FNN: College admissions scandal update, NATO Secretary addresses Congress

FNN: College admissions scandal update, NATO Secretary addresses Congress

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we have a full day here for you take a look at the live shot right now he in Boston this is right outside of the federal court house so where — Eighteen defendants from the college admissions scandal are making their way to the court room that was one of the big stories a couple weeks ago and it’s still getting a lot of attention because of the celebrities involved Ron Mike. Here’s why I say I I hope I never get in trouble in Boston. Because this particular courthouse. The federal courthouse is just steps away. From one of the girls initial rash. She’ll ever. For you’ve been to Boston rise I have okay so I my understanding is it’s the oldest continuous restaurant. In the U. S. saying it’s called the union oyster. Just jot it down her back in Boston. You know what’s so funny about it is that — I mean I it dates back I think two hundred years or so. And people were smaller back then but they haven’t changed it in so you’re sitting in the booths in your Finland like. Were more expensive as Americans [inaudible] All my love the roadways there in Boston everything’s very soo. That’s a good point. To update you guys I think they’re so scared of they they want to keep it just yeah actually Boston should. It’s a great town but anyway — It’s interesting because this — Court. Battle as it’s going to unfold to me it seems like a probably should a band in a federal courtroom in LA that’s what I’m saying right. Right right I mean U. S. C. was so involved the number of the school I mean allegedly a number of the schools that were allegedly involved are out in California some of the most high profile — Defendants in the case are Californians about the anyway they decided to go ahead. And just take a look at about an hour ago actress Felicity Huffman coming up to the court room their house. Now this is interesting to me I wonder at the level of charges and of course what do you worry about if you’re in a case like this is possible prison time. Is she facing substantially less prison time Mike van Lori Loughlin here’s why ask. I believe the charge against her has to do with a fifteen thousand dollar this is an allegation certainly not proven a fifteen thousand dollar — Feed that she paid or whatever to make sure that the SAT test came out jobs triton and so that’s you know the church there I believe. And then — For Lori Loughlin we’ve all heard the story there that she paid close — To I think this close to half a million dollars the figure. Five hundred dollars [inaudible] So — Doesn’t it seem like this will be a movie and like about a year I mean. It has everything [inaudible] About. Yeah except it will be on the hallmark channel. This. Came from the Lee I mean they announced their roll out of their new shows — Just the last few days and it’s a no Lori Loughlin — Channel more and I me she was a very prominent on she really was she I mean she would be in a bunch of those special those Christmas specials to yes right. At the end of the year yeah she was always like a group sort of a Christmas queen of the hallmark channel so. I mean it’s if you just wonder when people get swept up in a case like this or many other cases that we follow Kevin Spacey for exam — Which is his career gone forever and is Felicity Huffman’s is Lori Loughlin — You know only time will tell but this is really serious for them and so — The cameras are set up we do not believe that they are actually going. To no barricade we don’t believe that they’re going to come out and speak. We’re just trying to get more shots of the defendants coming in and we haven’t seen Laurie out though. Okay so we will wait and see on that one I think we heard that one was supposed to happen in about another hour okay hour or hour and a half second with. Hey there in Boston no doubt. Other news here of the day it was a win for Democrats earlier this morning for the house a judicial committee as they vote. Along party lines — To subpoena the molar report yeah and interesting that they also want to subpoena — Some. By the way when we see them all a report we’re talking about the full the full the full thing all almost four hundred pages. Plus on top of that in the ancillary material that might have been involved. In it as well it’s not a shock that they did it yeah I mean the new Attorney General William Barr had already said look I’m working on and I’m gonna give it to you. We just have to read act of you know. Some of the sensitive. Information and but they’re not in the mood to wait I mean baby this was such a disappointment I think for a lot of people who were hoping this was going to lead to the president’s impeachment right right. And it took all the air out of that and then I mean the very next day Nancy Pelosi says you know what let’s focus on some issues that we can actually win twenty twenty with. The president they will the administration just hands of one on healthcare. Yeah and they had that really they on the back pedal than the ministration yeah I know and now they’re already sayg twenty twenty one vote for us. And then we’ll do it yeah I know but the problem is — You you can’t just do it on blind faith the present still gonna have to come up with a plan or somebody I mean give his speech last night this is interesting is that we a lot of people this from. A lot of very smart people including one man he said was a genius who’s really into this kind of stuff I’m trying to fix the broken healthcare system — You know because honestly my can mean you have the rollout of obamacare and were so. I don’t want to say Holly and a but all to Mister. It might work well I think the if you went out and interviewed the average person on the street they would tell you. The whole healthcare system is still. It is — So there’s an opportunity there. But they have to as the president says I got a whole. Pre existing conditions are. I actually think they probably on the if you ask most people might. Let’s do a random survey tell me what’s in obamacare they would say two things. Existing conditions keep your kids until twenty six there’s so much more and I think it’s hundreds and hundreds. Binder yes — Is so but those are the two key aspects that everybody focuses on and then they can say look this is. A part a and part B. of our planet here’s part see and how we’ll actually cost less — I think might be appealing for a lot of people but they just can’t leave it out there in the over there they’ll just get him. If they don’t have at least the roll out of some kind of plan so we will continue to see how that all on full. Story here. This one was really interesting on you brought this to my attention this morning now imagine if the all I want to set it up this way okay. Imagine that the you sign up for a marathon but you know that you’re only going to run about three miles of it. Okay man my key. Words to be so perfect. Tell people they say owner you ran a marathon and I say no is a half mirror. Thirteen point one miles is enough to just about. You know. Do not twenty six point two but here’s here’s the way I put it so think about when you call out for a jog or run. My cat after twenty minutes. You’re pretty well at least I know I’m pretty well — To so I say I remember the first time I ran and ran right by our building here word about seventh Avenue. And Washington and it started over the state capital and we ran down Jefferson all the way here into the heart of the downtown and then we ran up Seventh Avenue. And then we made a curve on to McDowell I remember staring right into the sun and I looked at my watch not this watch my one of my older ones. And I said. I’m already a twenty minutes. And I got two more owl. That sort of puts it in perspective really does is twenty minutes a run it doesn’t talk. I mean of course you training you’re ready for it. Man twenty minutes then now we’re running right nto the sun and we have about two more hours running. That’s so that the table philosophy though wanting to do more than yet and then you know you can right. This is going on in the political world so why do we talk about it this fellow right here in this man is AT the eight years old. I am not going to make a big issue of his age because he’s still. You know like the energizer. Right he’s going to go on he’s been a senator from the state of Alaska for a long time — Now retired by the way but he is watched. If you moved back to Alaska refuse lives in DC nobody’s watched — Might grow well by the way. A saying. I don’t like what’s happening with our current group of candidates for the Democrats in your thinking. Ma’am there’s already getting close to twenty how many do we need the Republicans and seventeen so he says here’s my game plan I’m going to enter. But I’m not going to win. Well. Defeatist attitude what did Vince Lombardi ever say to the be the Green Bay Packers all right man. We’re going into the championship game or not get away. Of course not but he says look and be realistic I don’t think I’m gonna win who knows maybe he’ll catch fire. But he says he’s won the intention. Is to move the entire block of mandates. Third to the war. A lot of people would say wait how is that even possible I know what I mean you got — Bernie Sanders in there and there are some people who are going to try to out flank him to the left. Already they’ve been saying we can and we’re gonna out do and and so anyway you’ve got this fellow saying no no no we gotta go so much further to the left he hasn’t rolled out what his platform is going to be but Mike here’s the interesting part of hold. You have to have you want to be on the debate stage here they’re going to here’s how they’re going to get the the near do wells the under 1% grew. Out of it. It’s very interesting you have to have. Sixty five thousand donors number the Republicans did it differently you had to have a certain number in the polls sure right. Now they’re saying look you can’t even get on the big stage the big debate stage unless you’re allergic candidate and in our view you’re not allergic candidate. Until you get more than sixty thousand donors so I think they’re all kinds of you know very very minor candidates. Not hit that number so here’s what he’s done he launched