Florida Concealed Carry Laws Vehicle | Where can You Conceal Carry in Florida

Florida Concealed Carry Laws Vehicle | Where can You Conceal Carry in Florida

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Welcome sheepdogs. My name is Ryan. In this video, we’re gonna discuss how you can legally keep a firearm in your car without a Florida concealed weapons permit, so stay tuned. One of the most common questions I receive is ‘how can I transport my firearm in my personal vehicle without a concealed weapons permit?’ Now, Florida statute 790 states that it is lawful for an individual to possess a firearm inside of a personal vehicle, as long as the firearm is securely encased or is not readily accessible for immediate use. So, you have two options to transport your weapon. Option number one is to keep your firearm securely encased, which means a lot of different things. Securely encase could mean that the firearm is in your glove box or center console. It could be inside of a zippered gun bag or even a hard gun case. The firearm could be in a holster that has a thumb strap or a positive retention locking system and the firearm can be completely loaded and located anywhere in your car as long as it meets this definition of securely encased. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? If for some reason your firearm cannot be securely encased, the firearm cannot be readily accessible for immediate use. Florida’s definition for readily accessible means the firearm cannot be in such close proximity And in a manner that it can be retrieved and used as quickly as if it was carried on the person. So, this would mean if your firearm was not in a case, It could not be in the side of your door, on the passenger seat, on the passenger floorboard, Or even behind the driver’s seat. I think most police officers would still interpret behind the driver’s seat as easily and readily accessible to the driver. Your firearm would have to be in the trunk of your car, or in the farthest part of an SUV or truck. It cannot be easy for you to reach that weapon at all. If you have a Florida concealed weapons permit, of course, the firearm can be on your body. However, if the firearm is not on your person, you are still required to meet the definition of securely encased or the firearm cannot be readily accessible for immediate use. Just because you have a concealed weapons permit does not mean that these rules no longer apply. You have to follow them just like everyone else. Now, if you have any additional questions about Florida concealed carry rules, please leave a comment below and I’d love to help you. It’s important to remember that firearm laws change from state to state and over time. Always consult with an attorney regarding your state’s firearm laws. If you enjoyed this video, please give me a big thumbs up. I’d greatly appreciate it. Subscribe to my channel. Until next time. Stay safe and help others.

61 thoughts on “Florida Concealed Carry Laws Vehicle | Where can You Conceal Carry in Florida

  • Wendy And Matthew Post author

    Good stuff!

  • Robert Ortiz Post author

    Ryan basically when you have a conceal carry permit and your carrying a firearm on your person it's suppose to be secured in a holster not in your pocket like that case in Oregon where a conceal weapon holder was carrying his weapon without a holster the butt of the gun was sticking out of his pocket he was trying to break up a fight between two friends they were intoxicated the gun fell to the ground The University Police Officers ordered him not to pick up the gun he ignored the Officers verbal commands and the Officers shot him and he died on the scene people don't understand when your carrying a weapon you have to be responsible you never know what could happen the Police may confuse you as the bad guy.

  • Julius Sneezer Post author

    Did the marjory stoneman douglas act amend this or does this still stand

  • Austin Ivey Post author

    So “transporting”, does that mean it’s only permitted if you are taking it to point A to point B if you don’t have a conceal carry license or can you keep it in your car for self defense? Out of reach in a secure place of course

  • David Vales Post author

    Can the gun sanp in a holster be visible? Or. Does it holster also has to be hidden?

  • Heisenberg _ Post author

    Does the CCW training certificate expire ? Long story short, I took the course in 2014 but never sent in the paperwork. Had a lot going on with work, moving etc and kind of just put it off. But I found the paperwork the other day and it got me thinking.

  • Marco Silva Post author

    Can you carry a firearm inside a commercial vehicle in Florida if you have a concealed carry permit?

  • Jay Boots Post author

    What about if i travel with an ar15 does it need to be incased?

  • NightRider LifeStyle Post author

    Can you have the firearm in your vehicle in the middle compartment with one in the chamber and a full magazine and it be lawful under the statutes

  • NightRider LifeStyle Post author

    If you live with a convicted felon and you keep your firearms inside of your vehicle is that lawful?

