Every Time You Do THIS, You INCREASE Your MANIFESTATION POWER! (Law Of Attraction | The Secret)

Every Time You Do THIS, You INCREASE Your MANIFESTATION POWER! (Law Of Attraction | The Secret)

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Every Time You Do This, You INCREASE Your MANIFESTATION POWER! Law Of Attraction Technique The Secret Your Youniverse YouTube Video #lawofattraction we all have a multitude of thoughts and
desires swirling around inside of us competing for attention and dominance
your desires can involve every area of your life maybe you want to focus more
on your health or your wealth your career or relationships your physical
self or your spiritual self whatever the case may be the trick to intention
setting is to fully involve yourself in making things happen without investing
your self-worth or emotional well-being into their manifestation imagine there
are two separate elements involved in creating anything you want in your
physical reality number one is the mental and physical participation this
is the extent to which a person puts their creative and physical energy into
the creation of a specific outcome and number two is the emotional
participation this is the extent to which a person puts their happiness
self-worth and well-being on the line in the pursuit of a specific outcome there
are essentially four ways in which these elements can combine in relation to
setting an intention to manifest something desired number one is low
investment low participation this is when a person doesn’t particularly care
what happens and they’re doing pretty much nothing to influence the outcome in
any way because of this is an extremely low stress and relatively easy way to be
however the downside is that they may miss out on both the fun of deliberate
creation and the potential impact they could be having on their own life and
the lives of others number two is high investment low
participation this is when a person cares too much and does too little there
will be a lack of any necessary action that is often due to learned
helplessness and emotional paralysis Every Time You Do This, You INCREASE Your MANIFESTATION POWER! Law Of Attraction Technique The Secret Your Youniverse YouTube Video #lawofattraction #thesecret #youtube in other words it seems as though
there’s so much to be done that they end up feeling overwhelmed and do nothing
number three is high investment high participation this is when a person
takes massive amounts of action work strenuous hours and will do whatever it
takes to pursue a goal for some time this can be a very effective approach
however this will often lead to burnout and it can actually stop a person from
completing their manifestation efforts this can also produce a fear of
attempting to create something new in the future because of perceived failure
and number four is low investment with high participation this approach is most
ideal because it involves two ways to lower your level of emotional investment
in an outcome the first is that you get as clear as you can about what it is
that’s in your immediate control and clear about what will be worked out for
you on your behalf and the second is really seeing that you will be okay
regardless of the outcome in other words your ultimate happiness and well-being
aren’t at stake if your manifestation doesn’t show up you still put in the
mental and physical participation necessary to line yourself up with what
you want but you don’t let yourself become emotionally overwhelmed with the
outcome here’s an example you can create a chart with five sections the first
section is my manifestation priority what is it that you’re creating for this
example we’ll use more time to spend with my family
the second section on the chart would be your mental participation that you’re
going to engage in to create this for example going back to the creation of
spending more time with my family you might write something like I can use
meditation and visualization to relax and imagine spending more time with them
the third section on the chart would be your physical participation that you’re
going to engage in to create this manifestation keeping in line with this
example of creation you could write something like I will find ways to clear
parts of my schedule so that I’m able to do this the fourth part of the chart is
things that are not in your control at this time that you will trust are going
to be worked out for you this will allow you to release resistance and have faith
in the process that’s taking place you could write something like I work a 50
hour week I will have faith that everything else is being worked out on
my behalf as I continue to work on myself and the fifth section of the
chart is how your happiness and well-being will still be intact without
having this thing so you could say I know my family loves me and I can take
that with me throughout my day I will use it to keep me uplifted and inspired
when you take this approach it gives you all of the payoff of being creatively
engaged without any of the stress of losing yourself emotionally to the
outcome and by letting go of trying to control everything around you what other
people do and how things will ultimately turn out you ironically increase your
influence and the probability of getting what you want Every Time You Do This, You INCREASE Your MANIFESTATION POWER! Law Of Attraction Technique The Secret Your Youniverse YouTube Video #lawofattraction #youtube #video

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    Good day
    A bit of my brain tumors

    I was about 21 when I was in a major train accident and had major head injuries and it left me paralysed for a few months or sooo as my pelvix bones were broken as well. I am a 50 year woman who worked for Nebank for 27 years then this traumatic events started . We were moving office from one floor to another and I fell up the stairs with boxes in my arms and aged 22 bumped my head that time my colleague laughed and said they never heard of a person falling up the stairs but only down the stairs.

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