I

  • thomas radcliffe Post author

    Ok Giuliani, we’ll tie you up and
    throw you in a lake ,if you sink and drown….. you’re innocent.
    Comparing this to Salem witch
    trials!! So “effing” stupid!

  • Shirley Wise Post author

    Let's let the outlaws make all the decisions on Trump who hate him

  • Bx Boogie Post author


  • NYNYTV Post author

    Looks like Rudy will be going for a fitting for a zebra costume for Halloween…or maybe he should go as a bad gangster ..

  • Never Again Post author

    Poor Andrew and Caroline, to have to live with such disgrace and shame for the rest rest of their existence.

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