his campaign he went on to social media says I want to do this through Twitter. And get the word out. And get sixty five thousand donors I believe my he doesn’t even care if they give a Bök. Four thousand yeah. I think he just wants the sixty five thousand donors so we get on the debate stage and start moving people to the left I don’t think the power of his arguments will be enough to sway the race in. Any way. Anyway that’s what he says the one thing I want to point out my because he’s eighty years old I love. The fact in an eighty eight year old wants to run for president. I still remember when Ronald Reagan — And people said. You kidding me he’ll be [inaudible] Sixty years. Ancient is that kind of thinking so really does seem because I mean look at Joe Biden how old is now. In his mid seventies I mean he can if he were to run. And win reelection he being. In two is — Eighty Donald Trump in his seventies and you know and approaching the middle the middle years of the seventies s. I mean age really it’s kind of cool when you just take one big step back and look. People used to think but just a generation or two ago that that was very old. In sixty nine it really is not any more here’s a guy who’s eighty eight and I bet you you’d probably does a pretty good job in his run for the presidency. Another one that is going to be and we we were still waiting. I know well if so. That might. When I got in the race before b? It would have been like I was in the one in Vegas. No kidding. Well I don’t know Mike I suppose it may be a phase if they’d offered all odds on how long will the American alliance of football league last. This is usually the over under their at what about six game I believe that think about a big coin lasted longer than the in. For some odd reason this is is. Always in having a resurgence. Fifty one hundred now okay was. Thirty eight something yeah well so in case you didn’t hear the whole leave there with we got to pull the plug. The one thing I’ll say is is. Because I know or fifteen minutes is just about a fast is. Fifteen this is — I do love the one idea that they came up with that everybody’s talking about and I hold like everything the NFL will adopted. Which is get rid of the onside kick. And instead do a hail Mary. You get one shot right one shot we may say so you’re in a situation is late in the game. You got to get the ball back you know that the on site care which by the way is where the dribble it only goes ten yards your guys try to grab the other guys. Have such good athletes now it’s ineffective. It does not work 92% of the time enough so you’re wasting our time with. Did a John Elway of all people in the Denver Broncos said there is one idea. From over there that we should adopt right here which is. No more onside kick let’s do the hail Mary. Fourth and fifth T. mobile I would. Be fine if they made a long fourth in. Twenty twenty five yeah. And an intro the hail Mary for if everybody’s expecting to hail Mary I do like the statue of liberty from the old Boise state player whatever and have a little bit of fun with it. Sometimes there too but he does. In the unit yeah they like they like the rules. There we go top stories here the day we’re just getting started. Here on news now we’ll take a look there in Boston as we continue to wait. For more defendants coming in as the college admissions scandal on fe might be sure continuing on with the news now always ring you the top stories in outlines from across the country well earlier we were talking about how the house Democrats are. They voted and if they got the subpoena for all the full Muller reports so they will be looking at that a shortly well let’s show you a little bit of how that voting all went down earlier this morning. For the house Judiciary Committee. For pages dish no prosecutorial judgment. That may be accurate — But the standards that you it here too by. The second constitutional body the executive. In article — Two has a larger parameters as to whether or not. The administration follow the rule of law. And actually. I had it here — Too guidelines or actions appropriate for president of the United States. Further Attorney General attempted to slide away. The idea here of anything Russian port nation — He did that by suggesting that the attorney — Mullah. Did not find an underlying crim. And therefore — Refused to move forward on the obstruction. Refuse to move forward on the instruction on the basis of a not an indictment or prime and we also know that Attorney General bars already made his point. A very clear. About his position on the indictment of a president we do not it here. In the role of the grand jury to indict the president. But we sit here as a body that has. To proceed with its constitutional duties provide oversight and transparency. Let me share with my colleagues what has happened in the past. Dan Burton former chair of the oversight committee issued a thousand unilateral subpoenas. The nineteen nineties regarding the Clinton administration. Lamar Smith of the science committee issued twenty five subpoenas in his first year. Of chairmanship. Before. Twenty fifteen this committee had not issued one subpoena in twenty one years. Chairman I said issued a hundred plus subpoenas. Exceeding by over 20% the number of subpoenas from dams Republicans lawmakers of any committee. And then chairman guarantee of the Benghazi committee. Who sent US marshals to seventy witnesses homes without asking any one of them to come voluntarily? I frankly believe that we are being both fair. And balanced. In our gentleman yield. The happy meal I just for the record I was chair of this committee for six years and I didn’t sign one subpoena at all. You know I got what I needed out of the administration without having to Compellent. So there’s a difference between nice and being less than nice miss Mister Mister sense right thank you I’m restoring my time a reclaiming my time — As you well know that you have not been mentioned. You have not to mention noise a Judiciary Committee been mentioned but the point being made. Is that there’s been a history of subpoenas offered. In — Other areas and other committees and in this instance I think the Judiciary Committee. Is being extremely fair so thank you so very much — For that clarification that the chairman Sensenbrenner did not but in this instance — I believe that the committee is being fair scenarios being fair this is a resolution to authorize the issuance of the subpoena. And I ask my colleagues to support. This resolution idea back. I don’t know if there is only Mister Biggs is recognized thank you Mister chairman — I ask unanimous consent that an article published April first twenty nineteen in the Atlantic written by been with this and entitled bill Barr has promise transparency be entered into the record. Without objection thank you with this is the editor in chief of law fair and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. That’s the same thing tank were nor my cinema rich Sherman staff is also a senior fellow in very Bergen another member the chairman’s staff is published extensively — And with that I yield to the gym from Colorado Mister Buck. I thank the gentleman from Arizona — Mister chairman were discussing based on what the standard is for release of grand jury testimony in the context of in a counselor or special counsel investigation and thankfully — You announced the standard on September ninth nineteen ninety eight when you appeared on the Charlie Rose show. That’s the same day that independent counsel stop can star and I repeat that the same day that independent counsel Kenneth Starr delivered his report. Into the Clinton investigation to Congress. Here’s what you said it when explaining why would be unwise an unfair to release grand jury materials quality. Now Mr star in his transmittal letter to the speaker and the minority leader made it clear that much of this material is federal rule sixty material. That is material that by law unless countering by a vote of the house must be kept secret it is a grand jury material it represents a statements which may or may not be true. By various witnesses salacious material all kinds of material that it would be unfair. To release end of quote. Our Germany went so far as to suggest in that interview that certain material called must not be released at all. End of quote. I do want to mention that under the independent counsel statute Congress held a statutory role of oversight so would have at least been proper for Congress to consider it grand jury materials should be released. But that law has expired on the current law the attorney general’s left to the responsibility protecting grand jury materials different persons a different person responsible for deciding different responsibility altogether. Despite changes in the law the chairman’s concerns from nineteen ninety eight about the questionable value in releasing grand jury material and the need to protect those materials. Are still true today the chairman for this position was also on display three weeks ago when the house unanimously approved as resolution. H. Connor as twenty four calling for the release of the special counsel report w excluding from disclosure any information protected by law which would necessarily protect grand jury material. Never the less in a New York times op ed this week the chairman wrote quote. The department of justice has an obligation to provide it meaning the full mu mu arae Muller report in its entirety without delay. Mister chairman you had a right over twenty years ago your support of the protection of grand jury information and I agree with that. You had a right three weeks ago everyone on this committee voted who voted voted for your resolution to protect against the release of sixty materials. Mister chairman Attorney General Barr agrees with you last week he wrote to you to tell you that he was working with the special counsel to redact grand jury materials. Your historic standard when you held for seven thousand four hundred and ninety two days from September eighth nineteen ninety eight at least until March fourteenth. Two thousand nineteen as a stinging standard that can be found in my members. The standard says the grand jury materials and should not be disclosed. That’s the right standard and I urge the committee to adopt the Stanley you