Forced To Sleep on the Couch Forever (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Forced To Sleep on the Couch Forever (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Martin v. Pinner.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Martin, you admit
to making a huge mistake around the time
you conceived your daughter, Royal’blu. Yes, Your Honor. You claim that
one moment of weakness will cost you your fiance if you cannot prove today
that he fathered your child. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Pinner,
you say you love Royal’bluand want her to be yours,but you already have
one foot out the door and will leave Ms. Martin if today’s paternity results
are negative. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Martin, talk to me about the status of your
relationship right now. What’s going on? Well, at this point me and
Rommel have no relationship because of the paternity
of our daughter. I made one mistake back
in the past that he knew about and now he’s claiming that
he knows nothing about it. The relationship
is in turmoil. Yes, he completely
moved out of the bedroom. Like, he lives
in my living room. So, Mr. Pinner, you have
one step out the door, you’ve already
moved out the bedroom. Yes, Your Honor. And next you feel like it might be the home? Oh, yes. All together? Yes, Your Honor. Because of this mistake
Ms. Martin made? Yes, Your Honor.
It’s more about the lies,
you know. She says that
she let me know
right away but it was a month later
after she found out that she was pregnant. You’re lying. No, that’s true.
You know, when you, uh, feel like there is no trust
why would I fake it and just be,
you know, be layin’ in bed with somebody
that’s already lied to me and I’m not being dishonest
in the relationship. You were layin’ there before. You were dishonest from the beginning… No. …and you’re dishonest
with me now. The reason why I’m
not sleeping in the bedroom is because I’m not sure
if Royal is mine or not. We’ve talked about
this mistake, Ms. Martin. And I think
we need to understand exactly what
was the mistake. Tell her about the mistake. I’m going to tell her
about the mistake. At that point
Rommel was doing him, as we say, partying,
not coming home, I completely moved to
Wisconsin with him. I even said, you know,
“If I come up here for you, “I’m about you.
We’re gonna do
our family thing.” And when I got up there it went totally left.
He, like, left me in the home
by myself. It’d be days at a time
before I even saw Rommel. That’s not true. Okay, fine,
you don’t wanna come home, you don’t wanna be
a part of it, I’m gonna do my own thing, so, I continued to work,
I got friends, I started hanging out and started having parties
and stuff and then, he still… At that point
Rommel still MIA and never called,
never… That’s not true. He completely moved out
of our home in Wisconsin and moved in with his mom
and left me there. Wait a minute,
what was the mistake? That I had a party one night and I had sex
with another person, which, Your Honor, I did… The very next morning
I did confide in Rommel. I told him the whole truth. That’s not true. And he’s acting like
I never told him that. You say she didn’t tell you? No, she didn’t tell me… I told him. ROMMEL: After she told me
that she was pregnant. No, I’m gonna
tell you the truth. This is what happened,
Your Honor. No. (LAUGHS) After she found out
that she was pregnant, a month later she said, “Well, I have something
to tell you.” What? “I had sex with somebody. “Uh, I had a party
and I woke up.” (STUTTERS) Rommel, really? “I don’t know if I had
unprotected sex or not.” Rommel, really? “And I don’t really know “who the guy was.” And I asked, I said,
“Who’d you have sex with? “Blank man?” You know. No. Because how do you not know
who you slept with? I told you it was drinking
and everything involved, but just… That’s irresponsible. But you’re still putting on a
front like I did not tell you. I told you that
the very next day. You did not tell me. No, you didn’t. Don’t sit there
and lie like that. See, if you can’t remember
who you had sex with… Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! I wanna understand this. So, it’s your testimony,
Mr. Pinner, that she didn’t tell you
the day after the party. She told you one month after
she was already pregnant. Exactly, Your Honor. Lying. She’s lying. How did she tell you?
What did she say? She said, “Well,
I have something to tell you.” She said, you know,
“When I had that party, “Uh, I woke up
the next morning “and I’m pretty sure I had sex
but I don’t know who it is.” Like I said,
that’s very irresponsible. That… No. Very. Rommel,
that part was the truth but I didn’t wait a month. I told you the next day.
