Female Shopkeep Defends Herself From Thief | Active Self Protection

Female Shopkeep Defends Herself From Thief | Active Self Protection

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when you’re armed and facing an armed robber you still have to wait your turn to go to work today’s video is brought to us in part by the generosity of lucky gunnar calm for the best selection of name-brand offensive ammunition and lightning-fast shipping on bulk target ammo head – lucky gunner calm and thank them for being a sponsor of active self-protection welcome to today’s active self-protection lesson I’m your host John Correa today’s video comes to us out of Cincinnati Ohio in the United States and it shows a woman who has to wait her turn against an armed robber so we see this man who’s gonna come into this drive-through liquor store and he means no good he’s gonna come in here and you’re gonna see in his right hands in his pocket and what’s gonna go down there is he’s gonna actually draw a compact nine-millimeter firearm and the the owner there is just gonna open the drawer for him so like hey look man I don’t want any problems and she is going to empty the money into the til now go read the news story and he said what he wanted he wanted the the stuff behind a lottery counter as well and she is biding her time what he doesn’t know is that she’s actually armed as well and she pulls out a Ruger 380 and puts two shots in him I don’t know where the the second one the first one we saw there but the second one he actually was you know said went in his back is what the news story says now you could see here he’s still armed but she’s not the guns been knocked from her hands but she’s going to be able to get out and around this guy and run off and he is instead got a stumble there into the doorway and take the ambient temperature challenge and that’s where this one ends boy I am sure glad that she got out of there okay if you appreciate the lessons you get here every day at active self-protection do me a favor hit that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell so you don’t miss a lesson out of today’s video I want to talk about the importance of waiting your turn in an armed robbery I also want to talk about why I say all the time to keep your firearm on your person and today I want to talk about carrying enough gun to incapacitate quickly so as this guy’s coming in we got a bunch of lessons to think about out of this one and first one is that you’re always in an initiative deficit this is a transitional space see him he’s able to come in and very quickly here launch his attack and she really doesn’t have any ability to kind of prep for this very difficult for her to see outside perhaps if she had she might have said huh that guy was a little bit sketchy but for the most part what we’re gonna see here a time and time again on the channel is that people have an initiative deficit as good people when the bad folks show up so because you have an initiative deficit you have got to wait your turn one of the keys to surviving an armed robbery is waiting your turn and not having a contest to see who can draw a gun faster and use it faster and this is what this lady does notice she puts that hands up palms out feign surrender posture and I think that’s very wise you’ve got to look for your opportunity to launch a counter ambush if you are going to use your force multiplier the other thing I want to talk about here is you recognize that her firearm is on her person that’s the right choice I don’t know that she had had a time to go under the counter to get a firearm in this particular instance we do see that strategy work from time to time but probably wouldn’t have worked for her here because he would have seen that a whole lot more and been more apt to be able to respond to it more quickly so instead she’s got it on her person and she feigns compliance and gives him what he wants now listen friends I’m gonna sell all the time compliance is an option you can just comply even if you’re armed and see if that works out for you but of course you’re putting yourself at the mercy of a felon not necessarily the thing that I want to do i do think here she does a pretty good job of concealing her draw you know she turns that away from him looks to me like she’s carrying upfront maybe not a strong side particularly you see her pulling that from the front of her she’s left-handed pulls that firearm out from appendix but is able to conceal that because she blades off her body we do see that all the time I do hear people say that who say hey wait a minute you know I don’t like carrying appendix because you can’t conceal your drawers well we see this woman actually conceals her draw pretty well from an appendix position by bleeding her body and using her support hand to kind of you know give herself a surreptitious draw then she comes in and turns to him and puts the first shot on him now this is very good in some sense because you notice what she’s done is she has grabbed a hold of that gotten it off there and and put a shot into this guy and noticed she has the gun closed so she’s kind of fighting from not from the pressed out position but from a closed hold position and that is a good thing you’ve got to learn how to use your firearm from a closed held position because you may not always have the opportunity your ability to drive it all the way out but what that does cause for her in this he’s able to smack that gun down and you can see it in her left hand there but he is able to smack the muzzle away and that made it much more difficult which is why we say not only from a close held two-handed position but also from a retention position from what Craig Douglas calls a thumb pectoral index and you want to be able to use a firearm from something like a thumb pectoral index and defend that with your non-dominant hand because otherwise things like this are much more likely to happen so she puts a couple of shots in and you can see the second shot go off here and she’s a little closer to what we would say is a retention index here but she’s got that gun out there and floated you really want to train to make sure that gun is well back to you so it doesn’t get taken from you that’s what happens to this woman is that she is you know gonna have that gun taken out of her hand notice the bad guys gun is in the fight as well here which is why we say listen this is a two-way street this isn’t like on the range so you better know how to deflect that barrel as well and practice the five DS plus one even if you have a gun in the fight and now notice as well that she’s putting shots towards this guy but she’s got a very small gun look to me you know the news story says it was a Ruger looks to me like one of their LCP models a very small gun also not a high-capacity firearm I want you to have enough gun to win the fight now that enough gun can be from a caliber perspective if you’re gonna carry something like a 380 I would highly recommend that you be very careful with ammunition selection especially in short barreled pistols like that or carry something with a higher capacity would be a better in that moment because yes you’ve got to worry about concealing the gun but I’m more worried about using it effectively now thankfully she’s able to get up but recognize that you can see right here the bad guys gun is still in the fight he is shot and he’s mortally wounded but he still up friends and the only reason that she doesn’t get shot here is that he was using that gun as an intimidation tool and wasn’t willing to shoot her she could easily have been shot he had about twenty seconds from the time the first shot went off to where he fell in the doorway and so friends you want to have something that will give you faster incapacitation if at all possible or the handed skills in order to get his gun out of the fight which she didn’t have either and she got lucky for in this particular incident now thankfully she was able to get away and get the heck out of there and this I stumbles off and again takes the room-temperature challenge in this instance so do we call this one win absolutely we call it a win she had her tools on her she waited her turn to use them she put shots on-target now a few things that we can work on to do them as well as we possibly can to incapacitate faster to get out of danger sooner but this lady did what she had to do she covered her ASP [Music] [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Female Shopkeep Defends Herself From Thief | Active Self Protection