back to the gentleman from Arizona reclaiming my time. This is Jim. From Rhode Island excuse me I I reclaim my time — I’m sorry. The civics continue as chairman [inaudible] I support the can book a revision of books amendment to the amendment the nature of a substitute to resolution. And one thing I want to point out is. Dead when I hear. Of people in to make that. The chairman really has the authorization issue subpoena. It is. If I get this feeling that maybe this isn’t a done deal but it is a done deal. Because the chairman and his response to Jim from Wisconsin said very clearly. That before going to court we’re going to issue a subpoena [inaudible] So. The normal process. Would naturally be to go to thi. To this the court and ask for this information to be — Made available but that’s not what’s going to happen here you’re gonna see subpoenas issued. And they’re going to be the issue because as the chairman said in his opening statement. Mister Maher made the Attorney General Barr may do this. And I’m paraphrasing cores and president trump may do that. In other words. He would suggest that this would be conditional. But he is acting and this resolution is is going to go forward. Regardless of what Mr bar — Provides even if it’s in print compliance with rule. Sixty my time’s expired. Jennifer Ireland thank you Mister chairman to strike the last word. And was recognized that Mister you might want to make a two brief points one is the John from Wisconsin reference the star reported into war ski report. As president for not issuing a subpoena and in fact going to court. It should be noted that in both of those cases the special independent counsel went to court to seek authorization for the release of the grand jury testimony. Before was delivered to Congress they did that on their own it didn’t require Congress to litigate it so that those individuals recognize it was aboard when they deliver the report also deliver the underlying documents. And they sought permission from the court to do it that has not happened in this case it back Mr Marsden just the opposite he’s intended to keep this information. From Congress so the notion that we should just wait and sort of pray and hope that Mr bar will suddenly find his way to the courthouse — To seek authorization I think is is foolish this subpoena will require him to take that action because as a general was cotton said he could move to quash the subpoena that’s one course of action. He could also go to court and move for the production of sixty material so we can comply with the subpoena and that’s what we’re hoping will do if they in fact they’re interested in getting this information for Congress so. I urge my colleagues to oppose this amendment to set the president so that in fact this committee can get the full report. And all the supporting material so we can do our oversight response we as the chairman said our constitutional responsories have not changed even if some regulation has. I urge a no vote on the amendment and you’ll the balance of my time to the chairman. I thank the gentleman I just want to point out — That I was right twenty one years ago. I am right now. And is totally consistent. Because twenty one year we are urging now. That the underlying sixty material. The produce to the committee. In nineteen ninety eight that material had been produced for the Congress. And what we were discussing was is released to the public. And before sixty material is released to the public it has to be reviewed because some of it should not be released to the public before for privacy and other reasons. But that the termination was made and then by Congress. And it should be made now by Congress. We are asking now that the material be given to Congress so we can to fill our constitution responsibilities. In nineteen ninety eight the material had been given a prior to this debate to that debate to Congress so Congress could fulfill its constitutional responsibilities. And my comments on the floor then and the debate then was not about whether the material should go to Congress it already had. It was about whether it should be released to the public in its entirety and I said then that you can’t releases sixty material entirely to the Republic I’m sorry. In its entirety to to to the public without reviewing it and that’s still true but it should be but it was then and should be now released to the Congress to this committee. In its entirety well Germany also. Yeah so you — With the gentleman support de releasing in the public the material that we redacted in the Clinton impeachment. All right everything our claim my time I like to focus on the issue before this committee [inaudible] With yeah. I’m reclaiming my time I think in the gym but I get again want to suggest. That this is — In import response to this committee to the to ensure that it is clear that no one is above the law that we follow the facts where they lead us. That this investigation was conducted on behalf of the American people when our democracy was attacked by four our say we fought hard to protect Mister Mullis we could complete his work free from political interference. And now we have a right this committee has the right and the responsibility to see the full contents of this report and the supporting materials I urging no on this amendment and you’ll the balance of my time to the chairman is the answer. Thank I r yielding. Again we have the right and the duty to protect certain material from public disclosure. And if we redacted from the public at twenty years ago I used to me a good reason to do that — But the question before us now is not public release of information is released the Congress to do our constitutional duties as a very different situation. I back. The general idea back was the chairman. The gentleman from. Texas Mr Radcliffe’s recognized thank you chairman — Moved to strike the last word — Mister chairman — I’ve been listening to the arguments is this morning I’ve been trying to decide what’s worse was it was it last week — When within twenty four hours of the Attorney General issuing his summary of the Mahler findings? I listen to the chairman of the house intelligence committee. Adam Schiff demand the immediate full release. Of the mall report without consideration for classified information the chairman of the intelligence committee telling all seventeen intelligence agencies over which he had over site. Essentially I don’t give a abou& classified information I want the full release of that report. Or was it this week when I’m sitting here today listening to the chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Say I don’t care what the law says I don’t care what the special counsel regulations as I don’t care. That the Attorney General has complied with both. That the Attorney General has done everything the law requires everything the special counsel regulations require and is promising to do more but that’s not good enough and now he’s going to be a subpoena for that. In that theater of the absurd I’m still trying to set to decide which of those is worse. The Attorney General didn’t comply with the Democrats arbitrary April second demand deadline because he can’t comply because the law precludes him from complying because the Attorney General wasn’t going to commit crimes to comply. With that deadline. Mister chairman today I heard you say over and over again. Requires Congress requires there constitutional rights or there’s a necessity for this information what I didn’t hear was. What law? The special counsel where in the special counsel regulation does it say that the special that the Attorney General must turn over. An unredacted full special counsel report the special counsel regulation doesn’t say that no law says that. The Attorney General has promised to provide as much transparency as he possibly can but I’m afraid that’s never going to be good enough for some in here and that’s because we’re here having this argument because some. Not all of my democratic. Colleagues promised the American people evidence that never existed. Some not all Democrats shouted fire. In the theater of the American public. Feeding a false trump Russia collusion narrative. That never existed and that in fact some Democrats created with a fake phony dossier now special counsel Mahler who some defendant — Some Democrats demanded to be protected. So that he could do his job did his job in the minute that he finished doing that job and sai. No collusion. That the trump Russia collusion narrative doesn’t. Exist is not real. Protect Bob Miller suddenly has become to hell with Bob Mahler. I have always. Believed that Bob Mahler. Could write the definitive narrative on how Russia tried to meddle in our election I have never called what. Bob Miller was doing in that regard a witch hunt. Up but Bob Miller has provided his findings to the Attorney General who has accurately summarize those and with respect to trump Russia collusion. Bob Miller has said there are no witches so these investigations- Should and we should move on we shouldn’t be issuing subpoenas today but if we’re going to issue subpoenas today let’s not. Issue a subpoena for the mall report but since you one for Bob Muller with Lana many. For let me finish this thought let Bob Muller com and let’s ask Bob Muller whether or not he thinks. That the report that he created should be disclosed without considerations for and actions of classified national security information or with outward actions for grand jury information. Or other information relating to ongoing in [inaudible] Question [inaudible] Bobby Muller’s. Actions in certain regards but I have never question his integrity and I would be happy to hear his answer — Under oath before this the star report impt efforts. A quote partition included Tom [inaudible] And quote [inaudible] Of what is going on in this country. Did absolutely unequivocally no doubt about it. Involve collusion. Of people at the highest level. With a foreign entity. To try to bring down a candidate and then bring down a sitting president. That was collusion between top FBI officials just just officials. A former MI six intelligence officer who has been discredited by those same. Justice officials FBI officials but they colluded with him to try to bring down a candidate and now a sitting president. Enough is enough. At some