I was honest from the jump. So, Ms. Martin,
did you tell him the truth? ROMMEL: No, she didn’t. Yes, Your Honor. The day after? The day after. What did you say? I told him that… I said, “Rommel, last night
I ended up having a party. “I know we got
heavily intoxicated “and I know as a woman,
I know that I did something. “I know I did something.” Yes, she did. I’m not gonna withhold that
information. I’m just not. I’m not gonna lie
about it. He said, “Well,
I apologize for not
being there “and I know I should
have been there
a little bit more.” He was like, “Well, maybe,
we’ll just put this behind “so we can continue
and go forward.”
And I’m like, “Okay.” He agreed to move forward. That’s not true, Your Honor. BRITTANY: You’re sittin’
here lying. ROMMEL: It’s true that
I agreed to move forward after finding out
that you was so irresponsible to have sex with somebody
and not know who it is? But the point is I told you. You’re acting like
I waited a month later and that is not the case.
You are lying. The fourth point of the fact
is she tells me that, “I’m not sure,
did I have sex with you before “or after I had sex
with that guy?” What are you talking about? No, sir, we had sex two days after the fact
that I told you that. No, you’re lying,
you’re lying, you’re lying. I know when it was. To me, I don’t know
if she’s mine or not. But I’m not…
But I’m telling you the truth. I told you the truth then and I’m gonna tell you
the truth now. I’ve never lied
about anything. Never once have lied. Why would I believe you? You are sitting here
saying that you told me
this right after which you never did. The next morning
I had to hunt him down. I called his mother where he claimed
he was staying and, “I haven’t seen Rommel
in a few days,” so, she had to track him down
for me. That’s not true, Your Honor. Not… What? While this time
we had out separation, I wasn’t doing all the things
that she was doing. I still was taking care
of that household. You are full of it. And it still, to me,
was my house. I had come there a few time and put everybody out. I put everybody out. Hey, wait, wait, wait. I know there was a strain
in the relationship, I can tell that,
that’s why you had partied, but what I’m trying
to understand now is we have
this paternity question and it’s because, Mr. Pinner,
you don’t for certain if you are Royal’blu’s
biological father… No, I don’t. …because of this
particular incident. And when you think of
the window of conception, does this incident fall
near that window? Yes, ma’am, it does. Yes. I had… Well, I had sex with Rommel
prior two days after the fact
that I told him that and it all falls in
about the same time. How soon after that
was Royal’blu born? She was born
June 19th of 2015. So, I found out maybe… Conception date was
about October 15th, that’s what the doctor had
gave me which I told him. I’ve shared every information and he’s acting like I’ve
never… Like, none of this… Like, I’ve never
told him anything. So, if the doctor told you the conception date
was October 15th, what date was the party? Like the 13th maybe? Is it this paternity secret
that started this or you all
were already unraveled? We were already unraveled. JUDGE LAKE: So then
the paternity secret comes in and then that just destroys
the rest of what was there. That takes the rest
of it down because when I moved
to Wisconsin with him… Prior to me even moving, Rommel wasn’t this way
as he’s always been. Like, he was coming home but then when we get up there
when I have no family, I have no friends,
I don’t know anybody. Nobody. So, I’m like, you know,
I’m dependent on him. So, when you start leaving me
at home by myself and for days. That’s not true. He’s with a woman.
