Fam Time | Doing My Mom-In-Laws Makeup!

Fam Time | Doing My Mom-In-Laws Makeup!

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hey everyone today we have a very special guest in our offices my mother ah my best daughter beauty and if you wait on my true story I’ve been with Chris for 16 years and she’s always called me Luda my name is Ruth ish she can always call me that she’s the only person who’s allowed to call me that but she is such an amazing woman she’s the woman who birthed Christopher and and she’s just such a beautiful Chris’s applausing she’s just such an amazing woman and I asked her if she would allow me to do her makeup on camera and she accepted thank you I’m going to do Carlotta’s makeup she has really really beautiful features I’ve done her makeup before she’s so stunning we’re gonna do a little fun very natural makeup for her we’re gonna keep it like kind of emphasis on the skin she does have a little bit more mature skin a little bit and she had little bit dark circles we’re gonna fix that we’re gonna bring out her brows brows are really great what you bring out brows it makes you look more youthful more fresh more gorgeous and she is all of those amazing things just so much energy and so much love literally we’re going to just kind of play with what she already has and bring out even more Venus so okay so I’m going to first begin with hydrating her skin okay so I like to use a rose oil and oil as you probably know so this is the Erin rose oil which is fantastic and I’m just gonna put spawn on my hand and I’m gonna put it on her skin and she has such a beautiful skin Carlota is a saint dang kills three touch nude and the biggest she you know she’s always busy she’s always taking care of everyone else so this is why I wanted to makeover for her so Chris was a naughty boy this is good he’s good boy very good boy he is a good boy around her eyes just for a little intense hydration I’m using the a Belle Royale this is the gold eye tech I love this I use this on days where I need a little extra hydration I just love the applicator as well it’s a little cold so it’s one of those really great things and we really want to add a lot of hydration around here this area your eyes are always kind of that area raishin the skin is really thin she’s such a beautiful woman thank you you’re simply so my love the way she says thank you so how many times have you been to Dubai now three times three times I love the way you loved you on uh-huh so Chris lives in a really amazing Portuguese community called New Bedford he was born and raised there and then we moved to Dubai about eight years she is really pretty lip color what happens a lot as women tend to age they look like a change but her lip color is really beautiful it’s very nice and pink you have a nice natural lip color thank you it’s beautiful so the first thing I’m going to begin with is actually the skin I’m not gonna go too heavy with the makeup on the skin I really want to keep it really nice and natural but I want to kind of kind of soar there’s a little bit this darkness area around her eyes very normal I have it too and I’m just going to first start with a little corrector this is a matte corrector it has like a double side a little bit of orange a little bit of a yellow I’m going to mix the colors together to get like the perfect color so I’m just putting on a palette here and now I’m kind of going I’m gonna teach you you can do it yourself you might be – yeah I’ll be your teacher you teach me how to cook when you soon know you cook told ya good so I love you fourth time you let me food yeah coming from you that’s a big compliment her Fritos amazing food okay so this is a little bit orange which is okay it’s a little bit more orange but I’d like it I’m going to add a little bit more yellow and what that’s going to do is it’s gonna help me get rid of any darkness of the skin I did her makeup before and she look like this supermodel remember why did you make it before you look beautiful you look beautiful before but with that with the makeup it looks so nice I’m just adding a little bit of this orange here just to brighten up the area I’m going to take a very fluffy brush and apply the remainder on the ice Oklahoma just mashed her skin I mixed two different colors one 5:3 from Make Up For Ever in one one seven I used mostly the one five three and I’m just applying a small amount of this makeup on our skin now you can see the makeup is quite heavy I don’t want to put that much makeup on her she doesn’t need that much makeup but I want the coverage so I’m just gonna use my fingers and I am just smoothing out this makeup so I’m just getting a really small amount of the makeup on her skin and you can see me delete her skin just looks just a little bit healthier and really beautiful and very even Chris what’s the best thing about your mama she is here on my in your dad thank you my son remembered in my life I love you so so much human my daughter and my notify I’d have nice family thank gosh thank God I love love so much my family sucio yeah I’m have nice son good nice daughter son and very nice granddaughter I love my granddaughter she’s so cute nor looks like Chris yeah she looks like Chris so you can see I’m the difference on each side I’ve applied the foundation you could use a beauty blender to really thin out the makeup so this way you’re not putting too much on the skin you can see the difference from one side of next we haven’t done a dark circles yet just look straight mama you can see this side looks just a little bit more even and a little more beautiful so it’s really important not to put too much foundation or any to any foundation too thick I chose that makeup forever because it has a lot of pigment and I can really blend it out I can go from super heavy coverage or to really really light coverage and it does have a little bit more an oily base to it so it makes it something that I can control I can add as much powder as I need it’s really really great for any skin type so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to add a little concealer I’m using big cover FX and I’m just applying it under the eye and I’m just basically highlighting this area and also erasing the dark circles look straight mama you can see it brightened up the whole entire area there and I’m using kind of a dense brush this is applying a lot of coverage without having to take the product you