FROG & SNAKE vs. MINION & HATCHIMALS! Draw a Stickman EPIC 2 🚸 Chapter 5 & 6: Ice Crayon (FGTEEV)

FROG & SNAKE vs. MINION & HATCHIMALS! Draw a Stickman EPIC 2 🚸 Chapter 5 & 6: Ice Crayon (FGTEEV)

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So corney Monster Frogs wow they hop you guys [see] it’s Tim Leary Papa minute what’s the best gt. Visit studying in the house? I am back playing drastic man Epic to the quest to stop Taco Bell nacho Oh, Taco Pen macho because you requested that we draw some minions So we’ve got a purple minion here that we already true Taco Bell Macho in We have a bruise igor. Which is a unicorn for fighting with Yeah [in] the minions name is my onion So here’s what happened? We actually already played this level here level level 5 or I think of 5 or [6] and It got it got delayed it we lost the entire [Facecam] we only got 2 gameplay chase was playing with me? Uh he’s not gonna play with me today, though you are Yes, come on dude take that hey yo Alright, so we are it’s kind of like a little bit of a [jeep] because we’ve already played the level But we didn’t do it on purpose. It’s not our fault that our Video got deleted so without further ado. We already found that one color buddy. Yeah, but I know how to find one more puzzle piece on there you do Would you want to show that let’s at least show cuz we have old footage of where this stuff is so what’s not sure Where we found her? Chapter [five] snake Lake so Night out are you trying so here we go? We basically in [the] [feather]. There’s a feather. Uh well my feather. [we’re] gonna get it for you, buddy We’re gonna go get the feather for him. Oh yeah [me] no. No yeah, we don’t need it. We don’t need it No, no, why not? What should we do because the colors not there? Oh? woo and those guys I don’t speak that language, but basically I’m pretty sure I’ll try there. Yeah, we have to pour something in there. I’m not gonna Lie. I actually kind of forgot. Oh no, no God, no, oh It wants us to hear so so here we go, we Yeah, see Ya nothing up there got the feather He’s bringing us up here. Keith. You guys are heavy Thank you for [whenever] you want a bird to come pick you up. All you have to do is go get a feather now I think we’re [there’s] something yeah We make an egg right so we could draw [like] a little egg or we just make it like this really really big egg So this bird has to wasted all of its time sitting on that’s a hatchet big, Ol egg and look Threatened, [it’s] a rotten egg. Yeah, what happened? Let’s see it. Good egg. I don’t know what that was oh, oh dude your master drawing eggs Here we go, and oh oh It’s it. It’s our baby bird That’s a huge bird, and then I guess you just [gets] [Tender] all right burn worth. Oh, yes, Sydney do we need you. I need you. I don’t care care Yes, so basically [do] not Oh crack that use the [Bruzzi] corn to bruise that rock oh You supposed to go in there? Oh Here we go chase wants to show us something so don’t crack the rock You smack the wrong. No, you punch it. Yeah kick a rock yeah, oh You put a yoshi egg there, whoa. This is snake. Yeah egg. [oh] So yeah, you’re supposed to crack the right at school [though]. I didn’t notice that So that’s why they see the first time we played. I didn’t realize that so that’s why You have to break the rock so you can draw an egg? No, that’s cool. That’s cool. I’m glad you showed [that] because really I didn’t even notice that one first time We played all right coming come and bring me down [here]. Where’s the pellet? Oh, there’s [it] [I] do It’s fine You’re the best on every walks off So now here. We go over here. I’m aware. Where is your werewolf? [oh], well? [oh], there’s a puzzle piece that we already found right? Yeah, who should we still show them how to get to it? No, actually I found that one you did yeah Watch this kick the triangle wah wah to the wah wah now let me get this part. Let me do next [bye]. Hey You never play So now rain cloud no. No we got it shown the challenge way. No yeah, the rain I’ll Do the rain cloud once you press the button member now? This is our this is this is how I play ready and then boom quick quick quick Franklin quick done No, I missed it quick line quickly. Okay. This is why you don’t do it. This way. [yes], okay now, right cloud Okay haha Well that is how you make the odds dying okay? Okay? Okay? You put the rain cloud on [the] on the tree and then as it’s going by it’ll open this up you go get the puzzle piece, but seriously [I] I Did it so good let you know maybe I have it. I’ll show [up]. I’ll show Wow, I’ll show a little flashback because we have it You ready is this a good cloud? Yeah? Oh, so done. Why didn’t it grow? because it’s all done [da] we’re supposed to draw Bleep I forgot how to play this game Supposed to draw the leaves on the tree There we go your night, and now wait wait. There’s something to do back there ah Bush monsters