Ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn accuses Japan’s justice system of lacking even basic humanity

Ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn accuses Japan’s justice system of lacking even basic humanity

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former Nissan boss and now international
fugitive Carlos Cohen has accused the Japanese justice system of plotting
against him and being the opposite of just and fair he says those were just
some of the reasons that prompted him to make his daring escape to Lebanon for
more on this and other news around the world let’s go over to our yoon jung min
at the NewsCenter Chun min many people were eager to hear what gonna would have
to say in his first public of remarks and she did not disappoint coming out
all guns blazing that’s right conn-young former NIST on chairman Carlos Cohen
said he fled Japan to clear his name he blasted Japan’s legal system calling it
a part of a plot to take him down as achieve a wampum at world’s most
powerful auto giant speaking to reporters in Beirut on Wednesday go and
claimed his innocence he said he should never have been arrested in the first
place deny charges of financial misconduct he also blamed Japanese legal
authorities for lacking quote the most basic human rights human rights NGO and
said he had to endure a harsh time in solitary confinement and face longer
questioning without his lawyers or any access to his family I did not escape
justice I fled injustice and persecution political persecution having in your
more than 400 days of inhumane treatment in the system designed to break me and
unwilling to provide me even minimal justice I was left with no other choice
but to protect myself and my family and Japanese legal authorities were quick to
respond take a look Cohen has been propagating both within Japan and
internationally false information and Japan’s legal system
this is absolutely intolerable Japan’s criminal justice system sets out
appropriate procedures and has administered properly to clarify the
truth in cases while guaranteeing basic individual human rights the minister
added that gold left a country quote illegally by unjust methods and he had
to say anything if he had to say anything
he should speak in from the Japanese Court the former innocent chairman
secretly flipped to Lebanon last month while he was out on bail in Japan he was
due to go to trial in April on charges of underreporting his income and breach
of trust

5 thoughts on “Ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn accuses Japan’s justice system of lacking even basic humanity

  • Cumulus Humilis Post author

    i can understand ghosn. japanese double standard. abe did similar crimes and nothing happens. nationalistic as they are, japanese didn't like a foreigner as a head of a japanese company. this was a plot to dis the unwanted foreigner in a leading position.

  • Edna Alvarez Post author

    Get real, you should of gone to jail. What government person did you pay to get out of the country. You would of needed a passport or paid many people to get out of the country. I hope you get caught and face justice. He played Japan as fools, so sad.

  • Tuong Lu Kim Post author

    ghosn escaped japans authoritarian regimes concentration camp thanks to japans poor security controll. japan is notorious for tortouring political inmates until they make confessions even they are false same as china and north korea. ironic how japan claims 99 % success rate of legal cases lol

  • Haru Atsui Post author

    in Japan,only 2 news shows had broadcasted Ghosn's press conference on live,but both news shows discontinued it in about 20~30 minutes,and switched to ex-prosecutors' criticism against Ghosn.

    Next day,also many other news shows of Japan have used same ex-prosecutors to criticize Ghosn.

    Japan's authorities and Japanese authoritarians have thought that if strengthen doubt against Ghosn,can justify problematic judicature system of Japan.

  • afrocowgirl Post author

    Under Japanese law, the police may detain you for up to 23 days without a trial.

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