From Lawyer to Nomad | Lawyer Quits Job to Travel  🌎  2019 Recap of Digital Nomad Life

From Lawyer to Nomad | Lawyer Quits Job to Travel 🌎 2019 Recap of Digital Nomad Life

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In today’s video I recap 2019 a year
right transition from New York City corporate lawyer to Nomad traveler
oh hi YouTube greetings from Valencia Spain this is obviously staged I’m doing
daily vlogs now sometimes you see daily vloggers show their whole day like
waking up obviously I don’t sleep with my camera on and I don’t have a mic
hooked up to me and sleep through the night waiting to wake up and record that
so so there’d be a funny way to start this video since I’m daily vlogging in
this video I’m gonna talk about my transition from corporate lawyer to
full-time traveler and give you the highlights from my 2019 year it was a
pretty great year in my life probably one of the best and I’m really excited
to share it with you before I jump into 2019 let me give you a little background
so you understand what’s going on in my life and how I got to this point so I
spent 20 years in the military I retired in 2015
I decided to go to law school I went to law school at Georgetown in Washington
DC after law school I became a corporate lawyer and moved to New York City and
worked for a big law firm I worked at a great firm and I worked with some
amazing people but for some reason I still wasn’t happy I would come home at
night after work and I would watch travel vloggers I would listen to travel
podcast I was living vicariously through them I’m not sure exactly what had
happened and sometime late November early December I made the decision that
I was gonna leave my job as a corporate lawyer and become a full time traveler
and travel vlogger so this brings us to 2019 but you know I’m gonna do it I’m
gonna switch up the location so I can keep this video a little bit interesting
so let’s go somewhere else okay I didn’t move too far I’m in my kitchen I went
ahead and took a shower change my clothes to get ready to go out Valencia
but I figured share the next part of the story with
you over my morning tea shout out to Nicky for getting me this
tea this morning I really appreciate it okay this brings me to 2019 in January I
started planning for my upcoming travel adventure and I started making YouTube
videos they were pretty awful but I was excited to get started
I made a video about minimalism I made a video about how I was gonna travel
carry-on only I made a video about what I was doing to prepare for full time
travel like getting shots and things like that and that’s also where I kind
of fell in love with merino wool I found a bunch of merino wool products and I
started making some merino wool shirt reviews this is actually a really
exciting time for me even though I was going through the day-to-day monotony
I’m going into work being a lawyer all that stuff there was kind of a light at
the end of the tunnel and I knew I was about to embark on an adventure of a
lifetime and transition to a lifestyle that I really wanted to be living
finally in February I left my job I went from making tons of money as a New York
City corporate lawyer to making nothing as a travel blogger I’m not gonna lie I
was definitely scared but I was also really excited about building something
of my own and be my own boss I did a couple of really cool things in February
before I left on my full-time travel adventure I was interviewed by Jimmy and
Amanda from the YouTube channel chubby in a way they have a podcast called
podcast and they interviewed me that was the first ever like interview type of
thing I did it was amazing I was so happy to do it with them and we’re
actually gonna do a follow up pretty soon about what it’s been like the last
year of traveling after that I flew to Phoenix Arizona to be interviewed by
amber from story chasing I also got to interview her and tour her van which is
a really awesome channel and I’ll link those two interviews down below as well
after Phoenix I flew to Missouri and hung out with my family a little bit
before embarking on my full-time travel adventure with Ramona all right so let
me pack up my stuff here real quick and then head out and do the rest of this
video in another location so I mean it’ll be
instantaneous here so so I just mentioned remote here so let me go ahead
and rewind a little bit and talk about remote here so when I finally realized I
wanted to leave my job and travel full-time I didn’t really know what that
was gonna look like I didn’t really know how it would work logistically as a
travel blogger or even where I would go I started doing a little research and
just by chance I came across a company called remote year I’m not gonna go into
remote or too much because I have other videos that talk about that but I like
the idea of going to twelve different countries over 12 months I love the idea
of traveling with a bunch of like-minded individuals and since I was starting a
new YouTube channel I like the idea that someone else would handle everything
logistical II for me on March 3rd I hopped on a one-way flight from st.