point. We’ve got a say. What will be written in the annals of history in this country? As an outrageous attempt at a real. Coup d’etat [inaudible] Was unsuccessful. The truth came out about who really colluded with foreign agents and by the way they did involve. The Democrats. Kim the campaign. And a foreign agent who was colluding with some of Britain’s agents in all likelihood as he was not even in Russia but was talking by phone. To Russian agents in his efforts to help the Clinton campaign and job justice officials bring down a sitting president. And for us to continue. This outrageous assault. On the office of president. Even after the truth has come out there was no. Conspiracy by the trump campaign or president trump or anybody in his family with Russia and to continue to push we’re still gonna make a big deal out of this we can’t stand the fact that. The fact show. It was the Democrats the colluded with foreign agents to try to change the outcome of the election another is enough for heaven sakes. Let’s please move on there was a time when a loved and appreciated the current chairman’s desire to protect privacy rights — So that dramatically eroded during the Obama administration but I am still hoping and praying that are. Are now chairman’s. Once great desire to protect privacy rights and to try. To hold back the bounds of what or well described as happening now obviously the only thing you got wrong was a year because we’ve seen with the Obama administration did with those are well Indians abilities. To spy on American citizens. It’s time to go back and clean up the mess that’s been made over years of abuse. And this subpoena. The subpoenas is not. What we need to be voting for and I support my friends a man [inaudible] Your back. Generally of the back in general in the for mers. Gentleman from a Georgian threatened to strike the last word. And was recognized you to join a lady from Texas. Thank you very much wanted to read into the record — The information — Regarding the chairman of the Benghazi committee sent a US marshals to witness house without making — That witness. Without asking that witness to come in voluntarily and I yield back to the gym. General your yoga I you but everything is the gentleman the gentlelady from Arizona’s Lesko. Mister chairman I want — To move to strike the last word — Digital is recognized. Thank you — Mister chairman I support our representative Bachus amendment — Would basically we’re doing here is in my opinion the Democrats are asking Attorney General Barr to violate the law — It’s not onl- Against the law but it would even be criminal to disclose grand jury material without a court order — It’s obvious to me that — This is just a continuation of an attempt to undermine the president of the United States. Two years — Members on this committee have said that there is fan — Collusion with the trump administration and president trump with Russia to undermine the twenty sixteen election and A eyes as revealed in the summary this is absolutely not true. So I really wish. That we could work on being issues instead of continuing the circus. On undermining the president of the United States I serve on three committees and in every single committee — It is obvious from the very first organizational meeting that there isn’t where needed it. By the Democrats. To undermine the president of the United States and this is all about the twenty twenty presidential election. The public really wants us to work on big issues together and I asked my democratic colleagues to do that in quick the circus. I will yield I able deal time to the gentleman Mister Jordan from Ohio I I think Jill lady of for yielding and I to them — Which to support the book amendment I would just as the final question why are we here. Sees me were here because the mall a report was a what the Democrats thought it was going to be. In fact. In fact it was just the opposit. What the Attorney General tell us that Mr Maulers the principal finding Mister malls report were no new indictments no sealed indictments no collusion no obstruction? On the question was will the gentleman yield when all by the I only a little bit of time because they only have a short question. You made reference to the mall report have you seen it because we haven’t seen the principal findings from the Attorney General with. For for quick question. I promise is short. You you you reported that the that the report stated there’s no obstruction what’s your basis for saying that. That they did the did the sense for said they did not find instruction I understand this and you’re referring to a talk about no exoneration either but then there three paragraphs after. Where he points out that there was not the elements of destruction? In fact. Reporter excuse me. The letter from the Attorney General referencing the special counsel reports said no new indictments no sealed indictments no collusion and as I just pointed out did not find obstruction on the question of collusion. Was very clear. He said there were multiple opportunities for trump associated people such with the trump campaign to collude. And they didn’t. So multiple times where the forbidden fruit was place in parliament in by. But all that is I would also point out this there’s been reference from the Democrats relative to Watergate the Clinton. Special counsel Watergate there was a break in with Clinton there was perjury. With the chief charge of this special counsel investigation there was no collusion. But here we are today. Well actually three weeks ago the chairman the committee launched. Eighty one letters to sixty one sixty some different individuals and now today we’re going to subpoena documents that the AG said. He will give us in a matter of days. But maybe the most important point I think is the one that. My colleague from Texas may Mister Ratcliffe. The idea that the chairman of the intelligence committee said he wants everything made public including classified informatio. And the idea that the chair of the Judiciary Committee. The house Judiciary Committee said last week are sees me this week that he wants everything made public including grand jury material. That’s maybe the scariest thing of all. So the Attorney General has said he’s going to turn this over in a matter of days. Let’s wait. Let’s get the information and then also gonna Dan with that I would deal backed remaining twenty seconds the gentle lady from Arizona. A. L. back my time. Gentleman from Florida Mister gates. Which struck last word it was recognized. I thank you I support the book amendment. When the human body sees life expire within it one of the final sounds that it can make in dramatic and loud fashion is a death rattle? And I would suggest to the American people the what they’re witnessing is the death rattle of the Democrats Russia collusion lie. For twenty two months my colleagues on the other side many of them said& there was actual evidence of collusion. And so now. Clearly seeing that that is not true we observe our colleagues moving through the stages of grief. First we saw shock and surprise my colleagues would total together after the findings of the mall or port released wondering what to do next what& played a run. After losing all credibility with the American people an after shock we now are in the stage of denial where the principal findings of the mall a report they just can’t be true they can’t be accepted they must be false. There must be more information we can discover. I know were beginning the baseball season so perhaps a baseball analogy would be appropriate this would be like saying we’ve lost the game but we have to tweens through the ox score to see if we won the third inning. That’s what is essentially happening with the desire of Democrats in the bridge in the production of these subpoenas and voting on them today. It also represents a stark departure from the standards and statements that my own democratic colleagues of laid out. Just last Congress in this Congress I’m quoting now from of the the speaker of the house of miss bluesy. On February in February of twenty eighteen she said president trump has surrendered his constitutional responsibility as commander in chief by releasing highly classified and distorted intelligence by not protecting intelligence sources and method. He just send his friend putting of okay. Well there was no okay. No on toward relationship with Vladimir Putin but there was a statement from the speaker of the house and knowledge and if you do not review sources and methods you are derelict in your duty to the country. Well now that they’re going to they’re stages of grief perhaps were approaching bargaining because they’re the now they’re trying to bargain away their own standards. But it’s not just the speaker of the house let’s look to statements from the chairman of the Judiciary Committee the German from York Mister Nadler. He said on June twenty eighth of twenty eighteen Republicans are requesting documents they know they cannot have. He continued and if the majority speaking of the Republicans right is rightly denied they will do their best to undermine the credibility of the department of justice well Mister chairman. You are now asking for documents you know you cannot have. And you’re doing so in order to a road confidence in the Attorney General who leads the department of justice because he has concluded that there was not collusion and then your principal Russian narrative was not truthful. Was not credible we were right you were wrong and the American people know it. And so as we proceed now on this on focus eighty one pronged investigation of the Judiciary Committee is launched as we continue to have these mindless votes on unnecessary subpoenas. I sincerely hope that the American people remember what. Things the Democrats were saying just months ago. That there was collusion that there was actual evidence of collusion and the sources and methods could never be disclosed as a consequence of our fidelity to our oath and to the people of this country. Let’s have some consistency and let’s at least have some acknowledgment that you all were not telling the truth to the American people for an extended period of time we war and you should not be trusted I yield back. That was — Florida representative Matt gets you they are talking and this was from earlier