  • T Post author

    This seems to contradict the actual statute I just read. I've seen multiple statutes specifically mentioning the weapon can be stored in the glove box, locked or unlocked box, zipped or unzipped case, just basically 'inside something, not on your lap'. I read the actual code, not just hearsay

  • Ryan Springer Post author

    I am still awaiting my permit & I've been putting my weapon loaded in a retention holster (as least as possible is my setting) & putting that in my center console (Ford explorer). Could I do the same thing w it loaded & no holster & still be fine if it was in the center console? (Some days w soccer shorts may be wearing a belly band holster)
    Also, my mom is picking me up to grab a starter for my car this afternoon (& other shopping), is it legal for me to put it loaded & in a holster inside the glove box or center console of her vehicle since I will be in it today? In addition, let's say anyone's car, could I do this?
    Finally, when I receive my permit, would I be able to leave the gun in the holster wedged in between my seat & center console?
    I appreciate your help with this.
    Merry Christmas,

  • Cody Andrew Post author

    Good information, thanks.

  • EDAWG smithson Post author

    how old do you have to be to have these weapons in your car?

  • BYRON ALUAGUE Post author

    Can I conceal my ar inside my vehicle with a ccw permit? Or do I have to put it inside the trunk. Not beside me readily accessible. Of course. But behind my rear seats. With a towel. Concealing it.

  • MAD HAMLET Post author

    Can a zippered bag be a back pack if you have a Florida cc permit ?

  • Michael Ortiz Post author

    Are the laws concerning conceal carrying a pistol the same as conceal carrying an AR pistol i.e in a vehicle transport / self defense scenario ?

  • Jann Luper Post author

    When riding the motorcycle – do the same rules apply? Can we keep it properly secured in the saddlebags or in the trunk(as it's the least accessible location)

  • Tommy Tarbox Post author

    Well done!

  • Jacob Smith Post author

    Wait, that’s it? Securely encased or not easily/immediately accessible?

    Not too bad.

    What about in a zipped up back pack? I assume that’s considered securely encased, since you used a “zip-up gun bag” as an example. They’re essentially the same thing. Then that would allow the carrier to put it, say, on the passenger seat, or under the driver seat. Easily accessible, but still securely encased.
    Thanks for the vid!

  • SECTOR 7 Post author

    I heard that some Florida police officers might consider the center console as readily accessible.. Could that be true?

  • Finite H8Red Post author

    I am a store owner here in Central Florida. Can I lawfully carry concealed or open on premises without a CWP?

  • giovanni panganiban Post author

    I carry a 9mm fully loaded an extra clip and a box of 50 rounds!! N I'm doing this everyday is this ok ? Also I have a CCW p !

  • Juan Rodriguez Post author

    So I can be 18 , have a handgun/rifle in my glove box or in a zippered case , with no permit ?

    Also , can the weapon be loaded (have a bullet in the chamber) while zipped up or put away in a glove box/center console ?

    And how many weapons are you aloud to carry in the vehicle ?

  • Trigger5.56 Post author

    What if I have it in my pocket ? And I have my CC license or if I have it in a book bag zipped up and hung over my front seat?

  • Alex Thomas Post author

    I have a question ? if you have your firearm on your lap, and you have an ccw. Is that consider concealed ? or do you have to follow the rules of an none ccw holder ?

  • Liberty Patriot Post author

    I have a ccw permit. In my vehicle, I can legally carry my firearm on my person, in any holster, as long as it is concealed?

  • christopher suarez Post author

    How old do you have to be to own and possess a firearm in your vehicle without ccw??

  • Jake Moores Post author

    Ryan looks like ed helms cool cousin

  • Shedric Moody Post author

    What about if you have it in your book bag

  • DARK CHOCOLATITO Post author

    What I have is a push button release holster. No snap. I was planning on putting my firearm behind the passenger seat of my 2-door 3/4 ton pickup truck on a molle panel. I would place it where it would not be visible & you still need to reach behind the passenger seat to get to it. Is that good enough in your opinion? Thank you Sir.

  • Bryan Sabarots Post author

    Appreciate it 👍🏼

  • dead mouse Post author

    So in Florida all you need is a drivers license to buy a gun to keep on ur property???with a license you can carry in certain places

  • dead mouse Post author

    To own a gun in Florida with out a license or permit what kind of back round check is done federal or in state????

  • Michael Singleton Post author

    What if I catch a ride with someone and didn't know they were a Felon ? I mean legitimately did not know.. would it be me or them that got in trouble ?
    I'm not going to ask every single person if it's ok to be with them as I have a pistol on me.