Louis to Lima Peru to start my new life the first week in Peru was kind of like
drinking from a firehose I met the 35 people that I would be
spending the next 12 months with and that would become my family we
affectionately refer to each other as a trammel II a travel family but yeah it
was kinda like drinking from a firehose when I first got the Peru eventually
things kind of settled down and I got to really know the people I was traveling
with I’m really fortunate that I’m surrounded by really interesting
fascinating ambitious goal oriented people that love to travel but enough
about that and let’s start talking about the places that I visited ok so I’m back
here in the co-working space and I think I’m gonna talk about the country I
visited from here it’s a really cool space there’s actually some hammocks
right here there’s some bean bags over on the other side there’s a ping pong
table and a foosball table it’s actually some really cool space so that further
ado let’s talk about the countries I went to so like I said before the first
place I landed was Lima Peru so let’s talk about Peru people often ask me what
my favorite country is that’s like asking a parent who their favorite kid
is it’s an impossible question to answer but have you said to me Kevin I can only
visit one country what country would you recommend my answer would be Peru
the reason is Peru has everything and I mean everything it has amazing
and beautiful sunsets you can live in a super modern city like Lima or an
ancient old-world city like Cusco it has ridiculously good food some of the top
restaurants in the world are in Lima Peru but the food everywhere throughout
the country is amazing you can visit the mountains and be running around in the
snow you can hike ancient Incan ruins you can go sand boarding out in the
middle of the desert Peru literally has every kind of climate you can imagine
like all year long that’s why if I had to recommend just one place for someone
to go I would tell them to go to Peru so after Peru I headed to Santiago Chile
that’s where I lived but I explored a lot of Chile I swam in some hot springs
surrounded by beautiful mountains I stayed in probably the coolest hostel
in the world in torres de panier national park near patagonia and i hiked
in Patagonia which was some amazing hiking Chile is such a big country I
feel like I need to go back there and explore more so I’m excited about that
in the future from Chile we went over to Colombia we actually lived in Medi in
Colombia and as I mentioned earlier remote you took me to some places I
might not have went to and meting is a primary example of that I probably would
know went to Medi in Colombia just based on the things you hear about its past I
probably would have been like that place sounds too dangerous it’s not even worth
my time that would have been a huge mistake
Medellin has turned into one of my favorite places in the world I’ll
definitely go back there and live for a little while
the country of Colombia as a whole is amazing you can go out to Gua to pay and
jump off bridges hike the big rock just hang out in the cute little town there
you go check out the coffee plantations or you can just stay in Medellin and
check out a neighborhood like communi their teen Colombia is definitely at the
top of my list of my most favourite countries after met again we headed to
Mexico we lived in Mexico City stayed in a really cool neighborhood called
Condesa it was pretty awesome we did get out of the city a lot though we went on
a hot-air balloon ride over some Mayan pyramids and then we went and hiked some
other Mayan pyramids we went into a tez McCaul which I don’t know if I would
recommend that it’s like a sauna but like a million times hotter
and we ate some really amazing food but one of the highlights for me from Mexico
in a place I’m gonna go back to was hanging out in the surf town of Puerto
Escondido I loved Porto Escondido so much that I made a video specifically
about Puerto Escondido so I won’t go into it too much here you can go check
that video out I’ll link it up here somewhere but Porto Escondido Mexico is
amazing in a place I’m definitely gonna go back to after Mexico we headed over
to Asia our first stop was Hanoi Vietnam Hanoi the time of year that we want is
crazy crazy hot but we dealt with it and spent most of our time just eating all
the great food that you can find in Hanoi the highlight of Hanoi for me was
my trip with a bunch of buddies of mine to halong bay and lan ha bay that area
is probably one of the most beautiful on the planet and i highly recommend going
there if you visit Vietnam after Vietnam we headed over to Thailand and we lived
in the digital nomad mecca of Chiang Mai I really fell in love with Chiang Mai
I ate Khao SOI almost every single day that’s a northern Thai like soup noodle
dish it’s so good if you go to Chiang Mai you definitely gotta get some Cal