this morning but he is saw that back and forth between Democrats and Republicans and the vote was of all along party lines of house Democrats. Greenlighted the subpoenas for the mall the report will continue to take a look at that story as it continues to in all evolved more news now it is coming up next everyone might be on the news now that’s thank you so much for joining us here today let’s get you some top business headlines right now. Tracy Carrasco please take it away. The Walgreens shares dragging down the Dow yesterday the drugstore chain announcing cuts to profit expectations renewing fears of economic uncertainty the Dow giving back nearly eighty point. The TSA is bringing new three security scanners to three hundred airports nationwide so what does this mean for travelers well you may not have to take your laptop liquids and& other materials. Out of your carry on bag for inspection unlike a standard two D. X. ray the three D. technology allows TSA officers to rotate the image digitally to examine a suspicious item. Without on packing a bag expect to see the scanners this summer although it’s unclear which airport the will receive the new scanners first. And many Netflix subscribers are about to get a bigger monthly bill Netflix send emails this week to subscribers about a price increase that starts in their next billing cycle. Networks announced the price hikes in January it’s fourth and largest price increase the plans will go up between one and two dollars. For more log on to fox business dot com in New York Tracy cross go. Thing you Tracy for that update we really do appreciate in other top stories there’s a new mayor in Chicago and its history. In the making. And historic night as Chicago selects its new mayor. There tonight. A lot of little girls and boys are watching. There watching us. And are seeing the beginning of something. Well a little bit different. Forty Lightfoot prevailing in the city’s may your run off Tuesday the fifty six year old former federal prosecutor who has never held public office defeating long time city council member Tony practically goal. To become the windy city’s first black woman and the first openly gay person to head Chicago. May be disappointed. I’m not disheartened this is clearly a historic night after Lightfoot landslide victory she Val to redefine America’s third largest city. By addressing it’s violence and making a push to rid the city of political corruption. Never ever allow — Titian’s to profit from elected position. Lightfoot will succeed mayor Rahm Emanuel who decided against running for a third term democratic presidential hopeful Cory Booker posting a congratulatory tweet. Marking her historic when writing in part quote. In a city that serves as the home town for many black American politicians who have made history. There’s another political first congrats Lightfoot ■joins seven other black female mayors and when she’s sworn in on may twentieth Chicago will be the largest city with an African American woman at the helm. A Los Angeles Robert great fox news. Thank you there’s so much Robert we do appreciate that we’re going to have one more hour when we come back of fox ten extra right here. On the news now I’m gonna take it to commercial break right now all the head of about and we’ll be right back morning is now. Coming up next everyone thank yg us here today I’m rose my case we have one more hour Fauria and to be bringing you all the top stories and headlines from across the country in of course right here. Any error is on our well it is really campaign twenty twenty four so many Democrats right now and we see battle Rourke was in New York today. With al Sharpton let’s bring that a little too yeah right here on news that. It is seventy five years. Citizen one of the writings [inaudible] In Texas. We have an infant mortality discrepancy between white and black America it is worse today than it was in. Eighteen fifty fifteen years before the abolition of slavery. We have a maternal mortality crisis in this country. Is three times as deadly for women of color. And it is not just going to the fact that we do not have universal healthcare for every American which we must. It is not just to blame on the state of Texas the epicenter of that maternal mortality crisis that is shut down more than a quarter. Of its family planning clinics. Denying so many women the right to a cervical cancer screening. Family planning help or a provider of any kind. It is the way that this country was founded. Is the system in which these women are living right now. The daily weathering the day indoor when even they’re able to get healthcare. It is not sufficient it is not enough and it only begins to help to explain. These discrepancies. Reverend Sharpton mentions the incarceration rate in this country put more of our own people behind bars per capita than any other country on the face of the planet disproportionately black. And brown. Now we are arresting people for possession of a substance that is legal in more than half the states of the country and after they have served time. Released they’re going to check a box on any and every employment application form. Make it less likely that they get that job. Make it almost impossible to get a federally sponsored student loan to improve themselves in higher education nearing their options and closing down. Their future. But we will not be able to achieve real justice in this country. My only ending the prohibition on marijuana the we must an ex funding the arrest records of those caught for possession of something this legal and so much of the country. But we must do that as well we must also and the cash bail system we must also in prisons for profit and we must also concluded war on drugs. Is become a war on people. But we must also acknowledge. This country. Ever since the end of slavery and certainly after reconstruction has criminalized in surprise some communities solely based on the color of their skin. Their ethnicity their country of national origin. In a kindergarten classroom. Where those children are five years old? A child of color is far times as likely to be disciplined. Suspended or expelled as a white child in the same classroom in front of the same teacher. So this schoolhouse to jailhouse pipeline in this problem of mass incarceration is much deeper than police in our courts it is our country and we absolutely must face it. And seventy five years. After dark doctor Lawrence Nixon voted. Texas ranked fiftieth. In the country in voter turnout. No that’s not because we love our democracy any less than you do here in New York or any other state in the union. We were literally drawn that wa. The courts found in twenty seventeen that song seconds Texans solely based on their race or their ethnicity were drawn out of a congressional district. Therefore drawn out of a reason to vote therefore drawn out of there very democracy too predictable result in Texas. You can use your license or permit to carry a firearm. To prove who you are at the ballot box but in Texas. You cannot use your student ID at Texas Souhern University or the university of Texas at Austin to prove who you are. At the ballot box. There are some changes that we need to make in this country. Structural foundational systemic changes if we’re ever going to get the most and the best out of every single one of us. The only response to this concentration of wealth and power and privilege. And the very. Human response to that by those who hold it which is to continue to aggregate at the a nurse to of power in this country. Is democracy both political democracy and economic democrac. We got to make sure that we confront those who use fear to hold on to that power as our president uses fear to hold on to that power to make us angry. To keep us apart to make us fearful of one another and even of ourselves the unrestrained money and influence. The buys access and outcomes in this country that invites the cynicism of our fellow Americans they’re just engagement their distrust from their very. Democracy. A powerful democracy both political and economic. That ensures that every single one of us can see ourselves in the future of this country must be obtained but it must be obtained against those. Who are using power right now and the safeguards of our democracy to manipulate it in front of our eyes members of Congress? Who choose their own voters? A Supreme Court who says the corporations are people and money is speech. Second bar the outcomes of elections and legislation and voting rights. They’re not extended but functionally withdrawn in states like mine and through much of the south today. Not not only. Must we signed into law a new voting rights act so that every single Americans vote. Counts and they count equally. Not only must we earn gerrymandering and unaccountable money in our politics. We must make sure. That we have same day an automatic voter registration in every single county in every single state throughout the United States of America. But there is cause for hope. And a promise Reverend Sharpton that I would just not dwell on disappointment. I would make sure that I described a path that I see for this country moving forward. And I see that path in of all places. Shining in Texas right now. Because the last two years. Visiting every single county in Texas all two hundred and fifty four no matter how read. In rule. Matter how blue and urban everyone deserving of respect being listened to learn from and heard. I got to be part of something absolutely extraordinary and bill we did not win that race against under cruise. The we came awfully close two point 6% for those who account. We saw a revival. Of our democracy. We saw two new members of Congress both Democrats winning in seats long. Republicans that thought we’re not in contention before. We saw the composition of our state legislature which controls gerrymandering and redistricting begin to change last night. Candace quarrels an African American woman on the desoto city council just passed. Family leave in Dallas County which is going to be real progress for real families a she represents. And at the end of the day. On election night in November of twenty eighteen seventeen African American women one judicial positions of power in our country’s most diverse. City. Well as I learned that Paul Quinn college on