that’s right. Huh? Oh. Oh you’re gonna sneak [him] gotta get that guy. We have a water on that little guy knows dog Stop it [wow] What on the little guy turn here? We go take him? Yeah Yeah, he’s a bad guy. He’s a really sad going now so then uh uh [sticky] [stickies] Huh look at her. Oh Get him. Yeah, go get him mine. Yeah That is crazy. I’m ringing has his own opinion. That’s straight up boys. Lady meaning has his own minion dude. Oh cool I can’t leave we do this backwards. I meant to say before do the leave first done Now make it grow what? leaves Silly done make it grow make it grow So we can get through the sludge and then boom there’s where we found the heart and then what? crack oh Why did we get this before? Wait, I can’t cross. Wha wha [we] need like a frozen? [a] [froze] cran They should make a froze and yeah So it would like almost or like a bridge cran ya know like the saying that froze the water We can’t do that. So there’s a puzzle piece [that] we can’t get now. Here’s weird this level [excite] all of all of our buddies ah [why] doesn’t my guy like water [Hailey’s] here is where the level [gets] super super exciting you do this, [okay]? You are producing steam. I’m here. We go and You know you’re thinking. Oh, that’s just a vine until you see It’s coming till you see okay? It’s coming until [you] see and I still it’s a [snake] Monster Was just legit chasing you and you have to run away fast Thank you guys And then you got these guys here if they break them But then look now if you wanted to you [can] do a little bit of that and then draw some Tree leaves, and then hit done. Yes, and that is where the color buddy was No, I don’t want to draw a cloud oh It’s very hard de Through because [oh] [no], okay wires boom because uh uh These grants are in the way get out of my way get out of my way, please get out of my way. Oh Everybody I forgot about the pudding What now where I go around? Oh, let’s forget about that, too Ha and then this took us a while [last] [time] you stay here behind it he eats it Amen Yes Daddy, are you okay? Oh, I didn’t think I would make that Daddy, are you okay choking [munda]? Oh, sorry that makes you be? Chapter five now. We can we do this wait with the minion? Yeah? [oh], [no], [less] awesome Yeah, another thing dong the snake is Dead We’d have to draw somebody new hold on I’ll be right back. Just thinking boy on [my] face, bro Huh, we can draw this I Had to move yeah, how’d you know I? Don’t know about that, bro. No, it’s gonna be it’s gonna be good. That’s a good idea. Yeah, all right. So here we go We have to draw [unless] I left my dad without playing this on my iPad and that beyond the levels because our moms have to ring I Suppose at this ah here. We go. Is that the belly yeah now [it] is it is the body That one. That’s the body, huh all right hold it up for the camera, so they can see right okay chable Okay We’re making this little guy Electable Matchable [alright] now we have our watchable We’re gonna use him we’re gonna weapon you sure we should yeah, we’re gonna use the [Bruzzi] corn All right chapter [six] the frog bog Here we go You played you know what to do – yes, please wait Oh in the mouth of begging on hold on wait Okay, finalists. Let me draw A Monster tree, whoa look at the froggy [Meow] Bobby Do you already play? That’s why you guessed it? Yeah? I did another really was a froze cran Rose [room] [oh] Come on, Bobby [a] gray color buddy Dude, I Will ruin it to walk us to it. What do we do jase? Oh? Yeah We have to break that thing to fix it all right So we’re gonna find some alien tower and break it so we can fix it. Oh there It is always the smack it ha ha okay. We got that oh Where’s the verdad [oh] we have to what? How do you there’s no one to try there? [oh]? Do we just solve that? So try so you have to put an egg there it’ll hatch and then we have to go get the feather I get it Yeah, you can’t others so slow can’t catch us then what let [me] do this I had some oohs looks like a hero Brian hat small or a Samba hats my heart all right, so then now we get that yeah, so now we go [back] to the level access to get that puzzle piece [and] now so now you just Sorry, I’m sorry. So now what how do you freeze peeps? [I] try I try missing happens Back I know I know let me try is that a crocodile guy trapped back there drop legs, oh [so] can I slide down oh my gosh? [we] oh that is awesome But here’s the thing [yeah], you busted a star there. Why is that Mr.. Hart? Come and get us alright and wait. I can’t get the heart right. It’s in here. Oh Yay [woo], this is a nice little cave. I should we should decorate this place ready What do you want to put the uh fridge no and um we put uh oh? [sublights] the windows softer in the bedroom, and that’s all And food now us no weird. It’s so crackers [nowhere] to go. I were getting out of our crowded room here Uh now, what do we do? Now we just go