It’s common sense. ROMMEL: Your Honor,
I can tell you
where it started at. After she had
our oldest daughter, she changed completely. I guess she felt like
she missed something. She started to go out
partying, kicking it… What? And clubs. She met her some friends. You’re not going to turn
this on me. Started going here and there
and I wasn’t gonna have that. We have a child. You’re
leaving me here with a child. I work and go to work and
try to take care of my family
and provide for them. You are turning
this whole thing around on me. This is yours… Excuse me. I have had made
my mistakes. ‘Cause you’re lying. I made my mistakes. But, at the same
point of time, we were supposed
to work with it. Your Honor, I said, “I’m gonna
give you your space then “to see, you know,
where your head at.” And instead of me… You know, instead of her just,
“Okay, let’s,
as a grown person, “other than just leaving me
alone, going back home “and just saying forget
the whole relationship,” she started to
try to embarrass me. Your Honor,
that’s what I said. Listen, listen,
listen, listen. I already know
what’s going on here. I mean, this is easy. She moves to
a different state following behind you. When she gets there,
you still out and about
doing things. Then she get mad and
get upset and decide, “You know what, now I’m gonna
try to go tit for tat. “He out partying,
he out hanging out, “he don’t wanna come home,
I’ll start partying.” We hear this too much. That’s the thing
I tell women all the time. We lose the tit for tat
every time because you lose your senses and you do something stupid
and you get pregnant! AUDIENCE: Yup. (APPLAUSE) Yes, ma’am. Right? You’re gonna try to drink yourself
out of your misery and then up the ante on the misery. And I know you’re resentful because men usually
can’t take what they dish out. That’s just the way…
That’s just the way
we’re wired. No, I’m just being
very honest. I’ve… We’ve worked with too many
relationships to know. We see women
that can try to forgive men after indiscretions but a very few men that can honestly be told,
“I’m sorry, I made a mistake. “I cheated on you. “I did this.
I did something wrong.” Honey, they can’t handle that. AUDIENCE: Mmm-mmm. Just wired differently. And then, put a paternity
secret on top of that? Now we’re in trouble. During the pregnancy now
are you participating? Are you going
to the doctor’s appointments? Yes, I am. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Because
at that point you realize,“She could potentially
be mine.”
ROMMEL:Yes, ma’am.He participated for about
three or four months. That’s not true, Your Honor. That was it. That’s not true, Your Honor. He went to doctor’s
appointment with me,
Your Honor, until I decided one morning. I woke up
’cause he didn’t come home. I packed everything I owned
in that house and I went home, and it took him 24 hours
to even realize I was gone. It took all I had to pack up
my daughter, me being pregnant
and all my clothes to go home, to leave this man. It took all I had. I didn’t just wake up
one morning on a good note, “Oh, I’m gonna
leave Rommel today.” No, it took all I had. She didn’t have the audacity
or the care to tell me, “I’m leaving.” I begged you. She didn’t think about it.
“I know I did wrong.” But I don’t have no
illegitimate kids
around here… It don’t matter, I begged you. …out of the side
of our relationship. JUDGE LAKE: Listen! Listen. Listen. Let’s not label the baby. BRITTANY: Please don’t. Let’s not label the baby. Because she’s innocent. Of course. Of course. And I love her. JUDGE LAKE: Let’s
not label her. Because the only thing
illegitimate here is the way you all have
operated in this
relationship. True. And that’s true. Yes, ma’am. And that’s why Royal’bluis in the position
at 22 months old,
a beautiful little girl,
doesn’t truly know
who her father is. Because you
question that. Yeah, I question that. But I don’t never treat
her any different. I’m glad. I treat her the same way as I do my oldest child.
I just wanna know, you know,
so I could move forward. But just don’t
play me in it and don’t act like
I didn’t tell you nothing. Don’t do me like that. I wanna be a family. You wanna be a family
but you’re not trying. I’ve steadily got
my hand out
reaching and trying and you slapping
it down. But you lied to me. I did… Whatever. And… You made me feel stupid. He playing it. And to me, I said,
“That’s irresponsible.” How do you feel like
she made you feel stupid? She started partying,
going out, you know, and being a different person.
I was trying to move forward. I don’t want a bunch of guys
around my child. There wasn’t a bunch of guys. Why are you sitting there
lying like that? You put on such a… You probably don’t even know
who was at the party. She probably don’t know
who she was around. If you was being
any type of man you would have been at home. Now… Where were you at? You know the reason
why I wasn’t there? You know the reason why
I wasn’t there, is because I didn’t wanna in turn, like you said “tit for tat” so I had to give you
a chance to breathe. Talk one at a time. I gave her
a chance to breathe. Like I said, to find out
what she wanted to do. I didn’t go around
having a bunch of women. I came and checked
on the household every day. Your Honor,
if I didn’t love Rommel I would have never
quit my job, left my apartment,
left my family,to follow him.I’ve been serious
from day one.
