Former Cuyahoga County judge Lance Mason to change plea

Former Cuyahoga County judge Lance Mason to change plea

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make sure you understand the
fall or small idea before we can you
please read all the way his 10
minutes until the work of minor
changes being made those changes with him over the agreement and
stipulation in some detail a
couple things I wanted, we’re
with you, that only someone covered by the
food I am a nose and one to make
sure that we were all on the
same page there was a lot of discovery
providing two in this case by
the state of Ohio and five in my
question for users were you able
to phone and a lot of things and draw for CDs
in this case, questioner turns,
and has covered some one please
remove the one here you express
h motions that I was pretty sure
what to believe you, the case of
his mansion inn, one of the
things it was indicated to me
was th because of publicity, and it
made them less than you can get
a fair trial, in this town and I expected that motioned the
file and it was not in
high-fives and that was in your
request is that when
you-lose-five-homer for U-a-I respect that Hyundai and
you please forgive me for going
over this whole house idea of
hyphenated rather you know that
SM , but that’s the process is
typically, and I would’ve been
willing to do that when you
weigh that is part of his dream
and in th which I anticipated movie file,
was emotional and your prior
conviction and if only you know,
if the defendant testifies prior
f , I anticipated that a ruling
would have been made and I want
to let you know that on a hunger
for four with his role
exclusion, the Iowa after the Shawmut
there’s some purpose and that
that purpose would not be only
the president’s views so was I
wrong man Mary and also again as it
relates to competency of
witnesses, especially with
Meyer, witnesses specially with
if someone under v fifth also covering this is the author
you were allowed to install a
psychologist of incentive is my
understanding early returns the
v of them and hold until the time
of these, then we’re not saying
an event, all that in fact those
who visit today and purposes of and director otherwise you are
sitting at the time all times
over this case tonight, Newsday
is that correct in SMS or a
food-fi there is an absolutely no discussions were removed with
regard to cents and then the
core will entertain his
sentencing memo-from you and
will allow you t opened and no promises made of
any indications, 1 to 1 in
mime-man-in would use the
attorneys, so when you have to
have users ar -in is my understanding that if
you hire plea to the charges is
morning, you will not be
requesting presents
investigation you w and if you have questions Mr.
Mason with regard to how you the
information contained in
rough-and to carefully
review-year terms one, they have a timber and
punishable by a sense of
imprisonment without parole and
Lyon and parole eligibility
after 20 years year honors in sure to use in
the hospital, in town to charge you want, are in punishable by an indefinite
prison sentence of 15 years
while you find out more than
$50,000 you can understand that
charge u , 311, of one uses of the Fraser
and the only the second RE
punishable by the presence of
223-4567 or eight years will
find out town for was a violation of a
protection order units of only 33, 41 to the
prison sentence of 912182130 and
36 months apply now more than
half of the own in a county-ran the house issued
the own, to 43, 45 yen from prison
sentence of 679 to one, for she
working 15/16 17 or 18 months in
a vial now more than 5000 in the town says one, one uses
of them when peace officer of
the building of first degree
possible five tougher prison
sentence were alone years to find out
more than 1000 you understand
those women, charges against us
and you understand the issue has RE UPN and we’re
going to those, five and it’s
your understanding that the count one in the Burke out to
her account three loneliness is
all our ally announces a
sophomore and were in Wilmer for
purposes end of the state will let you
see isn’t enough, one of you and
you further understand and
stipulate that town one
activated her count six loneliness and saw a
huge pertain to sever an
estimated one of sacramento’s in
SMS the parties agree that the
nose cou you understand how a share,
India, then, the most of them
and have a net card number 16,
and that over year term as us to
turn i -month periods, room for only understand if you
ever are released from prison
that you the steady to
mandatory. Call for the
supervision of five an unity questions with regard to
have a new thing as a ruse to if
you are now these rights that
you have is that my understanding that
you are going where you can use
a u.s.’s right hand, one jury were
flown for us to the right to confront any
witnesses brought in and testify
against viewers journeys across
the animals witnesses on your b nose in right requires CD will
not approve each and every
element of the house fire from
beyond a reasonable, you also
write rem , to appeal the decision was
made, for a new hire an anti -office case are you beginning
of the right of appeal with
regard to these decisions made
by the more you understand and
given a in two man, and I-five you know
his duties role as a violent
offender in over the line and
signature, founders of central
and Ma Mr. Mason than 1-1 -Su on 32, one-for-pound the
town to her you can’t read, read
long distance of ozone for you
and, in the count for violating
the the whole five to you for the
opportunity presented quarter
with the sentencing memorandum
and all, and then comes so if
you tur one hearing of the-fact using
witness that you wish to call
someone are all listed common
defense, and interviews and then
you h often used in recess and for
one-half and half and see if
often, and-a
five-a-phen-fen-phen -phen-fen-phen-fen-phen, says
write-offs and-as-as his own and
when an often-and-as-a-half

3 thoughts on “Former Cuyahoga County judge Lance Mason to change plea

  • Donald Trump Unofficial Post author

    My God…'s Lance Mason!

  • matthew stephen Post author

    Wow someone who used to send people away now in the process of being sent away

  • Live Free Post author

    Piece of shit asshole , you ruined your children's lives. You were called "your honor " on a daily basis, but you acted with anything but honor. You are worse the scum and I hope you do the worst possible time there is

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