can see it’s like a very flat it’s from Vendela to looking this brush is like a really good price too it was like four or five dollars I’m just going to go again and with that blender let’s to kind of blend out on the excess product now we’re going to do is we’re going to apply a little bit of bronzer I’m not gonna play too much I’m basically a lot of times you want to apply a contour to kind of add a little more depth but in this case we’re actually gonna use it to lift as well so I love to use it all the time to kind of like make my cheeks look a little more lifted and I’m gonna do the same exact thing I’m using two different colors to contour I’m using the tendo silly from Chanel this is the one I want to use mostly and then I’m also going to add a little bit of the sleep makeup cream contour kit you guys have a try sleek makeup eye of their makeup so I’m going to add a little bit of the sleek and then I’m going to blend it out with a tandice light and then an de Soleil has an amazing texture for it it’s amazing for literally any skin type if it’s only dry if you have more mature skin this will work for anybody’s skin I think it has a little bit of a smoothing primer in it which is what makes it kind of seamless you can see it just makes a really beautiful combination I’m going to add a little bit of contour here on the jaw not too much but just again to like add a little bit of a lift I didn’t want to blend it out so I can see that the foundation is sitting a little bit into the the wrinkles a little bit that’s okay I’m going to now blend them out and also set them with a powder now instead of using a loose powder because I don’t want to be too drying I’m going to use a pressed powder this has been like one of my favorites for years this is the Guerlain Blanc de pearl and in 0/1 beige I just love underneath the eyes because I feel like it almost has a little bit of a hydration to it and I really like that before I apply it I’m actually gonna take just a regular eyeshadow brush and I’m just blending it and I’m going to take the powder and applying a really generous about yeah just going inside look buddy you look beautiful you look beautiful my love I’m also going to go in with a regular pressed powder this is from NARS this is in medium four and I’m just going to use a stippling brush to kind of apply the rest of powder and the reason why I like to use a stippling brush when I’m applying powder on skin it’s a little bit more mature or even just a little bit more dry it just basically doesn’t apply as much and her skin isn’t that mature so for me one of my skin is dry this is how I like to do it you can see it just applies a little bit of product and it kind of just sits in the right places you think oh my cute Hugh you like use my daughter thank you so much the reason I’m applying to different color of powders is because I really do want to do a little bit of highlighting and contouring that way so I get a little bit of a more depth with the medium color and a little bit more highlight with a lighter color mommy look buddy beautiful laughter y’all tell me stories about Chris who was Chris’s first girlfriend the first girl for his girl oh my gosh no you had a girlfriend he had a new girlfriend I’m not no no I was just first real girlfriend funny girl girlfriend Christopher’s let you just have nice food nice nice nice wife which is the best to the best my love I was first girlfriend yeah you’re my first boyfriend so we’re even with that I’m gonna use the shade and light palette from Kat Von D and I’m just using this medium color I’m kind of using this as a bronzing and contour in one i’m not putting too much it’s very important though you make sure that as you’re playing a let’s make up your move it and is very important so I’m not going to use too much highlighter I really want to use a small amount I’m using the Becca this is the champagne pop and I’m just applying a small amount onto our cheeks here and I love highlighter on every skin if you have too many wrinkles we can’t use the highlighter but because her skin is good we could use the highlighter I’m gonna use a little bit of a blush I also love blush I just think it’s so pretty and it just makes your skin look really healthy really youthful really fresh this is just from Too Faced this has been used quite a bit you can see it’s kind of falling apart I love flush so I know it seems like I’m applying a lot of makeup and there’s been a lot of different types of makeup but the layers are so thin and so blended that it really is something that is like very light and natural just feels too much makeup no yes it feels really liked should feel really liked one thing I also like to do around the Navy fold I do this for myself as well is I like to apply a little bit of a lighter color I feel like that kind of also lifts the skin so if you look straight mama I’m just going to apply a little bit of this light color and I’m mixing a little with a white and it just kind of helps erase these and then we just blend it out okay the last thing I’m going to do for the face before I move on to brows I’m just going to apply a little bit of contour to her nose and for that I’m going to use the natural matte palette from Too Faced and I really think this fella is like a must-have it just does everything contouring for the nose Brow’s it just says so many things I’m gonna take this nude color it’s pretty light and might add a little bit of Kashmir bunny and I’m just gonna contour her nose and this brush is awesome this is Rae Morris she’s a really amazing makeup artist so talented and I love this brush this is the brush number 10 so I’m just adding a little bit contour to her nose gonna apply a small amount of highlighter a little bit more of this lighter powder and I’m going more into the white and we’re gonna leave that to set for a little bit and we’re going to move on to brows brows are so important they make such a difference and it immediately makes the face look more fresh more beautiful brows are just too important we’ve all seen those broad transformation videos so I’m gonna mix two colors these are one of my favorites Cabrillo number 4 and Cambria number 3 I’m gonna start with a number 3 and I’m going to add number 4 as we need because I don’t want to go too dark so one thing I always like to do with the brow is her brows are a little bit more far apart so I want to bring them in together and also that’s