SOI and Chiang Mai also has some really awesome coffee spots so I just went to a
different coffee spot every day with my friend JG it was pretty awesome hanging
out in Chiang Mai we did a few hikes in Thailand on one of them we almost got
eaten by either a panther or a tiger I have to tell that story one day it’s
kind of crazy we also hung out with some monks and
visited about a zillion temples Thailand has always had a special place in my
heart it was one of the first places I went when I was in the US Navy and
returning there was great and I’ll definitely be going back ok so our last
remote year’s stop in Asia was Kyoto Japan Kyoto Japan is a magical city
filled with so much history and it’s super super super safe we had a great
time there we toured the geisha district we had a ton of sushi and we wasn’t met
a Buddhist monk and toured a ton of temples there as well I actually had the
coolest little apartment there in Kyoto and the people who owned that apartment
actually used my video now as promotional material so that’s kind of
cool so after Kyoto I actually took a 21 day
trip to a bunch of other spots in Asia I visited booths
Korea Taipei Taiwan Leung probing Lao Singapore Bangkok Thailand and UBA and
Chengdu Bali I only stayed a few days on all those spots but I love them all and
I’m definitely gonna go back and visit each one of those places again but the
place I really loved was long / bang Lau and I’ll definitely be returning there
and probably staying a month or two in the future after that little side trip I
got back on the remote your schedule and headed to one of my favorites Malaysia I
had already visited Malaysia many times when I was in the US Navy so I already
knew how special the country was and I was really excited to return I had the
most amazing apartment with the most amazing views and I ate and ate and ate
mostly nasi lemak this is also the country where my YouTube channel really
blew up I went from around 1,500 to 2,000
subscribers up to what I have now which is about 9,500 subscribers I’ve been
just overwhelmed with the outpouring of support from Malaysia’s and how much
they love the videos I made in Malaysia and the new videos I’m making after
Malaysia we headed over to Europe our first stop was split Croatia
this is another country that I had visited in the military but I hadn’t
been back there since 1999 so it was exciting not only to return but to get
that lived there for a month we live by the beach just south of old town and we
were treated to some amazing sunsets every single day we had an amazing time
there we mostly hung out in Old Town and just kind of relaxed in Croatia
after split I took a four-day side trip to Budapest Hungary and I had heard some
really great things about it but I wasn’t really prepared for how much I
would really love the place Budapest is exactly what you think of in your mind
when you think of a classic romantic European city the architecture is
beautiful there’s no high-rises it’s just an
amazing European city and it’s like a third of the cost of all the other great
European cities I’ll definitely be returning to Budapest and after my 31
vlogs in 31 days I’ll be releasing the Budapest videos I made after four days
in Budapest I headed over to the next remote year city which was Lisbon
Portugal I had what was probably my bed promote your apartment there it was such
a cool place in such a cool location that’s what I’ll remember about Lisbon
the most was how cool my little apartment and neighborhood was while I
was there I did a couple Food Tours and free walking tours and I highly
recommend that Portugal has a lot of hidden gems that you’re not gonna find
on your own you really need someone that knows the area one of my favorite places
to hang out in Lisbon is the old Moorish neighborhood called Alfama it’s a pretty
amazing little neighborhood and I highly recommend that you go explore it
after Lisbon we headed to Valencia so that brings you up to speed of where we
are now I just got here a few days ago and I got to ring in the New Year with
my remote year family so it already has a special place in my heart I’ve also
been to Spain a few times in the past but I haven’t been here since the late
90s so I’m excited about getting out and exploring Valencia and more of Spain in
the next 30 days if you don’t know this about Valencia it’s famous for its paia
so I plan on just stuffing my face with Paia okay so that is 2019 in a nutshell
I’m looking so forward to 2020 I’ll be heading to Cape Town in February and
then in March I’ll be visiting my mother for a few weeks and then I’m headed out
solo traveling I’m really excited for it make sure you subscribe if you want to
see that content make sure you hit the like button if you enjoyed this thing
and please leave a comment about places you want to see in Valencia Spain thanks
for watching

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