the opening day of their summer bridge program with president Michael Sorel. We can meet disappointment. With a power enjoy. Of people this campaign has the ability to bring people together not just to secure the nomination. Not just to defeat president trump as important as that is. But to bring this country every single one of us to gather in a movement to ensure that we change the structure of this country to bring out the very best from every single one of us that is why I am so honored. To be able to run to serve you as president and so grateful for the invitation from German Richardson and Reverend Sharpton in each one of you from the national action network at this twenty eight convention. To address you today thank you for helping us out I am very very grateful now to make it so . NATO allies must spend more on defense. This has been the clear message from president trump. And this message is having a real impact. Over the years reducing the fence but jets loss of stock pickups. And all our allies of increase in defense spending. Before never cutting billions Nalder adding begins. In just the last two years European on US and Canada have spent an additional forty one billion dollars on the fence. By the end of next year that’s figure rice to warm the hundred billion . This is making maple stronger. Not only will allow holes to invest in you capabilities our armed forces need. Including advanced fighter aircraft attack helicopters missile defense and surveillance drones. This is good for Europe and it’s good for America. America’s NATO allies provide& important capabilities. Including pencil thousands of intelligence personnel. And cyber experts. Giving United States better artist and here’s where you need them. From tracking submarines in your take. To taking down the cyber networks — ISIS. And provides provides the US with a platform to project power around the world. Lost years our walls in fort worth Texas. No not a soul. Anna saw induces so many dollars are working together. To produce next generation strike fighter aircraft. NATO has always had the technological edge. To keep that edge we must invites. On capitalize on the ingenuity or indices on our best minds on both sides of the Atlantic. This will continue to provide with advanced capabilities. I’m create jobs in the United States Canada and Europe. Solo transplanting bone. Is not just about security. It is also about prosperity. It is not quite song stuck article two of the Washington treaty. And courage as a Konami collaboration between our nations. Europe and America how. Long will be in the by far each older’s largest trading partner. Creating millions of jobs or on both sides of the Atlantic. Generating more than three billion dollars a day in trade. Injecting trillions of dollars into our economists. There is more wealth. Greater health. Better location on more happiness. Thanks for the bond between how to components. Madam. Speaker Mister vice president. The ultimate expression of burden sharing. Is that we stand together [inaudible] Fight together. And sometimes died together. All I have is the all important national cemetery. To pay tribute to all those American soldiers who have given their lives. Many of them in defense of Europe. Two world wars and the Cold War. Made it clear how important America is to the security of your an equally. That peace and stability in Europe is important to the United States. Our alliance has not lost for seventy years. Although sense of nostalgia. One of sentiment. NATO loss because it is in the national interest of each and every one of our nation’s [inaudible] Together [inaudible] We represents. Won’t billion people. We are hall for the world’s economic might. And hall for the world’s Milton. One when we stand together. We are stronger than any potential challengers A Konami click politically and militarily . We need this collective strengt. Because we will face new threat. We have seen so many times before. How difficult it is to predict the future? We were not able to predict the fall of the Berlin Wall. The nine eleven attacks order ice Weiss’s or Russia’s elite illegal annexation of Crimea. Since we cannot foresee the future we had to be prepared for the unforeseen. We need a strategy to deal with uncertainty. We how long. But strategy is NATO [inaudible] A strong [inaudible] NATO [inaudible] Reduces risks. Bond and their missiles to deal with surprises when that happened and they will happen. NATO is the most successful alliance in history. Because so cool was been able to change as the rule changes. I’m the course despite our differences we are United in our commitment to children. NATO is the lines of a sovereign nations. United by democracy liberty under to laurel. By a person’s right to live the life in the pursuit of happines. Free from oppression. Values. That lie at the heart of the nineteen states I’m at the hotel necked. US president Eisenhower Naples first Supreme Allied Commander [inaudible] Said. We are concerned. Not only with the protection of territory. But with the defense all of a way of life [inaudible] Europe. Our North America. Are not separated by the Atlantic Ocean. We are United by. I’m just like Atlantic NATO unites of accountants our nation’s on people. It doesn’t done so for seventy years [inaudible] And today. We must do everything in our power to maintain that unity for future generations because Cormack may. We are stronger and safer when we stand together. Madam speaker. Mister vice president it is good to have friends having a great y actually were right now we’re gonna take t out of Florida we’re some Florida representatives are speaking on sexual. Assault awareness month which is this month of spring a little of this right here on news now. I want to continue to work together and break that silence today with us to give each one of our first — Leaders an opportunity speaking at this time — Dear person — Gets. Well good morning then — Welcome to the official county courthouse a prepared a bunch of notes. How to talk to you about sexual assault — Awareness month is just so real. To me as a share of an as a former. Law enforcement investigator who investigating crimes against — Men women. And children victims of sexual assault. Doesn’t really have any boundaries — And so we have to work in a collaborative effort. Of to make sure that these — The really monsters that do this to our fellow citizens. Are held accountable. For their actions. No. Means no — Real quick I’m gonna just reflect back — To a situation when I was a detective I was called to the hospital for sexual assault victim or even a survivor. And when I got to the threshold of the room that she was in. She curled up into a fetal position shaking trembling. And right at that moment I stop. And I I knew that I needed to start asking permission to do certain things. Permission to even enter the room. Permission to come in and sit beside her permission to talk to her. And what I was trying to do was give her back. Her own authority over her. Her own dominion. Was rob from her by the attacke. And this is something that we have to take a firm stand on here not just in Osceola county. Not just in the state of Florida but also across our great country. And this is what we’re going to do at the Osceola county sheriff’s office working in a collaborative effort with our state attorney’s office. With — Gets any police department saying cloud in ur corrections chief Brian whole. We want to make sure that these people are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And we put our detectives in the right positions that have the heart. An ability to serve we send them to specialized training to make sure that we give our state attorneys the most strongest cases possible. To prosecute these people to the full extent of the law. And that’s what our commitment is to our citizens. Safety and security but let’s get back. These folks is right. As a human being to decide for themselves and understand that no means no [inaudible] Thank you — When I first took office one of the first collaborations that I understood it was important was of victims and one of the first meetings my team and I went to was city office — Louis down the on the the services that are of central Florida and I’d like to tell you I appreciate the work that you do I appreciate the character that. Is within this is not something you can just do service level thank you for what you do when I like you’re not opt. For to me to give words [inaudible] Well. USA term ally. We appreciate all your work — Here the victim service — Let me share with you that we are the only rape crisis center serving central Florida. More than once a day we respond. To a rape victim in crisis three hundred and eighty three times last year alone. In addition we help over. Six thousand other victims of violence and trauma. Including those that were sexually abused as children. We provide twenty four seven crisis intervention victim support and therapy — Services. Are always free [inaudible] More. When you call our twenty four seven helpline? It’s a waiting for by the third ring. It’s always a injured by masters level crisis counselor. And if somebody is gonna be caring. Compassionate. And I can assure you. They will leave you [inaudible] Thank. And other community partners for being with us today. Help us spread awareness about the physical and emotional trauma that companies sexual assault. Also being here to support survivors in our we’re here to demonstrate that together as a team. We can change how people think about sexual assault. And I courage everyone of you speak out when others make light sexual harassment or assault. And reclusive leaving victims. They arrive today is you know the day that we step forward and we recognize that is so critically important for us to believe. And I’m just proud to be part of and serving this community thank you. You know it’s important understand if we’re gonna have progress diversity is one of the most important things that we can do and while you see a lot ofimes people think that sexual violence is only related to women to back out and give privacy and dignity. That balance is very critical but I want to commend you for doing that and it does make a difference you were needed in this area and I want to say thank you for that — What I also want to recognize