  • Active Self Protection Post author

    He DID try to shoot her, but the gun was not chambered: https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county-prosecutor-to-discuss-deadly-shooting-at-glenway-pony-keg

  • PtownDubbin Post author

    This lady is BA!!! Good for her!

  • appleseedfanatic Post author

    .500 s&w magnum stubby should be good at close range. Or .50 bmg in a stubby pistol if they make it……

  • Gunny Sharp Post author

    Good for her, one less scumbag the world has to deal with.

  • Intelligent Evolution Post author

    She needed to step back while shooting. Could have waited longer, too. She got lucky, bless her.

  • Bobby Riffle Post author


  • Edgar Kromm Post author

    u lost weight!!! Nice job !

  • Randal Ellis Post author

    Very sad. He had kids too. Shouldn’t have done this. She should be dead too by most accounts. Lucky he didn’t chamber one. Frankly, her firearm wasn’t large enough and while justified in shooting, it still seemed unnecessary to me. But, he might have chambered one and executed her before leaving. Just bad all around.

  • The Vanilla Godzilla Post author

    She did a horrible job and was extremely lucky. No defensive stance, no spacing. Runs right past him… that was stupid. More concerned about brushing hair out of her face. Did that three times – in the middle of the fight in the beginning of the fight in and as she's running out the door.

  • José Anderson-Cuff Post author

    She did a great job especially for a woman. I am just happy that she made it out alive.

  • joseph santacruz Post author

    I defended myself against an armed violent gang member.Let him go prosecuted me. not guilty by jury.fuck you azusa cops

  • John Wayne Post author

    Lemonade and ice cream for Christmas. Cheese cake is yummy.

  • Rodrigues Bender Post author

    This is a 2017 class a idiot. Not the first and not the last of the production series, but one with some really cool features. We are going to review him and then give him a Doug score.

    The cool feature being his body temperature. The rest is pretty shit.

  • Nicki Washington Post author

    You won granny but you might not be so lucky next time…… be prepared to kill and or save.

  • genosails athotmail Post author

    Happy 4th of July!

  • genosails athotmail Post author

    Happy 4th. of July.

  • Karl Pearson Post author

    I don't think the perp wanted to hurt her or else he would have. You did another video where the perp shot 2 employees unprovoked. In that idiot's case, he was in it to kill and hurt the white employees as badly as possible…
    Okay, I'm wrong. He didn't know how to use a firearm. She did. She wins. A pistol without a chambered round is a paper weight…

  • Percy's Post author

    I would have shot the asshole in the back as he was leaving!

  • Legohaiden Post author

    Hollow point ammunition!! its what you should have in all your self defense firearms. 99 out of 100 bad guys are NOT wearing any kind of body armor, and a hollow point round is going to do SUBSTANTIALLY MORE damage then a regular one. It can give you that much greater stopping power from a much smaller round. They cost a few more bucks… but what's your life worth?

