Fundamental Rights in  Constitution of India, in simple Hindi/Urdu (Topic: 2)

Fundamental Rights in Constitution of India, in simple Hindi/Urdu (Topic: 2)

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Hello friends, In this video, we’ll talk about what Fundamental Rights are granted to us by the Constitution of India. and where exactly it grants us these rights, and what are these rights. friends, the third part of the Constitution grants us these rights, the fundamental rights and these rights are guaranteed to every citizen of India and no government has any power to snatch away these rights from us. and this third part starts from the 12th Article and this part goes up to 35th Article now, let’s see what are these rights the 1st Right is Right to Equality the 2nd Right is Right to Freedom, the 3rd Right is Right Against Exploitation, friends, if you humanity is being snatched away, then, using rights bestowed under this title, gives you power to protect these rights via a legal instruments, so that you humanity couldn’t be snatched away. the next right is: Right to Freedom of Religion. Our country India is a vast country and almost all religions are practised here, therefore our Constitution grants us total freedom to practise, follow and abide by our respective religions. the next Right is Cultural and Educational Right. Since India is a vast country a lots of cultures exist here, therefore the founding fathers thought it necessary that this right must be granted, so that people can safeguard their respective cultures, similarly, we have Right to Education along with, we have so many languages here, and we also acquire education via those languages, thus this Right help us in protecting our respective educations via these languages. The next right is Saving of Certain Laws While our Constituion was being framed, the Makers of Constitution thought it necessary that some laws which were active since British era up to that time, they thought it to be in better interest of India’s future that some of those laws be preserved. therefore they preserved certain laws under this title. for a harmonious and better future of India. After this, the next Right granted up on us is Right to Constitutional Remedy. This Right acts as a medicine or a legal weapon. If any of the aforesaid rights are being snatched from you, then, in this title is like a medicine for you, a weapon for you, so that you have a legal fight and safeguard your fundamental rights. this right helps you to re-acquire your lost fundamental rights via said manners. Friends, my this videos is a brief explanation on Fundamental Rights. In comming videos, we’ll talk in more details. Thank you!

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