is — Tammy Douglas — We met last year and if you just have to seconds with her you understand that she’s a dynamic person who lives from her heart who lives from experience in who is committed. To changing and protecting victims of crime I am honored to partner with her I’m honored to know who she is an honor to know who she is at a record. And I want to thank her for the work that she does and the commitment to it — I’d like to give an opportunity to speak but Tammy. Good morning it is certainly an honor to be here today to stand out with the community with our partners — And recognizing sexual assault today and all month — I can’t. The domestic violence and terro. And many of you may be wondering what is. I have to deal with sexual assault — There is an enormous intersected tween the two issue. And more than 50% of domestic violence survivors experience sexual assault within the context of their intimate partner violence relationship. So it’s really important to do this work together in collaboration and we are certainly honored to be part of the US. Response team and have a great partnership that we do with our local law enforcement partners. With the victim service center and I just have to really do a quick shout out to themselves here and on the other county from the state’s attorney’s office. Crystal you are so amazing and I the one that really just take a quick moment thing the victim service center for the amazing partnership that we have come together and and done great things to support survivors. Specifically who have domestic violence — Involved in there as part sexual assault as part of their domestic violence we’ve done some really great work together operate therapy groups and things of that nature and the partnership just continues to grow self. Thank you all for being here today and for the energy that goes on in our community coming together and our friends at the C. A. C. L. seven who have this you should very near and dear of huge part of their work. Thank you all very much. So — Just very briefly I want. To Oakley who is — They the game of sexual violence. And as become a spokesperson for our agency just to share a few words and and her thoughts about the importance. Of the levy. Great. I was sexually assaulted in. Nineteen ninety one and back then there were. Not very many organizations like the data service center. And help now. In fact virtually no one was talking about sexual assault. So there was nowhere for me to go for help. For counseling. Sexual assault awareness month is important to me because the more we talk about it. The more survival sort of come forward and get the help they need. I want them to know that they’re not alone and that there are organizations here that will help them. Where they can get counseling because I want them to go through what I went through? And as a survivor of sexual assault. I want to thank. The men and women that are here today and and everywhere in central Florida and throughout the country that help. Sexual assault victims because it really means a lot to us. Thank you so much. And no worries. Okay — A lot of the work that we do in our office has the face of an investigation remark forcing officer or the face of a prosecutor who goes to court. For the face of a victim who has overcome a horrific crime. In the dark in the shadow yes the one of the strongest string. Our known as our victim advocates. And the victim advocate if they’re doing it right. And I’m so grateful to say that we have all of them could you are right in our office but when they do it right the literally are the voice for the victim. They will stand against the attorneys they will stand against the court it will stand for legislation they actually body what justice is and with out them victims will not be heard as strong as they are so for every person who was a victim advocate. For every person who is dedicated their life in their career to add. You literally change the world and change the pursuit of justice and I want to say thank you. Picking the right prosecutors is important. Picking some warned to stay and the for victim advocacy and lead the charge and my office is a person who as an attorney I had encounters with in game nothing but respect for her passion to protect. The voice of a victim I knew exactly what I wanted to point to leave you in my office and I’m no less than 1100% crowd at this point to introduce. Aaron [inaudible] Recalling. Good morning thank you so much for being here I am truly honored to be able to speak about. A unit that is very near and dear to my heart — I was asked to be brief probably no less than ten times and have to the mob — But it’s hard to talk about something that is so large in a very limited amount of tim- The sex crimes unit at the state attorney’s office is made up of prosecutors and the kids and support staff that not only are dedicated but passionate about helping victims of sexual assault. We take a very victim centered approach when we receive a case from law enforcement we automatically assign both an advocate an attorney to that case. And that African the attorney on a walk through the entire system with that make them at no point should there ever be a victim sitting alone in a room at no point should there ever be a victim trying to figure out the next step. So our office and make sure to do that by pointing the attorney is going to fight on behalf of the victims. And the how to get to the walk by them to sit next to them to listen to them. And to basically says they’re changing needs throughout the system and make sure that we’re partnering back up with the agencies here to make sure those needs are met — Gonna go a little bit off script — I’ve been with the officer fifteen years and the majority of my time was spent in sex crimes. And I’ve been in Orange County and also what county juvenile in both counties and I can say unequivocally I’ve worked with all of these agencies up here in the community. And without the partnerships without the relationship that we share I don’t think that the victims are truly have the chance it just says that they have been they certainly wouldn’t have the chance of healing that they have so. We are eternally grateful for the partnership that we have and look forward to continuing with those thank you. Right close with the population I just want to make it very clear this is not a gathering. To celebrate sexual violence this is not a gathering for everyone to get a line later retention this is for us to bring a light. To darkness too many people are suffering as victims of sexual violence in their homes with with lovers and partners in husbands and wives they suffer and instead of us trying to help keep them quiet. Days start by believing where we can keep their dignity protect them and covered them but call a great detention and shipped an extremely large light on the crime of sexual violence this is about coming. From out of the dark of those who help this is about standing up and standing out in speaking up for those who can’t speak for themselves to show that it’s not just an image it’s not just a theory but what it is. A real faces here who helped to make certain that they are not left alone that’s what this is all about every single one of these people up here when you turn around and look at the person next to you beside you. These people are dedicated and if I could say anything to any victim of sexual violence was watching today that is that you are not alone there are people who are committed. And we are not just a theory we are here 1100% of the time there’s not a person in my office who I can’t call whether it’s in the middle of the night early in the morning. What we get to be there for them so I want every person to know that we are here just to shot? Shed light on the partnership that we literally are like a track were running for we pass the baton is starts with law enforcement it starts with Louise office it starts to help now in the start place. Doesn’t have to be the finished place the community together is going to be the one who takes the baton to healing and preventing sexual violence in this community. With this has state attorney I have created a proclamation. Don’t start by believing day and during sexual awareness month I’m going to read to you what proclamation says. Where as sexual violence is intended to draw attention to the fact that sexual violence is widespread and harms our community and whereas every two minutes someone in America is sexually assaulted? And 17% or one in six women in the state of Florida had been raped at some point in their lives in nearly 42% of women and border had been victimized by sexual assault other than rate. And whereas people with disability are twice as likely to be a victim of assault as of sexual assault as compared to those without disability. And whereas incidence of false reports of rape are very rain are very rare and range from 228%. Yet rate is the most fun reported crime with United States justice department revealing that it works 80% of sexual assaults go unreported. And whereas together we can change how we think and talk about the issue to create a culture of dignity respect any quality that provide safety for those who are seeking help. And seeking justice and where as together we must challenge the miss and false narratives with truth. Education and accountability together we must work to achieve justice and healing we must speak against comments that blames victims or make light of sexual assault and sexual harassment. And where is to gather community leaders law enforcement. Service providers and every citizen in this community we are responsible for supporting survivors of sexual assault and being part of the healing process and prevention efforts. Whereas together we must stand against sexual salts now therefore I’d Arabists down L. I. Yala Florida state attorney for the nine judicial circuit. Join sexual violence happy kids and support services in the belief that all community members must be part of the solution to end sexual violence and I do hereby proclaim April as sexual assault. Awareness month dated April third [inaudible] Two thousand nineteen and in nou these top stories here of the day on news now we’re gonna take out live to the U. S. Senate floor we got senator Chuck Schumer. Speaking right now and Republicans in the