  • Jason Mantovani Post author

    When I get in my car I take my firearm off me and put it next to me in between the seats and it is not strapped in I've been pulled over and told them about it and they have no problem with it. I am a firearms instructor
    Remember people if you have s ccwp carry everyday l

  • No Papers Post author

    Love the shirt!

  • MrRdvs87 Post author

    You didn’t mention the 3 step? It’s been years and dudes still talk about that trash.

  • James Chan Post author

    Thank you very informative. Quick question, just so i dont fck things up. If i have a Florida State Conceal and Carry Permit. Can i mount a holster under my steering column with a positive locking button mechanism?


  • davva360 Post author

    I have a CCW so I keep my carry weapon on my person. If I am transporting a gun, i.e. not a carry weapon but going to a range or something like that, I always have the gun in a bag or case in the trunk.

  • Reformed Soteriology Post author

    So lets say I have my gun securely encased. At any point am I permitted to pull this gun out for self defense?

  • JusticeAA Post author

    Tampa carry….you gave wrong info. If one has a CCP then can be unsecured in car and within reach even in a paper bag or sitting on seat next to you with a sheet of paper or towel etc covering it. Gun could be under seat without holster.

  • Karloz Post author

    Awesome video. Just did my Conceal/Carry class run by actual cops. Very informative. In the past I've heard so many different scenarios by so many people that really didn't know what they were talking about. Your video is factually to the point and clear Thank you!

  • andre1000 Post author

    What about motorcycles?

  • Patriot 76 Post author

    So dumb.

    Can we just follow the 2nd?

  • Good Clean Fun Post author

    I am concerned for people who buy into the magnetic gun holders. I can think of numerous ways that these can be problematic. They stick the under dash panel on sides of consoles on door panels. Completely openly visible at the immediate ready. In an accident they could become projectiles.

  • Gordo Castillo Post author

    Do a video on the magnets for guns and how the laws work with said magnets.

  • samayeamm53 Post author

    I have looked all over for laws concerning where to carry a firearm with a permit while in my car. I understand with a permit you can Carry it on you but if its not on your person it has to be transported just as everyone else has to. Secured and not readily accessible. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

  • Sarah Patterson Post author

    What about when there is a safety switch on the firearm? Does that make it not readily accessible? I carry mine under my divers seat with one in the chamber, loaded clip and not securely encased but the safety is on. No ccw in Florida, is this legal?

  • Geoff Rey Post author

    Hello. I'm in Florida and a CCL. If I get stopped for a traffic violation, do I have to notify the officer that I am carrying and if he asks, do I have to tell him? Thx.

  • Darryl Dickson Post author

    Absolutely correct. When I got stopped officer asked me if I had a firearm. I told him yes center console. He opened it look at my fully loaded Glock and said that's a great weapon.

  • Ty Landers Post author

    What if the glove or center console doesn’t lock?? Still fine??

  • Chris Hare Post author

    Perfect. Answered my question!

  • Zan Kelley Post author

    I have a ccw. What are the rules for keeping a long gun in the vehicle. Can i keep a shotgun in my car? Can i keep it loaded? Can it be accessible so long as its hidden?

  • dabmotha Post author

    Stupid what's point in having a gun if you cannot keep it close to you?

  • 813 Tactical © Post author

    Ryan I have a question. If I'm living in Maine and i have a glock 19 and I want to move back to florida, how would i safely transport my firearm from maine to florida? Can you make a video regarding these steps and make a video response to 813 Tactical. And also subscribe to my channel. Also maine doesnt need a license to carry due to the fact, maine is a constitutional carry state. So i dont have a license to carry here in maine.

  • Emanuel Cruz Post author

    So i can have it between my seet as long as its in a holster with a stap? I dont have a concealed permit

  • Martin Kinzey Post author

    Can I have a firearm in a zip bag without a ccw? I was told that's considered transport. I'm in jax fl

  • David Gaboton Post author

    I was in the driver seat, my firearm was in a backpack on the floor board of the vehicle. Nonetheless the backpack was not zippered. Does this constitute as the weapon being readily accessible? The incident transpired in Florida.

  • 10175tyu Post author

    I just brought a 9mm and in the process of getting a gun license so is it legal to ride with my gun in the glove box loaded?

  • Dirty White Boy Post author

    long arms! can be anywhere …..

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