Family and Whānau Violence Legislation Bill – Second Reading – Video 5

Family and Whānau Violence Legislation Bill – Second Reading – Video 5

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mr. speaker cuddling our hokey OG&E Markel dinner queer mr. speaker thank you for the opportunity to rise and speak on behalf of New Zealand first on this the family and far no violence legislation bill it’s a pleasure to take a call on behalf of my colleague the Honorable Tracy Martin she made a first reading speech back in the previous Parliament but unfortunately isn’t able to be here at for this today so it has fallen upon me to to take the call on behalf of my party New Zealand first this is a fairly difficult topic for me to traverse and I’ll just like to give you mr. speaker a little background as to why that is I’ve been fortunate to grow up in a family afar know with really loving parents with educated parents who grieve us gave us a really great foundation in life however circumstance has changed in our family and within had a stepfather and unfortunately although I had this fantastic base which which grounded me and great values in life I ended up with a violent stepfather what what happened over the course of the next number of years was very much swept under the carpet and during the 70s as a what was considered a middle class white family you didn’t talk about those sorts of things the type of violence that we suffered wasn’t just physical although that was pretty horrific it was certainly emotional and psychological so I have quite an understanding of what those victims of family violence have suffered not just at the time but ongoing throughout the rest of their lives one of the things that I really want to say is that whoever is the perpetrator of the violence to the victim do not allow them to steal your power what matters mr. speaker is how we treat people and if we always have some kindness then I’m sure that’s a really good guiding factor it’s tragic to hear about family violence and this bill certainly encompasses that it is tragic to hear about not just a physical violence but the emotional violence and psychological violence as well not just experienced by predominantly women men as well but also most important by children at the heart of this it’s about protecting our children the level on which this causes all manner of societal dysfunction cannot be overestimated and if we take into account the rippling effect of violence for children throughout their lives then that’s something that we as a parliament certainly must ensure we can change so that we bring about a change for these people’s lives at the bill looking at this bill preventing and eliminating family violence is one of the greatest opportunities to improve all New Zealanders well-being and between 2009 and 2015 alone almost 200 people were killed as a result of family violence and over a half a million New Zealanders were directly affected by pieter family violence each year and looking at the number of women New Zealand women experienced one and three of these women experienced physical or sexual violence from a partner in their life and more than a quarter of New Zealand children have witnessed family violence you know that kid that hides under the stairs and a cupboard because they’re hearing the violence and the abuse going on upstairs you know what are the ramifications for them how can they live good lives and fulfill their potential with this bill the fracked is really a framework for a more effective system improving civil orders to better support victims including protection orders and safety orders this bill this framework will enable better reorganizing the dynamics of family violence and criminal justice system and also creating a more integrated Family Violence system that promotes coordinated and collaborative responses you know I was really unfortunate listening to to the speeches today that I wasn’t actually part of the justice committee to hear submissions on this bill I think that was probably would have been something that would have been really good for me and for my wider were as as I look forward to ensuring that any leftover ripple effects from my situation actually are clearly and cleanly as swept from me and swept from and not just my mind and my memories but also throughout throughout so physically and emotionally it is really part of the healing process so I think it would have been good for me to be part of that justice committee however it is it is good to read some of these submissions to hear what what people are saying particularly the Human Rights Commission and their submission talking in highlighting in the Commission’s submission to the committee on the victims protection bill that domestic violence is so prevalent in New Zealand that it’s thought there could be around half a million victims there is a very large large group of people it’s believed that only 20% of victims report to the police it was certainly the case in my family history we never certainly spoke about it outside the family went on under the carpet and there was no way we would have ever spoken to police I’m sure there are so many families that still feel that way you don’t take take this and take it outside of the family you keep it hidden and keeping it hidden keeps the mum I still enclosed inside the family the families the Commissioner and the submission currently the best indicators we have of family violence a reporting of family violence to police and that’s that’s also watched the Human Rights Commissioner and noted it’s it’s a really hard thing to be able to admit not just to yourselves family but to the outside world that your family is broken along a tamariki mr. speaker has been involved through this process through this bill and I just like to to note some of the the points that they have noted they’ve been closely involved in the development of the bill the bill widens the circumstances in which the police safety orders and the protection orders can be used it will enable young people to be protected in their own right along that America is working with police to develop guidance and support for frontline staff to help ensure that the well-being and safety of children and young people is always paramount when police issue police safety orders you know it’s important that there is information sharing as well and audinate a Medici but act and the Family Violence environments are no violence legislation bill will both introduce information sharing provisions to help ensure that those working with children and young people have the information that they need to keep them safe and it is all about keeping the children safe or on a tamariki as well mr. speaker is working with justice to ensure the interaction between the information sharing provisions in this bill and those in the ordering at a Medici Act work together and a well understood by the sector so those are the ways that Orana tamariki is working through this bill to ensure overall that there is safety for our children and that’s what it’s all about we need to be a society that has greater heart and any way that we can help and support families to break the cycle of abuse we must do all we can I commend this bill to the house yep I call the Honourable dr. Maximus mr. speaker

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