Senate or try buying to do. Is you lose the courts. To adopt a far right agenda. That Republicans know they cannot enact. Through the legislative process. Why can’t they? Because it’s an agenda the American people reject. An agenda set. By the far right. That Republicans in the Senate. Follow. Senator McConnell and Republicans in Washington understand. That they will never persuade enough Americans. To support backward goals. Like ending women’s reproductive freedom. Taking away healthcare. Rolling back civil rights. Making it more difficult to vot. For abolishing safeguards for clean air and clean water [inaudible] Instead. They decided that was enough other route. To achieving their policy goals. One that neither that requires neither public support nor legislation [inaudible] The courts. So Republicans. Pressured by the hard right. And wealthy special interests donors. Launched the sustained effort to pack the courts with very very conservative judges. Preferably young ones. Who would sit on the bench for decades? These per per perspective judges were identified as early as law school. Having signal their hard right leanings. Do their writings or their membership in conservative groups. Like the federalist society. Nominees like the start. To appear. During the George W. bush administration. Take Miguel Estrada. Bush nominee with no judicial experience. Who held membership in the federalist society but had no writings? And claimed that he had never even thought about roe V. Wade. Or William Pryor another bush nominee who called row. Quote the worst bombing nation in the history of constitutional law. An who argued that states should have the right to criminalize. Homosexuality. What take Charles Pickering? Who advocated a reduced sentenc? For a man convicted of burning a cross. In the front yard of an interracial couple. Befo the Republicans launched their campaign to remake the courts. Neither party would have dared put forward. Such radical nominees. Starting with his campaign in into his presidency. President Donald Trump. Has been captive totally captiv. To the conservative campaign to take over the courts. Before he was a presidential candidate Mr trump and been a Democrat. And a person with no fixed judicial philosophy. So conservatives didn’t trust him. He and his advisors came up with a solution. Ask the federalist society to produce a list. Of far right Supreme Court nominees. And then have candidate trump. Pledge only to nominate people on that list. And not just the Supreme Court. The federalist society played and continued to play. A U. G. influence. On nominees to the circuit courts. Nope what their presidential candidate. Had so willingly an openly outsourced judicial nomination decisions this way. But IT mollified the hard right. And the president is dutifully nominated people from the list to the Supreme Court. He has made similarly ideological choices. For the circuit. And District Court. This is an old farming strategy. Because over the last two years. President trump is nominated. And Senate Republicans have advanced. The most on qualified in radical nominees in modern times. Consider the nomination of Ryan Braun’s — Misled the Oregon senator’s bipartisan judicial selection committee. About his controversial writings in the past. Writings in which she dismissed efforts to in Greece diversity is me a race thing. Criticize Stanford University suggested punishment for students to the faced an L. G. B. T. pride statue. Criticize the student group. For protesting a hotel company that have fired workers trying to unionize. And disregarding the value. Of university disciplinary actions against students. Accused of sexual violence. Five members of the seven members of organs in St screening committee including the committee’s chair. Said they would not have recommended balance. Had they known of his college writings when they first interviewed him. Fortunately. It became clear. That a few Republicans. Would not support Mister bounds on the floor. And the nomination [inaudible] Was withdrawn. Order consider the nomination of Thomas far. Who an extensive record defending discriminatory voting law was and racial racial gerrymandering? In North Carolina. He’s also credibly alleged to have played a role in Jesse Helms campaigns voter suppression efforts. Including sending over a hundred thousand postcards. To heavily African American precincts that falsely told voters that they could be found ineligible to vote. Based on several conditions involving place in laying the president’s [inaudible] Yet amazingly. After something as despicable as that. President trump in Leader McConnell [inaudible] Pushed hard. For his nomination. But it could not withstand scrutiny by the Senate. And was ultimately withdrawn. Due to the United democratic opposition. And a few [inaudible] Conscientious Republican senators. I would note. That in the cases of both Mr far and Mister bounds. The Republicans concerns only emerged. At the end of post closure debate time. Which Republicans now propose to limit. Had we had only two hours. Horrible horrible nominees. Way beyond the bounds. Of normal nomination and discourse even from conservatives. Like a far like bounds. Would be sitting. On the courts [inaudible] Today. I agree with what my colleague senator clover char has said [inaudible] Two hours. For a lifetime appointment. Is on acceptable [inaudible] Two hours. For a lifetime appointment. With the huge influence on people’s lives. Is on acceptable [inaudible] It’s ridiculous. It’s a mockery. Of how this institution [inaudible] Should work. It’s not just the courts. There are many examples in the executive branch as well. And Marie Burkle. Nominated to chair the CPSC. Just today the post reported the nominee blocked action at the commission. To recall hundreds of thousands of potentially defective baby strollers. Even in the face of reports. They caused quote potentially life threatening injuries. She even kept democratic commissioners in the dark. About the investigation. And of course there’s Chad rate lower. Who led the charge? The end pre existing condition protections. President trump and Senate Republicans. The self declared party of health care [inaudible] Rewarded him. By overwhelmingly confirming him to a lifetime position. As a circuit court judge. Despite Mister ray Lewis conspicuous role. In trying to curtail Americans health care. No no Republicans. We’re willing to stand up to president trump. And vote against his confirmation. Now at this point. People listening to these proceedings might be asking themselves. What happened when a democratic president occupied the White House [inaudible] The answer. Is that Republicans. Led by senator McConnell. Remained undeterred. In such times. They chose to employ the extraordinary tactic of denying confirmation. To a democratic president’s nominees in order to hold they can seize open. Until the Republican. Could regain the presidency. In a way it was an audacious. And insidious gambit. Away to nullify. The democratic presidents power. To fill judicial vacancies. We saw this tactic during the Clinton administration. When Republicans on the Judiciary Committee? Killed a number of president Clinton’s quite moderate judicial nominees. Even without the basic concerts courtesy. Of a hearing. We saw it again during the Obama administration. When Republicans used the filibuster? And other forms of delay. To more than double the number of circuit and District Court vacancies. During Obama’s last two years in office. The Republican Senate confirmed fewer circuit court nominees. Than any Congress. In seventy years. And then. In the March of twenty sixteen senator McConnell. And Senate Republicans. Took this maneuver. To a new Machiavellian low. They refused to even consider. President Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Of US circuit judge Merrick garland. One of the most respected jurists in the nation. A man known not only for his judicial excellence. And perfect judicial temperamen. But his moderation [inaudible] In fact. Senator Orrin hatch. Conservatives conservative. The former chairman of judiciar. Had previously endorsed judge garland. The Supreme Court. But the marriage didn’t concern senator McConnell. His cynical strategy. Required Republicans to block the garland nomination for almost a year. Until after president Obama’s second term ended [inaudible] And that [inaudible] Is exactly. What they did? We have senator Chuck Schumer there on the floor and talking about judicial nominations the Republicans want to speed up the process usually the thirty hour- Debate vote in the they want to make it it’s two hours only so – That is the debate going right now on the floor of the U. S. Senate in joining me right now is glorious with a preview. What’s coming up later hello one at one o’clock our time the NATO secretary general is going to be meeting with secretary of state Mike Pompeii is we will have that live on the streamed I’m quite sure it’ll be a handshake or blacks would be able to listen in on the discussion. We’ll see and then it we got some baby news so we’re coming soon. We’re going to head on over to south bend Indiana where the mayor and presidential hopeful officiate a wedding and then minutes later the couple welcome their new baby girl. I never got a head to northern California where at a hospital fourteen nurses have gotten pregnant in the last year so on a lot of leave right. That is all. Definitely there. All right [inaudible] This. Here on an news now on fox ten Phoenix dot com be sure to check that out at all the way until eight o’clock tonight. And we are still waiting for a lorry Lachlan is there to make her appearance in Boston on the call college admissions scanned always off was city Hoffman earlier this morning. And we’ve been really showing the shot all morning and afternoon long there he in Boston so continue to watch with us on fox ten Phoenix. Dot com we go all the way until eight o’clock tonight thank you so much for joining us here’s a little of senator Mitch McConnell on the floor right now all the Supreme Court for thirty years. You are never been there. A single senator [inaudible] Just. One that said you had to get sixty votes. Now our friends on call at a pretty firm tradition. That you don’t. 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