going to make her nose look more wide so I want to bring everything in together so I’m just going to go ahead and go in just a slight amount right there and you can see already the brow looks better so we’re gonna mark right so we’re gonna go in and I also want to make a little bit more of a lift to our brow so I’m going to take this light color I want to go here and I’m gonna mix it with the number 4 as well so her brows kind of have a natural curve down so I want to lift it so you can see I didn’t actually fill in the top area here I filled it in on bottom to make this look a little bit lower and to give her brows a little bit more of an arc and I’m gonna go over here again to create a new shape I’m just this to everything and I’m going to mix a little bit of the Too Faced natural matte palette again so I’m going to be mixing sex fresco with a little bit of chocolate cookie so I’m just using a little bit of concealer because you can see that the brow is a little bit lower work than I want it so I’m actually using a little conceal and I’m flying it over the hairs and I’m creating a lift and then I’m just going to fix the brow there you can see I’ve already kind of erased half that brow and I’m going to create a little bit of a lift with a row you’re such a cute mama this is lucky to have you until I’m lucky because I’m having my Chris and you my god funny mine or okay so I’m going to now just finish your brows and I really like this brush it is the I think it’s just called trial brush number 12 really really awesome brow brush mixing it with the Cabral to kind of create that lift that I want I’m just gonna kind of go upward and I’m just going to mix that with a natural matte for the eye area there’s a little bit of darkness around the eyes but I actually want to keep it I want to use it as a shadow so I’m not going to apply too much shadow I’m actually going to just use a little bit of a matte color this is a really great palette this is the Tarte Pro palette and the colors are really amazing so we’re going to use this and I’m just going to take a brush I’m gonna use maybe one of these like warmer colors and I’m not going to correct your eyes I’m actually going to leave that color there and I’m just gonna apply this all over the eye so I’m gonna just curl her lashes a little bit I’m gonna use this as a Japanese lash curler and have you looked down and the reason I’m using the Japanese lash codes because I don’t want to scare her with the traditional lash curler because I think it’s a little nerve-wracking when you’re not used to seeing something like that and then it gets all in your your eyes is okay right well no that one was okay okay yeah instead of going for a like a major liner I’m gonna use this black color called Punk from the dark Pro palette and I’m just gonna apply a little bit of smokiness along the lash line I’m applying it only in the corner here if you give it a little lift the best thing to do to keep your anything from creasing is actually just to set it really well and that does become a little challenging with skin that can be a little bit more dry or the warming cold so you just need to be careful but you can just play less part and that will help I’m gonna use the harmony lashes from head of eating these are basically pieces which are perfect for anybody who’s made me not so comfortable wearing lashes all the time I’m not going to use all of them I’m actually just going to grab the second to the first piece so you can see it’s not a very long piece a little bit of glue and normally I would actually go ahead and apply it right away but I’m gonna let it set because I don’t want moving on her and I want her to be really comfortable well I’m holding the / to let it set I’m just going to apply a little mascara on her this is the charlotte tilbury full-fat lashes and i just like the brush to be honest since i’m using this mascara the brushes are really cool you want to make sure to lift the lashes backwards I only applied one piece of the lash on her but I think that’s actually perfect she doesn’t need any more I’m just gonna move on to lips and that’s gonna be it we’re just going to finalize everything really nice and natural I’m using my favorite color the color I’m wearing trendsetter and this is a lip contour and it’s really great lips tend to just make you look a little more youthful the more at full they are so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to start by lining her that’s the way they naturally are just filling them in and then I’m going to start over lining slowly so I’m still filling it in right now and now I’m going to start over lining a little bit so you can see I’m only left for lining here in the center and here give me a really nice and tight this to the actual line I’m gonna apply a little bit of the gossip girl that could match just a little bit because I think it’s a little bit pink it’s a little fun it’s little flirty so I’m just applying some to the back of my hand and I’m actually just going to use my finger because I don’t want to put too much on plus I think it’s a little hydrating so I would like to put on top and it’s just adds a little bit more pink and makes it a little more flirty just to apply a little more blend out the edges to add a little bit more blush I’m going to use the gossip girl to could Matt and I’m just applying again to the back of my hand I’m using a really really really small amount and I’m using kind of a brush here with stiff brush but I really want to make sure this is blended out completely I don’t want any type of blotchiness and I’m just going to apply it on her cheeks and the thing I love about a liquid matte is blushes it just stays on ever and because it’s matte it just looks so pretty and this is the five thank yous my love so how do you feel mama good very good very good very beautiful daddy what do you think tab Anita yeah there’s a little planning zone do you feel beautiful to me I’m look very very very beautiful here’s took you you look more beautiful I don’t worry you too mom thank you let it all out awesome I hope you guys enjoyed this video please make sure you guys saw this video if you liked it and if you want to see more videos like this also comment down in the description box and make sure you guys check us out Instagram on snapchat and all those fun things and we’ll see you next time bye guys [Music]

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