  • Michael Bennett Post author

    A lot has been happening in Cincinnati, my hometown, lately… Good thing my tool is always on me with an extra battery pack, and I'm looking at a backup tool.

  • Original Cartoons Post author

    That's my brother trying to rob my nana.

  • Juan Gallardo Post author

    Straight to hell.

  • champy1210 Post author


  • Jesus DSantos Post author

    She probably is a part time brazilian off duty cop. Glad she's ok

  • 64maxpower Post author

    Your videos are good John

  • daryl pillay Post author

    He look like he got paralyzed. Good job too the woman

  • Eli Hotchkiss Post author

    She should have put a sign in the window prohibiting guns.

  • megamortus Post author

    Couldn’t make it passed the door ta get to the ownah, now he goes down from a ruptured aorta.

  • Paddy Mcdoogle Post author

    Damn that amateur shooting from her.

  • Paddy Mcdoogle Post author

    I was waiting for a fat Steven Seagal to enter and disarm him and then break his arms and shit.

  • black king Post author

    Great job lady killed that human garbage

  • Setting Sun Post author

    I would have waited and shot him in the back(asp) in the doorway!!

  • cr Spartans 117 Kilibreaux Post author

    Any shooting you walk away from without holes is a GOOD SHOOTING!
    Yeah, she screwed up in pulling too soon, and pushing the gun out instead of shooting with it held back – rapidly. But she proved out the most important aspect of any shooting situation – she who shoots first, has the initiative and controls the fight!" She also proved out the second most important aspect of a shooting encounter – when the first shot is fired, if the perp is hit he will either drop, or act in a manner to preserve his own life FIRST….which this guy did. He struck out at the gun because that's all he could do. But his mind was already focused on ESCAPE which is why he backed off of her and fled.
    That .380 put him down pretty fast considering it was a wild shot – but then, that speaks to anther FACT about real life shooting – nobody "aims" in a gunfight! The human "fight or flight" response eliminates fine motor coordination and enhances gross motor strength. So all the dooffuses who boast about how many rounds they piss off at the range to "maintain proficiency" should take note: NOT ONE ROUND of the way they punch holes in paper at the range would have made ONE IOTA of difference in this gun fight!

    And believe it was a GUNFIGHT, except the criminal came unprepared. Many will claim had his gun been chambered….yeah, right, but it wasn't so let's go with what WAS and not scurry down the rabbit hole of ridiculous counter-factual BS. Even had he been chambered, the fact that she fired first, and hit first, seriously impeded every action on his part. Though in the video he was still standing and moving, internally his body was already shutting down and this did affect his mental state and his level of further aggression.

    This video also reminds me of why MOST people should be carrying a REVOLVER! We don't know if she even had more shots available after he struck down her pistol, so she might have been all out of luck had she needed more bullets! Had she pulled a revolver and maintained control of it, even a momentary deflection would not have affected it's ability to function.

    Overall, the woman lived, the thug died so she WON! I'm sure now that she's got one gunfight under her belt, she'll go back and review, rethink, and reformulate, and she'll be doing it from the perspective of having actually been in a gunfight at close range. The NEXT time she'll most likely have twice as much experience as her attacker and will likely have much greater situational awareness and probably engage the thug as he's coming through the door….someone with a hoodie AND ski mask with a gun in his hand walks through your door, the "test" for valid self-defense has certainly been met!

    Perhaps next time she'll pull an S&W M360 J-frame stoked with .357 magnum loads and when she pops that first one in his torso, the fight will be over all the sooner!

  • Doctor Goop Post author

    Love to see scum bags “chill” – forever.


    She was pretty inept…but she made it.

    She needs to do some rehearsal practice.

  • christian focht Post author

    Bottom Line For Me Is Larger Caliber Restricts Pocket Carry……Extra Capacity Restricts Pocket Carry. Larger Calibers And Extra Capacity Increase Physical Size And Overall Weight. I Carry A Ruger LCP (6+1) Loaded With +P Xtreme Penetrators And In This Particular Situation; I Can Guarantee You That This Pistol Will Be Enough Gun. Lightweight And Small Dimensioned Firearms Are More Likely To Be Carried. Sure If I Had My Druthers; I Would Have At Hand A 10mm, A 45ACP Or A High Capacity 9mm, But The Question Is Would This Young Woman Have Had This Firearm On Her Person Like The Ruger Or Would It Have Been Under The Counter. No Matter What One Chooses Train Train Train,,,,,,,,,,Shoot Shoot Shoot……..Practice Practice Practice. In This Type Of Cheesebox Scenario And We Are Not Talking A Firefight; If One Cannot Get The Job Done With A 6+1 380 ACP; Then You Probably Should Not Have Access To A Firearm. Remember Train Train Train………..Practice Makes Perfect……Go To The Range ON A REGULAR!!!!!!!!!! BASIS.