back down, [right]? [no], we go up there go up [-] yeah So I feel bad for like the fish that we’re gonna trap. Oh wait come on froggy. [oh] [did] it kill does it kill the frog can I hit him now? No? I just think killed the froggy so come on oh my God Okay, look at this. It’s are you it’s funny funny. It’s funny. Yeah, it’s funny. It’s funny Look, it’s [funny]. Yes You’re gonna freeze the whole lake over right now, or just that spot [alright], so then now all color buddy Buddy poke in a puzzle piece right dear let’s let’s try to make a really long path like from here to there Back okay now. That’s good. Let’s see and Whoa it teleports you yeah, that’s sick. [I] we got a color buddy shows that black Finally I was getting tired of using grey Hello, let’s go. Get that pool a piece and then nice so is that the snake guy that we killer [eating] We’re not when you [gal] the puzzle pieces it um it’s a heart puzzle piece oh yeah. Yeah, I don’t know What some sneaky we got to free this guy? I feel so bad for him is like a little tiny kid he’s a He’s a kid a dial or [a] [cracker] kid, okay? Let’s look at this really quick now trying to do you know how we went over there to the puzzle piece Yeah, now’s more spots right? Yeah, let’s thank you frog ice bath Ice Bath challenge Okay, what [oh]? okay, uh One there. Oh now. I go here. No. You’re gonna hit you’re gonna get hit. I’m Gonna get What kind of pass is that? Oh here? We [go] right here nothing? Oh, what is yeah? They gonna hurt us. They’re friendly Me [oh], it’s the mommy. [how] do we get into here? What do oh do we have to give them a path how? Come on. Guys follow me. No, they’re so lazy Everybody cold there you go now follow me a lazy crocs Daddy What? I just I just like making winter wonderland. [I] know I get to the color [blotchy] you do kiss this involved doing this yeah Yes, Dawn Dear Dorney weirdo knee and now hello Mister cut what color is that I’ll go it’s look great good ah I don’t know wait. Where did we go? Ha? Oh yeah over here? Hello was it you oh look at that guy? [I] know it said no doubt [Anessa] said Oh what to the coast I? Wasn’t expecting that [mm]. Okay, then do I just keep making trees Come and get me guy [Aha] is it And now what she’s I know you know yeah. Oh right here, okay? Do it do it can’t do it We have to find a key or something for the alligator boxes Maybe grow make it crawl make a girl girl girl. Go down. Wow. Oh Oh, we missed it [is] this the end of the game or is there another level ah? It’s probably not to end. Oh Gosh, I like that There’s a lot of enemies. [oh], gosh. Oh, gosh. Oh, gosh. Oh [gosh] Like oh you’re so bad at this game. Thanks a lot Hey with the runway right? Oh, oh How do you get there? I want to see [you] win lots of trees? Chocolate cheese chocolate trees are sweet chocolate chilies. Just naturally ready to eat chocolate grew on This [rose] yes, it’s not the one you do oh, oh boom Monster Frogs Wow, hey, ha ha you have to wait I know You do yeah promise yeah, do it? We have to go over here and kill it this time Okay, just you have to go now. I’m sorry come with me Yeah, we life sliced. Do you have one and a half hearts left [give] the ice to frogs oh? And you’re dead ellery spotless over here. Oh yeah, I? Could be like the guy from Zootopia be like I said can you I something you can I stop oh oh? [just] to get all three of them to go stand [near] the pole come and get me sight I know oh no [sure] ha ha ha how do you know this? Okay, stand near the pole come and get me no [ya] can do the froze Lady don’t ya, you going you like this uh-huh [oh] Have to you have to freeze this that tongue [gets] stuck to it I’m so glad I played good job. Oh that my friends is [Hachiman] bossiness yeah Now we get it [Louis] Emos good job You did it yeah with the hatch amol The hat channel is also a snackable Are you found two color buddies? One puzzle piece in one heart let’s get to be die All right, then it’s chapter seven then I shot your [sevens] just a final one [know] this do one there’s still one more nice Yeah, wait the game. Hey look at that guy’s [I] control Our guys, thank you so much for watching do that next time let us know who we should troll with for chapter seven and maybe Just maybe we might try to talk when I squeeze you one two three You’re a little stinky foot man. [dislike]. Foot is horrible sadly old popcorn that marinated in vinegar [alright] say goodbye to these lovely peach. Yeah, it’s the first time of me wearing this jacket in a video I was gonna just gonna tell you guys about it only 200 these jackets exist in the world [it’s] a Youtube gamer jacket [top] 200 yeah Because I’m thinking my news I was going to show you guys in the future with like our gold play button but I forgot Anyways, that’s why I’m rocking it You’re picking your nose. Yeah, we actually ate it Ha ha I’m so sore

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