‘Federal Government Dumbass Program’ – Senator Hatch Gives Absurd Speech

‘Federal Government Dumbass Program’ – Senator Hatch Gives Absurd Speech

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this episode beyond taxes back to you by boeing
down the world’s leading wifi network site now that point i dot com slash flights senator hatch is speaking in front of the university crowd in utah there’d uh… young and gently tea party as he wants
the appeal to them because he’s about to get primary by the tea party even might believe
his fellow senator from utah now who uh… of course up upset his colleague bob bennett
and took over spot innocent people are here said are not supporting action twenty twelve straight harsh to do for fellow senators from
the same state patches so nervous because badavatz taken down a new job and so if he is a is establishment republican
in the couldn’t read now and try to pretend to be populist skinhead so here’s what he says the crap quote every state has different demographics
every state has a different problems he’s got a lot of the work out their own problems rather than a one size fits all federal government dominance program it really is and awful piece of crap bunk beds awesome but for a little hatch has
encouraged in like thirty years get i don’t know it because then primary dozen
but he’s he’s a mary’s the f_b_i_ is not the kind of guy that goes
on top of that bombs like dick cheney ok around then silver in the front this person speaking slip-up he’s done it on purpose is that your our look at out there radar and financial professional like twenty-five years
what that means of course that is i think all of our of bombing any and then dumbass program somebody adhesion that play a week ago everything i’ve done that before you said
that but he’s making a case only want to speak
their language without it so-called transplants also also some transparent concluded uh… whether he later said uh… you know i’ve been shouldn’t be used
for language on route to repent animals that means he wears tighter mormon
underwear thalidomide bands i’ve probably don’t want
it uh… but come on our own please is next and a little
less transparent there what does the leading wifi network involved world date the within twenty five thousand
hot spots and actually did they put all that the other server the largest network of one points but still being used
a nine ninety-five above and beyond with a little white black bear at parts had
to fight back you can enjoy super fast downloadable speeds
access from one location for face time and played online video games and even each dvd but as the for the consul at the white exports

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