  • Richard Davis Post author

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏she did good

  • Captain Ricco Post author

    Hi. I love your' holster thing. The video shows her without a gun and him with a gun after she shoots him, and the power to still pull the trigger and he didn't do it. Maybe he really doesn't want to shoot anyone, but how would she know that?? I have a feeling that if she just gave him the money and the lottery tickets he might have just left and no one would get hurt. But, the issue at hand here is the thought process people with guns must carry in their heads every time they go out with a loaded weapon. Kill or not kill. Will you be able to control your mind in times that matter? If he shoots, troubles are over and God will take over, no? What's so important in this life that we have to shoot eachother for stuff???

  • JR 2020 Post author

    'Ambient Temperature Challenge ' 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏

  • Joey Franco Post author

    That lady is truly blessed bcuz that man could have easily shot her when she dropped her gun…

  • Jorn van Sevenhoven Post author

    This channel makes me realise that in the Neatherlands only the bad guys have guns…

  • Afrikaan Child Post author

    I didn't know John was a nuke in the Navy. No wonder he's so smart. When I was in the Navy and people would overthink something we would say: "quit nukin it out".

  • Roger Leal Post author

    Damn Ambien sad

  • Shoegum Post author

    Another example of why you should keep one in the chamber

  • Shoegum Post author

    I carried a glock 42 up until the glock 43 came out. Obviously both are viable self defense calibers but having the 9mm just feels better. If that little bit of extra punch helps incapacitate a perp that much sooner its worth it, obviously shot placement matters more.

  • MIO PHX Post author

    She got so lucky!

  • dennis duran Post author

    Wonder what that feels like being shot in the heart?

  • Mike Franklin Post author

    Most people carry the smallest easy to carry gun they can until they get in a gunfight.

  • wot dephoque Post author

    Double tap if you have to just in case

  • SomervilleBob Post author

    Dirt ball's obit. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/james-douglas-obituary?pid=191398226

  • Twist Ackman Post author

    Brave lady !

  • Skyelett 511 Post author

    That’s my aunts store. She’s a celebrity here in our community. Poor dude was trying to walk out with $49 dollars.

  • JR Bailey Post author

    The .380 IS potent enough to get the job done! Bullet choices in modern .380 rounds will get the job done (Hornady Critical Defense, Federal HST, Sig Sauer, et al).

    Had she just emptied the full 6 rounds, he would have went down immediately!

    The lower recoil is superb, and hence greater controllability!

    Don't poo-poo the .380; not everyone can handle a 9mm Luger round, and the .380 beats the .22LR hands down.

  • Dpp 1235 Post author

    Always so thrilling to see them die in the doorway!!! So exciting to see these sub human pieces of SHIT killed!!!!! I'm so fucking happy that fucking loser is DEAD !!!!

  • Darrin White Post author

    Hey…I thought a .380 didn't have stopping power😂

  • Darrin White Post author

    Where is all the .380
    nay sayers ? If .380 is good enough for James Bond, it is good enough for me 😂
    Looked like it had stopping power.

  • Brent Crude Post author

    Perp reset to factory settings.

  • Gerald Mosley Post author

    In the golden state of California that woman would be in prison and if he was alive they would let him press charges.

  • M St.M Post author


  • Ninja 87 Post author

    One less scumbag.

  • Ras Alghul Post author

    This incident counts towards the same "statistics" as a criminal thug using a gun to kill an innocent person. This is why you can't trust libtard politicians when they cite "statistics".

  • Clark Tapia Post author

    You go girl

  • Felix Okinei Post author

    I guez those who disliked this video can easily become accomplices to the perp if opportunity comes by🤣🤣

  • Felix Okinei Post author

    May every bad guy forget to chamber his gun.

  • Jack Lincoln Post author

    Hoodie equals sketchy.

  • Bob Miller Post author

    Well it would seem that from a caliber perspective a .380 will do the job!! Not going out to buy one personally but for the caliber discussion this is a positive I'd say….

  • Reaper Grim Post author

    Good that he died

  • gil avalos Post author

    Ambient temperature challenge, lol.