I’ve been begging himwhile he’s been playing
the disappear game.
At this point, I’m tired. You were everywhere. You was bouncing from here
to there. Everywhere. And so, now
this relationship, with definitely
one child but potentially two,
is on the line. Yes, it is. Like I said, Ms. Martin, we never win this game
of tit for tat. And I can see
how hurt you are. ‘Cause I’m sure when
you moved and followed
him to Wisconsin this was not what you
had in your mind. No, ma’am,
it was not. And to be honest with you,
Mr. Pinner, I’m sure this is not
why you asked her to come. No. This is not
what you planned either. No, it wasn’t. This is not what you all
had in your minds. And I can see, Ms. Martin, you are not
proud of what you did. This is not who you are. Even when a man is off
doing his nonsense don’t let it throw you
off your game who you are because at the end of the day
you are Royal’blu’s mother and I know
you feel responsible. Yes, ma’am. Every bit of it. JUDGE LAKE:And so,
a lot of times when you are
shouting and arguing
and arguing back and forth,you’re just taking shots
at one another and it feels like to me, you’re just projecting
a lot of the anger
you have for yourselves. BRITTANY: Yeah. Against one another. Instead of just
honestly looking and saying, “I blew this one.” At this point
what I wanna know is, Mr. Pinner, you say
your bag is packed. Yes, Your Honor. It is. And you’re ready.
You got one foot out the door. Yes, Your Honor. If Royal’blu
is your biological daughter can you unpack that bag? Yes, that’s exactly
what I wanna do. I’m a straight shooter
in here now. When you unpack that bag, you have to unpack it
with an intention to let go of the baggage
of the past. Yes, Your Honor. Now you just can’t
unpack the bag and then, on a random
Wednesday just decide you’re gonna get mad again
’cause she had that party. I understand what
you’re saying, Your Honor. Or we’ll be back here again. Yes, Your Honor.
Understand that. Ms. Martin, before I go
to the results is there anything
you’d like to say? Just that I’ve been
paying for my mistakes and if I could go back
and redo it all, I would. Wholeheartedly, I would.
I apologize. But, I want them together
because I want my family back. I want all of it back. Let’s get the results. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of
Martin v. Pinner,
I had sex with another person. When it comes to
22-month-old Royal’blu, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Pinner, you are the father. Ooh! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) BRITTANY: Thank God. Oh, Lord. I’m sorry. It’s over. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. It is finally over. I’m so sorry. From the bottom
of my heart, I’m so sorry. This has been so hard. I’m sorry. This has been so hard. I apologize. (EXHALES) It’s my heart. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just wanna move forward. Can I give her a hug,
Your Honor? Absolutely, if it’s okay. Yes, ma’am. It’s all right. (APPLAUSE) I love you. Love you. Can I move my stuff
back in the room now? I guess so. You tired of sleeping
on that couch. Oh, yeah, it’s hard.
My back hurts. JUDGE LAKE:
Back hurt, hold it. Jerome and I,
we need these days. I’m glad. This is
the result I was
hoping for. Because at the end
of the day you have
one child together and now Royal’blu knows
that this is her daddy. And you all can
hopefully begin to put, not just that night, but the state of
the relationship in general in the past. BRITTANY: Yes, ma’am. And that means that you both
are gonna have to change. You are the man
of this family. You’re the woman
of this family, the mother of this family. You all have to set examples
for these beautiful children. BRITTANY: Yes, Your Honor. You all are not alone
out here. We’ve all been
through relationships that have gone well
and not so well. Right? But if you have an opportunity
to save the relationship, please get the tools you need. So, we have that for you, I want you
to take advantage of it. Court is adjourned. BRITTANY: Thank you.

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