  • Jorge Ruiz Post author

    John, thanks for these videos. They are very instructive and I’m sure they have someone’s life more than once. Just one recommendation, in this video you did not stop talking, to the point of being overwhelming. Try to be more concise.

  • Royle Hun Post author

    I wish he was not die instead he would be disabled and rotten in jail

  • jake 26 Post author

    I thaught 380 wasent good enough ? Lol

  • Hitman Hardy Post author

    She got him in the pipes and pump!

  • TheeRickestRick Post author

    Hey John, could you tell me why hands up and palms out is safer than hands up and palms in?

  • J A Post author

    That was close.

  • Ron Foster II Post author

    Good on ya Granny!

  • Tone Seeker Post author

    Guess he drew a losing lottery ticket

  • brio last Post author

    Oh man -she had her guardian angel protecting her, time and again. She shoots the armed robber at "point blanc" with the lowest stopping power caliber, no empty hand skills, and loses her gun… The robber had plenty of time to shoot her even with her own gun. Are a few Dollar bills worth your life? John says it is a win… yes, but for the guardian angel -she messed up big time…

  • Sherry Cornell Post author

    What I truly appreciate about being a CCW carrier, is that you do not have to pull your gun, you do not have to intervene, it is an option available should the situation present it self.

  • Joshua G. Post author

    Those kroger bags suck. My gallon of milk fell through the other day 🙁

  • douglas howard Post author

    good for her and her right to defend herself. no charges.

  • Kenneth Bartlett Post author

    Of course he didn't shoot from the git go. He needed her to open the cash register or safe. He brought a loaded firearm to a robbery, just in case he needed to kill someone. We often hear thankfully he wasn't a murderer and only wanted the money, but just in case, He brings firepower with the ability to snuff out a life, just for failing to comply. Well in this case he did try to kill her, he just brought faulty equipment to the site. I doubt very seriously if the victim/lady derived any pleasure in killing this guy. She was focused on going hope at end of shift, and not making the evening news or obituary in tomorrows paper. The perp knew the consequences of his actions, he just underestimated her ability and determination. Stay strong young lady, he brought this upon himself.

  • Thomas Martin Post author

    She got pretty lucky on this one.

  • Elmo Cotton Post author

    Little ol lady in a liquor store. This should be easy…..

  • DeadAss dude Post author

    Dang he didn't want to kill. So sad he only wanted the money, the fact that he didn't shoot her after she shit him is wow

  • Joel Ventura Post author

    GuNs DoNt SaVe LiVeS! – liberals

  • JM G Post author

    He could of shot her his gun never left his hand. It makes me wonder if it worked or did he have some like of heart and not want to shot the lady

  • edward lavine Post author

    Trick-or-treat how about a trick Bang Bang bang

  • Steve Daire Post author

    Good work lady

  • cgbdfb52 Post author

    Somewhere there is a Kroger store with expired gasoline points from one of their former patrons.

  • mopthermopther Post author


  • Eddie B Post author

    Nice, but lucky.

  • Simon Sykes Post author

    Dumb Ass RIP

  • Calico D'Nikonian Post author

    She was prepared and waited for the opportune moment to make her move. Good show!

  • william allen Post author

    Okay, I've watched enough videos of ASP, but I can't remember what the 5Ds + 1 can someone point me to where I can find what John is referring too?

  • BundesRepublic Murica Post author

    Lucky Gunner is great

  • BundesRepublic Murica Post author

    She did well enough. I hope the dude expired.

  • Randall Flagg Post author

    Well done love

  • Ryan Haase Post author

    Cincinnati Ohio in the United States, as opposed to Cincinnati Ohio somewhere else? LOL

  • Ryan Haase Post author

    She fucked up and got lucky! How he didn't shoot her back is amazing! He was armed, she wasn't anymore and she was right in front of him. SO LUCKY. I'm glad she made it.

  • Johnathan Doughs Post author

    Hey John, I was wondering if you have any content on knife wielding for self defense.
    Of course firearms are superior for defense in most situations and I do not recommend carrying one for your sole defensive tool.
    That being said – I understand that the footage would tend to be far more gruesome, so I understand if you don't cover those cases in general.

    I am very curious about times that knives have been deployed by the defender.
    I have questions such as –
    What are typical responses of courts on uses of knives in comparison to firearms for self defense?
    Is there any tips you could offer about knife wielding in self defense scenarios?
    Of course it's completely circumstantial but if you have already covered this where could I find the videos or articles on the subject?

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